The Stars of Democratic Reality Television




The Stars of Democratic Reality Television


It’s the big new thing on TV tuning into CSPAN to watch the saga of the woes of Democrats in Congress as they position themselves to see who is the top Trump-Hater to die for?


We’ve seen a host of current members of the Congressional Black Caucus (Cummings, Lee, Ilhan, Harris, Waters, Booker and others) as well as members of the Progressive Democratic Party liberals taking turns as they take “roasting” President Trump to lower and lower levels. They clearly demonstrate that absolute power corrupts absolutely. It is that absolute power they are losing.


We’ve been subject to the unauthorized release of privileged phone call information to the press by Florida Democratic Representative and CBC member Fredericka Wilson who listened in on the condolence call from President Trump to the widow of an Army Sergeant ambushed and killed in Africa soon after Trump took office.


We’ve had the ridicule of President Trump after his phone call to the Chinese President gaining the release of American citizens caught stealing sunglasses in China. What was completely overlooked the un-American and unsportsmanlike conduct of so-called athletes on a “goodwill tour” overseas.


The ridicule coming from the Democratic left and the left-wing media over President Trump’s tweets about Little Rocket Man in reference to North Korean Dictator Kim Jung Un was taken up as tantamount to a declaration of war and everyone knows that only Congress can declare war.


The recent phone call with the President of Ukraine is another example of President Trump exercising his authority of the Executive Branch in dealing with foreign leaders and the unauthorized access to and leaking of information is the deep state resisting the power of the President.


Every word and every move by President Trump’s executive branch and his administration has been criticized by the very same people who continue in their attempt to affect a coup and bring down the duly elected President of the United States.


It is unconscionable for members of Congress who swore to uphold the Constitution have been actively seeking to shred the Constitution as a means of getting back at President Trump.


Well I’m not buying any of it.


The phony calls for impeachment, collusion, alleged sexual allegations and threats of violence against President Trump are at the very least treasonous offenses by the very members of Congress who swore to do the will of the people who elected them.


If not before, the 2020 election cycle should be the line in the sand where American voters will choose to replace some of the antiquated life-time members of Congress with American patriots who clearly love our country and are unwilling to let malfeasance in office continue.


We are not in a Trump or not Trump situation. It is not possible to see un-American actions or words as expressing patriotism. It is not possible for calling for clear Christian values while condoning the murder by abortion or doctor-assisted suicide. It is not possible to stand or kneel on the flag while claiming to stand up for the flag.


We are in a fight for the very continuation and existence of the United States of America. It is time for God fearing people to stand up and be counted as they fall on their knees in repentance before Almighty God.


Pray unto God now or stand before him in Eternity! – I am the Real Truckmaster!


Lies Deceit and Sleight of Hand




Lies Deceit and Sleight of Hand


It’s really too bad that when panic mode hits to Demented Democratic Left pull out the same old playbook. First it’s alleged sexual misconduct from the ancient past; collusion delusion; sprinkle in verbal assaults on family and friends; threats of imprisonment; outright death threats.


When all that fails to deter the duly elected President of the United States go for impeachment and calls for a 25th Amendment change, followed by alleged sexual misconduct from the ancient past….etc.…..etc.


Don’t you just hate it when their plans don’t come together?


If the duly elected members of Congress spent as much time, money and effort on doing their jobs as legislators as they have done over the past 3 years, we could have fixed immigration, border security and maybe even recouped social security misappropriated funds of past administrations.


The roller coaster run of the out of control Democratic Party has played out its welcome.


There must be a major shift within the Congress to oust the old guard (and I do mean old) from power due to their petty mishandling and partisan politics. Failing to do it properly will surely cost the party the very power they aim to keep. Have they no shame?


Political Theateratrics from the likes of Nadler and Schiff are blatant abuses of power. They parade themselves before the television cameras simply because they can. They see this as transparency but there is no investigation or investigator in their right mind that conducts public circus antics or allows their investigation to be swayed by public opinion. Their investigative conduct is a sham.


If We the People do not stand up with one voice and demand an end to these charades and endless ramblings and yes the misconduct, it is our bound duty to vote them out of office in 2020 – Loty, Doty and Everybody!


As for the media – their reckless disregard for journalism have harmed the very agencies that WERE the very lifeblood of news for millions of Americans.


We are tired of all the manufactured drama and I assure you the political outcome of the next election hinges on the outcome! – I am the Real Truckmaster!



Why I Still Support President Trump

Trump Rally



Why I still Support President Trump


If you’ve been on Facebook or Twitter for any length of time there are ads that pop up by one group or another asking “Do you still support Donald J. Trump?”


Each time I say to myself – You Think!


My friends who remain died-in-the-wool liberals still hold on to the left’s propaganda message that Trump’s bad for the country; Trumps is alienating our allies; and Trump is dividing our country with his hateful rhetoric. They still think that Trump’s wall is stupid and expensive.


Then I think about how Trump became President. It may have been meeting President Ronald Reagan or maybe an idea planted in his mind even before that, but it started well before he announced his intent to run for president.


Like it or not I believe the ideas began with Almighty God planting the idea that Trump could be president. That idea germinated over the years and even with Trump forming a sort of exploratory committee to test the waters, so to speak, but the time was not yet ripe.


In order to put things into perspective you have to look at Donald J. Trump. Who is he? How did he become a successful businessman, a builder and a television personality? Unlike what the media would have everyone believe, nothing was handed to Trump on a silver platter. He worked hard to learn from his father and understand the details of construction. Trump is a risk taker and not everything succeeds the first or even the second time and failure is not an option.


At the military academy Donald Trump showed he was a scrapper, a boxer and began his forming his leadership style. Academically he was good with numbers and went on to get his degree in accounting. Working with his father he became more than competent as a commercial builder of large and exquisite structures to be admired. He learned and early on decided that the best way to show pride in his work was to put the Trump name on it.


Many people take that as arrogance, I say it was pride. Nobody knows who Inspector #12 or #24 is when you have a tag on a piece of clothing. Everyone knows a Trump built hotel or property.


This story really isn’t about Donald J. Trump so much as what Almighty God can do with a willing heart. Like the legends of biblical time, Noah, Moses and David, God used the unacceptable or unworthy in the eyes of man to do the impossible through the strength of God’s own power. God knows the heart and potential of man. Men can only look at the outside where they often see through the filtered lens of jealousy, hate and greed. The heart of man is pure evil until changed by the power of God.


What I see in Trump is a man who assesses a situation or problem and looks past to solutions and he knows how to get there from here. Trump has said that he does run a race just to say he ran in fact he only when he knows he can win. That’s why over years of considering a presidential run, it wasn’t until he had assembled a team of prayer warriors to pray over him and only after receiving independent confirmation from complete strangers that he made the decision and followed through.


You’re still looking for proof? Look no further than what’s been thrown at him from the start beginning with the sexual allegations that would have sunk a battle ship; the leaked locker room talks tape; don’t forget the infamous Russia Collusion Delusion investigation that actually began being set up under Obama and investigated by the man who carried our national treasure to Russia for Hillary; and the never ending democratic circus of House Democrats who are like kids in a candy store, with the power they have no idea how to handle or channel. It’s as if the proverbial gates of Hell have been opened up and the liberal left has waved the demons out in a get Trump with anything goes mentality.


I’d say that popping a tweet now and then causes the left to go crazy. The fact that Hillary is still reading the title of her book “What Happened” indicates that she hasn’t grasped the fact that she lost two elections and will never get another chance.


When I talk to my Democratic friends they say they don’t like Trump and that he’s unfit for the office of the Presidency. I say that is pure horse pucky. No other President since maybe George Washington worked for free and literally fought to insure our freedoms were intact and successful. No modern day President has even come close to accomplishing the successes in the economy, foreign affairs or defended the United States in the face of aggressor nations, while fighting a Congress so bent on his demise that they would rather sink the USS America than to see Trump steer it to victory.


The Democrats have turned national pride into a dirty word, and have done their best to shame American’s into submission so that the surrender of our second amendment rights will lead to our downfall. The one thing they have not taken into consideration is our love for our country and the defense of the Constitution of the United States.


Why do I still support President Donald J. Trump? Maybe it’s because of a President who does not cower down before foreign leaders or the members of Congress who attack him constantly. His fight is for America and I support him because he is fighting for American citizens just like me.


This article is not to change your mind so that you believe as I do. No it’s already been established that a drinker will not stop drinking until he realizes he has a problem and decides he needs to quit. – I am the Real Truckmaster!


Questioning the Politics of Politics



Questioning the Politics of Politics

Politics like Religion lead you nowhere


Bear with me now but there are just some things that don’t make a lot of sense unless, of course, it deals with Washington D.C. politics or politicians and the media attention they draw. We always seem to hear when things happen that tear down one politician after another. Except when these actions are despicable and destroy the reputation of another. Many times there are allegations or innuendoes suggesting illegal wrongdoings which turn out to be false or misleading.


Look at the Nixon presidency and what he was attempting to do around the world and with the war in Vietnam. Just when you’d think he was about to succeed something happened that changed everything. The infamous Watergate scandal turned into threats of impeachment and ultimately to the unheard of resignation of Richard Nixon.


It does seem a bit odd that it involved individuals breaking into the Democratic National Committee Headquarters. The recorded conversations of Nixon in the White House were his undoing. My question is why would someone break into the DNC Headquarters in the first place? Were there stacks of gold bullion or libraries of pornographic pictures featuring Democratic political hopefuls? Maybe there were secret documents waiting for the Mueller Investigation to dig up on Donald Trump?


There have been others like when the Iranians took a host of American civilians as political prisoners and kept them until immediately after the swearing in of Jimmy Carter as President when they were released. But we don’t hear much about that.


Reagan came in as an outsider and everyone thought of him as a cowboy not suited to the presidency. Surely Reagan would take us down the road to war. The airstrike on Libya that missed Kaddafi, but killed his son were perfect examples, but did we go to war over that?


There was a buzz in Washington when G.H.W. Bush sent our military to Saudi Arabia where troops were met on the beach by CNN who broadcast openly about the ongoing secret invasion. How did CNN know when and where to place their camera teams? Has anybody looked for a leaker or whistleblower to be held accountable? I think not.


Clinton brought all his baggage into the White House and his sexual escapades literally drove the headlines with the cherry on top being the Monica Lewinsky scandal. This brought calls of impeachment and Clinton was in fact impeached, but not removed from office. The media didn’t hound him and make unreasonable demands. The terrorist strike on the USS Cole didn’t draw the response from Clinton or a reaction from the media even though US lives were lost.


  1. W. Bush came in basically on his father’s coattails and was almost immediately hit with 9/11 and drawing a focused response on terrorists also drew a focused resistance from the left and the media which haunts him even today.


Obama was something else. Coming from out of nowhere he eclipsed Hillary to take the DNC nomination and ultimately the presidency. The funny (not so) thing about the Democrats and Obama even before the swearing in ceremony the FBI received an anonymous tip that Somali terrorists had snuck into Minnesota and were planning on an assassination during the Obama inauguration. This put the FBI on high alert but nothing happened and it was soon forgotten.  The 9/11/12 attack on Benghazi was spun out of control in as US leadership and administration officials squashed all efforts to respond to the attack and save the lives of US personnel under attack for more than 13 hours. The media was complicit in spinning the story of an anti-Muslim video. This entire matter was washed over and not sufficiently investigated. Another incident was the hiring of foreign nationals as IT professionals for Democratic legislators and in the DNC with full access to the DNC official computer network. But the spin was pointing to Russia and the Trump campaign as conspirators in hacking the DNC computer system. Again what is in the DNC computers that is so important that anyone would want to hack into it, but so secret that FBI investigators were not given access to the computers after the hack?


Trump came in promising to drain the swamp, build the wall and expose the deep state. Just making those promises to fight for the American people have unleashed the forces of darkness like we’ve never seen before. For almost 3 years we’ve heard Russia, Russia, Russia and the evidence has been null. Now we’re hearing Ukraine, Ukraine, Ukraine and the transcript is null. What is seeping to the surface is a host of Obama administration officials doing a host of things that are unethical and illegal in dealing with US assets, Russia and Ukraine. What Trump has brought back into America is patriotic pride and opened a can of worms called hate and lies. It will be interesting how this plays out over the next 5 years, but in the meantime we’re getting ready for another round of the Democratic Circus Acts featuring Gerald Nadler and Adam Schiff, with ringleaders Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer. We even have guest appearances by Maxine Waters and AOC + 3 which at times is very entertaining. So head to the refrigerator, grab a cold one and a bag of popcorn. Set the DVR to record and watch the show begin, and begin, and begin again and again. – I am the Real Truckmaster!


When They Go High We Go Low



When They Go High We Go Low


That is the mantra of the Progressive Democratic Party. It’s a double standard that we’ve seen it boldly played out since the 2016 Presidential Election.


Take the congressional softball game where a shooter wounds a republican congressman and the media gives it minimal coverage.


But remember the mail bomber who sent packages to prominent democratic legislators? It was all over the airwaves and the internet for several days until the FBI miraculously hunted down and arrested the “perpetrator” and that was right before the midterm elections of 2018.


What about the sudden rise of sexual allegations by a prominent educator against a Supreme Court nominee? It was the talk of the town and still surfaces in an attempt to smear the now sitting SCOTUS justice. Based on lies, allegations and ending up profiting the accuser while attempting to destroy a man simply because he was nominated by President Trump?


The Russia Collusion delusion was one of the biggest hoaxes played on the American people. Also lies and false allegations that normally would bring ruin to many a politician’s political career and ran for more than 2 years and the “investigation” revealed no basis for it in the first place.


Another long running scam from the democratic playbook is the Impeachment inquisition. Simply a real life version of “Chicago Politics” and mob tactics, in an attempt to get the sitting president to default on his promise to American voters – drain the swamp. The latest chapter is using the Ukrainian presidential phone calls as an excuse to bring forth the impeachment inquiry with trumped (that’s a riot in itself) up charges by Chairman Adam Schiff who wrote his own version of the call after reading the transcript. Then he proceeded to read into the official records the shady Schiff version while stating it was what the president said. That’s why it’s important to see, hear and/or read instead of “This is what the President meant or said”.


I think it was Michelle Obama and parroted by Hillary Clinton the phrase of “When they go high, we go low”. In sports it would equate to hitting below the belt, clearly against the rules of fair sportsmanship. But alas this is not sports. It is war and everyone knows that anything goes in love and war, right?


To muddy up the waters we have the ongoing fiasco of Climate Change where fiction is being touted as fact and what better place than in the United Nations Headquarters in New York City. So let’s set the record straight – the climate has always been changing. God created it to change constantly. However to say that in 12 years the world will end and all mankind will be killed because of the climate is a flat out hoax. Is there a danger in cutting down all the rainforests and trees around the world? Yes, but planting trees to take their place is taking a responsible approach to preserving nature. Do banning plastic straws and cow farts help the environment? Not even a little bit.  Take into consideration the wasteful habits of humans to literally throw away unwanted or unneeded items and that greatly outweighs the savings of banning plastic straws. But this is something for another article.


The Progressive Democratic Party leadership have become very focused on doing whatever possible to reverse the reforms instituted by President Trump, simply because it loosens their grip on power over the people who voted for and sent them to Washington DC in the first place. They vow to give all sorts of free stuff to those who haven’t worked to earn it, and do so by taking from those who do work for it. They want to raise taxes on the super-rich, while ignoring and/or hiding the fact that they (politicians) are among the super-rich and did so while in public office.


We must not forget that politicians work for the people. Once they have obtained your vote you are dispensable, at least until the next time your vote is needed to secure their power. Nothing in life is free and all the promise of free stuff is simply how to enslave (endure) people (You’re now obligated to vote for me). It matters not what political party you choose to belong to because everything has a cost. When you were a baby you are fed “baby-food” and there comes a time when you want to eat real food like everyone around you.  The same is true in politics. There comes a time when you must think and decide for yourself. Are your politicians really working for your best interests or their own self-interests?


Maybe it’s time for a change? Are you willing to leave the political plantation? Or are you content with getting your share of free stuff? You cannot serve God AND mammon. Who or what is your god? – I am the Real Truckmaster!


The Case to Impeach Donald J Trump

trump flag background



The Case to Impeach Donald J Trump


It seems we are back where we started from almost 3 years ago. The House Democrats lead by Speaker Nancy Pelosi with her two lieutenants Chairman Adam Schiff and Chairman Gerald Nadler are firing up their respective committees in order to Impeach the sitting President of the United States, Donald J. Trump.


After salivating over tidbits and morsels of a concocted version of what would make a movie audience go to sleep, they now have the silver bullet. They have caught President Trump in the act of communicating with a foreign power in a quid quo pro of influencing the 2016 elections, or so they think.


Like a student going through books in the school library they have finally found the playbook on taking down the President of the United States brought forward by a diligent member of the CIA who turned into a whistleblower (protected by law) even though what he brought forward was something he admitted he had no direct knowledge of, but had been told what someone, a source in the White House had told him about a phone call between President Trump and the President of the Ukraine back in July 2019.


Immediately this great news was grasped by House Speaker Pelosi and she called for a vote on the House floor for an Impeachment Inquiry of President Trump. Both House Democrats and Republicans pounced on this with both feet and most likely cheered and patted each other on the backs for finally getting what they had been seeking since Donald Trump won the Republican nomination in 2015.


There was only one problem and that was when the President released a full and un-redacted transcript of said call so everyone could read for themselves the entire phone conversation. I read it and found nothing improper had taken place. It was simply a cordial conversation where both men complimented each other on their election victories and Trump asked him to look into what happened to the Ukrainian prosecutor investigating a company involving the son of a then sitting Vice President Joe Biden and something called Crowdstrike?


That transcript release did little to stop Chairman Schiff from fabricating his own version of the Trump call and reading it into the record. So moving forward toward the impending Impeachment could very well be the proverbial straw that breaks the camel’s back because there simply was no crime committed by President Trump and all the accusations made by Democrats are what they themselves have been guilty of doing.


Here’s what impeachment will do to President Trump and to the Democratic Party members of both the House and Senate. It will formalize a trial of the President where the House acts as prosecutors (very fitting given their propensity for asking lots of irrelevant questions) and the Senate – all 100 members will be the jury. Presiding over the Impeachment Trial will be the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court John Roberts.


There will be indictments, witnesses to call and this will become a circus like never before in the history of this nation. Very likely we will see President Obama and members of his administration being called and questioning will be quite serious as they discuss foreign interference in the 2016 election which will show ALL the players at their best.


Since the call for an Impeachment Inquiry by Speaker Pelosi thousands of American voters have abandoned the Democratic Party and literally thousands of GOP donors have come forward insuring President Trump’s re-election after failing to remove him from office.


The entire nation and the world will see more clearly how utterly preposterous the Democratic members of Congress had become and American voters will begin selecting new members of Congress to carry out their wishes. Many of the current legislators will be unsuccessful in maintaining their seats in office and will be relegated to follow up Impeachment trials into their misconduct while members of Congress going back literally 40 + years for many.


Impeachment is not something that builds up the nation, nor does it restore trust and confidence in those who partake of it. The entire process seeks to nullify the vote of the people and bring down a dully elected President. The founding fathers wrote into the Constitution at Impeachment was restricted to “High Crimes and Misdemeanors” and was not to be taken lightly nor abused. They would be turning over in their graves if they were watching the fiasco taking place in Congress today.


American’s have a high threshold for tolerance yet a low tolerance for stupidity. Rather than working for the American people many of today’s politicians have opted to ignore their official duties as their quest for power through corruption has turned into greed and hatred because the 2016 election did not go their way. Hillary Clinton has failed to admit that SHE and she alone lost the election because she was so smitten with the idea of becoming the first female President of the United States at any price!


The 2020 election will insure President Trump another 4 years to continue to drain the swamp and out the deep state operatives who seek to destroy the very fabric of our society. We are with you Mr. President as you fight for us – the deplorables from fly over country! – I am the Real Truckmaster!


The Roller Coaster of the Progressive Democratic Party



The Roller Coaster of the Progressive Democratic Party


I don’t know about you but either its DEJAVU or we’ve seen this trick a time or two over the past 3 years. An unnamed (Whistleblower) source has revealed that he has caught President Trump in the act of being presidential with a foreign leader. In fact it so happens that President Trump’s phone call with the Ukrainian leader was highly inappropriate and placed undue pressure for an investigation into the Joe Biden pay-for-play over Hunter Biden’s business dealings in the Ukraine during the Obama administration. Joe Biden was the sitting Vice President and used his official influence to insure his son Hunter emerged with a huge amount of money paid to him for what, services rendered?


On the hearsay of the so-called whistleblower House Democrats went from zero to Mach-Nine as they began formulating their plans to impeach President Trump. The only problem (oh there are many) thus far is the fact that the whistleblower heard it from an unnamed source, who heard it from an unnamed source with absolutely no evidence to substantiate the inappropriate phone call. Sound familiar?


That brings to mind what the Democrats have been threatening over the past 3 years, but just haven’t found any flypaper to make things stick. This case is no different because just as House Speaker Pelosi made her revealing announcement, President Trump gave the order to release the transcript of the suspect phone call, calling it a normal part of foreign relations on his part.


So that brings us back to the whistleblower who in reality is nothing more than a deep state leaker who wasn’t even assigned to monitor or listen in to the official call, and has only hearsay information which wouldn’t stand up in a court of law, but is enough for the lawmakers of the Democratic House.


It seems to me that President Trump may have had something special in mind that would blow up in the faces of House Democrats and they didn’t see it coming. What I refer to as not seeing the forest for the trees scenario.


It seems that every time something really great happens for the good of the nation, the Democratic legislators think they are firemen throwing water on the fire, when in reality they grabbed the can marked “Highly Explosive – Gasoline”.


The real crimes are being committed by certain House Democrats who have “Gone Rogue” (Sorry Governor) a long time ago. They beat the impeachment drum wildly and show themselves out to be cowards at best and traitors to their elected constituents and to the nation as a whole.


Congress was never meant to be a career path and many of the House and Senate members who’ve been in Congress more than 2 terms are living proof that advanced aging can really be a pain. It must be tough going into the chamber of Congress and forgetting why or what you’re doing there?


This stunt by House Democrats will do one thing and one thing only and that is to insure that President Donald J. Trump is re-elected in 2020 and the swamp will continue to drain. Don’t believe me? Well folks all I can say is “Hold On Buttercup” the roller coaster is about to move. – I am the Real Truckmaster!