A Story from the Left Lane

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A Story from the Left Lane


The year was 1968 and I was a 19 year old army trucker with the 569th Transportation Company in Thailand during the Vietnam War things were happening all around us. Our convoys out of Camp Khon Kaen in northeastern Thailand ran 24/7/365 in order to get the necessary supplies where they were needed.


Typically were up at 0300 so we could depart Camp Khon Kaen (kick the gate) by 0500 and as we went deeper into the northeast we traveled north to Udorn RTAFB, then southeast to Sakon Nakhon (SKK) and on to Nakhon Phanom (NKP) RTNB in a convoy going roughly 25-30 mph while driving in the left side of the road getting in mid-late afternoon. We stopped about every hour to tighten up our loads and check for flats. Lunch on the road was usually a sack lunch from the mess hall, a c-ration and/or a coke and some fried rice at one of our rest stop areas. The locals (kids) usually showed up begging for candy, cigarettes and unwanted food items.


As we neared Sakon Nakhon the road turned into that red dusty, bumpy road surface that jarred our bones, vibrated our trucks apart and covered us with that red laterite dust by the time we arrived at NKP. Once there we dropped our trailers to be unloaded while we refueled the 2 diesel tanks and fixed flats or performed maintenance. Then we went to billeting for bedding, the mess hall for a meal and ended the day at the club or in the beer garden. Sometimes we were able to go to the Mekong River where we’d see the RTN gunboats that patrolled the river. It was not unusual for us to arrive before, during or after a rocket attack from across the border in Laos. That really gets your heart pounding.


After a restful night of sleep, we’d eat breakfast and grab something for the ride home usually just another c-ration. We were sent back pulling empty trailers in one or two truck convoys. On one such convoy I was alone and before I had made it back to Sakon Nakhon my truck broke down with not enough air pressure. So I sat there on that bumpy dirt roadway trying to figure what had caused the problem and what could I do to get to the nearest military camp?


It turned out there was a pinhole in the airline near the air compressor. I had only a rag to wrap around it to slow the leak enough to build up sufficient air pressure and limped in to Camp Raum Chit Chai where the 809th Engineer Battalion was headquartered. While the mechanics worked on changing out the airline I went over to the club for a burger and coke. When I returned to the truck they were done and I was soon on the road again (sorry Willie) and the rest of the trip back was uneventful. Pulling into Camp Khon Kaen there was the trailer inspection, refueling at the POL trailer and to the tire shop to repair all the flats from the trip and to the maintenance shop for any needed repairs and then to the mail room, then the barracks for a shower to remove that red dust, clean clothes and to the mess hall for supper.


The routine seldom changed when you were on the road. Evenings or weekends were spent on base unless you got a pass to go off base with a curfew of 10pm. Bed check was midnight. – I am the Real Truckmaster!




Easy Rider Thai Style



Easy Rider Thai Style


Let me set up the storyline it’s 1969 in Northeastern Thailand just a mere 20 kilos north of town at what I’ve learned was a dual purpose base.


In the early 1960s Camp Khon Kaen became home to the 201st Signal Detachment with huge 300’ 50 kilowatt Marconi Antenna the locals called it Hawsip Kilowatt (50 kilowatt). In 1967 the site was expanded to accommodate a new trailer transfer station for the 519th Transportation Battalion.


I arrived in Thailand in February 1968 as a truck driver hauling supplies to army and air force bases throughout northeastern Thailand. I met and later married my wife in Khon Kaen in 1969. Shortly after we married I purchased a Honda 125cc motorcycle and began riding with a small select group of GIs of which one earned the nickname of Easy Rider. Over a 6 month period I have many memorable incidents riding with Sergeant Don Way (Easy Rider) and SP4 Everett Cole.


Our rides were across rice paddies and paths that weren’t large enough to be called cart paths. We usually traveled in pairs and had no fear of insurgents or “bad guys” as we stopped in places that were so remote and many of the locals had never seen a fair skin, red headed falong (foreigner). As we stopped to assess where we were or where to go next the kids came literally out of nowhere. We had no trouble communicating as one universal word “Pepsi” always brought a smile and results. For 7 ½ cents (5 baht) we got a bottle of soda, poured into a sandwich bag of ice and a rubber band to hold onto.


One ride was with Sergeant Way and myself (don’t remember where Cole was) we were riding along a path between two rice paddies and crossing over a small irrigation ditch with me in the lead. I stopped to wait on Sergeant Way’s bigger Honda 250cc to clear the ditch when it suddenly got eerily quiet. I looked behind me as I heard the engine go “glug glug” and died completely submerged in water. I rushed back to help him push the bike out of the water and back onto the path. Soon Sergeant Way had his tool kit out and was unbolting the exhaust pipes to drain the water. He kicked on the kickstarter a time or two to turn over the engine and insure no water was inside. He then put everything back together fired it up and we were back on the move.


How Sergeant Way earned the nickname was when his wife Lek was in the Udorn Royal Thai Air Force Base hospital for an appendectomy and he was on his way to see her. Udorn was about 60 kilometers north in the town of Udon Thani. It seems that someone had a water buffalo that turned abruptly across the road in front of the motorcycle. The impact killed the water buffalo and broke both Sergeant Ways collarbones sending him after surgery into the same room next to his wife.


My wife (Montian) and I went to see them at the hospital and on the way back while passing a gasoline truck at 80 kilometers per hour (50 mph) our rear tire simply went flat. As the bike left the roadway it laid down, depositing my wife on the shoulder while I continued down into the ditch. We were both bruised a bit and the Thai police officer riding guard in the gasoline truck came over to check on us and help me get the bike back up to the road. A visual inspection showed the valve stem had sheared off from the tube. We ended up loading the bike and ourselves in the back of a small pickup (bus) that took us to the tire shop along the road at Nong Khai. Getting the tube repaired by a resourceful mechanic had us back on the road in about an hour and we headed back to the village where her folks lived in Khon Kaen. I’ll write more about our rides later. – I am the Real Truckmaster!




Assessing the Chinese Wuhan Virus

Chanel Rion One America News

3-15-2020 (Updated 3-19-2020)

Assessing the Chinese Wuhan Virus

COVIN-19 – The Coronavirus


Recently on the One American News Network (OANN) on cable an OANN Investigates report by Chanel Rion OAN’s Chief White House Correspondent went into the timeline of COVIN-19 uncovered some very interesting and somewhat disturbing developments of the Coronavirus.


The Chinese first noticed the virus on 8 December 2019, but did not notify the World Health Organization until 31 December 2019 then on 8 January 2020 China named it the 2019-nCoVd virus. While cases of infection began to rise in China, the first case of infection outside of China was a woman in Thailand who had been to Wuhan, China. Chinese Dr. Li Wenliang raised alarms with his colleagues and on Chinese social media before being summoned to party headquarters. He was detained, infected and on 7 February 2020 he died of complication from the Coronavirus.


In the first 60 days of the virus being spread there were around 80,000 people infected and close to 3,000 deaths associated with COVID-19. This may have happened quickly as Wuhan is a major transportation hub in China and to the outside world.


It was noted that the South Korean President chose not to close or shutoff traffic with China because he felt that the suffering of the Chinese should be shared by the Korean people. Koreans were caught unaware and many did not agree. This caused a real threat of infection throughout South Korea.


As the report stated corona viruses are not new and have been around for a very long time. What is new is how biologists have been tampering with viruses in an overly successful attempt to create what I will refer to as a “super virus” through “Gain of Function” genetic testing of a virus removed from dead animals, injected with some type of genetic enhancement to make it more deadly or more contagious or both and then injecting into test mice to gauge its effectiveness.


“Gain of Function” testing has been taking place in secure Level 3 Laboratories, with two labs located in the US that came to light back in 2014 when congress debated stopping funding for these labs. It should be noted that one such test conducted at a Level 3 Lab located in North Carolina including two participants were Chinese “biologists” from Wuhan, China.


A published report in November 2015 described in detail the Gain of Function testing and a noted author Rosemary Gibson (China Rx and other books) has been writing and warning about these genetic tests for some time yet many of us have never heard of it.


Also brought out during the report is the fact of US dependence on Chinese made drugs, medical equipment and a host of products used in the daily life of Americans due to outsourcing by American companies.


The panel reported the lack of urgency or preparation by leaders of several nations placed their citizens at risk. They did mention that President Trump has taken an aggressive approach to the Coronavirus.


The report discussed the global fear mongering by national and international news media seems aimed at stoking the Coronavirus fire leading several countries to go into lock-down mode. China has closed the veil of secrecy while as they have literally forced isolation of families inside their apartments.


This article is one person’s critique of the televised OAN report. I offer the following – use common sense and become aware of your surroundings (personal space) as this could get real interesting and real fast too! – I am the Real Truckmaster!




The Chinese Wuhan Virus – SARS-CoV-2

Wuhan China



The Chinese Wuhan Virus



The Chinese Wuhan Virus called SARS-CoV-2, COVIN-19 and Coronavirus was first found at the epicenter in Wuhan, China, but the world found out about it in December 2019. China was offered assistance by the US and the World Health Organization, but refused assistance.


(This is not the first corona virus to come out of Wuhan, China.  A previous virus was found in 2018 but not widely reported upon.)


In January 2020 President Trump issued a travel ban and stopped all flights from China & Iran and banning foreign immigrants from those countries into the US as a precaution to the Coronavirus.


There is no proof positive but Wuhan has 2 (TWO) Biochemical Labs, one of which it seems maintains 1,500 LIVE VIRUS’ for testing at all times. A Chinese whistleblower (Doctor Li Wenliang) in Wuhan warned of the virus, was promptly arrested, infected with and died from the Wuhan Virus while in police custody.


The virus was said to come from bats being sold at a meat market in downtown Wuhan. Speculation is that the virus was possibly used to infect meat being sold at the meat market? Is it possible – yes? Did it in fact happen – don’t know?


In March 2020 House Democrats passed a “NoBanAct” attempting to limit the powers of the President from enforcing his constitutional authority to ban immigration into the US from any country.


In March 2020 President Trump issued a travel ban between immigrants from select countries in Europe into the US as a precaution to the Coronavirus.


By coincidence just recently we find that 3,000 Chinese workers from Wuhan, China are in factories in Northern Italy that is now the epicenter in Europe?


Also in March 2020 Congress is considering Coronavirus legislation to be signed into law by President Trump that would enable the full weight of the US government be brought to bear on fighting the spread of the Coronavirus in the United States.


Keep in mind that I’m not a medical doctor, a scientist or someone in the President’s inner circle. I’m a normal citizen who happens to be retired from the US military and find the sequence of events a bit disconcerting to say the least.


Nor am I a conspiracy theorist. But what if we have been in an undeclared biochemical war with a foreign power that began testing biological agents upon its own people without outside interference and what we are now seeing is a “Phase 2” level development designed to test the infestation, spread and response of nations around the globe? America finds itself in a predicament of huge dependencies upon China for everything from medicines, material and technology so lowly priced that greed wins out over common sense.

What if the pushback for US independence from Chinese made goods has accelerated this germ warfare so as to prevent the decline of US dependence upon Chinese goods? Another what if – we are being played by Congressional Democrats and Republicans who are being paid huge sums of money to insure the balance of power remains unchanged at home and abroad? Lastly, what if the 2020 election is the last one? We are living in the last days and according to bible prophesy the Battle of Armageddon has already been foretold? The world and the US is falling victim to the distraction of Toilet Paper and Hand Sanitizer hoarding?  – I am the Real Truckmaster!




Every Carnival or County Fair




Every Carnival or County Fair


In every county across the nation it is the American tradition to go to the County Fair where you will see livestock, poultry and homegrown displays of jelly and pies of many varieties. You can grab a hotdog, hamburger or popcorn and munch as you walk from display to display. It’s a fun place for kids of all ages to see the many ribbons on animals, projects and trophy sized melons. Often the rodeos are full of action packed bucking broncos and bulls throwing riders every which way but mostly loose.


I love going to the smaller county fairs as they have that small town feel to them. The local implement dealer has all the latest tractors, plows and combines to entice the farmers and ranchers. As you go into the entertainment rows there are vendors selling various items and carnival hawkers (they probably don’t call them that anymore) where you throw rings over bottles, toss coins on plates to win and always the shooting gallery where hitting the yellow ducks or the target is about winning the biggest teddy bear.


And because it’s a county fair the local politicians may have a booth where you can meet and greet them or their staff. It’s their way of staying connected or vying for votes (You know the kissing babies thing). They seem so down to earth in their flannels, jeans and cowboy boots. So what changes when they get back on “capitol hill” at state or in Washington DC?


It seems that in DC every politician aims to get out in front in the game of politics. After hopefully talking to their constituents they choose causes that are near and dear to the hearts of the people who elected them in the first place. I’m sure whether it’s out in the flyover country or deep in the heart of the inner city America wants to live and raise their families in peace and safety where they can live the American Dream with the support, not the interference of government.


I, for one, don’t want or need the political pandering of professional politicians positioning and posturing for reelection by public displays of political ignorance. I don’t want to see the political shooting gallery where politicians choose to become the target rather than dropping party mantra, rolling up their proverbial sleeves so they can get to work on what’s important to me.


Maybe they have forgotten why they were elected in the first place. It wasn’t because they promised me the moon, the stars and everything in between so I would cast my vote in their direction. It was because I saw the promise, potential and hope they offered during the campaign. Maybe I saw that new blood, untainted by political bias would bring new ideas to an old establishment so that America would win once again. Maybe I saw hope in a change of direction or focus that someone from my county, state or nation could bring to the national stage.


I don’t want or need to see the one-up-man-ship of politicians who eat breath and wear clothes the same way as I do trying to demonstrate political superiority over anyone. In the final analysis what really matters is character and promises kept with demonstrable results. Do you know what you’re talking about? Can you bring it to fruition? Will my family and I benefit from it? Political labels are meaningless and quite often become failed ideas that ensnare the very politicians who put that political badge before common sense.


It is my opinion that Congress has become corrupted from within by allowing Congressional Caucuses to steer the course and direction of Congress. There are more than 242 Congressional Caucuses, each one acts as a separate Congressional lobbying group. They ensnare those who join and harass shame or bully those who choose not to join. Many caucuses are taxpayer funded. They must be defunded, abolished and banned from the halls of Congress. The purpose and goal of Congress is to make laws and enact taxes while upholding and defending the Constitution of the United States – I am the Real Truckmaster.




Toilet Paper Hoarding How It All Began




Toilet Paper Hoarding How it all Began


It’s all too familiar now the empty shelves and fully loaded shopping carts filled only with toilet paper because of the Coronavirus. What is the connection? Google can be a very telling thing sometimes but you really have to dig for it.


So let us begin back in December when we began hearing of the dreaded Coronavirus originating in Wuhan China. I’m still not sure when the virus was discovered spreading from the meat market in Wuhan or what if any relevance the two biochemical laboratories may have with the virus, but from what I gather from doing a Google search China’s toilet paper factories ship their products throughout Asia and beyond?


In December 2019 it seems the TP factory ceased operation due to workers infected by a virus. As if this wasn’t bad enough, in February 2020 a hapless truck driver in Hong Kong was robbed at knife point of his load of toilet paper before he could unload at a scheduled stop. In March 2020 a video surfaced of two women (40+ years old & 60+ years old) were seen fighting over package of toilet paper. Apparently the video went viral.


Today in stores around the world toilet paper is more valuable than gold. In fact TP hoarding has no other relationship to the Coronavirus outbreak other than people are panicking due to the media and social media coverage of toilet paper shortages. I recently was shopping in Cosco and decided to pick up a package of TP, but found the pallet empty as a woman walked away with 2 packages of TP, while others carried 1 or 2 packages on their shoulders and everyone was looking worried like it was the end of the world. Then I heard the magic words – “There’s more coming out”. Sure enough the man with a forklift brought out another pallet of the white gold. I couldn’t help but notice there were a couple of packages missing before he had even moved the pallet.


While doing my early morning in Safeway I noticed a man walking out carrying 3 packages of TP as he left the store. After obtaining the 3 items I needed and I walked by the shelves I couldn’t help but notice there were only a few packages of TP available. I overheard two employees talking about this TP hording problem and they had no clue and found nothing online either?


Personally if I decide to self-isolate at home I don’t think I’d want to cook up a batch of TP as a stable food source and I wouldn’t waste my money on stockpiling TP unless I was trading a roll for a huge juicy steak or two?


May I suggest going to the CDC.GOV website for update information. So now you know the rest of the story! – I am The Real Truckmaster!




When it Comes to Politics Perception is Everything




When it Comes to Politics Perception is Everything


We’re being bombarded with information/misinformation/disinformation on a minute by minute basis so much so that we have been desensitized to the real nature of this attack on our sense of hearing and our reading ability. When we read something pertaining to “politics” regardless of being slanted “Democratic” or “Republican” we immediately call what we don’t know or understand as “Fake News”.


You do it; I do it; Congress does it; and yes President Trump does it too!


It’s important to vet your sources so that you don’t get caught up in somebody else’s lies.  I have found that in order to know what President Trump says I watch his live coverage, read his tweets and decide for myself if I agree with him or not. I don’t want some news commentator telling me “what he meant was this……” because as we saw during the impeachment fiasco Rep. Adam Schiff after reading the transcript of the Trump – Ukrainian phone call stood before the body of Congress and without reading or referring to any or all of the transcript said “this is what Trump really said”. It was simply spreading Fake News and nobody has yet to hold him accountable for it.


It’s like members of Congress coming out of a meeting with President Trump and jumping in front of television cameras to tell everyone what the President said behind closed doors. Also the solemn and very private phone call of condolence from President Trump to a recent widow of a US serviceman killed in the service to his country being politicized by Rep. Fredericka Wilson by disclosing portions of that phone call (Why was she even on or near the call in the first place?)


Remember the basketball players caught stealing in China and President Trump intervened with the president of China and they were returned to California? There was no gratitude given to the President or remorse by those caught in the act of stealing or by their parents. The media went wild spreading misinformation about President Trump. The only apology given by the basketball players was under duress by school officials (Not a real apology at all). What happened to them?


What is your impression or perception of President Trump based on? Is he an incompetent, undignified or not presidential enough for you to accept him as the legitimate President? Is your opinion based on firsthand knowledge, legend or lore? If so what have you done to justify your opinion or to get to the bottom of it? Do you watch mainstream television news coverage, daytime talk shows or radio broadcasts? What about social media? Have you accepted “It’s on Facebook so it must be true”? Are you on Twitter? Do you follow @RealDonaldTrump or @POTUS45? If you put yourself in the position of going with what you read on social media without verifying your source material – Shame on You!


Had you followed my blog posts of the past 4 years you would see that I began by belittling and making fun of the Democratic Sport of Never Trumpers and the Liberal Democratic Leftists? Maybe it was my way of coping? I’ve tried to change my tactics in an attempt to expose the real bias coming from the Liberal Left, the Progressive Democratic Party and the Fake News Media. Whether you like or dislike President Trump you are doing yourself a great disservice by ignoring the history being made in our presence by restricting yourself to a campaign of misinformation.


Media sponsored thugs (no longer reporters of the news), but editorialists in disguise want you to believe that President Trump is not a “real” president because he doesn’t act “presidential”.

Is it because he tweets? Other presidents have tweeted from the office of the president.

Is it because he golfs all the time? Well guess what other presidents golfed all the time before him. Many were on the golf course a lot.

Is it because he likes McDonald’s hamburgers and cokes? Well guess what so did other presidents.

Is it because he put his name on many of his properties? Well what have you done well enough that you’d want your name on it for the public to see? (If you do something, do it well enough to assign your name to it.)

Oh I know it’s because he tacks nicknames to his political foes? Well Hello – He’s an entertainer-in-chief.

Yes I know he doesn’t talk like a Christian and that’s fine. He has a specific task and purpose and like the rest of us God is still working on him. How about you?


So I ask you what does “being presidential” even mean?


Condensed from this 2016 article at www.presentingyourself.com:

To be perceived as Presidential, it’s essential to exude “presence,” that indefinable inborn trait of a leader.

Someone has presence when they walk in and immediately command the room.

Do they inspire the confidence of their staff?

Do reporters know they’ll get a straight answer when they’re involved in a crisis?

Once they establish a point of view and message do they stick to it?

Don’t waffle on their points of view on the “wedge” issues like crime, immigration, and national security.

Know what they stand for and stand for what they believe in.

A leader will motivate and inspire the people in the organization.


There are many actors who have played the part, but only a small handful (45) actually became President of the United States. One of the best and worst was Martin Sheen playing the part of Democratic President Josiah Bartlet in The West Wing television series 1999 – 2006, in my opinion was the realistic portrayal of a Republican administration by a fictional Democratic President.


In contrast the real life television Mongol and Real Estate tycoon Donald J. Trump was the least likely to succeed by politicians of both the Democratic and Republican Parties. The historical upset of Democratic political favorite Hillary Clinton forever changed the face of American politics as Republican President Donald J. Trump (#45) was inaugurated into office January 20, 2017. There have been only two men, George Washington and Donald Trump, who became President when the nation was in a time of need. They were not perfect men, yet perfect for the job at the time they assumed office.


The upcoming 2020 Presidential election has drawn a host of political hopefuls to challenge the incumbent President. It is my opinion that none of those running for the highest office against President Trump have the drive or determination required. They are simply runners who will tell their posterity that they were among those who challenged President Trump in 2020. Had any of them won that presidential race, they did not have a viable plan, or the wherewithal to take the nation to another plateau. What we have witnessed in our lifetime is a man so committed to the betterment of our nation that he laid aside his money and power and took on the mantle of President with no thought of personal gain simply because he could. – I am the Real Truckmaster!