A Look at The Bourne Legacy


A Look Back at The Bourne Legacy

How many movies have you watched where the script is “foretelling” of a future event that nobody believes the event when it happens? Confused yet?  My wife and I sat down to watch The Bourne Legacy action movie with Jeremy Renner.

At one point in the movie the virologist played by Rachel Weisz is explaining to Aaron Cross (Jeremy) how scientists can “pack” a virus and inject it into a human to change their DNA so that they attain their superhuman strength (my words not hers). Remember this movie was released in 2012 way before the Chinese Virus hit the world stage.

It makes me wonder if this process was written about when the books were written and did someone in “virology land” decide to experiment to see if it really worked? And maybe even the bird flu and other viral outbreaks up until (and including) the present manifestations of these viruses are not in fact people reading books and trying to duplicate their hypotheses?

There have been lots of movies and television shows based on these types of characters yet we dismiss them as science fiction and now they have their own SIFI channel on cable television. What other surprises lurk in the future from old movies of the past? – RTM

The Term Democracy Revisited


The Term Democracy Revisited

Immediately after the 2022 mid-term election Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer made a statement after securing his position, he said the Republicans are a threat to our democracy (power).

If you put Schumer’s statement together with one former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi said about January 6th, 2021 that Trump incited his MAGA followers for an insurrection to take down our Temple of Democracy (the Capital Building), it places a different light or new focus on our nation being a Democracy as democrats would have us believe.


Noun: democracy

A system of government by the whole population or all the eligible members of a state, typically through elected representatives

“Capitalism and democracy are ascendant in the third world”

Plural noun: democracies

“A multiparty democracy”

Control of an organization or group by the majority of its members

“The intended extension of industrial democracy”

Here’s a definition of Democratic



Adjective: democratic;

Adjective: Democratic

Relating to or supporting democracy or its principles.

“Democratic reforms”

The term “democracy” first appeared in ancient Greek political and philosophical thought in the city-state of Athens during classical antiquity. The word comes from demos, “common people” and kratos, “strength”. Led by Cleisthenes, Athenians established what is generally held as the first democracy in 508–507 BC. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Democracy


Representative government

Elective government

Constitutional government

Popular government


Government by the people







A state governed by a democracy?

“The main forms of democracy are: Direct democracy, Representative democracy, Presidential democracy, Parliamentary democracy, Authoritarian democracy, Participatory democracy, Islamic democracy and social democracy.” https://www.scienceabc.com/social-science/different-types-democracy-direct-representative-presidential-parliamentary.html

Is it just me or does anyone else question the Democratic Party’s ideas of democracy? To the die-hard Democrat symbolism is everything. Don’t believe me look at the hammer and sickle being revived from the Soviet Union; the raised fist of European fascists; or the Nazi symbol reinvented in modern day America. Their rhetoric is aimed at central control by a government “of the people” without dissention or input from those to be governed; and the ability to defense one’s person, family against aggression is strongly opposed and forbidden in a democratically governed state.

We’ve all grown accustomed to knowing that people in China are governed by a Communist government that keeps a tight rule on the everyday life of its citizens; what is broadcast on television and radio; how many children are allowed; and which gender is expendable or unacceptable; a tightly controlled internet; and dissention is met with force leading to death or imprisonment. The people of Taiwan have maintained independence from China, often at great expense and today we see flare-ups happening as the Chinese government attempts to rein them in.

This scenario is replicated in places like the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea’s (North Korea) Communist government was instituted with a continually handpicked “Dear Leader” since the end of the hostilities of the Korean War; Venezuela is another example where the people suffer at the expense of government leadership and we’ve recently seen how that is playing out; and Cuba has been that way since the days of President Eisenhower (after WWII) through today.

For all practical appearances the root word for democracy and democratic is “demon” and maybe that explains it all in a nutshell. It seems that there is no difference between democracy, democratic, mob rule or Muslim extremism. They all claim there is no peace without them; they are the only way to peace yet the road to peace in the Middle East and across the globe is paved with the blood of those who have gotten in the way of these waves called democracy, religion or Islamic fundamentalism.

What the founding fathers created our nation to be is a Constitutional-Republic, where the rule of law is the Constitution which is based on biblical principles and it is the right of citizens to have a direct say in how the government is to protect and defend its citizens and visitors alike by maintaining a strong military and insuring freedom to express our faith in God.

In truth without God there can be no peace.

Jesus said, “You will hear of wars and rumors of wars, but see to it that you are not alarmed. Such things must happen, but the end is still to come.” – Matthew 24:6

I don’t understand what’s with the word “Democracy” or “Democratic”? How can anybody think they are a good thing? Look at what has happened in American politics. What have recent democratic policies or ideas done for the average American citizen? Has progressive liberal-democraticism enhanced your life one iota? I think not.

Have the public display of insane antics by liberal progressive congressional democrats over the past 6 years given one shred of hope to democratic voters? Is there hope at the end of your tunnel, or is that just another train approaching? – RTM

A Time for Unification


A Time for Unification

There is still a wide disconnect between (1) traditional republicans (DINOS), (2) republicans in name only (RHINOS) and (3) Trump republicans (MAGA). What they don’t know can and will hurt them. At times I listen to discussion of why republicans are so ineffective in politics and it boils down to organizational misgivings or PPP (pretty poor planning).

  • Traditional republicans rally around the party leader come hell or high water. It’s their choice, says the minority leader, they can have it if they want it. It’s sorta like hanging back on the Titanic until the lifeboats are all gone and then wondering what happened.
  • Republicans in name only are effectively wolves in sheep’s clothing siding with the other party so they don’t lose their hierarchical standing among their betters (not peers).
  • Trump republicans rally around the Constitution and the flag because it’s the right thing to do. They respond to a leader who believes that better days are ahead for our nation but it takes hard work to make that vision a reality.

When it comes to a presidential election not only do they meet the qualifications for the office of president, but are they physically and/or mentally capable of executing the office of the President of the United States?

Not everyone qualified is capable.

Not everyone who capable is qualified.

Americans want to know that they are more than just a number or a vote. They don’t want to be seen as marginalized or insignificant. They don’t want to be forced to cast their ballot for anyone. Voting is a choice; it’s a right, a responsibility of citizenship; and candidates are just people who are auditioning for a job called public service. It is not their right to be elected, re-elected or appointed to a position of public trust.

As I watch or listen to the candidates who have already begun campaigning instead of listening to bad mouthing other candidates, voters like me want to hear what these candidates can do for us now. Often they have a political track record (what they have done in the past) or they make campaign promises they are unable or unwilling to keep. Those coming out of the private sector may highlight their accomplishments, but can they make a difference now?

Democrats unite behind their candidate (even the terrible ones) look back at the 2005 DNC race!

In the 2016 RNC race Republicans couldn’t do even that! The one thing groups (1) & (2) don’t have can only be found in group (3) – someone with a vision for the future and the means to make it happen. Like him or hate him when he gets the GOP nomination get behind him 100% or get out of the way – your choice!  Since 2016 we’ve seen what Trump can do under tremendous opposition from traditional politicians; it is now time to see what Trump can do with their support.

(The opinion expressed in this and all Real Truckmaster posts are my own. – I am the Real Truckmaster and I approve of this message.

Another Democratic Tactic


Another Democratic Tactic

Recently the hot news story of the day was the homeless man who entered the home of Nancy Pelosi in San Francisco last month and attacked her 82 year old husband Paul with a hammer. It was around 2:30 am the morning of October 28th when SFPD officers arrived. Officers opened the door to see Mr. Pelosi and Mr. DePape jointly gripping a hammer. It was then that DePape wrestled the hammer away and cracked Mr. Pelosi on the head, causing a skull fracture and other injuries, the report said. Additional reports say DePape went from being an Obama supporter to a QAnon follower. While other reports were said that various conservative public figures made light (fun) of the attack.  Does that sound about right?

I’m reminded of the story that surfaced just prior to the inauguration of Barack Obama. It was reported that the Secret Service, FBI and Homeland Security were on heightened alert as they got word that an illegal alien from Somalia had entered the US, was in the vicinity of Minneapolis and had threatened to assassinate Obama during his inauguration. Those reports turned out to be nothing more than hype.

What about the 2018 mid-term reports of white powder being sent through the mail to various democratic politicians and the infamous van the FBI found out and the driver arrested soon after. Another scam……?

So back to the Pelosi scare, one report was that SFPD officers opened the door while another said Mr. Pelosi opened the door but did not communicate to law enforcement that he was in trouble or stress as he went back inside and wrestled with “homeless” man (DePape) until after being struck and then officers apprehended Mr. DePape. When will the body-cam footage of both officers be released publically?

These and more are the fear tactics used by various Democratic Party operatives to influence voters during elections across the country. The trouble is that people like you or I fall for these “hot button issues” like flies to a pile of kaka. So before you fall for another BREAKING NEWS story, maybe consider the source, the timing and what is about to happen politically before blindly believing what you read, hear or even see.

On the flip side last night former President Donald Trump announced his candidacy for the presidential race in 2024. He highlighted his accomplishments as president, contrasted the current administration’s failures and seemed extremely proud of the fact that out of the mid-term candidates he endorsed 232 actually won; while 22 that he endorsed lost. I’m sure the media will focus on the losses as a means to make people think that Trump’s base is waning. I hate to be the one to break it to you but we aren’t going anywhere!

It will be interesting to watch the campaign season unfold and I’d advise you to be prepared for more surprises in the democratic bag of tricks and dirty dealings! – RTM  

A House Divided


A House Divided

I have purposefully kept myself quarantined from election news in hopes that this nightmare would end and common sense would return to American politics. Fat chance you say!

I did watch a television broadcast where a congressional GOP representative cited off a list of “objectives” that would begin on day one after the GOP Speaker of the House takes the gavel. I didn’t write down what he was saying, yet one single most “objective” I would like to see from both chambers of Congress can be summed up in one word – ACCOUNTABILITY, the accountability of those who misuse their elected office for financial and political gain. Even the appearance of political corruption tarnishes the entire legislative body.

Since the days of Nixon in the White House congress has factionalized – fragmented the legislative body to the point that they have openly circumvented or ignored the constitutionality of the Constitution of the United States. No longer is the “rule of law” held as the measure of right and wrong in our nation.

In his Emancipation Proclamation speech Abraham Lincoln quoted the words of Jesus in Matthew 12:25 ESV “Every kingdom divided against itself is laid waste, and no city or house divided against itself will stand.” That very thing appears to have happened in the halls of congress.

Newly elected members of congress during their indoctrination phase and after their swearing in ceremony are given the “rules” by congressional leadership and I’ve heard rumors that infractions have been dealt with harshly. In the past there were rules in place that forced compromises across the aisle in order to get bills written, passed and submitted to the president for signing into law. Over time many of those rules were scrubbed and there was no longer a need for partisan compromising. In recent years newly elected legislators who did not “toe the line” were stripped of their committee assignments and became outsiders.

I would like to see a major overhaul of the inner workings of the legislative body so that power cannot remain in the hands of a single individual or group of individuals while excluding those whom WE THE PEOPLE have sent to Washington to do our bidding. Start by dissolving congressional caucuses and committees and getting all 435 members of the House and all 100 members of the Senate back on the same PUBLIC SERVICE page. They work for us and should never feel they are superior to their constituents – the American people. I have watched as elected officials have had the audacity to break a number of federal laws, when they could just as easily have re-written to fix errors or to make better for our nation. Until congress gets their collective house in order (legislatively speaking) how in the world can we expect them to take care of our collective house – The United States of America?

Voters have a vital role in this process and voting against someone is NOT the same as voting for someone. Make you vote count! –


The Man the Myth


The Man and the Myth

I find it strange that during the administration of President Trump a great many “stories” (I use that term loosely) were “leaked” about the president being a loose cannon with anger that caused turmoil throughout the West Wing.

These “leaks” were almost daily occurrences.

Yet when I read the books of those who worked closest with and for Trump, I read of a completely different White House deeply committed to him. Did he get angry? With all the slanderous lies used to soil his name and his reputation I’m sure he probably got angry. Not once have I read where he lost his temper, blew up and curse someone out in private or in public, as some supposed. Each of Trumps former press secretaries mirror their fondness of working for Trump and tell of his kindness to everyone he came in contact with. Those who attended his rallies or watched from home saw Trump use comic relief as a means of venting, yet doing so in jest. He would attach monikers or nicknames as a bit of Trump humor whereas his detractors took them as personal insults.

These same people overlook their own insults hurled Trump’s way and feel it was and still is perfectly okay for death threats, insults and disrespect of former President Trump by those empowered by the actions and conduct of those in high ranking legislative leadership positions and the crowds they drew.

I remember while meeting with world leaders it was implied that Trump was going to start World War III or was in their “pocket” of because he had not been a political insider prior to being elected. According to them Trump knew nothing of world politics and they grossly underestimated him.

During the Trump administration:

  • China’s president arranged for theft charges against 3 California college basketball players to be dropped and allowed them to be released from their hotel so they could be flown back to the USA by the US State Department.
  • Kim Jong Il stopped firing missiles in the territorial waters off North Korea, South Korea and Japan while Trump was in office.
  • Russia’s leader Putin suspended his campaign of military aggression against Ukraine until after Trump left office.
  • Trump was instrumental in bringing forth the signing of the Abraham Accords to bring peace in the Middle East, between certain member states as it had never been done successfully in the past.
  • The worldwide outbreak of the Chinese Virus was met head on with the meshing together of government, private industry, medical and military to manufacture PPE, Vaccines and medical equipment that went to hospitals and facilities first in the US, and then across the globe. And to “prevent the spread” the US border was sealed off from foreign travelers of select areas around the world which were hit hardest with the virus.

Do you remember the deaths of former President George H. W. Bush, sitting Senator John McCain, sitting Representative Elijah Cummings, and sitting Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg – each body was placed in the Rotunda of the Capital Building and it was publicly made know that President Trump was not welcome to attend or even pay his respects.

I haven’t even touched on the Pelosi impeachments of President Trump, carried out on purely false information by congressional henchmen who decided Trump was guilty and sought out to prove it, regardless of facts or fiction.

The 2020 election was meant to be the last straw insuring that Trump would not be reelected, yet when he contested the election results, a “plan B” was put into effect and orchestrated to take place on January 6th, 2021. Need I say more?

The furor over “classified documents” held by Trump after he left office, pales in comparison to the misuse of sensitive and classified documents by then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on her private server and the “cleaning” of 34,000 “lost” emails after she left office that called for no probe of potential national security violations.

Some allege that Trump divided America. I say the division in America came to a forefront in the form of Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) as American’s see it as their right to come out against Trump because of what they’ve been told.

Was Trump an angel, did he not make mistakes – c’mon man! He was human and prone to error, as we all are. By the same token Trump was not the devil either. Trump’s biggest fault, he loved America so much and felt somebody had to do something. He was somebody and he would not sit aside while politicians chiseled away at the foundation America was built on – A biblically based Constitution that everybody was created equal by God and the American Dream required blood, sweat and tears – and a lot of hard work. We can be better but we must do better.

The biggest fear of congressional democrats is that Trump will not only run, but win the presidency again.


By the Dawnzearlylight


By the Dawnzearlylight

I have a problem with someone coming into my house stirring up trouble and causing widespread division. Only someone who has served in the military overseas can fully understand the importance of having a unifier, a tangible piece of America to remind us why we serve and for whom we serve.

It’s always encouraging to see the stars and bars waving in the wind or hanging on the flagpole when approaching a US embassy or military base. Francis Scott Keyes got it right when he penned the words of the Star Spangled Banner.

There is no black national anthem, no other symbol of America only the red, white and blue that fosters pride and patriotism or strikes fear in the hearts of our enemy. So before you get all riled up beyond reason, determine where your allegiance lies.

The law of the land was formed in the Constitution of the United States of America and based upon godly principles as written in the Bible. If that offends you then maybe, just maybe this land is not your land and like an animal that has lost its way by wandering off the range you should find your own way back. – rtm  

Conspiracy or Treasonable


Conspiracy or Treasonable

I’m still wondering why the most obvious, in your face, character assassination of a sitting president began after January 20th, 2017 and the conspirators are still not behind prison bars? It’s one thing for 2 people sitting at a bar, talking about “what if” versus 2 people using their political power and influence to affect monumental political change to the security of our nation – I call that treason!

I’m talking about Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer at the time President Trump took office and during one of (if not the) first official meetings in the Oval Office at the White House. Rather than being polite and cordial Nancy Pelosi said to the new president “you don’t know the importance I bring to this meeting”. At that moment she was a former Speaker of the House, making her just another member of the Legislative Branch of government. Chuck Schumer then the Minority Leader of the Senate was in full agreement with her.

Who does that?

It wasn’t long after the new representatives were sworn in that Nancy Pelosi after visiting with each of the newly elected Democrats was voted unanimously as Speaker of the House again and began her crusade of publicly and openly crucifying President Trump with the Mueller Investigation, followed by not one, but two impeachments and on his way out of office a third disguised in a January 6th Committee hearing. Not only were the key players the same, but the Democratic playbook of smoke and mirrors did not deviate in methodology. The underlying premise of guilty with “facts” introduced to insure everyone knew.

The results of the Mueller Investigation and the senatorial jury of the two impeachments all acquitted President Trump, yet the jury is still out on the J6 Committee until after the midterm elections next week.

Let us not forget that during an election, and particularly a presidential election, should a candidate contest the results there are legal and constitutional procedures to address it. Once the procedures have been followed in a presidential election there is the process involving the Electoral College, culminating on each state certifying their EC votes and submitting them to Congress so they can be presented individually before the body of Congress on January 6th to be confirmed or rejected.

Just to be clear lest we forget it was during this final process and precisely when the contested swing state EC ballots were being presented that a breech in protocol triggered by violent protestors moved inside the Capital Building disguised as MAGA supporters and a real threat to members of Congress. This threat resulted in the loss of life for one actual MAGA supporter retired USAF Veteran Ashli Babbitt, placing undue blame on President Trump and the forming of the J6 Committee that ordered the rounding up of MAGA supporters who were identified or admitted on social media as being at the DC rally on J6. Will they ever receive justice – innocent until proven guilty in a court of their peers?

Here we are 2 years after the 2020 election and on the eve of the 2022 midterms. If the election fraud concerns of 2020 have not been address and corrected; the alleged violators identified and prosecuted – will the end results be any better this second time around?

What do they say about doing the same thing over and over while expecting different results???? – rtm

Revisiting Thailand

It had been a while since I had been to Khon Kaen, Thailand but I knew the way to my wife’s family’s village.

As I walked up the long rising hill towards the temple I knew that just beyond was her parents’ home.

I entered and crossed through the temple grounds looking at vaguely familiar objects while anticipating the reception I was sure to receive.

As I walked through the gateway leaving the temple I stopped abruptly in my tracks. Where was the sleepy village I asked myself? It had only been 19 years.

Nothing looked familiar. So I stopped at a little home store and asked the woman in Thai where was house #136? “Bon (house) nung (1) saam (3) hoke (6) you tee nigh (where is)?”

She just stared at me like she’d seen an alien or something. Then I realized that I WAS an alien, a furlong.

Just then a young man approached and asked what I was looking for? I asked him the same question, where was house #136?

He stood there trying to figure out how to answer. Then he pointed down the street and said go across 2 streets and turn left.

I thanked them both (Kop Khon mock Kop) and headed down the street and turned left as instructed.

I didn’t recognize anything so to another family store I asked the same question, where is house #136?

I got no response until I opened my wallet and showed a picture of me standing next to my wife.

Then she began yelling and I thought it would bring the police, but no out from the next building came a barber.

He wasn’t just any barber, but a brother-in-law I had never met.

He took me to his house while one of his sons went to get his mom.

Soon my sister-in-law came and showed me her parents’ house still standing behind her place.

The village had grown quite large compared to the sleepy village I had last been in 19 years earlier.

Believe it or not that was 33 years ago and when I go back I still remember that day like it was yesterday.

Most of my wife’s family is gone now, except a sister-in-law who still lives in her same house, and an older sister living in a town not too far away. Both are widows, with children and grandchildren living nearby.

I miss getting my hair cut by my special barber during my trips.

Memories……how they linger! – rtm

A Tromp Down Memory Lane


A Tromp down Memory Lane

I’ve been around computers probably longer than even I knew, but my closest friends can attest I haven’t always been a computer geek.

While in the military I learned to operate one of those huge word processors. During my last assignment a computer was brought into my office a few months before I retired. I learned to play Microsoft Golf and man could I rack up the points, until I was informed that low score is the object of golf.

After retiring, I went to Ft Carson and failed miserably during a job interview when asked about my computer experience.

It was 1991 and I replied, “What is a computer?” It was not the right answer.

During my time in the military there were no computers in tactical vehicles, but in today’s military computers are  common place.

I decided to go to school and become a travel agent because I love to travel. Not the smartest reason because when you’re traveling you’re not working, so who is going to pay for your travel?

I became pretty good working at a computer workstation using the United Airlines Apollo Reservation System and became proficient with the American Airlines Saber Reservation System. I worked as a home-based travel agent, using Apollo software and connecting to the travel agency via a modem. I helped perfect the procedures used by outside sales agents to connect to the agency from home.

During a familiarization trip to Disneyworld in 1995 I stopped by to see a friend that decided I needed a computer. He stayed up all night building a computer for me. It was home built with Windows 3.1, 8MB of memory, a 128MB hard drive, a screaming Pentium 75 processor. It had that big old 5 1/4″floppy disk drive.

I checked my computer (3 boxes) as baggage and watched as we changed planes in Dallas to make sure the 3 boxes (pc, monitor & printer) all made it on my flight to Colorado.

When I got home I was at a total loss as where to begin. I asked a friend to help me get up and running. Then he configured my desktop and taught me about getting an email address and searching the internet (didn’t have Google back then).

I missed those early computer years and most definitely I’m not a DOS guy, but with lots of help I was able to start surfing the net. I was eager to learn and wanted to do more. I learned to build HTML webpages from scratch and manipulate the code to make changes.

I earned my bachelor degree in computer science while working at a telephone conference call center. I had built and maintained a couple of websites using my desktop computer as the “host computer”. Yet I managed to get and flunked a Gateway help desk interview because I couldn’t come up with 4 DOS commands.

I had some computer problems (it would turn off on its own). I got upset, reached inside and grabbed a handful of ribbon cables and ripped them out. Soon realizing what I had done, I was on the phone asking my friend in Florida how to put them back? I didn’t know that when a computer overheats it shuts down to prevent damage.

MS-DOS – Microsoft Disk Operating System (1981)…

Windows 1.0 – 2.0 (1985-1992)…

Windows 3.0 – 3.1 (1990-1994)…

Windows 95 (August 1995)…

Windows NT 3.1 – 4.0 (1993-1996)…

Windows 98 (June 1998)…

Windows 2000 (February 2000)…

Windows ME (September 2000)…

Windows XP (October 2001)…

Windows Vista (November 2006)…

Windows 7 (October 2009)…

Windows 8 & 8.1 (August 2012)…

Windows 10 (July 2015)…

Windows 11 (Released in 2021)…

Over the course of time I went from Windows 3.1 to Windows 11 upgrading shortly after each release.

Beginning in 2006 I began working on computers at home. I replacing hardware, upgraded operating systems and installed software out of my home office.

I’ve been fully retired as of 2009 and word of mouth advertising keeps me busy.

When I’m not fixing computers I’m working on websites, administering several Facebook groups, or doing other things – like blogging as The Real Truckmaster.

Writing blog posts helps to keep me in tune with a variety of issues that are of the utmost importance to me. Quite often they are of a topic that pops up in conversation or online messaging.

 – rtm