On Postal Service Banking Services


On Postal Service Banking Services

I’ll make it short and sweet (well not so much if you’re a postal administrator or supervisor). It is a well-known fact (or should be) that a combination of things contribute to the USPS continuing to run at a loss. Whether it be stretching outdated equipment or vehicles to the breaking point; overworking employees to their breaking point; the inability to terminate or fire incompetent or non-productive employees; or the inherently massive rules and regulations that govern the operation of the monstrous postal behemoth, maybe the answer is quite simple, don’t branch out into banking services – Privatize.

Take away USPS employees Federal Employee status, terminate it, and just stop it cold! Employees who decide not to transition over to Postal Service, Inc. employees can seek federal employment elsewhere in the federal government, retire or be terminated. Those who are retired will continue to draw their retiree pay, only it will be moved over to another Federal Pay Status Account – FORMER USPS RETIREES.

Rather than retain USPS through contractor services a newly formed Postal Service, Inc. will be created to assume operation over a 5-year transitioning period at which time this fledgling corporation will become fully online with new mail handling and sorting equipment, vehicles and modern up-to-date regulations for handling mail (letters to packages). The price of the traditional “forever” stamps will remain constant “forever” without the need to continually raise prices, as of the time for abolishing the tired old US Postal System.

Take the queue from Amazon, FedEx, Google or UPS and turn it into a profitable enterprise. – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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United As One People


United As One People

As we bid November goodbye and good riddance might I suggest we embrace the month of December and the upcoming New Year together as brothers and sisters united as one people after all we are all members of one giant race – the human race collectively called “Mankind”? God created all living creatures “after their kind” and he created them “Male and Female” so they could procreate.

The first recorded murder in the bible was when Cain became jealous and so angry that he killed his brother Abel. (Gen 4:8)

From the days of Adam and Eve to the days of Noah before the flood mankind lived together. It was the family of Noah who survived the flood.

After the flood the earth was divided (Gen 10:25) and the clans of Noah’s sons were scattered over the earth. (Gen 10:32)

The entire world had one language and a common speech. As the people moved eastward they found a suitable place and decided to make a city with a tower that reached to the heavens so they could make a name for themselves, or they feared they would be scattered over the face of the earth. (Gen 11:1-4)

The Lord came down to see the city and the tower they were building and said as one people they speak the same language and have begun doing this, there is nothing they plan to do that will be impossible for them. He confused their language so they could not understand each other and scattered them over all the earth and they stopped building the city. (Gen 11:5-8)

It is not surprising that from the days of Adam until present day man continues to become angry and in fits of rage uses whatever means available to kill other men. The saying “Money makes the world go round” gives credence to what the bible says:

“For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.”(1 Timothy 6:10)

Today there are 195 countries and more than 5,000 ethnicities worldwide. Men fight men for power and control with division by class, finances, religion, race or ethnic origin, even common sense versus no sense and often throw money in order to buy compliance. Hard working men and women are vilified while the non-working see getting on government assistance as being justified, it’s deserved or owed for services not earned.

In the United States we have been divided into 5 basic ethnic groups – White, Hispanic, Black, Asian, Mixed, and Other. Yet when you drill down you will find people referring to themselves as – African-Americans, Hispanic-Americans, Native-Americans, Asian-Americans and White-Americans or Caucasian-Americans. Isn’t it time we start seeing men and women and refer to ourselves simply as Americans? Does the naturalization oath say anything about becoming anything except an American citizen? It’s like getting wet – either you are or you are not. – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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Going About Things the Wrong Way


Going About Things the Wrong Way

It is not only Democrats that do things the wrong way, not because they are unable to do things right or correctly, but because they choose to and often blame global warming or climate change.

Well let’s put climate change into perspective, from the instant that God created the world and had it rotating on its axis AND rotating around the sun both have gone counter-clockwise (turning left).

Man created Democrats so that when common sense goes right, they go left.

Ever since Al Gore created the internet we have been brow-beaten into believing the unbelievable, following “science” that is nothing more than conjecture or someone’s theory, like when almost everyone believed the world was flat…….

Today the theory is that refusing to get the jab forcibly is a danger to society, when it is simply a matter of choosing what seems right and safe for yourself and your family.

Making masks mandatory was the first step – compliance!

Now that the entire planet has turned hard left, it’s time to bring back common sense.

Masks don’t work and getting the jab doesn’t keep you from getting the virus either.

Forcing the will of the people by spreading fear is simply a control tactic of the Democratic left using the media to keep America divided.

Remove the mandates, stop threatening job security, loss of income, freedom of travel and let those who choose to do, and those who don’t, – don’t!

America is called the land of the free for a reason & it is worth fighting for! – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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My Take on the Agent Orange Act of 1991


My Take on the Agent Orange Act of 1991

America’s Veterans like me have been suffering and dying from the effects of herbicide exposure during and in the years after the Vietnam War era. Not all exposure occurred in Vietnam, Southeast Asia or outside the continental United States.

Let me say that before troops were sent to Southeast Asia or Vietnam they first had to be recruited or inducted and trained for the jungle terrain they would encounter when they arrived in Vietnam. Regardless of branch, basic training was conducted stateside; jungle training was conducted in various training locations, Panama Canal Zone, Okinawa, Japan, Philippine Islands and elsewhere.

The United States Defense Department was instrumental in developing what has been referred to as Rainbow Herbicides, among which Agent Orange is but one. They were each assigned a Federal Stock Number and could be ordered through the Federal Supply System regardless of where of location or where they were ordered.

Once produced for the military, transportation and herbicide storage became a huge stateside issue until they were loaded on ships for transport to the area of intended usage. Once received by the requestor it often became the responsibility of the installation or unit commanders to determine where, when and how much herbicide was to be stored until needed or how herbicides would be applied in accordance with Army Field Manual 3-3 Tactical Employment of Herbicides.

I have read the Agent Orange Act of 1991 which assumed that only Veterans who served in Vietnam were the only ones dealing with herbicide exposure, maybe because it was the combat or war zone at that time? What the VA has done since the passage of Public Law 102-4 is to create obstacles for Veterans who did not serve in the confines of Vietnam. One obstacle is creating a “at or near the perimeter” rule for Thailand Veterans of the Vietnam War, while ignoring Veterans of Panama, Okinawa or stateside bases where herbicides were clearly stored or used, when these Veterans suffer and die from the effects of herbicide exposure dating back to the Vietnam War Era.

I have been working with various online Veterans groups and organizations as they work with legislators in an attempt to change federal law CFR Title 38 as it pertains to herbicide exposure for America’s Veterans. After reading through the Agent Orange Act of 1991 what I see staring out at me are two words “In Vietnam” which if amended or eliminated would remove the obstacles preventing presumptive service connection for herbicide exposure for service in the armed forces without regard to location or job description applied by the Veterans Administration. Why has this simple solution not been thought through or applied over the past 30 years after 1991? – I am The Real Truckmaster!


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Court of Public Opinion


Court of Public Opinion

Throughout recorded history there is one place where mobs rule and the most famous case was when Jesus was arrested and charged but found to be innocent. It was the Court of Public Opinion where the masses yelled “Crucify Him” until he was flogged and hung on the cross not for what he had done wrong, but for what mankind had done and continues to do – Sin against God.

The same mob rule killed a great many people across Europe, Africa and around the world throughout time. In the New World there were accused witches burned at the stake; entire Indian tribes wiped out because of the “Red Scare”; Minorities of every sort were preyed upon because of their African, Asian, European or Indian heritage because people were riled up in the Court of Public Opinion.

Fast forward to the division in America today where the broad brush of public opinion grouped Americans not so much as by racial heritage but by political ideology – Dregs, Deplorables, Dog Faced Pony Soldiers or simply MAGA (Make America Great Again). The real division is the Haves and the Have Nots. The China Virus has been used to divide America into masks versus no masks and vaccinated or anti-vaccines, conformists and non-conformists, submissive or non-submissive. It’s the age old struggle for power and control by any means.

The Court of Public Opinion rose up in Minneapolis over misinformation in the perceived cause of death of George Floyd giving credence to massive violence, rioting and the arresting of police officers, the defund the police mentality that spread throughout the nation. Even though the autopsies (there were more than one) clearly stated that Floyd died from a drug overdose, not from any action by a certain police officer, who was tried, convicted and sentenced before his trial had even begun, clearly bowing to pressure from the Court of Public Opinion.

In the immediate aftermath of the Minneapolis riots in a nearby Wisconsin community rioters went after a young armed man safeguarding a local business against rioters. As they chased, attacked and were intent on taking his life, he managed to kill two violent convicted criminals and wound a third attacker. Ultimately this young man was arrested, charged and tried again in the Court of Public Opinion. When the actual trial commenced on of his attackers reportedly said “when I pointed my gun at him – he shot me” and it was clear that charges should never have been filed. In the end a jury of his peers found him not guilty on all charges. The Court of Public Opinion or Mob Rule is not satisfied with justice served but demand Vigilante Justice – hanging at the end of a rope.

In civilized societies around the world mob rule leads to the worst side of man and predictable consequences. We must not let the Court of Public Opinion become or override the highest court in the land.


The Supreme Court is the highest court in the land. It is their duty to determine whether laws meet the constitutional threshold or not. – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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Even Cream Rises to the Top


Even Cream Rises to the Top

During the 2016 election season there was an entire boatload of political hopefuls running for the GOP nomination against the lone DNC nominee Hillary Clinton. Everyone on the GOP side confidently said they could easily beat their political opponent. What they failed to realize was they first had to beat each other to nail down the nomination. When the shock and awe subsided and the political smoke cleared Donald Trump who was the last man standing.

All the way up to election night the DNC nominee was arrogant and used every one of her book of political tricks and nasty dealings. Her celebration was only cut short when it was announced that the president-elect was GOP’s Donald Trump to be the 45th President of the United States.

Fast forward to the 2020 election season again there was an entire boatload of political hopefuls only this time running for the DNC nomination against the incumbent President Donald Trump. So confident were they that they forgot what should have been the first rule in political campaigning – first secure the party nomination. They cut each other down until it was obvious that none of the candidates had any business running in the first place. They let their egos get in the way of good old common sense.

Not to be deterred the Democratic Party continued its non-stop assault on the sitting President, while the DNC by its mystical and magical methods scrolled down the long list of Democratic Party dropouts to select the most un-logical dream team in our nation’s political history – Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.  

The real November surprise came on the early morning hours of November 5th as the DNC dream team actually received more votes in more counties than there were registered voters, trouncing President Donald Trump. Not I said more votes, but nothing about legal or lawful votes.

Every protest by President Trump or his campaign team was rebuked, ignored or taken as just the rantings of a sore loser. Something had to be done to change the political climate and on January 6th that something was a huge misinformation and defamation campaign blaming President Trump for engineering what amounted to a coup. Now I may be wrong but how can a presidential coup overthrow itself? Is not a coup the overthrowing of a President? (How can Beelzebub overthrow Beelzebub?)

In the end Joe Biden was inaugurated as the 46th President of the United States along with Vice President Kamala Harris. We are nearly 11 months into this Biden-Harris Administration where nearly every branch of government has been reverse-engineered and weaponized to bring the hammer down on the average American citizen, business or corporation bringing them to their knees in the name of and to prevent the spread of the China Virus. Undoubtedly the cream has risen to the top, only this time we find out it has bitterly turned sour! – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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Deflecting the Blame

Internet Photo of Rust set shooting


Deflecting the Blame

Why is it not surprising that iconic superstar actor and director Alex Baldwin wants every motion picture production that uses weapons to have onsite law enforcement to insure gun safety? Why is it that he doesn’t simply take ownership and responsibility for his actions that cost the life of production staff member Halyna Hutchins and the wounding of director Joel Souza during production on the set of “Rust” on October 20th, 2021?

What are the tenants of gun safety?

  1. Check to see if the gun is loaded.
  2. Don’t point it at anything you are not intending to shoot.
  3. Don’t point it at other people.

If movie production companies have someone(s) in the role of armorer it is their responsibility to insure that no live rounds are brought onto the set and placed in “prop” weapons. It may also be the armorers responsibility to insure the “chain of custody” and security of ALL weapons/ammunition used on the movie set.

It would also stand to reason that someone in a position of authority so that unauthorized persons are NOT allowed on the set or to have access to any weapons and/or ammunition used during filming.

So back to Mr. Baldwin’s demands for onsite law enforcement to insure gun safety I say BULLWINKLE! It is your responsibility as director, and major leading role actor (you were never really that great anyway) with tons of experience to simply MAN UP to own the consequences of YOUR ACTIONS! – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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My Take on Systematic Racism in Congress


My Take on Systematic Racism in Congress

After hearing it thrown about online and in the news I asked myself what is systematic racism? It seems that the answers vary because everyone has their own definition, depending on both the one asking and the one being asked.

Systematic Racism is to unfairly elevate one ethnic or racial group over another in education, employment or life in general by a “rigged” corporate system or governmental program.

The embodiment of systematic racism currently active in the halls of Congress is a single group of legislators who single out and solicit membership solely on the basis of race. Membership in the Congressional Black Caucus is limited to African-American or dark skinned legislators regardless of political party affiliation. Their alumni include former president Obama and Vice President Harris.

To be fair, not all black legislators belong to the CBC. Those who choose not to join are listed on the CBC official government website as a means of shaming them for not joining. Also when a white legislator tried to join he was refused because of the color of his skin.

The CBC has self-appointed themselves as the race police in government, seeking out racism where it can be found, so long as it’s not an inward search. Since the snubbing by President Nixon, the CBC has opposed EVERY GOP president and even other legislators who don’t buy into their agenda.

During the Trump administration the many faces and voices of the CBC made public displays of “resistance” anything Trump. They spoke out on camera calling for violence against the president, his family and his administration officials and White House staff and their families as well as other legislators who chose not to stand with them.

Today we hear little from Representatives Maxine Waters, Frederica Wilson, and others who jumped at the chance to belittle, hassle and conduct character assassination of Trump, his administration officials and his MAGA supporters. Other prominent CBC voices are permanently silent. Still others are seeking the limelight more and more.

I have a suggestion that any corporation or government agency that tolerates and/or encourages institutional or systematic racism should be defunded, shuttered and closed for good. Officials who intentionally facilitate or violate racist behavior in word, deed or action should be held fully accountable.

There is no room for racism in its many forms in our society, after all we are all of one-race = the Human Race! – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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Seven Fatal Words


Seven Fatal Words

Ask any soldier and he’ll tell you that getting promoted places you on top of the world. It brings prestige, responsibility and a higher base pay. In some cases it causes a swollen head. During my active duty years (1967 – 1990) in the Army I seemed to step up rather quickly compared to others in my career field or in the army in general. Upon graduating from basic training I was automatically promoted to private second class. It didn’t make me a second class citizen, but meant I had risen above being just a private.

Upon graduating from my Motor Transport Operator advanced training I became a full-fledged, school trained army truck driver a 64 Bravo (64 Charlie & 88 Mike) and another automatic promotion to private first class, which came with the “mosquito wing” stripe for my uniform sleeve. I was so proud when I went to the tailor shop at Fort Ord, California to have my stripes sewed on.

I had to wait until the guy in front of me finished picking up his uniform with the very same stripe. WOW! Hey but he was quite a bit older than this 18 year old newbie to the army. He looked like he had already spent at least 18 years in the army. He was proud of his stripe and told me what he did to earn that stripe. While assigned as a first sergeant he took an opportunity to punch the battalion commander in the face and was busted down to the rank of a private first class. I made a mental note to myself not to ever do that.

I left Fort Ord for my first overseas assignment to Southeast Asia and ended up as a truck driver, a tractor-trailer driver hauling bombs, munitions and cargo in a transportation unit. In four months I was recognized for my duty by being promoted to a specialist fourth class, a bird on my sleeve and another pay raise.

While in Thailand I went before a battalion promotion board at a time when I hardly knew what it was. About a month later I was driving the company pass truck, a deuce and a half, taking guys on pass downtown and later picking them up before curfew. It was after 10 pm when I was called over to my platoon sergeant who then handed me a set of promotion orders to specialist five, a bird with an umbrella over him.

I was given specific instructions to be in the proper uniform at formation the next morning. That was going to be difficult because rank was sewed on to uniforms and sloppiness in sewing was not tolerated. I remembered we had a guy that came from Europe where they were using the army’s new pin on rank. He was a specialist five and I asked him for any extra pin ons he might have. After getting my uniform straight I went back to my platoon sergeant and asked if I was in the correct uniform?

When I departed Thailand I had a 2-year break-in-service where I joined an army reserve unit in my home town. As a specialist five I became the drivers licensing sergeant in a combat engineer unit. I didn’t stay long, before I decided to go active duty.

When I enlisted I had to lose a stripe, my umbrella. Once again I became a specialist fourth class with a bird on my sleeve. I was assigned to an infantry unit at Fort Lewis, Washington and immediately went on the first sergeants kitchen police duty roster, even though I was married, lived in base housing. I pulled KP under a specialist five cook who rode my back like a bucking horse. One day the first sergeant called me in and asked if I wanted to become an “acting jack” sergeant? It meant wearing the three stripes of a sergeant, but still getting paid as a specialist four. I said yes, because after all I had been a specialist five for 1 ½ years before my break in service. The army rates a sergeant higher than a specialist so I felt obligated to let the cook know I would no longer be on his KP detail. It felt great.

A short time later I went to the noncommissioned officers academy and then a unit promotion board before being promoted to sergeant. A position opened up in another infantry unit and I transferred over to become the assistant support platoon sergeant. While I was at my new unit I went to the basic noncommissioned officer educational school (B-NCOES) at the Holy Grail and home of army transportation – Fort Eustis in Virginia.

My next assignment was to Fort Davis in the Canal Zone in Panama. I became a squad leader and backup VIP driver. I had not been in country very long when I went before a promotion board on the same day and time that my family had flown to join me in Panama. I wasn’t very well prepared for the last minute board and told the board members why.

The army converted to centralized promotions and those who passed the promotion board now had to wait until their number was listed for promotion. It was over 1 year later before I was promoted to staff sergeant, 3 stripes up & 1 stripe under. By then I was working outside my career field as a military customs inspector, but the raise in pay helped.

After Panama I went to Fort Carson, Colorado to a transportation unit and became an assistant platoon sergeant in a line platoon. At this time I had been receiving outstanding evaluations, and proficiency pay. I was again working outside my career field as a career counselor, so the army decided that I was among the upper percentage of transporters in my career field, so I would make an excellent army recruiter.

I didn’t stay in recruiting and after 8 months I received orders for attendance of the advanced noncommissioned officers education school (ANCOES) at Fort Eustis, Virginia. As I was preparing to leave recruiting I was notified that I had made the promotion list for sergeant first class, but had to wait for my number to be listed. That negated the ANCOES class, and I departed to become an army service school instructor at the motor transport operator course at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri. I was promoted to sergeant first class, 3 stripes up & 2 stripes under while working as the course development noncommissioned officer. I was then moved over to the position of a module chief until I received orders to Europe.

When I arrived in Germany I was a newly promoted sergeant first class with 11 years of active duty. This was where I began as a platoon sergeant, supervising 32 truck drivers in a line haul transportation unit. The 3 years was broken up into various assignments, platoon sergeant, liaison noncommissioned officer and night operations sergeant at the battalion headquarters.

I then went to Fort Carson, Colorado where I became the support platoon sergeant in an armor unit. It was during this time that I was called into the battalion conference room after work to hear for the first time these fatal words – “You have been considered but not selected” for master sergeant. If that doesn’t hit you in the pit of your stomach, nothing will.

It had been my goal, as well as that of my peers to make first sergeant, command sergeant major and command sergeant major of the army. To make that happen one had to have “troop time” as a squad leader or platoon sergeant, so my goal became simply to get promoted.

It became a yearly thing to be called into the conference room to hear the sergeant major say – “You have been considered but not selected” for master sergeant. Each time I asked why?

I had an opportunity to become the first sergeant of a headquarters company, but it was offered to me just a couple of months before my final assignment to Japan. I would have replaced someone who went to Korea.

I was never told what I needed to do to change the outcome and even sent a letter to the promotion board with additional documents for my official file asking for reconsideration. The answer was nothing you have submitted has changed anything. After 10 years of being disappointed I submitted my retirement papers. One last slap in the face was when I was required to attend the senior leadership development course a few months before I was to retire. I became the course first sergeant for my class because I was the senior sergeant first class. As I returned to Colorado formalize my retirement Operation Desert Shield had activated and I fully suspected that I would be recalled to active duty to fill a position that might free up someone else to deploy with their unit.

But alas the war was over almost before it began. – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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Migration without Pesky Borders


Migration without Pesky Borders

Misinformation is critical when it comes to Amnesty, Immigration or Invasion. America’s immigration laws provide for extensive background checks, criminal investigative reports that allow those being persecuted to seek out a safe haven in a country where carving out an American Dream is full of unlimited possibilities.  The embodiment of being welcomed to America can be seen with the Statue of Liberty in New York.

American politicians have long known the dangers of allowing unchecked entry into our country. Many have placated the American people with words and actions that resemble a loud banging on the skirts of Lady Liberty with border fencing that do not prevent wild animals, cattle, illegal immigrants or nefarious drug dealing thugs from sneaking across under the hours of darkness. Doing something about it is said to cost too much and do too little or we are told is demeaning to well-intentioned migrants seeking a better life for themselves and their families.

I ask why does the law-making body (Congress) not make adjustments in immigration laws or rewrite the law so that undocumented migration into this country is no longer a federal criminal offense or why does the President not sign such a bill into law to have it removed from the criminal statues? Are they not so smart as to realize that is the responsible thing to do if such errors already exist?

How can members of Congress who so quickly criticized former President Trump, look the other way as President Biden opened the southern border wide for undocumented and illegal immigrant crossings, while declaring legal immigrants and tourists coming in through every other port of entry be required to present documentation of up-to-date jabs before being allowed into our country?

Why is it that Americans are not up in arms (figuratively or literally) over unconstitutional abuse of power by the President IN CONJUNCTION and with the approval of Congress without any challenges or ruling being declared by the SCOTUS as to the constitutionality of not enforcing national security of our nation or its citizens?

Are we simply skipping up the “yellow brick road” to our own demise? – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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