This Should Be Passed and Enforced in all 50 States


This should be passed and enforced in all 50 states.

The right to PEACEFULLY assemble and protest is protected under the 1st Amendment, when peaceful turns into civil unrest, riots, looting and violence it is no longer peaceful but becomes Anarchy and chaos.

Anarchy MUST stop:

Violent assembly – 3rd degree felony

Blocking the road – Felony

Don’t touch monuments – 10 years in prison

Harassment of Citizens in public accommodations also penalized

R.I.C.O. will be applied to those enabling, organizing or funding riots

Arrested in a riot you are staying till you see a judge

Touch a cop – Six months mandatory minimum

Enhanced penalties for other crimes committed during the riots

To municipalities:

Defund the police the state / federal will defund any grants or aid coming to you

When local government officials are grossly negligent about a riot that cause injury or death to citizens and/or property Sovereign Immunity will be suspended for that government and citizens can sue for restitution, lost income and/or neglect resulting in death when applicable

Convicted of participating in riots:

Sentencing will include restitution and cleanup damaged property

To Citizens:

No longer able to get state benefits, unemployment or employment assistance and driving privileges will be permanently revoked or suspended without possibility of renewal

To Non-Citizens

Face deportation and ban from re-entry into US

To Education Professionals:

Private, public and secondary school teachers, adjuncts, professors and deans will lose employment, tenure, credentials and unemployment benefits

To Elected Officials:

Elected officials participating in riots will be removed from office and faced with imprisonment

Adapted from Florida Governor’s 2020 decree and from President Trump’s 2020 campaign rallies

(You’re welcome) – I am the Real Truckmaster!


When Society Fails


When Society Fails

It’s sad when someone dies in a senseless act of violence. We call that murder. It is also sad when someone chooses to live a life of crime and get killed as a result of that choice. What is really sad is when someone makes bad choices that result in their needless death. But when society chooses to dismiss violent crime resulting in death as normal, everyday life in the big city it is beyond sad.

There are deliberate acts of violence resulting in death – bank robberies; drug deals gone bad; muggings; murder; armed robberies; home invasions and stick ups that are committed for the most part by someone wanting easy money or something that does not belong to them. In every case when lives are lost they can never be recovered. Families mourn the loss and countless lives are forever changed.

Recently media outlets float false narratives designed to make victims out of the guilty parties. Once a story hits the press it’s often the innocent who must disprove what they are portrayed in the media. By then it’s often too late as “heard” mentality has already kicked in.

That happened in the case of George Floyd in Minneapolis in May 2020. Officers were seen on cell phone video blatantly abusing the suspect during his arrest and he died on a city street in police custody in front of witnesses. Impossible to defend and police officers were fired and charged. But again it was too little, too late as full scale riots, vandalism, looting and even killing of innocent citizens occurred in Minneapolis and several cities across the nation. His televised funeral drew national media attention and made him out to be a hero. A Go Fund Me page in his honor went on to raise millions of dollars and for whom? When the medical examiner released the results of his autopsy the ME concluded that he had died not of asphyxiation but as a result of a drug overdose. The autopsy was immediately contested by family, friends and strangers because it didn’t fit the narrative of cop killing an innocent black man.

That happened again in the case of Breonna Taylor’s death by police in Kentucky in September 2020. Officers executing a no-knock warrant to arrest Breonna Taylor did knock before entering the home or apartment she was in. Her then boyfriend fired at police. Breonna Taylor was hit by return fire from police as she stood in the hallway and died on the scene. Again the “heard” mentality struck again and resulted in full scale riots, vandalism, looting and the shooting of other police officers after a grand jury failed to indict 2 officers and even though 1 officer was indicted for his misconduct.

When 2 police officers in California were ambushed by a lone gunman, protesters blocked the hospital’s emergency room entrance chanting “We hope they die” as the officers were in surgery. When the 2 officers were shot in Kentucky there were no peaceful protests either. When police officers were attacked in Seattle’s former CHAZ area recently media recorded apparent misconduct by police and an investigation has begun. In each case the misconduct of violent criminals is disregarded and the public service of police officers is turned into disgraceful service by baseless accusations. When society fails to respect authority or obey the laws designed to protect them and side with criminals where does the blame lie? Who is held responsible? – I am the Real Truckmaster!


Fake News and Misinformation


Fake News and Misinformation

For those who’ve waited patiently for this blog, here it is. The media would have you to believe that Trump supporters are abandoning ship – not even close. We don’t listen to the fake news reports and if you pay attention to any of the Trump “Peaceful Protests” happening until the election you will clearly see packed enthusiastic crowds excited to be there and many line up several hours before the event is scheduled to begin.

Contrast that with Biden rally’s which have primarily his camera crew, a couple of reporters and possibly his family member in attendance. Where are the Biden / Harris rallies? Why do we not see the “dream team” campaigning together? Are they simply social distancing for effect?

Next the fake news would have you to believe that 300 retired generals have signed on to support Biden, rather than Trump. Well let’s see how many of those generals have a political or financial vested interest in America staying engaged in endless wars? It is my experience that generals are very political by the time they pin on that 1st star, and knowing who to cater to is essential for advancement. Generals are also the ones who after leaving active military service go into the private sector, civil service or employed as contractors. One thing to consider is a general is never really retired, but subject to recall to active duty at any time. As such they must consider the consequences of their actions or words when speaking disrespectfully about the president who is the commander-in-chief of the armed forces. What I’d call a fate worse than that possibility is the fact that seeing what is happening politically with Biden being manipulated by his DNC minders they would tack their names on his political ticket is at best poor judgement.

Another fake news item is that Trump will not accept the results of the election if he loses. That is simply not the case. If you watched the Press Secretary today speaking for the President, she voiced his stated concerns about a national mail-in ballot for all as being ripe for fraud. She went on to emphasis what the President said about the difference between absentee ballots (voters ask for) and mail-in ballots (not requested, but mailed out to everyone). What has been said was by Congressional Democrats that they would not accept the results of the election if Trump won. Hillary Clinton even said Biden should not concede to Trump under any circumstance. The domestic terrorist BLM has said that if Trump wins they will ramp up the violence.

There seems to be mass confusion over the nomination of a replacement for RBG. Congressional Democrats say the last wish of RBG was not to be replaced until a new president is inaugurated. Congressional Democrats have threatened to “pack the SCOTUS” with additional justices if Trump and Senate Republicans move forward with nominating a replacement for RBG. The domestic terrorist BLM has said that if Trump seats a new justice to replace RBG they will ramp up the violence to new levels.

So let me be perfectly clear that According to Article 2 of the Constitution the only one who can nominate justices to SCOTUS is the President. Not a former president. Not Congress. Not domestic terrorists. Not even voters. It is the President who nominates. The Senate has the authority to Advise and Consent on the nomination. Failing to consent, the nomination fails and it is then up to the President to nominate a different justice. There is no provision for “last wishes” of the deceased justice concerning her replacement. Not even if a justice retires or resigns they do not have any influence on naming their replacement. There is no provision for Congressional House members to input on the nomination of a justice to the SCOTUS either. Threatening to “pack the court” by Congress is unconstitutional and is a form of blackmail that I’m sure is illegal.

Let me address public displays of disrespect toward President Trump. We have witnessed members of Congress and family members publicly snub the President and “forbid” him from attending the funeral/memorial services of deceased members of Congress. The media have made a point of highlighting the fact that the President was not “allowed” to attend these services, or speak out concerning the deceased. What happened during today’s visit by President Trump to pay respects to RBG was inappropriate and totally uncalled for, although not totally unexpected. Not only is it protocol to pay respects to a deceased member of the SCOTUS, it is an honor to do so. Not too long ago when Justice Scalia passed away there was no Presidential tribute or respects paid by President Obama, nor was there any media hype about him or VP Biden not being present.

Do you want to know why we have a high level of disrespect toward President Trump by members of Congress, the media and the aforementioned domestic terrorists? I used to think it was because our schools are not teaching respect, but I suspect it is because parents are not teaching respect and our children have never learned to respect themselves or others. This is also true about respecting authority and the consequences of being disrespectful and vulgar toward those who are elder or in positions of authority. Our disrespectful children of yesterday are the ADULTS of today, passing on the fact they have failed themselves and want to insure everyone they come in contact with does the same. America is going to have a wakeup call that will in fact be a serious attitude adjustment for everyone.

It is to your benefit to stop watching the fake news in the papers, magazines or on television, radio or internet. Turn it off. Get away. Go for a long walk, ride or drive to clear your mind. It will do your body good. We are roughly 40 days away from the 2020 election and you should dig into doing your own research and vote based on what’s important to you. If you don’t stand on your principles you will fall for anything. Weigh the results of elected officials. What have they delivered on during their time in politics? You may have to research back 30 or 40 years, but results matter. Have they kept their promises? Have they promised the moon, yet haven’t even gotten off the ground?

The bible tells us that if it is within our power to do so to live at peace with everyone. We are to honor our mother and father that our days may be many. We are not to covet other people or what they possess. We are to love the Lord our God with our mind, body, spirit and soul. We are to love everyone as we love ourselves.

The basic reason there is so much hate in the world today, we hate who we are and are led to believe that God made a mistake when he created us. That is a fallacy that can keep us from having a relationship with the God of the Universe.

God did not make a mistake when he made you. He made you unique, one of a kind (even twins are unique yet different). God loves you just as you are. He has never said, change then come to me. What God has said is “come unto me all who are heavy laden”. God Loves You!

I may not have all the answers (or any for that matter), but it is up to each of us to use the gray matter between our ears. Read, Ask, Listen and Vote not according to party lines, but by what’s really important. Do you want higher taxes, higher wages for less jobs, or free stuff to feel good?

Some of you will be the one who is led to water but can’t be made to drink from it. Others will simply want to argue to make a point. Remember don’t argue with an idiot. He has more experience. Others will be unable to tell just who the idiot is. (Will Rogers?) – I am the Real Truckmaster!


Assessing the Domestic Terrorist Threat


Assessing the Domestic Terrorist Threat

Has anyone else questioned the execution, funding and organization of domestic terrorist groups assaulting our cities, law enforcement and challenging our state and federal governments, or is it just me?

In case you think this is Trumps fault let me fill you on something – it didn’t start overnight and has been gaining traction, under the radar for several years now, in the Pacific Northwest region (Northern California, Oregon and Washington).  It appears they were organizing under the sanctioning of the Barack Obama administration and members of a progressive liberal congress with funding from Soros backed entities spilling over from Canada.

During the second term of Barack Obama these terrorist groups began to conduct a series of civil unrest under the guise of police brutality beginning with the shooting of Travon Martin and others who died as a result of police shootings. Obama even entertained the organizers of the Black Lives Matter organization in the White House on more than one occasion during his presidency. Protest marches and rioting also took place after school shooting incidents. In each case presidential and congressional voices spoke out against law enforcement officers doing the job of enforcing state and federal laws. Many communities were left traumatized and shattered after the destruction and violence.

The election of Donald Trump and the failed Russian Collusion Delusion, the failed Impeachment, and the now failed Ukrainian Debacle and the China Virus bringing a new coronavirus to America and to the world I’m sure organizers of the terror campaign were wondering what was it going to take to change the mindset of the American people?

The events in Minneapolis in May of 2020 and the death of George Floyd provided the spark that was needed and Antifa, Black Lives Matter and White Nationalists groups quickly took advantage of to instigate and further their campaign of terror on Americans.

So how are they able to react so quickly with able bodies, uniforms, weapons, signs, banners, rocks, bricks, explosives and gases? Initially they seemed to have airlines, buses and other means of transportation to be on scene within hours. So where did they gather, how did they direct communications to participants and logistically how did they preposition needed items? Who paid for it all? Who is paying for it now?

Most recently there is a 16’ U-Haul truck seen on video prepositioned in Kentucky full of signs, shield, banners, weapons being opened up and distributed to participants in short order. Weapons are used on law enforcement with at least 2 officers shot, and more than 100 arrested during the Kentucky rioting in the name of a woman who was killed by police.

At the same time in Denver, marchers were massing on the state capital in protest to the same woman who was killed during a police response to a crime where police were shot at and one suspect killed. I haven’t watched the news so I have to assume that multiple riots have irrupted in various cities around the nation. I watched a video of police in Seattle being assaulted in the former CHOP area by armed terrorists. Again who is paying to instigate and orchestrate all this violence?

The obvious thing is to follow the money. Someone has to create the signs, banners, uniforms and weapons being used throughout the nation. Where are these things being made, transported and distributed? Someone has to do staffing, payroll (even cash payments have to be done by multiple “paymasters” or disbursing individuals? Buses at the ready, so who is dispatching, organizing and tracking them?

Some things to consider, the upcoming election has been threatened to be a contested one. The presidential nomination of a justice for the SCOTUS is also to be contested.  All the violence is said to be ramping up to an unprecedented level, never before experienced outside an active warzone.

These are extraordinary events happening in extraordinary times in our nation and it would seem that the natural progression of events would indicate that a president being forced to declare Martial Law and activate the National Guard in each state to protect citizen voting at polling places, while using specialized active duty troops to restore and maintain order (which they are very good at). This could also result in the recalling to active duty reserve forces and recently discharged or retired military personnel to meet the needs of the military.

What if the president decided under Martial Law to suspend the Constitution and VOTING until after order has been restored? Would this not be unprecedented action during an unprecedented state of national emergency? What about the mass arrest and confinement of radically charged fascists and communists members of Congress and members of the Obama administration who are fueling the fires of civil unrest? Would those not be other progressions of events?

A big what if Almighty God chose to intervene supernaturally AGAIN in a display of HIS supreme authority over our nation and our people? Again you say? How awesome would that be?

Christians have humbled themselves and prayed for God to intervene and save our nation from the evil of this sinful world. Yet many Christians have sided with non-believers in standing up AGAINST what God is doing on our behalf and for HIS glory.

God called a man, whom society rejected and have openly scorned, to become a sword to the spirit of Political Correctness and to stop evil. A man so focused on returning the nation to the basic principles of the Constitution which is founded on biblical principles and a man so committed to Making America Great Again that he will not stop until his vision of America has been realized. This battle for America is not against physical forces, but a spiritual battle and we are told in the bible that we cannot serve two masters so I ask whose side are you on? Have you aligned yourself with or against God? – The Real Truckmaster!


Ruth Bader Ginsburg


Ruth Bader Ginsburg


By Supreme Court of the United States – Supreme Court of the United States (Source 2), Public Domain,

Ruth Bader Ginsburg – March 15, 1933 “–“September 18, 2020

It is the nature of man to render tribute to people upon their passing. For many it may be the only time they are recognized for any accomplishments in their life. The recent passing of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is a prime example of a life that left a footprint as only she could.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg – born in New York City on March 15, 1933 “–“September 18, 2020 she died at age 87 in her home in Washington DC and will be forever known by the “–“that in essence was her life and according to Wikipedia – She was an American jurist who served as an associate justice of the Supreme Court of the United States, nominated by President Bill Clinton in 1993 and served until her death in 2020.

To her family, friends and colleagues in the SCOTUS she was much, much more than just that. I suspect that what she cherished most in life was being called “Grandmother” by her grandchildren.

Today the national tribute and memorial service for Justice Ginsburg is being conducted at the SCOTUS. Her body will lie in state until Friday where she will be moved to the Capital Building for public viewing.

We tend to think of public figures as larger than life and not in fact just ordinary people doing an extraordinary job in unordinary times. I watched on the history channel a documentary where Justice Ginsburg was interviewed before a live audience. She was smart, engaging and funny at times as she answered written questions and recounted her interaction with her colleagues on the court. Throughout her life she was often ahead of her time and formed her opinion on a variety of issues and as an associate justice she let no one pressure or influence her to go against what she believed was constitutional.

In Mark 12:17 Jesus said, “Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and unto God the things that are God’s.” – I am the Real Truckmaster!


Walking on Eggshells


Walking on Eggshells

When I was young we lived on a farm with chickens and farm animals all over the place. When you went into the chicken coup early in the morning you had to be careful where you stepped. No telling what you encountered in the darkness of the coup. There were feathers, chicken feed, lots of chicken s*it. Usually the chickens were outside pecking around with the rooster chasing the young hens. We learned never to walk in the house with those same shoes on either.

When I got older I worked with my brothers in a poultry place where we fed the baby chicks, and sorted the older ones that were going to market. We had to be careful or we might step on a baby chick who was at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Much later in life I had the opportunity to take my grandkids to the local county fair. One of the favorites was the chicken barn and the livestock barn with lots to see and do, but again be careful where you stepped. One season they were giving away baby chicks to the kids to take home and raise them. Not a good idea if you live in the city or in an apartment. The chicks were in a pen like a wading pool. On the table next to the chicks was a stack of McDonalds Chicken Nugget boxes (they had holes so the chicks could breathe). My grandkids wanted a baby chick until I told them where Chicken Nuggets came from.

Politics can be like walking on eggshells. You can’t say anything about this candidate or that candidate without offending someone or being offended. I have family and friends who are political opposites of my stated political views. We agree to disagree and rarely talk politics at social gatherings. Once in a while someone will tend to be a bit smart-alecky and throw something out there to embarrass you or make fun of your political candidate. At those times it’s not nice to retaliate in kind, “but sometimes Alice…..pow right in the kisser” an old Jackie Gleason saying says it all.

We are what, 47 days away from the election on November 3rd and it’s time to take the kid gloves off and step up like a man or a woman (your preference) and say enough is enough.  Stop trashing the candidate you don’t like because of a manufactured disliking or hatred for him or her. Try judging their character. Use the same standard you want others to use on you.

The bible says in Matthew 7: 1-5 NIV

“Do not judge, or you too will be judged. For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you. Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye? How can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when all the time there is a plank in your own eye? You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.”

Should you not spend your time praying for each candidate that God would open the door for the right one and shut the door for the wrong one? We should desire our governing leaders to be successful, that our nation and its people will be successful.  Otherwise we make ourselves a laughing stock among the nations of the world, not by what our leaders do, but what they fail to do or fail to say in unity.

Stop dividing your brothers and sisters by the color of their skin, or their ethnic background. We have all been created equal by the same God who will one day soon judge each of us by our actions, deeds and words.

Proverbs 18:21 – Death and life [are] in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof.

I CHALLENGE YOU from now until Election Day search out one new fact daily about both candidates (Biden & Trump) for the office of the presidency. Be careful not to fall for hearsay, gossip or blatantly false accusations. Site facts and use credible sources. Be prepared to defend you posts.

Be respectful in your answers. Obscene, vulgar and hateful comments will be removed as will your ability to comment further.

(Former VP Joe Biden is from Delaware – official biography)

(President Donald Trump is from New York – official biography)

No more walking on eggshells! – I am the Real Truckmaster!


Interpretations of Democracy


Interpretations of Democracy

I guess we’ve been looking at Democracy the wrong way.

For Conservatives the Constitution is the rule of law in the United States and protecting the Constitution as a fundamental and basic responsibility of every citizen.

On the other side Liberals seem to feel justified in protecting Democracy by tearing down the Constitution, ignoring the rule of law and removing basic rights of citizens.

This is a basic difference between Conservative Republicans and Liberal Democrats and its only 6 weeks before the November 3rd, 2020 election and Congressional Democrats have literally tried everything in their Book of Liberal Secrets to influence voters and insure that the president is not reelected.

One of the Congressional Democrats latest stunts was to push forth a mandatory vote by mail scheme designed to overwhelm the USPS and local state election boards due to the sheer volume of mail in ballots. The plan was to mail out billions of ballots, not necessarily to the right people or to their current addresses and without their consent or request making a case for very real voter fraud.

Congressional Democrats accused President Trump of ordering the USPS to remove blue mail receptacles so voters couldn’t mail in their ballots and obtained an injunction stopping the removal of blue boxes which were located primarily in areas where they were not being used at all. The message from the USPS was if they can handle Christmas cards, and packages during the holidays they can handle ballots. Certain Democratic state Attorneys General began pushing forward threats of pressing charges on the president for with telling voters to vote multiple times.

President Trump claims that forcing a mail in ballots for all is a scheme ripe for voter fraud and encouraged voters to verify that their mail in ballot had been counted or to vote in person with a provisional ballot that would only be counted if their original ballot was not received.

The message from Congressional Republicans was simple – vote in person, but if you are unable request an absentee ballot and if possible take it down to one of the state election ballot receiving stations. Then follow up to insure your ballot has been received and counted.

In other news, Republican run states have begun reopening, some without restrictions so that their economy can be restored and life can get back to normal. Liberals Democrats have long held the belief that COVID-19 is a really smart virus that can distinguish between people who are worshiping in church and those rioting in the streets. Only those in church will be affected by COVID-19 so many Democratic run states have nailed the doors of churches shut while allowed rioting mobs to burn loot and murder (BLM) with impunity. To insure complete destruction cities have defunded police, eliminating entire city police forces and placed citizens on their own to fend off vandals (just don’t use a weapon). Those already being processed for burning, looting or murder were given a get out of jail free card by liberal Democratic AGs and placed back on the street. This puts a huge strain on city resources and citizens are wondering what happened to the police? Who answers 911 calls? Who responds to emergencies?

Congressional Democrats have threatened President Trump and Attorney General Barr with impeachment in an attempt to prevent the president from moving forward with a SCOTUS nominee to replace RBG. Some claim it was her last wish to have her replacement sworn in by the next president after the November election. Obama says we must be consistent in the SCOTUS appointment. Great legal minds and experts say the president cannot fill the seat before an election. Many have their opinions but I suspect have never read Article II of the Constitution. The president nominates, the Senate confirms and the new justice is sworn in. Nothing stated it must be done after the election.

In past administrations the Senate acted quickly or chose to wait before moving a nominee forward. In this administration Congressional Democrats moved the goal posts and created a circus atmosphere during the confirmation hearing of Justice Kavanaugh with false accusations, publicly smearing his character, his family and his career. After his swearing in, there were no apologies given by Congressional Democrats. What happened to those false accusers or those who supported them?

We have learned that everything is politics.

Being a patriot has an entirely different meaning depending on your focus.

Republicans say after the election we can get down to the business of returning to normal, building the economy, creating jobs and moving America forward after Trump is reelected. The best is yet to come!

Democrats say after the election we will riot, burn more, destroy more and America must get ready to suffer. If Trump is reelected things will get worse.

As an American I say enough!

Mark 3:25, “If a house is divided against itself, that house cannot stand.” – I am the Real Truckmaster!


We Need to Pick Our Battles Carefully


We Need to Pick Our Battles Carefully

For the past 4 years what we have witnessed in American politics has been some of the most devious, underhanded and dastardly political acts known to man, or so I thought. I then made up my mind to do everything in my power to stand against the fake news, lies and slander directed at President Trump.

I became so caught up in the fight that I began to lose sight of the battle because the landmines that kept blowing up everywhere. Then I was reminded that this fight was not up to me. I have no power on my own.

I thought about King Jehoshaphat (2 Chronicles 20) as the Moabites and Ammonites prepared to come against him in battle and he became afraid and cried out to the LORD. In fact the entire nation of Judah became humble, fell down on their faces before God and earnestly sought God to intervene and save them from overwhelming forces.

The Battle Belongs to the Lord – Petra

We as a nation must submit to Almighty God’s plan and ask him to protect our nation against these nonstop attacks against the president, law enforcement and our fellow citizens. We must stop attacking and fighting each other or we will surely fall.

Have you ever seen a pack of vicious jackals consuming their prey? It’s not a pretty sight as they savagely attack and tear apart the carcass and any lower pack animals that might get in the way. The Alpha eats his or her fill, and the runt gets the leftovers. Congressional Democrats are like that you know? The “alphas” get first choice and everyone else waits their turn to be invited to join in. Elected office was never meant to be this way. One would become elected to political office, do their best for the duration of their term, then return home and back to private practice or to the family farm. Lifetime politicians have poisoned the political tree.

What Americans need are politicians who will commit to long overdue changes in how congress operates.

  1. Eliminate congressional caucuses, committees and coops that effectively blackmail legislators into voting against their better judgement (common sense).
  2. Boycott, sit-ins or work stoppage = stop congressional pay for every day missed.
  3. Run for higher political office = resign immediately and commit to winning the race or going home.
  4. Misconduct in office = charges brought forward, tried and removal from office.
  5. Slander, treason or inciting to overthrow the president = removal from office and prosecuted for misconduct.
  6. Cut the Pork = eliminate the political perks (travel, supplemental pay, retirement plan, and medical plan)

Legislators should “pay their own way” with a meager salary that will prevent congressional “homesteading” in congress. Elected office was never meant to be a career path or retirement option. For some strange reason politicians feel they are irreplaceable or essential in politics. We have already seen what happens when an “essential politician” dies in office. The jackals scramble to pick through the morsel for the choicest portions as they parade around demonstrating their concern and care for the dearly departed unless the departed is still running against President Trump’s re-election campaign and unaware that the train has left the station. – I am the Real Truckmaster!

Democratic Meltdown


Democratic Meltdown

This is the world we live in as Chicago-style politics of threats and intimidation are not reasonable actions of sane people or even actions of last resort. No, these are business as usual for lifelong Congressional Democrats who DEMAND to have their way or no way.

It matters not that yesterday America lost a great fighting spirit in Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg after she succumbed to cancer. As the word began trickling out over the social media I doubt that her body had hardly begun to cool before liberal lefts in Congress began demanding the selection of her replacement be delayed until after the election. Some media outlets claimed to have her deathbed statement declaring her wished to be replaced by the next elected president. It wasn’t long before threats and intimidation tactics from Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer was also demanding the replacement be delayed until after the election or “everything is off the table”. Doesn’t that sound childish? Social activists were quick to threaten riots (as if we haven’t already had enough) and even threatened to burn down the SCOTUS building if the Senate confirms President Trump’s nominee.

Today the FBI announced that a package mailed to President Trump was intercepted, examined and determined to contain the deadly poison Ricin. This was not a hoax, like what we experienced during the primary election of 2018 when the mail bomber sent packages out to prominent Democrats, a few entertainers and maybe a RINO or two. Within hours the FBI had surrounded a residence, confiscated a van and declared the guilty party had been arrested. Then crickets…….. What happened next?

Let me be clear not all Democrats are this devious or self-centered however those who are bitten by or get a taste of the power bug become radically changed when they get into the DC swamp.

For average mid-American voters you don’t really count unless you tow Democratic Party line and vote a straight blue ticket. If you’re a minority voter you MUST vote blue or you’re not minority enough. Isn’t that outright crazy politics?

Democratic incompetence is astonishing. Recently in Minneapolis the city council voted to defund the police. LEO leadership eligible took a retirement package and many officers simply hung up their uniforms and I would hope they began packing up their families and possessions to move out of state. The citizens of Minneapolis began wondering where are the police as nobody answering 911 calls; no police presence in increasingly high crime neighborhoods. They still can’t figure out what is going on?

I hate to keep rubbing it in, but BLUE CITIES AND STATES ARE FAILING TO PROTECT THEIR CITIZENS due to mismanagement at city council, mayoral or governorship levels. Elected officials are deathly afraid of upsetting the criminal elements in their jurisdictions so they go out with the rioters and help vandalize THEIR OWN HOMES, then wonder what happened (reminds me of Hillary).

I would hate to be a Democrat who has to tell their children and grandchildren – that’s me – I did that!

I voted for that crazy Biden/Harris team because I wanted Trump to lose at any cost.

Well you might not like his crude way of speaking, his mannerisms, or even his past reputation (as presented by the fake news media). You may be jealous of his lifestyle of the rich and famous when he was younger. That’s ok. You’re not marrying him. He’s not your sugar daddy. But you have to admit that he’s determined to win. Trump doesn’t give up. He remains focused on the goal or the prize.

Trump has campaigned as the Law and Order president amid all the lawlessness and civil unrest perpetuated against America citizens in democratically run cities and states and they are scared to death that after inauguration day, Trump will take the gloves off the DOJ and clean up the mess they have left behind. I say left behind because even Democratic voters deserve better, cleaner, and safer places to raise their families. Really smart voters will turn the tables on elected officials in their states turn them RED.

We are 45 days away from re-electing the 45th President Donald Trump and the Democrat politicians are worried that he will destroy the country by his crazy agenda – jobs, jobs, jobs and Trump gets results = the Wall; peace in the Middle East; Tariffs to equalize foreign trade deficits; bringing our troops home from these endless wars; and don’t forget POW/KIA remains returned from many of our former adversaries around the world.  Trump has broken many presidential records in just 4 years and where Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for doing nothing of substance in his first 8 months in office. Trump has been nominated for 2 Nobel Peace Prizes for obtaining Peace in the Middle East and as more countries come forth as Kuwait just did there may be more NPPs in Trump’s future. Trump made it clear when asked by the press – PEACE IS THE PRIZE.  – I am the Real Truckmaster!


In Case You Have Forgotten


In Case You Have Forgotten

November 2019 – China noticed a new virus but chose not to disclose this to the World Health Organization.

December 2019 – Chinese workers on holiday in China began returning to factories in Wuhan and to overseas factories in Italy and elsewhere the China Virus sending (accidentally or intentionally) the virus into the world. Announced officially by China on December 31st that the 2019-nCoV and later changed to SARS-Cov-2 had been detected in humans and took everybody by surprise.

December 2019 – President Trump had been impeached by the Speaker Pelosi’s House Democrats.

I have been blogging during this entire time as events unfolded I began writing about what had been happening and I have a pretty good timeline of the events of 2020 which started out with a bang.

January 3rd – An attack on the US Embassy in Iraq masterminded by Iranian General Qasem Soleimani led to subsequent action to locate this terrorist. Congress was preparing for the upcoming Impeachment Trial phase and issued no official response.

January 7th – The White House announced that Iranian General Qasem Soleimani had been taken out in a drone strike. Congress went ballistic and began talking of trying Trump for war crimes for ordering the strike. No talk about Coronavirus or COVID-19.

January 16th – February 6th – The Impeachment Trial of President Donald J. Trump led to an acquittal on both Charge One – Abuse of Power, and Charge Two – Obstruction of Congress.

Coronavirus Response Early On

January 31st – Trump issued immigration ban from China and halted direct flights from China.

February 26th – Trump organized Coronavirus Task Force and placed VP Mike Pence in charge.

February 29th – Trump issued immigration ban from Iran.

March 11th – Trump issued immigration ban from Schengen area of Europe

March 13th – Trump declared National Emergency due to COVID-19

March 14th – Trump issued immigration ban on UK and Ireland.

March 14th – Schools and businesses were order closed for a 15-day stay at home order, social distancing and self-isolation of sick and elderly to prevent virus spread (Continued for 6 months).

March 18th – Trump issues EO prioritizing and allocating health and medical resources to respond to COVID-19

March 18th – Trump invokes the Defense Production Act of 1950 to mobilize Mercy hospital ships to Los Angeles and New York City; mobilize Army Corps of Engineers assets to convert hotels and conference centers into temporary hospitals nationwide; Authorizing corporations to convert to wartime production of Personal Protection Equipment (gloves, masks and ventilators); fast track already available and highly suitable medications to slow the spread of the virus; encourage Congress to pass stimulus bill to help citizens, small businesses and corporations during pandemic.

March 20th – Trump issues memorandum on delegation of functions – Exchange Stabilization Fund.

March 20th – Trump issues memorandum on providing federal support for governors’ (California, New York and Washington) to use National Guard to respond to COVID-19.

March 23rd – Trump issues EO preventing hoarding of health and medical resources.

March 24th – Trump issues travel ban on Northern and Southern US borders.

Trump Administration conducted meetings with governors, CEOs and medical professionals all lending input as how to best deal with the Coronavirus and make sustainable progress.

On March 27th I wrote “Reporting on Facts or Fake News” citing the above listed sequence of events of Trump’s response to the China Virus or as it’s now called COVID-19 virus.

During those early months and since that time what has Congress done to aid and insure protection of American citizens? There was the rush on toilet paper, cleaning supplies and hand sanitizer in short supply because of COVID-19, why? We’ve had reports of farmers being ordered to dump eggs, milk and slaughter livestock all in the name of COVID-19, why?  Many businesses labeled non-essential closed for good, while others deemed essential remained open with caveats (restricted or limited patrons; social distancing; staggered shopping times for seniors; and masks)? Churches were ordered closed. Schools were ordered closed. Beaches, parks and outdoor activities were ordered closed. America was ordered closed, yet liquor stores, barbershops and beauty salons were ordered closed, big box stores and bars deemed essential were allowed to remain open all in the name of COVID-19. Why have our politicians chosen to close down America indefinitely, was it COVID-19 or was it FEAR? Even today Americans are fearful that wearing masks is causing severe side-effects like nasty rashes and breathing in carbon dioxide, while those who wear masks fear those who don’t are going to kill them with the virus. This has gotten out of hand and is purely ridiculous! It is my opinion that this is purely a means of using fear and tactics to maintain control for obvious political reasons.

We wondered what was coming after the virus and we found out in May that an incident occurring in Minneapolis was the trigger point for Peaceful Protests for Social Change leading to riots, looting and killing of innocent lives primarily for no apparent reason. Organized domestic terrorism began using fascist groups like Antifa and the racist Black Lives Matter along with White Nationalists who began their march across America from Portland and Seattle, San Francisco and Los Angeles to Denver and Chicago, Milwaukee and Houston to New York City and District of Columbia. Much like the infamous Sherman’s March of the Civil War era, these were organized and funded movements designed to disrupt national unity and stir up racial and class division of Americans against each other while social distancing and wearing face masks. Many businesses were destroyed, public and private property damaged and destroyed, many lives have been lost and NOBODY IS BEING HELD RESPONSIBLE! Oh there is plenty of blame to go around to cowardly governors and mayors who’d rather capitulate to domestic terrorists at the expense of their citizens. Offenders arrested for committing these violent crimes were often released without charge and returned to the streets to commit crimes again and again. Law Enforcement Officers have been demonized, put on a short leash and told to stand down in the face of violent rioters. Police agencies are being defunded and made obsolete while citizens are left to fend for themselves. Those who arm themselves and stand up to defend their families and their properties are being arrested and charged instead of the rioters who threaten them.

Before we can even comprehend the extent of these actions of civil unrest there is a sudden surge of more than 1,200 “wildfires” primarily throughout the western states where lives have been lost, property completely destroyed by fire and first responders have been completely overwhelmed and exhausted. The blame has been placed not on the actual causes lightning strikes and arson, but on two other factors – Global Warming and President Trump.

Make no mistake America is in the midst of a major civil unrest like no other in our nation’s history. American’s have been brainwashed by media and social networks to believe that only one person is to blame for the events of the past 4 years – Donald Trump. Their pathetic ideology also has determined that if you are on the receiving end of violence it’s because you deserve it as a Trump supporter.

American’s are not dummies and we are not stupid. We see the violence perpetuated by the Progressive Leftists in the Democratic Party and their lackeys in the media for what it is – Chicago-style fear and intimidation, based in part by the radical ideology of Saul Alinsky and the community organizing skills of Barack Obama, the deep state and others who’ve taken this to a whole new level.

What they do not know, haven’t realized or figured out is that we do not place our trust in government to save us with promises of free stuff by simply laying down our right to have and bear arms. American’s are keen to those broken promises and failed ideologies that promote communism, fascism, and Marxism. We know that politicians are only in it for their 15 minutes of fame with no sense of responsibility or accountability for their words or they’re actions.

When asked, what is the one thing that the world needs today? Many respond with WORLD PEACE.

In recent weeks President Trump has begun pulling US forces out of a series of endless wars and relocating US military assets to places where they are sorely needed, with many troops returning stateside.

And we’ve been hearing there will never be peace in the Middle East because they’ve been fighting each other for generations yet in recent days we’ve seen Bosnia and Kosovo come to a peace deal brokered by the Trump Administration earning President Trump a nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize. More recently we’ve seen Israel, Bahrain and the United Emirates Republic (UAE) sign the Abraham Accords in the White House earning President Trump a second nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize.

A reporter yelled out a question to President Trump, “Do you think you deserve the Nobel Peace Prize?”

I love President Trump’s answer, “PEACE IS THE PRIZE!”

Results matter.

Faced with a door labeled “Crisis” you can open that door and get to work or you can turn away and let somebody else do it.

Is there a family crisis in America? What have you done to fix it?

Is there a racial issue in America? What have you done to fix it?

Is there an immigration issue in America? What have you done to fix it?

Is there a crisis in the workforce? What have you done to fix it?

Is there a housing crisis in America? What have you done to fix it?


Is there a God crisis in America? What have you done to fix it?

If you say that somebody ought to do it – BE THAT SOMEBODY! – I am the Real Truckmaster!