Audacity of Liberalism




Audacity of Liberalism


Over the past 3 years of the Trump presidency we’ve been subject to liberalism on steroids.


I look back at former President Barack Obama’s book “The Audacity of Hope” and I find that even the title is presumptuously over the top. So I looked up the word “Audacity” and according to Google there are two meanings:

  1. The willingness to take bold risks
    1. Boldness, daring fearlessness, intrepidity, bravery, courage, heroism, pluck, grit
  2. Rude or disrespectful behavior
    1. Rude or disrespectful behavior; impudence, insolence, presumption, cheek, bad manners, effrontery, nerve, gall, defiance, temerity


When I look at Obama’s book I see the second meaning plain and clear. I also see an air of arrogance in the manner in which America suffered during the 8 years of the Obama presidency. Google defines “Arrogance” as the quality of being arrogant – Conceit, pride, self-importance, egotism or modesty. The Obama presidency can be defined by his outright arrogance in thinking only he alone had the ability to bring change to America. Change for the sake of change isn’t always a good thing. Deliberately changing or shaping a nation in your own image is the mark of a dictator. Barack Obama saw himself as the savior not only of America, but of the world.


Jesus Christ did 2,000 years ago.


The presidency of Donald J. Trump changed the way politics was being done in Washington. In fact politics was exposed in a huge way when Trump declared “America First” and said we are a nation that worships God, not government. One could say that those two declarations put Trump in the crosshairs of every leftist radical liberal in the political swamp in Washington DC. I on the other hand see this a bit differently. In reality the political swamp went against what Almighty God set in motion by bringing Donald Trump to be President of the United States.


When Trump said he would drain the swamp he could not envision the pushback he would be up against. It is literally like the entire world centered on Washington irrupted in turmoil as the swamp creatures began coming to the surface in full attack mode. We have seen a huge orchestrated movement involving celebrities and entertainers, television and movie stars along with athletes, sports figures and even singers and song writers all on the same page – declaring their opposition to the presidency of Donald J. Trump.


What is most troubling are the lengths being taken by legislators and political insiders with schemes and allegations designed to end the Trump presidency. We’ve had hirelings and false witnesses coming out of the woodwork alleging misconduct at every level throwing everything except the kitchen sink.


I’ve said this before, but it really isn’t about Donald J. Trump. This entire fiasco is about resistance to Almighty God by people who have tasted power and are hungry for more. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.


There are many who feel they alone are only qualified to be president. They have drunk from the political wineglass and state or local politics tasted so good. They hunger for power and will stop at nothing to achieve it.


God’s plan will not be stopped and it’s not over until HE says so. God took a fighter, a man who had a willing heart and a humble spirit and gave him a mission no other could fill. The unprecedented rapid fire successes in the face of adversity show that God is truly in the outcome.


The impeachment proceedings were crafted over a long period of time by legislators who began as public servants, but have since turned public service into a lifetime career. Clearly this is not what the founding fathers envisioned.


I wonder if the planning was not begun during the George W. Bush presidency, but facilitating it took longer than anticipated. Possibly during the Barack Obama presidency nobody wanted to be one to initiate such a process in Congress?


Impeachment became the talk of the town in Congress with the election of Donald J. Trump and began in earnest when he took office. What is clear to me is the fact that many members of Congress make the case for term limits. The audacity of liberalism means taking total and unconditional control of a people with or without their consent. – I am the Real Truckmaster!


Trump the Offender

rolling stone - trump



Trump the Offender


I suspect by now everyone’s been offended by Donald J. Trump, right? Well what specifically has he done to you – personally and when did this offensive behavior first come to your attention? I bet it was when local media or Hollywood personalities told you? Or maybe it was when politicians began leaking yesterday’s news or stories about something Trump as done or said that suddenly rub you the wrong way?


Let’s go back to the time when Donald J. Trump got in trouble with his father and got sent away to military school. This was seen as a way of redirecting the energy of a troubled young man. Instead of sneaking off with friends to ride the subway to downtown New York City, he would be forced to toe the line under the watchful eye of a no nonsense World War II veteran.


Accounts from those who were there at that time said Donald Trump was a spoiled rich kid who couldn’t even make his own bed. It’s no surprise because I doubt there was anyone entering the military academy that could either. It’s also not surprising that after 5 years Donald Trump was into boxing and was the baseball team captain. He was probably one who inspected the beds of new cadets. What he learned from his instructor was that winning wasn’t what it was all about. No it was that winning was the only thing that mattered!


It’s been reported that Donald Trump used his family influence to stay out of the military during the Vietnam War by paying off a medical doctor for a diagnosis involving his feet. I find that very unconvincing. Why would a military academy graduate attaining a high rank and military leadership go to the trouble of avoiding military service? If nothing else he most certainly would have sought commissioning as an officer. Another story says Trump had multiple deferments for his feet. Why have multiple deferments if only one will do? Again that doesn’t make any sense.


Donald Trump went on to obtain a business degree in accounting because he was really good with numbers. He then went back into the family business where he learned the construction business from the ground up (literally). His best teacher was his father who instilled in him a sense of pride in his work and to do the best the first time around.


As Trump began to take over the family business he sought to make the family name a certification of great craftsmanship. In fact he made “Trump” a trademark and began placing it on properties to indicate that he stood behind his work. It came across as flashy and he came across as brash and often spoke his mind without giving thought to what others thought or said about him. His personality was well suited for his television show “The Apprentice” where he became famous for telling the contestants “You’re Fired”!


After many business failures and successes and at the top of his game he had money, power and fame. Politicians courted him for campaign contributions and photo opportunities. Everyone wanted to be seen with Donald Trump. He was the absolute cat’s meow!


Donald Trump is a man who had grown up with politicians, knew how the thought and knew how to play their game. He was at the top of his game and decided that America was in trouble and somebody needed to do something about it. He figured that he was somebody and could certainly do something about it. His preparation came about many years earlier after meeting President Reagan. Over time he contemplated a run for the White House, but didn’t feel the time was quite right.


In 2015 Donald Trump began earnest preparation and made his entrance into politics only as he could do, at Trump Tower coming down the escalator with Melania at his side. His announcement was met with disbelief and many thought it was just another stunt to plug “The Apprentice”.


Early on Republican candidates sought to remain cordial and spoke nicely of one another. They were however united against Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. They didn’t know it then but things were about to turn ugly and quickly. By the second GOP debate candidate Trump took the offensive and began tearing into fellow GOP candidates and Hillary Clinton. This was met with scorn and disbelief by those watching the debates and when the dust settled candidate Trump became the GOP Presidential Nominee.


The unexpected matchup between candidates Trump and Clinton were unlike anything before. Cheating and cutting corners to gain the advantage were the playbook of the DNC candidate. Hillary received written down answers to debate questions while Trump did not. Throughout the remaining debates Hillary flaunted herself as America’s only choice. After all, Trump was not a politician and his fan base in flyover country were lower than whale scum, they were deplorables.


It had already been decided and the DNC victory party was primed and ready to welcome the first woman president ever. History was about to be made and just in case there something went wrong there was that “insurance policy”.


From the moment the election had been called for President-elect Donald J. Trump shock and distain set in and events were set into play that would alter the course of politics forever as deep state operatives began a silent coup to unseat the newly elected President-elect.


Hindsight shows us that Obama Administration officials and senior agency staffers were preparing to go the distance in unseating President Donald Trump under the false assumption that Hillary Clinton would then become President.


There were three things that Donald Trump said during the campaign – he would build the wall; drain the swamp and make American great again. What he was not counting on was the resistance and civil unrest that would without question lead to impeachment.


Members of Congress (both parties) began going full speed ahead with sexual accusations, attacking, smearing and even threatening Trump family members and supporters of anti-American activities. The attacks have been constant and increasing in duration. There have been hoaxes concerning Russian Collusion, presidential disloyalty and both racism and nationalism has been turned into White Nationalism (completely different). The latest hoax is the alleged Ukrainian Quid Quo Pro from President Trump to the Ukrainian President that never happened. This has been picked up by the Democratic House as they move forward on unorthodox impeachment hearings.


The positive coming out of this is the 2017 declaration of the attorney to the “whistleblower” who are both deep state operatives for the specific purpose of spinning President Trump as a president who has committed high crimes and misdemeanors worthy of being impeached.


So I ask again what has President Trump done to you personally. Has he raised your taxes; blocked your pathway for illegal crossing; lowered the economy; entered the nation into another endless war? Maybe he called you a “do nothing democrat”? I say you may have gotten your feelings hurt because someone at school, work or on TV said they so?


President Trump is not a politician in the traditional sense, and it’s hard to argue against results yet there is one thing that has kept him going – the knowledge that God has called him for a time such as this, not to be a kinder, gentler president, but to rid the nation of political correctness while draining the swamp and exposing and defeating the deep state! Call him what you will but it does not change the fact that Trump is President and you are not!


Want to change that, get out and vote! – I am the Real Truckmaster!


Smoke and Mirrors




Smoke and Mirrors


There’s an old saying that where there’s smoke there’s fire. Well that may not be entirely true, but where there’s smoke and mirrors there’s deception. I’ve never claimed to be the brightest bulb in the box, but even I know that when someone points their finger at me and calls me names, they are just expressing how they really feel about themselves.


The same is true of politicians and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is a perfect example. Most recently during a meeting with President Trump, his administration officials and members of Congress madam speaker jumped to her feet, pointing her finger at the President and became defiantly disrespectful, before running out of the room and into the waiting television cameras that were conveniently placed outside. As she proclaimed how disrespectful the President was to her, those in the meeting said it was one of the best meetings they have had in a very long time and was very productive.


And to think this latest brouhaha came about because President Trump asked the newly elected Ukrainian President to find out what happened with the Joe-Hunter Biden incident? What began as a huge problem for Joe Biden, turned out to be a bigger problem for madam speaker Pelosi and HER son too? In fact there are a host of politicians with sons who are all involved in Ukrainian gas and oil simply because their parent is a high ranking politician, in office at the time (2016).


And this just keeps getting better all the time. Now we have involvement from Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Mitt Romney, John Kerry, Joe Biden and Whitey Bulger’s son. The players include deep state operatives of the CIA, FBI and State Department and a host of Obama administration officials, making this look like a high level conspiracy that crossed over the line for treason while leading into a coup to take down President Trump.


My advice is simple – If you can’t take the heat, stay out of the kitchen. The community organizer-in-chief Barry Satoro made then President Barack Obama look like a choir boy alongside Whitey Bulger.


I have a pretty good suspicion that things are going to get real feisty and real soon as deep state operatives begin popping up faster than a twelve slice toaster.


The reason Ukraine is so important is not for national security or even a stronger economy. It was being groomed as a means of turning off US oil and gas production and placing US consumers at the mercy of Ukrainian oil and gas production, while the “Princes of Politicians” raked in humongous piles of cash simply because of their parents political connections.


The Trump administration has been pursuing the masters of political pandering and following the money trail that led from Hunter Biden through Pelosi, Schiff, Biden, and Clinton and all the way to Obama. Not only have conflicts of interest been popping up everywhere, but the various Collusion Delusion escapades have implicated top Democratic Party officials and even snared a RINO or two in the process. I’m still wondering how a former governor of one state can suddenly pop up as a Senator from another state without any residency requirements? Pay2Play? – I am the Real Truckmaster!



The Real Ukraine Connection




The Real Ukraine Connection


Before tape of former Vice President Joe Biden surfaced bragging about going to Ukraine and giving an ultimatum of firing the prosecutor investigating the gas firm linked to his son Hunter Biden or huge sums of US financial aid would be withheld, and the clock was ticking nobody had heard about Ukraine. At least not until President Trump called to congratulate the newly elected Ukrainian President Zelensky and during the call asked him to find out what happened?


I’ve been asking, “What’s the big deal about the Ukraine anyway”.


Maybe we should just connect the dots between US politicians, their families and Ukrainian Oil and energy companies because what we’re hearing about the Ukraine is somewhat surprising?


It’s not about the firing of the prosecutor – It’s about US Cash for Ukraine gas – Pay2Play.


  • Barack Obama sent $1.3B to Russian owned bank in Ukraine
  • $7B US taxpayer $ missing from Ukraine Foreign Aid
  • VP Joe Biden received $900,000 from Hunter Biden and John Kerry’s son a Ukraine kickback?
  • Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden on the board of Burisma a gas firm in (Athens) Ukraine
  • In 2014 $1.5B (now missing) aid to Ukraine
  • In 2014 – 2018 Burisma made 18 payments of $166,666/mo to Rosemont Seneca (Archer Heinz & Hunter Biden)
  • $90,000 from Hunter Biden to David Leiter (John Kerry’s Chief of Staff) who then bribes Democratic Senator Ed Markey ($60K), Senator Jeanne Shaheen and Sen Richard Blumenthal and possibly other legislators.
  • Senator Ed Markey lobbied Obama to increase Ukraine gas production – Ukraine got $3B taxpayer $
  • John Kerry’s State Dep sought to build “Activist Network” throughout Ukraine shortly after 2016 election.
  • Mitt Romney’s son is now linked to business dealings in the Ukraine
  • Nancy Pelosi’s son Paul Pelosi Jr on the board of Viscoil (NRGLab) which did energy business in Ukraine
  • John Kerry’s step-son Devon Archer, Christopher Heinz and Hunter Biden owned Rosemont Seneca a Ukrainian energy company.
  • Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff relationship with Arms dealer in Ukraine
  • Hunter Biden Ukraine and China?
  • John Kerry (2012 – 2016) & Christopher Heinz Ukraine and China?
  • Hillary Clinton and Ukraine
  • Barack Obama and Ukraine
  • Adam Schiff and Ukraine
  • Whitey Bulger’s son
  • Barack Obama – John Kerry’s daughter’s Nonprofit
  • Dept of State (Kerry’s) funneled $9M through Peace Corps to seed Global Laundering
  • Clinton Foundation


I don’t know about you but it seems that the Trump-Ukraine Phone call set off a repeat of the Russian Collusion Delusion by House Democrats Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff and others who may be deeply involved in unethical, improper and illegal US – Ukrainian activities that have the tendency to rip the gavel of power right out of their hands.


Ordinary citizens and taxpayers really had no clue about Ukraine until now. In hindsight Barack Obama was setting up permanently stopping US Oil and Gas production so that the US would be just another nation buying its oil from the Ukraine, thereby making some very wealthy politicians even wealthier.


What happened to stop this scheme from spiraling out of control? – President Donald J. Trump! The only way to save their own skin was to act on the phony impeachment process in the House and what will happen is more of these improprieties will surface and a great many lawmakers and politicians will be unmasked and face expulsion from congress and lengthy prison sentences because the Democratic Party of 2019 is more akin to the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea than it is to the Democratic Party of Franklin D. Roosevelt or John F. Kennedy. – I am the Real Truckmaster!


Impeaching the President

rolling stone - trump



Impeaching the President


I have refrained from following the proceedings today as it appears that Speaker Nancy Pelosi has made good on her promise to move forward on the impeachment of President Donald Trump. This is nothing new as threats of impeachment began even before the inauguration in 2017.


Americans have been fiercely divided on what constitutes impeachable offences – a booming economy, lowering taxes, war on opioids, international diplomacy or was it simply making fun of Democrats and their lackey fake news organizations? President Trump made a number of promises while campaigning and to date he has worked fiercely against partisan democrats to keep those promises.


There has been an undercurrent of unrest that is being blamed on President Trump. There is a total disrespect for our nation its symbols and the flag topped a total lack of respect toward the president by many claiming to be patriots protecting the Constitution.


What I see are vestiges of power grasping at straws as that power dissipates in front of them. So hungry to regain control of Congress, after the midterm elections of 2018 the democratic dream came true and the one uniting factor was to remove President Trump from office, at any cost.


This has been a partisan effort lead by congressional democrats many of whom have spent a majority of their adulthood exploiting public service for personal gain. How else can you explain the number of congressional millionaires who built up their assets after taking office? Covered up and protected by deep state operatives in various agencies there has never been a serious routing out of the wrongdoers or their cohorts until the Trump presidency.


Many times efforts to oust Donald Trump have failed, yet the democratic left continue one after the other and the funny thing (if things could really be funny) is the accusations about the President are the very actions perpetrated by the accusers. Politicians accused of wrongdoing normally resign and are never heard from again. False accusations against President Trump simply fall flat.


Scoffers mock anyone who claims that Donald Trump is on a mission from God. They ridicule Trump and say he’s not a real Christian because of his past personal dealings and business successes. To them I say this – God can and will use anyone who submits themselves to God – Even and especially Donald Trump.


I look at the Trump Presidency as living proof that God is doing a great work through the man Donald Trump. If God can use Adam and Eve to populate the earth; then use Noah and his immediate family to repopulate the earth after the flood; and use Moses to bring the Israelites out of Egypt and turn their stubbornness into a 40 year journey; God can surely use one man possessing the one attribute necessary for God to use – availability then couple that with commitment, drive and a determination to succeed – Donald Trump is the one man suitable for the work that God has selected him for.


There is no force on heaven or on earth or under the earth that can know, understand or stand up against the will of the living God – Jehovah! His plan is perfect and it will come to pass for HIS glory. I pity the man, woman or being that chooses to side against a man whom God has choses so long as that man remains in the perfect will of God until that work has been completed. You may scoff and disbelieve and that is your choice, but it will not change the fact that what God has set in motion will come to pass.


The impeachment debacle will go the way of the Russian Collusion Delusion and the Trump Derangement Syndrome as Donald Trump is President of the United States for a reason and will be re-elected in 2020 to serve until his purpose has been successfully completed and the course of America has been firmly reset. – I am the Real Truckmaster!



Feuding Pelosi and President Trump



Feuding Pelosi and President Trump


What began with the Russian Collusion really had nothing to do with Russia at all. The spin began when Presidential Candidate Trump announced his run for the White House. Oh I’m sure there was talk inside the White House about handing over the keys to the kingdom to Democratic favorite Hillary Clinton, giving no thought about a serious Trump threat to her enthroning ceremony. At the time even that was not the threat brewing in the bowels of congressional democrats.


It became real when candidate became President-elect Trump and inauguration day sealed the deal (so to speak). As democratic politicians were frozen in a deep state of shock, the wheels of congressional democrats had a different plan brewing. This plan became evident at the first meeting between bipartisan congressional leaders meeting in the oval office with President Trump, Vice President Pence, House Democrat Pelosi and Senate Democratic Schumer.


As President Trump attempted to get congressional democrats to the negotiating table I can still hear the words of Representative Pelosi – “You don’t know the importance I bring to this meeting!” She was obviously stuck on her self-importance and she was no longer the Speaker of the House-Elect yet!


There were several other attempts at bridging the gap between President Trump and congressional democrats, yet each was met with resistance and outright contempt for the president by Pelosi, Schumer and their loyal “yes” men and women in congress.


What I fail to understand is how this feud started in the first place? Was it because Pelosi wasn’t given her due? Or was it something that began long ago?


After the midterm elections the House found itself back in power as the majority and even though many decried Pelosi returning to power in the end she was once again Speaker of the House. Pelosi was the most powerful woman in Congress. Not only did she run the House democrats, but she strongly influenced Senate democrats too.


Every time she referenced the Constitution it was to emphasize that the Legislature was the 1st Branch of Government created by the founding fathers. In her mind that made her MORE important than the President, after all the Executive was the 2nd Branch of Government. The 3rd was the Judicial Branch and it had been heavily stacked with partisan justices after 8 years of Obama.


The Pelosi and Trump feud is reminiscent of the Hatfield and Macoy that sparked television shows and movies. Has the president added fuel on the fire by tweeting characterizing little twitter handles or pet names – Yup! Maybe not the best presidential actions, but then again President Trump calls things like he sees them and most of the time he is vindicated by the actions of those he chastises.


The feud continues as Speaker Pelosi moves ahead with an impeachment probe that has gone off the rails of official protocol and President Trump continues calling it a witch hunt. I’m no expert but I can definitely see who’s riding the broom……. Happy Halloween! – I am the Real Truckmaster!


Why Ukraine?

Ukriane Map



Why Ukraine?


When the talking points pointed to Ukraine did anyone ask what the big deal is? We heard absolutely nothing over the past 3 years about this former soviet bloc nation. During the Obama years what was the focus – Crimea? Wasn’t that where Russia invaded the tiny port nation to secure the outlet dispersing oil? Was it not over Crimea where a surface to air missile took down a commercial airliner loaded with civilian passengers at 39,000 feet? And nobody said a peep!


All it took was a video of then Vice President Joe Biden boasting that he went to the Ukraine and gave an ultimatum that Ukrainian authorities could not refuse, fire the prosecutor investigating the company that hired his son or US funds earmarked for Ukraine would not be released and the clock was ticking. Even after that interview with VP Biden was aired, the media said not a word.


Yet when President Trump telephoned congratulations to the new Ukrainian President and during the conversation asked him to look into what happened with that prosecutor the entire scenario changed and liberal Democrats and their media lackeys can’t stop talking about Trump – Ukraine as if there was a conspiracy of Ukrainian interference in our Presidential Elections……


Well it turns out there was election interference involving Ukraine and it had absolutely nothing to do with Trump. In fact it began some time before the 2016 elections and involved none other than the Democratic National Convention (DNC) server and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s emails and a host of mishaps that potentially involved a number of Washington DC politicians.


Remember when Congressional security teams discovered someone employed by the DNC attempted unauthorized access into congressional servers?  Seems like a couple of foreign born brothers and one foreign born spouse were found to be working as Internet Technicians but acting as foreign spies. In the end all three left the country and we’ve heard nothing of them since.


In fact they were employed by the DNC, Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz and a number of other Democratic representatives on a part time basis having full access to a number of computers and servers, which is how they were caught. Nobody said anything about that either.


The FBI investigation into the outside hacking of the DNC server the “Russian Collusion” delusion was in full swing focused on finding Trump at the other end of the investigation. There was a problem with the so called FBI “Investigation” they never physically got to the DNC server and nobody asked why not? The whole Ukrainian scenario is unraveling faster than a kitten chasing a ball of twine downhill. Facts are coming out in recent days that the DNC server that was hacked was located physically in the Ukraine. FBI investigators were never sent to the Ukraine or couldn’t find the office it was housed in?


This makes me suspicious as to whether Hillary’s “private email server” may have been co-located in the Ukraine along with the DNC server (That possible connection hasn’t been made yet)?


Just recently we are being told that the Ukrainian company that hired Hunter Biden did so for protection – against what or who – the United States; Barack Obama; Joe Biden; or maybe Hillary Clinton? Who is to know?


What is clear to me is the actions of the Democratic Party leadership in Congress Speaker Pelosi and Minority Leader Schumer and those under their influence are acting like children trying to sweep everything under the rug and when mommy comes home they are playing beside a piled up carpet and saying – Trump did it.


Congressional Democrats are either implicit or complicit by actively partaking in this charade or looking the other way and hoping it all goes away. The old guard acts like its business as usual, while the new comers are trying to blaze new ways into the business as usual government. Those who sit silently watching and waiting must be reminded that they are merely caretakers representing American voters and can be replaced at the polling box in 2020.


The post turtle sits atop the post wondering how he got there, what he’s supposed to do while he’s up there and how in the world he’s going to get down. Don’t be a post turtle. – I am the Real Truckmaster!