Not Constitutional At All


Not Constitutional At All

Are you tired of seeing or hearing about the unconstitutional manner in which this president and vice president are “jointly” running the office of the presidency?

First during the campaign it was Biden’s “Office of the President Elect” before there was one.

Next Biden repeatedly referred to Harris as President Harris, when she clearly wasn’t.

Then they call it the Biden-Harris Administration, when it is not.

Both Biden & Harris submitted an immigration bill to Congress for approval, clearly not how the Constitution is written.

Now both Biden-Harris sign the bill making June 19th “Juneteenth” a federal holiday, where might I ask in the Constitution does it say the office and duties of the President – Vice-President are jointly shared.

I can put up with just about anything, but when those in the know clearly don’t know what they should know, it’s obvious they don’t and we’re jointly under 160 days of this administration. What will happen next, Kerry will come in to counter-sign the official proclamation declaring the end of COVID and wish America a happy Independence Day or something?

Can it get any crazier than this? I’m afraid so, after all we’re in uncharted territory with two former senators acting as the royal couple. Was this political union sanctioned by the Pope, Queen Nancy or the real Queen of England?

Did you detect a bit of sarcasm? I should hope so! – I am the Real Truckmaster!


A Man With A Plan


A Man With A Plan

I don’t know what angers me more those pushing the narrative that Trump was for himself or that the January 6th 2021 assault on the Capitol was Trump trying to prevent the peaceful transition of power to the duly elected president. Nothing could be further from the truth as both are false narratives.

Those who know me know without a doubt that I still support President Trump even after he left office on January 20th. In fact I’ve spoken with a number of friends about what I believe was accomplished when Trump took office in 2017. Some of my friends are not Trump supporters and that’s fine with me. However when a peaceful discussion turns into either a shouting match or disrespectful it’s game over.

For those never-Trumpers who believed and/or continue to believe the lies as broadcast, printed or preached from the rooftops that Trump was a bad man and the worse president in history – I beg to differ and I’ll go so far as to say “you don’t know jack about Trump”.

People who go into American politics learn to sink or swim and soon learn to play the game of politics very quickly. In politics it’s customary to say and do whatever it takes to gain the almighty vote. Nothing is out of bounds. Promise the moon and deliver squat.

When Democrats deal with political opponents doing them dirty will derail their political career in a heartbeat. Taking them down becomes an art form. Street rules have no boundaries or limitations. The end is justified by the means.

When Republicans deal with political opponents they are held up to the light of the Constitution and voted out of office. The rules are clear – morals matter and the Rule of Law IS the Constitution.

Voters are confused on just about every issue. They cannot see that the party complaining the most about racism is the racist party that has instituted and continues to back racist issues and voters don’t see that the party that fights for the rights of ALL Americans is the party fighting the racist antics of the Democratic Party.

That brings us back to Trump. He was a true outsider, a non-politician, a man who knew politicians and used them to advance his business, but never stooped to their level in doing so. It was essential that Trump knew who were his friends and his enemies.

When he won the election he went straight to the heart of Congress and “strongly encouraged” (as only Trump could) congressional leaders to do their job in righting an Obama wrong by addressing DACA with legislation and fixing immigration laws, promising that he would sign them into law. Trump found a fully hostile congress that lasted his entire 4 years in office. Trump had a plan to make America better and he knew how to move forward with his plan.

The only way politicians (Democrat and Republicans) figured to stop him was actively resist anything Trump. Democrats hated him, gave him no credit when credit was due and blamed him for everything. Republicans hated him because he wasn’t a card carrying republican. For 2 years there was the Russia Collusion Hoax and constant threats of impeachment. After the Democrats took the House in the 2018 mid-terms, they began the first sham impeachment that ultimately found Trump acquitted. Every ploy brought against Trump failed to achieve his removal or resignation from office.

Not even the death threats made by Democratic members of Congress or Hollywood elites worked or caused Trump to deviate from his plan of making America better.

On November 3rd, 2020 when Americans cast their ballots it became clear that Trump was ahead in the polls and in counties or districts in traditionally blue states. Overnight a number of inconsistencies began happening, counters were ordered to stop; boxes of ballots were brought in to certain counting stations and the tallies began changing. When challenged by Trump campaign officials and President Trump the Democrats and their media began calling those challenges bogus. Calls for forensic audits went against deaf ears. It was clear that the Democratic push for national mail-in ballots was a sham. Reports of improper programming of Dominion Voting machines and Software resulting in Republican votes going to Democrats further fueled the charges of voter fraud.

To make matters worse, social media began silencing and removing those who spoke out concerning voter or election fraud. President Trump was one of the first to be silenced on social media. When something’s not right, silencing it only brings it clearly into focus.

Before the 2020 election House Speaker Pelosi said, “One way or another he will not be president in 2021”. Pelosi did everything in she could to make that a reality, including contacting the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs – General Miley and telling him not to obey the orders of the president or let him near the nuclear “football”. She even contacted the mayor of Portland Oregon and instructed him to let the Antifa rioters succeed, and to refuse help offered by the Trump administration.

As Speaker, Pelosi was in charge of security at the Capitol. She refused Trump’s offer of National Guard troops in DC for January 6th because it was bad for optics. Pelosi either colluded with the Baltimore mayor to instruct Capitol police concerning what was going to take place on January 6th.

It was reported by Trump supporters arriving (at the Capitol from a 45 minute walk from the event), that Antifa demonstrators were seen being escorted inside the Capitol building. A video showed the demonstrators being instructed by Capitol police to remain calm and refrain from rowdy behavior inside the Capitol. Another video showed Capitol police waving people inside the Capital and some of those were MAGA folks, including Ashli Babbitt who was shot and killed as she climbed through a window.

We are now in the 6th month after the inauguration of demonstratively the worst presidency in American history. Beginning with the state of Arizona conducting the very first forensic audit of the 2020 election, other states have sent representatives to view the audit proceedings in order to determine how their states can conduct one properly. As these audits conclude and results are made available we might see how “right” or “wrong” the election actually was.

Until you fix the root cause of the issue of election fraud – corrupt public and private officials interfering with an election (A federal offense), try, convict and sentence them to the maximum allowable by law and insure the security of every election – nothing substantial will ever change. Electronic Voting must be secure via a ultra-secure cyber net not accessible through the internet or susceptible to hacking. What I think should happen is every state governor should ban and outlaw Dominion Voting Systems and Dominion software from being used ever again in American elections.

Do I think that the election should be overturned and Trump reinstated as President – NO!

I think what has happened as a result of Donald Trump becoming president – one man can make a difference by standing on his convictions, remaining focused on his campaign promises, and then putting into action what he or she has promised.

I feel that Trump’s endorsements of men and women running for political office are one of the greatest things he can give back to our nation. Trump’s return to political office should only come by the hand of God. I see many men and women stepping up to the plate in American politics. They see that changes need to be made at every level (local, state and federal) and they want to be part of it. For the rest of us, we must remain confident that God is in control and that everything happens for his honor and his glory.

I will not bury my head in the sand or say poor me. I’m a Christian and proud of it. I’m a Veteran and see things from an entirely different perspective. I’m a registered voter and will use the power of my vote to change what I can and not worry over what I have no control over. – I am the Real Truckmaster!


Bigger and Better


Bigger and Better

Today is the 146th day of the Biden presidency and it’s time to reflect on how this president has lived up to the title he holds. Earlier this year I wrote about The Virtual President and maybe a little review is in order.

Since taking office (that’s really what has happened) Joe Biden has used the power of the pen to strike down almost every executive action of Donald Trump’s presidency and singlehandedly returned America to the era of Barack Obama. In fact many of Biden’s appointees and White House staff are former Obama people. Even the failed attempt to get Merrick Garland confirmed to the SCOTUS has been eased by his appointment as Biden’s Attorney General. We’ve been told to give Biden a chance and we have.

What concerns me is the obvious manipulation of the office of the presidency, more directly the person of Joe Biden by his political handlers, his wife and family and by the media. It is well noted that as a Senator, Biden had medical emergencies that resulted in brain surgery twice. Some say that accounts for his inability to endure the gruelingly long days of a president. I think they may have hastened his health’s decline or accentuated his mental acuteness or ability to reason or express his thoughts clearly. Keep in mind I don’t claim to be a medical doctor. Biden’s own personal physician has said he is fully capable of discharging the duties of the presidency, but clearly he is not.

Why the DNC and the Democratic Party went to great lengths to insure a Biden/Harris ticket is becoming increasingly clear (to me) is they are easy to manipulate and control. But why would Jill Biden allow her husband to be publicly humiliated and be led around as a pet puppy? Was becoming the First Lady really worth it? Clearly having a father who is president doesn’t hurt Hunter, in fact it insures the smokescreen around him is both protective and shields him from criminal prosecution.

We are hearing more from former President Obama than we have in the past. His obvious criticism of his predecessor (Trump) and even his lack of praise for his former VP say much more than words could ever express. Watching his policies being reinstated and the return of the United States to the world stage as a failed state cowering to the likes of China, Russia and Iran are clearly trademarks of Obama. I have no doubt who is really calling the shots like a ventriloquist speaking through the dummy.

Even more obvious are the behind the scene actions of non-elected bureaucrats who continue to insure that business-as-usual continues in government without regard to who holds elected office. It’s a problem every president experienced since John Kennedy and led directly to US involvement in Vietnam.

What is equally discerning to me is having both a president and vice president who continue to act as senators in the Oval Office. How else can you explain how a president without all his mental faculties could or would write a proposed immigration bill and send it to congress so they could pass it, when it should be the other way around?

It’s more and more like the tail wagging the dog isn’t it?

Joe Biden is the only president in modern times who failed in business, then became a lifetime politician instead. So having that mentality guide him throughout his adult life in Congress, he never went back to private practice as a lawyer, to set the record straight.

Yet we are expecting a Biden presidency that will fix the wrongs in our society, wrongs that as senator he could not even fathom and that my friend is a definition of insanity.

 Don’t even get me started on Kamala Harris’s political career from law school to where she is and how she got there. Nothing I’d ever want my daughters to experience or use as stepping stones to success.

Let me just call that ding bling.

Our nation is suffering by voter suicide just as someone willingly mixes poison into their own food just a little bit at a time so as to prolong their own misery.

It’s time to wake up America. Go outside, walk around then stop and smell the roses.

We may have been knocked down, but it’s time to get back up – the best is yet to come! – I am the Real Truckmaster!


What is a Flag?


What is a Flag?

Flags come in many shapes and sizes. Each flag is designed to provide strength and support; identity or fear. We are told to wear red or hang a red flag in the window to show support for our deployed military or a blue flag showing support for law enforcement. Sports teams have flags sporting the team logo.

So when did flags first appear? Maybe it began in the garden when Adam and Eve hoisted a huge, hand-made fig to hide their nakedness from God.  Or did Noah fly a flag depicting animals on top of the Ark?

Today churches of varying denominations fly a red, white and blue Christian flag depicting unity in Christ.

Over time each empire had flags and warring armies used battle flags to rally their forces and strike fear in the hearts of the enemy.

Not that long ago the black flag with white lettering appeared in the Middle East. It was flown from vehicles and by men headed off to war. People fled or hid trying to escape certain death and destruction that was sure to come. One thing about that black and white flag, it made a clear target.

So when I see the black flag with white lettering openly flaunted in American cities, by people bent on destroying the American way of life I can’t help but see that flag as a target. When wanton destruction, rioting, looting, burning and killing is done under the guise of “Freedom of” be very aware that lawlessness in its many forms will be met with deadly force.

American’s have “Old Glory”, the Stars and Stripes that has evolved over time by blood, sweat and tears of men and women like you and I and it represents the United States of America with thirteen stripes and fifty stars. It is flown over government buildings, over homes and on vehicles as a source of identity and pride in our nation. In foreign lands it flies over US embassies and US military installations. It is a refuge for weary travelers who know that it represents home. To our enemies its meaning is entirely different and they know deadly force is at their doorstep.

Is your flag something you rally behind that brings pride or fear?

Are you are willing to stake your very life on it?

These are just some of the things to contemplate as we prepare to celebrate Flag Day tomorrow on June 15th ahead of our nation’s birth on July 4th. – I am the Real Truckmaster!


Happy Days Are Here Again


Happy Days Are Here Again?

Don’t you just like the way President Biden’s progressive liberal Administration has been pushing “America is Back” as their catchy phrase? So I ask back from where or what?

Someone once said to turn Biden’s basement into a copy of the oval office and tell him he won the election and he’d believe it. I guess someone did just that. The bad part is all the liberals believed it hook, line and sinker (you gotta be a fisher to get that).

Seriously our economy took a serious nose-dive when Biden was sworn in on January 20th, but the liberal left couldn’t see it coming. In fact our elected officials threw our entire country under the proverbial bus. The border gates were swung open and welded in that position. CBP officers were overwhelmed by the mass of undocumented migrants that stormed the border and Biden said “come on man, we’re waiting for you”. Under his direction they were put up in motels, placed on buses and given temporary entry status as refugees, when in fact they were not.

More than 2 months after VP Harris was placed in charge of the “fiasco at the border” she made her first international trip south of the border for a photo op with kids in school, then under pressure told Guatemalans “don’t come to the United States, we have the most secure border, don’t come.” (Paraphrased by me)

 Did I mention that on day one Biden stopped the border wall construction and then stopped construction on the XL pipeline that cost 48,000 American jobs? The pipeline has been operational, but the XL pipeline would have greatly increased its capacity. The result was increased prices for gasoline and therefore increased pricing for consumer goods that must be processed and transported throughout the nation.

Biden dissed the British government’s decision to pull out of the European Union, then went to the G7 Summit in London where he gave the British Prime Minister a $6,000 bicycle and received in exchange a framed Wikipedia photo of Frederick Douglass. Talk about being short changed………

It may not be the days of wine and roses, or even Thunderbird time but if America is back the world must be rolling on the floor laughing ROTFL.

Liberal Democrats fought Trump for 4 years in order to get “their best” into the White House and the best they could do was Biden/Harris?

One career politician who failed to solve the nation’s problems over the past 45 years; the other couldn’t find the door unless someone pointed it out to her.

So America is back, huh? We’re about to get poked in our collective eye with a big stick and nobody, but nobody sees it coming.

Do I sound a little cynical, maybe a bit Sarcastic? You can bet your bottom dollar I am. – I am the Real Truckmaster!


Are You Gonna Die?

Are You Gonna Die?

The little girl looked up at her grandma and with the innocence as only a child could and asked “Grandma are you gonna die? Cause you’re really old.”

Yes sweetie, just not today.

That is a true exchange between that 6 year old child and her 45 year old grandma, a cancer survivor, maybe not word for word.

We don’t normally talk about death and dying unless we’re in church or at a funeral. We tend to think that won’t happen to me and joke about it as if it lessens the fear of death. Yet when cancer touches you or someone you love it changes everything.

I watched this you tube video of Nightbirde performing before America’s Got Talent and it brought everything back into focus and it’s all about attitude. We have but one life to live and then we die taking with us what we brought into the world.

Many may see death as the end. In reality death is transitioning from the opportunity to know God into a vast void where there is no God for – eternity.

Those who believe in Christ see life as where we learn to really experience God and death is only a transition from time to being in his presence for – eternity.

Keep Your Fork

Roger William Thomas, A 3rd Serving of Chicken Soup for the Soul

The sound of Martha’s voice on the other end of the telephone always brought a smile to Brother Jim’s face. She was not only one of the oldest members of the congregation, but one of the most faithful. Aunt Martie, as all the children called her, just seemed to ooze faith, hope and love wherever she went.

This time, however, there seemed to be an unusual tone to her words.

“Preacher, could you stop by this afternoon? I need to talk with you.”

“Of course. I’ll be there around three, Is that okay?”

As they sat facing each other in the quiet of her small living room, Jim learned the reason for what he sensed in her voice. Martha shared the news that her doctor had just discovered a previously undetected tumor.

“He says I probably have six months to live.” Martha’s words were certainly serious, yet there was a definite calm about her.

“I’m so sorry to . . . ” but before Jim could finish, Martha interrupted.

“Don’t be. The Lord has been good. I have lived a long life. I’m ready to go. You know that.”

“I know,” Jim whispered with a reassuring nod.

“But I do want to talk with you about my funeral. I have been thinking about it, and there are things that I know I want.”

The two talked quietly for a long time. They talked about Martha’s favorite hymns, the passages of Scripture that had meant so much to her through the years, and the many memories they shared from the five years Jim had been with Central Church.

When it seemed that they had covered just about everything, Aunt Martie paused, looked up at Jim with a twinkle in her eye, and then added, “One more thing, preacher.

When they bury me, I want my old Bible in one hand and a fork in the other.”

“A fork?” Jim was sure he had heard everything, but this caught him by surprise.

“Why do you want to be buried with a fork?”

“I have been thinking about all of the church dinners and banquets that I attended through the years,” she explained. “I couldn’t begin to count them all. But one thing sticks in my mind.

“At those really nice get-togethers, when the meal was almost finished, a server or maybe the hostess would come by to collect the dirty dishes. I can hear the words now.

Sometimes, at the best ones, somebody would lean over my shoulder and whisper, ‘You can keep your fork.’ And do you know what that meant? Dessert was coming!

“It didn’t mean a cup of Jell-O or pudding or even a dish of ice cream. You don’t need a fork for that. It meant the good stuff, like chocolate cake or cherry pie! When they told me I could keep my fork, I knew the best was yet to come!

“That’s exactly what I want people to talk about at my funeral. Oh, they can talk about all the good times we had together. That would be nice.

“But when they walk by my casket and look at my pretty blue dress, I want them to turn to one another and say, ‘Why the fork?’

“That’s what I want you to say. I want you to tell them that I kept my fork because the best is yet to come.”

When we encounter troubling or rough times we don’t ask God to remove trouble, but to carry us through it for we know that the best is yet to come.

When Jesus hung on the cross he thought about you and me. John 3:16 NKJV “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.”

What Have You Done for Your Country?


Don’t you just hate it when an armchair quarterback or backseat driver criticizes your decisions both personally and professionally?  In a recent headline Representative Liz Chaney (R-WY) compared President Trump’s NC GOP speech to that of the Chinese Communist Party, so I must ask Liz – “What have you done beginning day one in your political career to change the ‘politics-as-usual’ and to make America better than it was?” In fact I put that question to every member of congress.

To his credit when President Trump came into office he began looking forward at what America could become and knew how to make things happen all because he was not looking through a political filter. Not only was Trump battled the political left of both parties in congress and had to take the path of most resistance in order to reach the goals he set to move the nation forward.

Within the GOP, both house and senate Republicans were more than hesitant to get behind or support Trump’s agenda because they did not want to rock the political boat or felt pressure from the left or didn’t want to distance themselves from voters at home. Out of those members of congress came Republicans in Name Only (RINOs) who wanted to be seen in the news and on record opposing Trump at every step. America was built not on politicians but hard working men and women with a vision for a better tomorrow and saw a clear path to get there without government interference.

Some have said that Trump’s grip on the GOP has divided the Republican Party. To them I say poppycock! The Republican Party all but died during the 8 years of Obama. When the GOP controlled both chambers of Congress (House and Senate) they did not effectively exercise their authority to fix many inconsistencies or clear errors in laws that would have made our nation safer or our borders more secure. They effectively turned out the light of freedom in America and were afraid that Trump would turn that light back on, which he did.

With the birth of the MAGA movement that light began to shine and projected hope of a better tomorrow, but only because of the optimistic vision of President Trump, who saw as Reagan did that America as that shinning city on a hill where with God anything is possible.

Moving forward the GOP must embrace the policies and ideas put forth by President Trump and abandon the scorched-earth mindset of the old Republican Party and blaze a new path forward to a brighter future for America or get out of the way. – I am the Real Truckmaster!


The Most Important Culture in America


The Most Important Culture in America

We have been told that a broad brush stroke of society is determined by skin color and holding down a job is bad but it is good to take all the government handouts you “deserve”. We have been led to believe that certain American cultures and traditions are bad. I just won’t buy into that mindset.

God created man in his image.

Whether rich or poor, slave or free, God created us all equal. This nation was birthed on biblical principles so that worshiping God would not be inhibited by man or government. Man created politics to bring forth division for the express purpose of controlling other men. Greed feeds division.

America was built on the backs and hard work of men and women of many cultures, tribes and nations with each contributing to the fabric of our nation. I call it investing in our future or bringing something to the community table.

Many people have come to this country by choice to raise their family in peace and safety. Others fled oppressive regimes where fear of death was very much a part of their daily existence. Still others came here to take advantage of and steal the American Dream.

Among those who came to this new world were the dreamers who saw possibilities beyond what others saw. Hard work and long hours paid dividends – land to raise produce, homes to shelter families, cattle and horses to work the land and provide food on the table and in due time financial savings and security for the future.

What culture is the most important? It’s a rhetorical question that is relative to each individual and family. Just what is culture anyway? Is it comprised of customs, traditions or found in story telling that is written or passing down from one generation to another?

The fabric of America is blended from many colors and textures. Our nation is better when those who contribute bring out the best in us. We are not all created to be cooks or janitors, salesmen or corporate executives, yet we can each bring to the table what is important to us, like commitment to one another – we call family; commitment to a job or organization – we call loyalty; and commitment to community and to our nation – we call patriotism. The highest form of commitment must come from our heart – to our God, seeking his will above our own selfishness.  We must seek God first, love our family always and honor our nation – before ourselves.

When we do our best to make life better for others around us asking nothing in return, but the approval of the Almighty, then we will know that – Every Culture is the Most Important in America, and around the world. – I am the Real Truckmaster!


About Being White


About Being White

I don’t buy into Critical Race Theory which is bent on making white people feel guilty about being white. As the question presented in this you tube photo, “What do you like about being white?” suggests, let me answer it up front – I like being alive and free to make up my own mind about…….well – EVERYTHING!

I’ve noticed quite a number of programs on cable television which are made to attract black audiences, using an all-star cast of all black characters , black commercials and well the very blackest of black themes that only promote racism.

If the same emphasis was placed to attract all white audiences, using an all-star cast of all white characters, white commercials and well the whitest of white themes would that not promote racism too?

Apply that to Asians, Indians, Spanish, Polish, and German, Russian or any of the 54 African nations and still no matter how you slice it – racism is racism in any of its various forms.

So as the bible says, it’s not what goes into you but what comes out of you that defiles a man. I guess the best way to fight racism is not to feed into the frenzy. Don’t talk about it, think about it or tell others about it.

Instead of calling yourself a hyphenated-man or woman, why not simply call yourself a man or a woman and not that Trans-anything. Being politically correct is simply twisting incorrectness to the extreme and in the end wrong is still wrong. After all God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve. – I am the Real Truckmaster!


Information about the Veterans Administration


Information about the Veterans Administration

Either you love em or hate em. As Veterans we go to the VA for healthcare, routine or emergency treatment, dental, hearing or vision as it involves service connected issues or services. When we file for disability our claims we see the VBA as the enemy because they often become a never ending source of frustration for Veterans and their family members. As we grow older and require long term or rehabilitative care those are generally taken up by local or state run Veterans Homes. We forget that the VA is also a source of employment for Veterans seeking meaningful ways to give back to the Veteran community, yet many Veterans often overlook or are unaware of the concept or composition of the current Veterans Administration.

I’ve been a patient of the VA over the past 50 years and have used VA educational and home loan service throughout my adult life, including during active military service. Like many I was unaware that the VA has a distinct “separation of powers” which they call a dynamic partnership in the shared mission of the VA, VHA, VBA and the NCA. So rather than harp on negative aspects of the VA, this blog is to highlight the positive aspects so that Veterans like me can see the VA not as the enemy, but as a worthy adversary by understanding the parameters with which the VA must operate.  – The Real Truckmaster!


The Veterans Administration

Mission Statement

To fulfill President Lincoln’s promise “To care for him who shall have borne the battle, and for his widow, and his orphan” by serving and honoring the men and women who are America’s veterans.

VA carries out four specific missions to make good on that commitment.

Veterans Health Care:

VA’s Veterans Health Administration is the largest integrated health care network in the United States, with 1,255 health care facilities serving 9 million enrolled Veterans each year.

Veterans Benefits:

Veterans can earn a range of benefits that help them transition back to civilian life in the country they fought to defend. Through the Veterans Benefits Administration, VA helps service members transition out of military service, and assists with education, home loans, life insurance and much more.

National Cemeteries:

The job of the National Cemetery Administration is to make sure those who served this nation are never forgotten. NCA provides dignified burial services for Veterans and eligible family members by maintaining 142 cemeteries as national shrines and providing lasting tributes that commemorate their service and sacrifice to our nation.

The Fourth Mission:

VA’s “Fourth Mission” is to improve the Nation’s preparedness for response to war, terrorism, national emergencies, and natural disasters by developing plans and taking actions to ensure continued service to veterans, as well as to support national, state, and local emergency management, public health, safety and homeland security efforts


To provide veterans the world-class benefits and services they have earned — and to do so by adhering to the highest standards of compassion, commitment, excellence, professionalism, integrity, accountability, and stewardship.

Core Values


Act with high moral principle. Adhere to the highest professional standards. Maintain the trust and confidence of all with whom I engage.


Work diligently to serve Veterans and other beneficiaries. Be driven by an earnest belief in VA’s mission. Fulfill my individual responsibilities and organizational responsibilities.


Be truly Veteran-centric by identifying, fully considering, and appropriately advancing the interests of Veterans and other beneficiaries.


Treat all those I serve and with whom I work with dignity and respect. Show respect to earn it.

Excellence: Strive for the highest quality and continuous improvement. Be thoughtful and decisive in leadership, accountable for my actions, willing to admit mistakes, and rigorous in correcting them.

VHA physicians, nurses, and health care givers provide nearly 5 million veterans, and their families, per year with quality medical treatment. VHA personnel practice all medical specialties and provide medical and rehabilitative treatment of all kinds, from acute to long term care. We’re especially proud of the VHA’s preeminent role in educating physicians, nurses, and other health care professionals. More than half of the physicians currently practicing in the United States received some part of their training in one of our care facilities.

The VBA also provides home loan guaranty, education, and insurance programs. The VBA maintains 57 regional offices in the 50 states, Puerto Rico, and the Philippines.

Today more than 13,000 VBA employees are translating the promises of the GI Bill into tangible advantages for veterans. These committed professionals include specialists in education, home loans, vocational rehabilitation, insurance, information technology, and finance and budget management. Here at VA, your skills can really make a difference!

Veterans, their spouses, and dependent children are eligible for burial in VA’s national cemeteries.
The National Cemetery Administration will provide a headstone or marker for veterans buried in any cemetery in the world.

NCA also presents Presidential Memorial Certificates bearing the President’s signature to acknowledge and commemorate the memory of honorably-discharged, deceased veterans.

NCA is in the midst of the largest expansion in its history. By the year 2009, eleven new national cemeteries will join the current 120. Many existing cemeteries are being expanded. State veterans’ cemeteries are being built and expanded with funding assistance from VA.