Put Public back in Public Service


Put Public back in Public Service

I get it that Congressional Democrats are pretty miffed at President Trump after the 2016 election. What shows a sorry state of affairs and the mental state of certain Democrats in Congress is the lengths they have gone through to insure it doesn’t happen again in on November 3rd, 2020.

Their efforts have failed immensely and opened the eyes of many of the political blind to the bag of dirty tricks used not only against President Trump, but against Democrats in political office and voters in their own home districts.

When your party demands a vice presidential nominee who is a female and of color instead of superb qualifications, when you target a well-qualified judge nominated to the Supreme Court over her religious views, but attempt to chastise her for using the term “sexual preference” Democrats have nobody to blame but themselves.

Congressional Democrats have added insult to injury by threatening – that word threatening is a Democratic fallback when things don’t go their way, but it doesn’t work anymore.

Senator Schumer has threatened that nothing is off the table should the Senate confirm ACB and should the Democrats retake a majority of the Senate they will “pack the court” increase the size until they have a liberal majority in SCOTUS.

Does Schumer not know that the SCOTUS is to uphold the Constitution against liberal, conservative or any other agenda? It is not a place for party politics.

In the House Speaker Pelosi has kept stimulus money from reaching American citizens, because she wants her pork projects tacked on to it and refuses to budge, but blames President Trump.

Speaker Pelosi is threatening to run for Speaker again should the House keep the majority. Does she not know that the House and in particularly the newly elected members want the ability to do the job they were elected to do without a dictatress telling them what they will or will not do in Congress?

I have a suggestion:

Both the House and the Senate initiate special committees to go over each and every House or Senate rule that dictates how each legislative body is to operate.

Then eliminate those rules that are outdated or favor one political party over the other.

Next create rules to eliminate EVERY Congressional Caucus (withdraw funding) and place the entire Congress on equal footing.

Change or create rules that remove Congressional “perks”.

Change or create rules that Members of Congress are not outside the laws they create (same as everyone else).

Change or create rules that Members of Congress who file intent to run for the office of President of the United States must immediately resign their elected office.

Change or create rules that initiate term limits (2 terms maximum) for Members of Congress.

Change or create rules that hold Members of Congress accountable for their actions, conduct and words.

Change or create rules that “insider trading” or personal enrichment while in Congress is a crime punishable by fine, expulsion from Congress and upon conviction – imprisonment.

Change or create rules that withhold pay for each missed Congressional word day (no work no pay).

Change or create rules that political work stoppage stunts on the floor of Congress will result in pay docking and/or dismissal/expulsion from Congress.

I, for one, am tired of the “same-o-same-o” political circus stunts routinely committed by members of Congress to be used as publicity stunts. Elected officials work for US the American citizens. They are sent to Congress as public servants to do our bidding and not the other way around.

It’s time for normalcy to return to Congress and to the American way of life. – I am the Real Truckmaster!



In The Family Business


In The Family Business

Senator Minority Leader Chuck Schumer has said that nothing is off the table should the Democrats take back the Senate, and keep the House should they gain back the White House and he wasn’t kidding.

That’s a lesson President Trump has said Republicans need to learn – playing hard ball.

Growing up poor Joe Biden said his family had to move in with relatives to survive. After graduating law school in 1968 and being admitted to the Delaware bar in 1969 Biden founded Biden and Walsh Corporate Law, but soon realized corporate law didn’t pay the bills.

Joe Biden delved into local politics as a New Castle County Council member in 1970, before being elected in 1973 to the US Senate from Delaware where he became the senior Senator until 2009,

I have no doubt that he was a hard charging Senator who spoke his mind, demanded his way and at times crossed even his own party to get his way. As a Senator he became an expert negotiator in foreign affairs.

I assume that in 2005 the junior Senator from Illinois paid a great deal of attention as he watched and learned how things were done in Washington until he made his move in 2008 and took the Democratic nomination away from Hillary Clinton at the DNC convention. It was only natural for Senator Barack Obama to choose powerful Joe Biden as his running mate for the win and the presidency and in 2009 Biden became the 47th Vice President under Barack Obama until 2017.

On January 23, 2018 former VP Biden drew attention on himself by openly boasting of exerting the power of the Obama administration on Ukraine to fire a prosecutor investigating a company called Burisma, where his son Hunter happened to be on the board. An innocent mistake or an act of bravado – you be the judge – (https://www.c-span.org/video/?c4820105/user-clip-biden-tells-story-ukraine-prosecutor-fired).

In April 2019 Hunter Biden carried three laptop computers to a Delaware computer repair shop with major issues. One was unrepairable; a second needed an external keyboard as a temporary fix; a third needed repair work that would take a bit of time. After 90 days and no return visit from Hunter to pay the bill and retrieve the laptop the owner tried contacting Hunter Biden without success.

As the House began investigating President Trump over Ukraine and Burisma started coming up on television news reports something struck the computer guy as odd. On a hunch he went to the laptop hard drive and conducted a keyword search on Burisma.  There were lots of hits and nothing about the president surfaced. What’s more there were lots of emails and questionable pornographic photos with children and adults, so the computer guy contacted the FBI, who came and cloned the hard drive, and weeks later came with a subpoena to confiscate the laptop, but nothing happened.

So in Trumps second call to Ukrainian President Zelensky on July 25, 2019 President Trump asked him to find out what happened with a situation in Ukraine called Crowdstrike? Zelensky said he would and asked for Giuliani to come to Ukraine to work with the Ukrainian officials on the investigation. That call was the opportunity for House Democrats to use for impeachment proceedings attempting to hang the sins of VP Joe Biden and the Obama administration’s failures on President Trump.

The FBI had the Hunter Biden laptop, a copy of the hard drive and did nothing as President Trump was impeached by House Democrats over Ukraine. Either they knew but kept silent, or they never pursued the matter after getting their hands on the laptop.

From early 2019 it had been known that Hunter Biden was on the board of Burisma in Ukraine and had made a number of trips on Air Force Two with his father VP Joe Biden to Ukraine, China and elsewhere. (It wouldn’t be hard to obtain flight log info on Air Force Two) as this created a conflict of interest, national security issues and self-admitted pay-for-play bribery by VP Biden with Ukrainian allocated funds, yet nobody in the Obama administration’s intelligence community, the media or even the Democratic Party seemed the least bit concerned.

In law enforcement terminology the Biden-Ukrainian Connection became a cold case file.

Remember the computer guy? Having not heard from the FBI, he contacted Delaware legislators without any response back. He then reached out to a group of people, one of which was Robert Costello, Rudy Giuliani’s personal attorney who authenticated, copied and cataloged the contents of the hard drive. After analyzing the contents in 2020 Giuliani contacted Delaware Police Department, presented them with the hard drive and the evidence of child pornography. Delaware PD contacted the FBI to begin an investigation.

In October 2020 we have learned the following about the Hunter Biden laptop and its contents.

We have been told by Jill Biden that Americans don’t want to hear about it.

We have been told by Hunter Biden’s business partner that the emails are genuine and Hunter sought his dad’s advice.

We have been told by Hunter’s business partner details of Joe Biden’s push to make millions from China.

We have also been told by Hunter’s business partner the Bidens made millions off of China Deals.

We have seen a list of prominent Democrats, including Kamala Harris, as ‘key contacts’ from Joe Biden’s brother Jim Biden’s email pertaining to the Biden Family Business.

We have been told that Hunter Biden tells of his Burisma role in Ukraine.

This tiny detail was buried in Federal Subpoena concerning pictures of underage girls.

What we are witnessing attests to an old saying, “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” in the case of the very powerful Biden Crime Family in the Delaware area and in Washington. These are powerful crimes made by powerful people who hold themselves above the law and should they get caught (they did) they know that money talks if you have the right connections.

The fact that these crimes were covered up by the Obama DOJ, and it has taken almost 4 years for the Trump DOJ to put the pieces of the puzzle together makes everything suspicious. Why have there been no reporting by main stream media journalists, no questions being asked and those placed in public trust doing nothing but covering their own six is appalling.

Have they no honor? – I am the Real Truckmaster!



It’s All Coming Together Nicely


It’s All Coming Together Nicely

I first wrote about the Biden scandal back in November 2019, and several times since but nobody listened. Those who read my blogs simply wanted to criticize without accepting the reported facts. That’s alright with me because I wasn’t the one taken by surprise as recent events began unfolding on the Joe Biden China Scandal along with his son Hunter Biden and Burisma. Joe Biden was supposed to be the silent partner, but like many criminals before him he could not effectively exercise his right to remain silent.

Now that the cat’s out of the bag the paper $$ trail is longer than the thin blue line at a local donut shop.

There are some real surprises coming forth, like USN Veteran Tony Bobulinski, the CEO of Sinohawk Holdings, who was brought in to CEFC China Energy Co, to be the CEO by Hunter Biden. He was a recipient of an email from Jim Biden on the infamous Hunter laptop and confirmed that the email was indeed authentic.

The Jim Biden (Joe Biden’s brother) email dated May 15, 2017 12:56 PM to James Gilliar, cc: Tony Bobulinski, Hunter Biden and Rob Walker.

The list of Phase One domestic contacts/projects which included:

Sen. Kamala Harris, D-CA (VP Nominee for Biden/Harris ticket);

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-NY;

Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D-MN;

Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-CA;

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, D-NY;

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo;

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio;

Former Virginia Gov. Terry McCauliffe,

Commissioner of the New York Department of Economic Development and CEO of Empire State Development (ESD) Howard Zemsky;

President of New York City Economic Development Corporation Maria Torres-Springer;

Former Secretary of Agriculture and Forestry Todd Haymore;

Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton D-MN

Former Senator Al Franken (D)

Florida Governor Rick Scott R-FL

California Governor, former Mayor of San Francisco Gavin Newsome (Hunter’s friend)

Mayor of Los Angelos Eric Garcetti

Mayor of San Diego Kevin Faulconer

Former California Governor Jerry Brown

Can you see the Biden family corruption for what it was then and is today? As shown above, this email was sent in early 2017, less than 4 months after President Trump was inaugurated, yet no red flags were sent up when the Pelosi led impeachment process began taking shape.

I’m surprised that no sitting Senators recused themselves for conflicts of interest when it came time to vote on impeachment!

Now here we are just over a week from the election and nobody has yet been held accountable. The Biden family enterprise is still focused in cashing in on a much bigger scheme – rigging the 2020 election and blaming Trump should they’re efforts fail.

The “truth” can be manipulated or changed, but facts never lie. Joe Biden once said “we take truth over facts”!

This election is not about Biden or Trump. It’s about YOU being spoon-fed lie after lie until you believe it.

When you take a knee against facts you will simply have a shorter distance to fall.

The Biden/Harris ticket is filled with broken promises and pie-in-the-sky political mumbo-jumbo.

If Biden/Harris were a used car – there would be no motor and the car would be sitting on blocks with a huge sign “GOOD DEAL!” Your vote for Biden would be like buying the car, then you would wonder “What Happened” (right Hillary)? – I am the Real Truckmaster!



Thirteen Days


Thirteen Days

You are either part of the solution or the problem? I have written many blogs about the engine driving us toward the 2020 election and still you remain unconvinced or diluted into thinking that it will all go away after November 3rd where the stakes are extremely high. Democrats play for keeps while Republicans are often missing in action, relying on good intentions to carry the day.

Many want to compare the United States with Africa. Do you know how absurd that is? North America is a continent with Canada, Mexico and the United States of America. The USA is a nation of 50 states and an estimated population of 331,002,651 people. Africa is a continent with 54 countries, nine territories and two independent states with limited or no recognition and a population of 1.2 billion people. There is no comparison.

Yet in the House of Representatives Congressional Black Caucus members would lead you to believe that we are a racist nation and that all whites are the racists to beat all racists. The CBC by definition of their name and “charter” are in fact the self-appointed governmental racist police who hold themselves up as the example for others in government to follow. How is that even possible since they ARE the racists in government?

In 1969 President Nixon refused to acknowledge or cater to the CBC (or its predecessor) and that sparked a congressional feud with the Executive Branch when the President is of a different political party. In the congress of today every legislator is expected to join the CBC upon being elected into either the House or the Senate.

Doesn’t that smell like the blending together of the powers within the Legislative Branch where the House and the Senate are two very distinct bodies with very different purposes and responsibilities under the constitution?

When President Trump was inaugurated the CBC refused to attend. This began the resistance movement against the duly elected president and should have been stopped at the very start yet the hate being manufactured against a man who beat the party favorite Hillary Clinton was only just beginning. In the days and years since we have heard almost nonstop from CBC members who not only criticize the president but have actually called for his death in office.

Think about that, sitting Democrats in the legislature inciting violence, to include death, of the sitting president and NOBODY BLINKS AN EYE! Did the Secret Service, FBI or officials of the National Intelligence agencies arrest anyone? Did they investigate? Did anybody go to jail? I still see Maxine Waters, Fredericka Wilson and other CBC members standing in front of the media threatening the president, his cabinet officials and Trump supporters citing their red MAGA hats are offensive and referring to us as “Trump’s Henchmen” for standing up to the lawlessness of ruthless and unashamed domestic terrorists. This is all “smoke and mirrors” political tomfoolery and it must be stopped.

How do we change the scenario – by education and reinforcing our American values, traditions and customs; stopping the political correctness and division of the democratic leftists and their media army; and by voting Republican for President Donald J. Trump?

How do we begin? Start by removing “racially hyphenated American” when referring to ourselves and/or others. We are either Americans or we are not. Yes we have communities where like-minded immigrants have settled and conduct their business as Americans, but we will not let it define us. We talk to each other as men and women, boys and girls without racial divisions.

When do we begin? I say now – today we begin by voting in the general election of 2020 for President Trump. We begin by self-stimulating our economy in our own communities. We open our businesses, hire competent employees, and provide reasonable training and work hard to make products or services needed by our fellow American customers.

Turn off the mainstream media so all that hype doesn’t adversely affect your sense of right and wrong.

Don’t let the Chicago-style politics of fear and intimidation prevent you from expressing YOURSELF as an American voter. Educate yourself on the issues and the candidates BEFORE you head over to the polls.

Remember if you choose not to vote, not only do you deprive yourself of the ability to express your voice in politics, but you take away the right to criticize when politics go wrong. Voting is a right guaranteed by the constitution – exercise that right! – I am the Real Truckmaster!



A Controlled Spin or Out of Control?


A Controlled Spin or Out of Control?

Step back and take a deep breath. Look at what is happening on the political front. It’s as if someone has tipped over a giant trash bin and all the garbage is rolling downhill. You might think it has only just happened but you’d be wrong.

In 2015 Donald Trump effectively stopped “politics as usual” in America when he announced his run for the presidency. His descent down the golden escalator symbolically was an entry into the swamp of Washington DC. His campaign promised to return America to its rightful place in the order of world affairs. Unlike Obama’s fundamental change in America (“like you’ve never seen,” said Michelle Obama) what Trump said was to return power to “we the people”. That has been a concept missing in politics for quite some time and quite possibly since FDR.

In the world of the rich and famous politicians view them as their own personal ATM machines. Donations to political campaigns are done every day and the one on the receiving end never see themselves as indebted or indentured servants as they count their piles of gold coins. On the other hand the rich and famous see politicians as what they really are – predictable and greedy. Someone would say they are cannon fodder or more to the point – useful idiots.

In the world of politics smearing someone during the campaign is just how it’s done. In fact it’s nothing personal because everybody does it. So when Donald Trump entered the world of politics it was time to teach him a lesson he’d never forget and never recover from as a war on Trump was about to get real.

First the presidential debates where the GOP candidates were mostly well qualified and seasoned politicians. Many were sitting legislators, former governors or CEOs or professionals in their fields of expertise and only one was an entertainer-real estate mogul. The DNC candidate was a former first lady, former Obama cabinet official and soon to be the first woman president. By everyone’s standard it was no contest. By election night it was a clear upset of political norms as Donald Trump carried the Electoral College and would be inaugurated as the 45th President of the United States. America was shocked.

What was clear was Trump had to be stopped. The world depended on it. Over the next 4 years the Democratic Party unified in their effort to sabotage the Trump presidency by blocking, resisting and using the failed Alinsky Principles turned to a level of media warfare not seen in American politics.

According to Alinsky you can’t fight the establishment, but you can fight someone specific to the establishment. So one must identify the target, isolate the target and pepper the target with anything and everything in order to get them to throw up their hands and call it quits. Nothing is off the table. Ridicule is the best weapon. Make noise. Make up noise. Keep it up. You must have fun doing it. Don’t extend it too long or it becomes boring.

When Hillary Rodham wrote her thesis on Saul Alinsky she thought he was all that and a bag of chips. She began mastering his Radicals for Revolution techniques and began launching herself toward the office of the president, but had to settle for the wife of the president when Bill Clinton was elected the 42nd President in 1993.

Before you say this is not relevant to Donald Trump’s presidency let me continue to show the relevancy. After her stint as first lady Hillary ran for and was elected Senator for New York where she built up her base of power in preparation for her run for president in her own right. Following the Alinsky Principles she learned early on, she set the stage for a 2008 run and made sure her competition (Bernie Sanders) had no chance for the DNC nomination. It was as if she stole his spot in the limelight. So focused was she on beating Bernie that she didn’t see it coming.

Fellow Senator Barack Obama from Illinois also an Alinsky pupil leap-frogged over her and not only took the nomination but beat the GOP competition of fellow Senator John McCain to become the 44th President. Not one to miss an opportunity, he offered a consolation prize to Hillary to become his Secretary of State. This would ensure her compliance throughout his presidency.

Obama had learned Alinsky’s Rules for Revolution (Radicals) as a community organizer before moving into Illinois politics as a State Senator, then as a US Senator in Washington. His power base was growing exponentially and when he was inaugurated the world was his oyster. Obama expanded his influence and exercised his control over everyone and everything going on in his administration so that his reelection in 2012 was assured. His plan included a Hillary presidency where his policies would be continued and the fundamental transformation of America would be complete and irreversible had it succeeded.

A funny thing about politics is one becomes complacent and over confident at the amount of power one has and it’s easy to think of invincibility as a strength. In the case of Obama’s Vice President Joe Biden that invincibility was made even more so by the responsibility given him on the international world scale. He literally had the full backing of the United States government and made it quite clear to those he dealt with that he was that important.

Joe Biden learned to make a show of his political influence first as a Senator for Delaware and later as Vice President. He became over-confident and actually acted as if he was immune to prosecution for any wrong doing. He acted as he wished and/as directed by his political boss and almost got away with it. In fact he used his influence to secure a position on a foreign company for his son Hunter Biden, then when necessary exerted his influence on a foreign government to protect his son and the company that employed him. He later bragged about doing just that and everybody laughed.

Now fast forward to the events preceding the 2020 election, who was the late comer to the DNC? Who soon eclipsed the entire field of DNC candidates to become the nominee? Who selected his running mate based on gender and skin color, not on ability or expertise? If you said Joe Biden you were absolutely correct.

So how do events related to the Hunter Biden laptop come into play? Why was this single item not dealt with in early 2019 when it was first discovered? Why did it not surface and draw media attention, instead of the impeachment hoax of President Donald Trump. Why had this entire episode been swept under the rug until – somebody looked at the rug? I have thoughts on this and they are not pretty – if you’re Joe Biden.

I feel that the Hunter Biden laptop was a scandal that was not expected to surface. And in June or July 2019 wasn’t that about the time that Joe Biden entered the race for the DNC nomination? Was it not to shield him from prosecution should it leak out about his son Hunter? More importantly now that Joe Biden is showing signs of mental frailty is him being framed as the front runner in the race against President Trump simply a way to keep him out of jail? You do know Joe Biden could be impeached but it must begin with the democratically controlled House? There are implications of involvement by sitting members of Congress who could also face impeachment should those facts be taken seriously.

The details of the Hunter Biden laptop debacle are still revealing corruption and illegal activity in high levels of law enforcement. I think there are still individuals involved that cases are being firmed up in preparation for dropping the hammer shortly after the election and/or inauguration.

As I said earlier the Democratic playbook (Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals) is a failed one that continues to fail with each step taken by the Democratic Party. We have seen scandals being perpetuated by congressional leaders and signed onto by congressional sheep at the expense of American taxpayers right up until the 11th hour. The justification of abortion, and the attempted obstruction of the confirmation of Judge Amy Coney Barrett to SCOTUS; the Hunter Biden laptop; and the interference of the election by High Tech – Google, Facebook and Twitter as well as both print and online media like the New York Times Sunday insert to discredit President Trump, and the constant chatter of late night talk shows are all coordinated to confuse and distract American voters. Even the biological attack in the form of a “pandemic” of the COVID-19 is being used as a ploy to affect the 2020 election by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Take a look back at some of my Real Truckmaster blogs over the past 3 years or so and you will be able to see the crisis’ being perpetrated on the American public.  You will also be clear in what I feel is the hand of Almighty God in all that is happening as he takes evil and turns it into good for HIS glory as he furthers his plan. – I am the Real Truckmaster!



On the Timeline of the Hunter Biden Laptop


On the Timeline of the Hunter Biden Laptop

I’ve been thinking of the episode of the Hunter Biden laptop which he dropped off at a Delaware computer repair shop in April 2019. Like many of you I wondered why we’ve never heard anything until we’re this close to the 2020 presidential election.

I know that many will say this is a dirty trick by President Trump to insure his reelection but I assure you nothing could be further from the truth.

The laptop saga happened BEFORE the impeachment “investigation” had even started and the emails contained on the laptop were during the Obama presidency when Joe Biden was VP. Keep in mind that Speaker Pelosi has triggered House Democrats on impeachment even before she was “elected” by them to return to the Speaker of the House position after the 2018 midterms.

What was being broadcast so in June or July 2019 caused the computer repair guy took a closer look at what was on the laptop as he feared the laptop was some sort of illegal property. He became concerned about what he was seeing on the laptop while using a keyword search through the emails, as they told a very different story than what was being broadcast on television.

There were emails in 2014 from a Burisma official asking Hunter Biden to use his influence to help Burisma and another thanking him for setting up a meeting with Joe Biden. And there were more emails as well as pornographic images and other illegal activity on the laptop and in September 2019 he contacted an intermediary who contacted FBI. The FBI came out and cloned hard drive then weeks then later returned with subpoena and confiscated laptop. He told the FBI he was fearful of what could happen to him as the Biden family was very powerful in Delaware. The FBI told him “if he kept his mouth shut nothing would happen.” Before giving the original hard drive to the FBI, the repair guy made 4 copies of it and left 2 copies with friends in case he was killed.

After a period of time not hearing further from the FBI the computer guy contacted several members of congress but got no response. As the impeachment proceedings began the shop owner saw the false allegations being levied against Trump and decided to contact a group of people about the information he had. One person in that group was Robert Costello who is Rudy Giuliani’s personal attorney.

As Costello checked out the documents to insure they were authentic, he authenticated the hard drive with a number of different tests before cataloging it and bringing it to Rudy Giuliani’s attention. When contacted by Fox News the FBI would not comment on any investigation. When contacted by New York Post, the Delaware AG’s office would not confirm or deny any investigation.

What we all should be asking is how this happened in the first place? What other illegal activities have Hunter Biden and his father Joe Biden been involved in previously and why has it simply been allowed to continue? Why were the “sins” of this prominent Congressional Democrat used in unfounded allegations against President Trump for the past 4 year smear campaign? Even more interesting is how and why did Joe Biden secure the DNC nomination for the 2020 campaign? Was it to shield him from prosecution, while Democrats continue to push the false narrative of Trump corruption?

I don’t know about you but I’m at a point where I feel the United States Government should be UNPLUGGED and a RESET button pushed allowing for a fresh start or a “Do Over” (like in golf) needs to happen so we can rid the corruption from the Legislative Branch as the amount of corruption coming out of Congress show just how out of touch from reality our legislators have been for quite some time now. We must place the blame squarely where it belongs to include career civil servants of the deep state who continue their activities unobstructed regardless of who is elected or appointed into political office.

The Hunter Biden laptop has exposed illegal activities of legislators and upper level management and agents of law enforcement deliberately covering up the unethical and illegal activities of the office of the Vice President and ultimately the office of President Obama who said no scandals embarrassed his administration for 8 years. Well Mr. Obama that statement might be coming to bite you right in the nether regions sooner than you think? – I am the Real Truckmaster!



The Real Ukrainian Connection – Updated


The Real Ukraine Connection Updated (10-16-2020)

It was almost 1 year ago when I first posted this article and a lot has happened since then. We have had a president impeached after being accused of doing something that former Vice President and now Democratic presidential hopeful had actually done.

Nothing would have happened except a hapless computer repair shop owner decided to follow up on something he had turned over to the FBI in 2019. It has come to light by FBI Director Wray that a certain laptop obtained from the shop owner had been inadvertently destroyed and that is why nothing had been done. The laptop in question is one of three that had been dropped off at the repair shop in early 2019, but never picked up or paid the repair bill. It is lucky that the laptop hard drive had been cloned at the repair shop, as is customary prior to working on a stubborn hard drive, as data preservation is essential.  A copy of the cloned hard drive had been passed on to Rudy Giuliani’s investigative team for analysis and what they found amounted to breaches in national security and exposed blatant crimes perpetuated by the then Vice President – Joe Biden and his son Hunter. So the question remains – why is this being fought so hard by politicians, former politicians, the FBI and others in order to cover up this scandal, one that Obama himself said never embarrassed his administration?  It got me to thinking about an article (this article) I wrote last year and now the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle are coming together and the picture being painted will more than embarrass a lot of high level political players and during the 11th hour, only 18 days before the election.

Read the article (as written last year) and judge for yourself. – I am the Real Truckmaster!


The Real Ukraine Connection

Before tape of former Vice President Joe Biden surfaced bragging about going to Ukraine and giving an ultimatum of firing the prosecutor investigating the gas firm linked to his son Hunter Biden or huge sums of US financial aid would be withheld, and the clock was ticking nobody had heard about Ukraine. At least not until President Trump called to congratulate the newly elected Ukrainian President Zelensky and during the call asked him to find out what happened?

I’ve been asking, “What’s the big deal about the Ukraine anyway”.

Maybe we should just connect the dots between US politicians, their families and Ukrainian Oil and energy companies because what we’re hearing about the Ukraine is somewhat surprising?

It’s not about the firing of the prosecutor – It’s about US Cash for Ukraine gas – Pay2Play.

  • Barack Obama sent $1.3B to Russian owned bank in Ukraine
  • $7B US taxpayer $ missing from Ukraine Foreign Aid
  • VP Joe Biden received $900,000 from Hunter Biden and John Kerry’s son a Ukraine kickback?
  • Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden on the board of Burisma a gas firm in (Athens) Ukraine
  • In 2014 $1.5B (now missing) aid to Ukraine
  • In 2014 – 2018 Burisma made 18 payments of $166,666/mo to Rosemont Seneca (Archer Heinz & Hunter Biden)
  • $90,000 from Hunter Biden to David Leiter (John Kerry’s Chief of Staff) who then bribes Democratic Senator Ed Markey ($60K), Senator Jeanne Shaheen and Sen Richard Blumenthal and possibly other legislators.
  • Senator Ed Markey lobbied Obama to increase Ukraine gas production – Ukraine got $3B taxpayer $
  • John Kerry’s State Dep sought to build “Activist Network” throughout Ukraine shortly after 2016 election.
  • Mitt Romney’s son is now linked to business dealings in the Ukraine
  • Nancy Pelosi’s son Paul Pelosi Jr on the board of Viscoil (NRGLab) which did energy business in Ukraine
  • John Kerry’s step-son Devon Archer, Christopher Heinz and Hunter Biden owned Rosemont Seneca a Ukrainian energy company.
  • Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff relationship with Arms dealer in Ukraine
  • Hunter Biden Ukraine and China?
  • John Kerry (2012 – 2016) & Christopher Heinz Ukraine and China?
  • Hillary Clinton and Ukraine
  • Barack Obama and Ukraine
  • Adam Schiff and Ukraine
  • Whitey Bulger’s son
  • Barack Obama – John Kerry’s daughter’s Nonprofit
  • Dept of State (Kerry’s) funneled $9M through Peace Corps to seed Global Laundering
  • Clinton Foundation

I don’t know about you but it seems that the Trump-Ukraine Phone call set off a repeat of the Russian Collusion Delusion by House Democrats Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff and others who may be deeply involved in unethical, improper and illegal US – Ukrainian activities that have the tendency to rip the gavel of power right out of their hands.

Ordinary citizens and taxpayers really had no clue about Ukraine until now. In hindsight Barack Obama was setting up permanently stopping US Oil and Gas production so that the US would be just another nation buying its oil from the Ukraine, thereby making some very wealthy politicians even wealthier.

What happened to stop this scheme from spiraling out of control? – President Donald J. Trump! The only way to save their own skin was to act on the phony impeachment process in the House and what will happen is more of these improprieties will surface and a great many lawmakers and politicians will be unmasked and face expulsion from congress and lengthy prison sentences because the Democratic Party of 2019 is more akin to the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea than it is to the Democratic Party of Franklin D. Roosevelt or John F. Kennedy. – I am the Real Truckmaster!



Always On His “A” Game


Always On His “A” Game

I love watching reruns of the old Perry Mason and Law and Order court room drama with the investigative background work by the detectives of the homicide squad. You know that generally the bad guys are almost always caught by the slightest mistake or a single thread of hair.

I used to love watching “The West Wing” to see how the White House staff operated. The often used phrase “at the pleasure of the president” is what I remember most. The show was so realistic and watching Martin Sheen playing Democratic President Bartlett I saw the actions and decisions being made that were consistent with what a Republican president would have done in those instances.

There is another saying I like to use “the bigger they are the harder they fall” which is proving to be true with the presidency of Donald Trump. I know you don’t want another pro-Trump blog but here it is anyway. Every day for the past 4+ years we have seen the David and Goliath story repeated as one ordinary yet determined man proves he can make a difference. It would be unfair to say he’s done it single-handedly. Wasn’t it Confucius who said “a journey begins with the first step”?

I have to say with Trump it’s been a roller-coaster ride of epic proportions that began with that golden escalator in Trump Tower. His televised announcement that he was running for President of the United States drew laughter and skepticism from nearly all who watched in disbelief thinking it was simply a stunt to draw even bigger crowds to his television show The Apprentice.

Nobody expected him to actually win, except Donald J. Trump. If it’s one thing I’ve learned over the years is that when you tell someone like him he can’t do something, he proves just the opposite. When you tell him it’s too difficult, he makes a way where there is no way. Saying he’s determined is an understatement. Trump is a formidable force that must be dealt with because instead of looking for the easy way around an obstacle, he drives straight ahead. Others make their mistake in underestimating him.

Many politicians are people who fail under pressure, but he is not one of them. Where iron sharpens iron you’ll find Trump. The difference is before he commits himself to something he has counted the cost, seen the benefit and charted a way to make it a reality, whether it’s building the wall; moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem; negotiating with Kim Jong Un or Vladimir Putin; bringing Middle Eastern nations to the peace table with Israel; obtaining the return of POW remains and hostages; waving his wand to bring back manufacturing jobs and so much more.

Those who know Trump will stand by him or if feeling threatened will fight him tooth and nail. Once you understand the deception that is being carried out by his political opponents, the deep state and their media giants he calls “The Swamp”, you’ll discover that you may have been unwittingly sucked into it.

Without going into great detail the events of the past week are enough to show to what lengths that swamp will go to convince American voters that a failed democratic challenger with extensive political experience and nothing substantial to show for it can consistently conduct rally’s with one or less supporters or effectively convey himself during a relaxing televised town hall meeting is shown to have massive polling numbers against a president who has quite literally put his money where his mouth is and kept his promises to America while conducting massive rallies (dubbed peaceful protests) with thousands lining up hours and even days in advance for the opportunity to attend.

The Trump town hall event last night was nothing short of an ambush by a Democratic political activist and I don’t remember of a single question being asked by concerned voters who were in attendance. None the less, President Trump was clear, decisive and even forceful at times to insure his answers were heard loud and clear. The road less traveled normally filled with bumps and pot holes is where President Trump excels on his “A” game.

Only 18 days until we will re-elect President Trump for 4 more years! – I am the Real Truckmaster!



On the Hunter Biden Story


On the Hunter Biden Story

So all of a sudden we find out that in 2019 several laptop computers were dropped off at a Delaware computer repair shop.  The owner cannot confirm positively who dropped them off, but he thinks it was Hunter Biden? Two of the laptops were determined to be unrepairable and the other was never picked up after 90 days so the computer repair guy began searching for contact information on owner, although it contained a Beau Biden Foundation label. What he found on the computer’s hard drive raised his suspicions and he contacted a friend who then contacted the FBI. It wasn’t long before the FBI obtained a search warrant and confiscated the laptop. After a period of time without any further contact from the FBI the repair shop owner reached out to a legislator, but contact was not returned. He then contacted an attorney for Rudy Giuliani’s office which resulted in the newly released article by the New York Times which was promptly stopped by Facebook and Twitter censurers citing a host of “reasons”. The unnamed and real reason was it might affect the outcome of the upcoming presidential election.

This is of special interest to me as I too am a computer repair guy. I’ve seen things on some that I’ve worked on that made me cringe. I was told that I was to ignore and forget what I saw and move on. So he fact that this particular computer repair guy saw some things, a lot of things that did more than make him cringe but revealed in depth a level of corruption within high levels of the US government and within the Obama administration make me ask myself – what did Obama know and when did HE know it? And more importantly why was Vice President Joe Biden in charge of anything to do with Ukraine in the first place? What was his purpose or mission at that time? Some things still don’t add up?

Now that is what is causing today’s stir on the internet and in the news. But really we’ve known about this for quite some time now because former Vice President Joe Biden bragged on camera in 2018 about going to the Ukraine, demanding the firing of a special prosecutor about to investigate Burisma, the company his son Hunter was a member of the board of directors.

This is exactly what House Democrats impeached President Trump and accused him of doing by speaking to the newly elected president of Ukraine and asking what happened with this special prosecutor and the Burisma investigation? The timing of that phone call was about the time when Biden suddenly threw his hat in the ring for the Democratic presidential race and it would look like Trump was going after his political rival (who had yet to receive the DNC nomination). Clear as mud right?

We’ve been hearing from President Trump, “Where is Hunter?” yet nobody bothered to answer. We’ve been hearing of Hunter’s $M’s and his outrageous monthly salary for months now. What is being revealed from the laptop includes retainers and/or deposits of monitory protection. There are images of drug abuse during sexual acts by Hunter and (who knows who)?  

What is also troubling is that when asked, Joe Biden has said he knew nothing of his son’s business dealings and learned of him being on the board after the fact. Yet is bragging on tape tell a different story. There is a traceable timeline where Vice President Biden flew on Air Force Two a number of times to different countries during two terms in office. How many of those trips did Hunter Biden accompany his father to Ukraine, China and possibly other countries for political favors or financial gain?

We are 19 days before the November 3rd election and what should have drawn attention more than a year ago is just now coming out and people, organizations and agencies we’ve never heard from before are now concerned?

I went to the official Biden biography on Wikipedia to see what highlights were important during his extended time in office first as a Senator and later as Vice President. What I saw were instances where Joe Biden seemed to be for lack of a better term “The Strong Arm of the Senate” going into Russian controlled countries to advise and enforce US policy when and where it was needed. As Obama’s Vice President, Joe Biden may have been sent to the nether ends of the world just to keep him out of Obama’s way and the Ukraine and China were places where he had vested interests in going.

There are lots of unanswered questions and as the FBI has had time to investigate and confirm whether state level secrets or treasonous activity may have occurred by Joe Biden the truth, not Biden’s “facts” need made known to Americans BEFORE they begin to believe the fake polls that say Biden is leading Trump by massive numbers. – I am the Real Truckmaster!



Biden vs Trump a Quick Review


Biden vs Trump a Quick Review

While everyone is glued to the SCOTUS hearings for Judge Amy Coney Barrett I want to take a breather and review some of the myths and FACTS about our two presidential candidates former VP Joe Biden and President Donald Trump.

Joseph Biden – November 20, 1942, Scranton, PA

Biden graduated 1961 from Archmere Academy where he played football.

Biden graduated 1965 from University of Delaware in Newark where he played football and baseball.

Biden graduated 1966 from Syracuse University with law degree.

Biden received student deferments and was classified 4-F due to asthma.

Biden admitted to Delaware Bar 1969, became public defender, then Biden and Walsh Corporate Law.

Biden went into local politics in 1970 – 1972 New Castle County Council.

Biden became a Senator 1973 and in 2009 (D-DE)

Biden became the 47th Vice President of the United States.

Biden used his political influence to help his son Hunter made $M overseas while in office as VP.

Donald Trump – June 14, 1946, Queens, NY

Trump graduated 1964 from the New York Military Academy where he boxed and played baseball.

Trump graduated 1968 Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania with a degree in economics.

Trump received student deferments and was classified 4-F due to bone spurs.

Trump began working in 1968 at Trump Management in New York City and became President of the Trump Organization in 1971.

Trump went into politics in 2017 to become the 45th President of the United States.

Trump has donated his quarterly salaries back into various government programs.

Trump has appointed various family members as special assistants to the president, to aid government agencies in dealing successfully with societal programs and international affairs negotiations.

Both 2020 presidential candidates are diabolically opposed on issues of the economy, national defense and security and ongoing response to the Coronavirus and other major issues of national importance.

As a successful businessman President Trump has taken decisive action to create jobs, bolster national defense and security, and tackle head-on the COVID-19 virus, while making serious headway with a series of signed Middle East Peace Accords between principal parties and the State of Israel. Trump promises to make America great again.

As a lifetime politician Joe Biden has repeatedly expressed his intent to reverse Trump tax cuts, raise taxes and eliminate fossil fuel mining and use to stimulate an ailing economy. This is a failed agenda called “The Biden Plan” which will be a serious detriment to the economy and will close down factories and will add many to the unemployment rolls across America. Biden’s promises will bankrupt America.

This is not a Democrat vs Republican issue that we face. It comes down to “Who do we trust to help Americans”?  Do we place our very livelihood into the hands of politicians who have habitually placed themselves ahead of us? Or do we go with someone who says what he means and means what he says and has proven by following through with action to keep his promises? Like it or not, love him or hate him – America needs 4 more years of President Donald J. Trump! – I am the Real Truckmaster!