Beyond the Virus


Beyond the Virus

In early 2020 I wrote an article reporting on an OAN investigative report concerning substantiated facts concerning what was then called the 2019-nCoVd virus. We’re way beyond that now and over the course of 2 years we have experienced the global panic of the initial virus, followed by an unending series of “variants” keep the world population fearful of “what if”……..

The initial investigative report examined the initial timeline of events leading up to the release of the virus on the world stage by Chinese operatives in Wuhan, China. Almost immediately the Chinese countered with finger pointing to US military sports participants at a Chinese hosted series of events in 2019. Then it was the open meat market in Wuhan that was the culprit. Failing to convince everyone, there was the race-baiting anti-Chinese marketing meant to quench anything directed at the real culprit?

Without rehashing my original article “Assessing the Chinese Wuhan Virus” let me continue with what has transpired over the past 2 years.

In America we were told to self-isolate for 14 days to stop the spread and then we were told to mask up so we don’t spread our germs to others.

Then came the mandates, stay home no socializing, mask  up and no religious services or “non-essential” business dealings, and finally get jabbed or lose your jobs, licenses and freedom of movement without documentation of up-to-date vaccinations and boosters.

International travel was all but banned globally as other countries followed suit.

To make matters worse, first responders, hospital workers, police and even the military have been mandated to vaccinate or be terminated.

There seems to be no end to this madness, unless Americans take charge politically and removed deranged politicians at the ballot box in every upcoming election (federal, state or local).

These measures have all but completely overshadowed the influx of illegal and undocumented and largely unvetted or unvaccinated migrants who have been ALLOWED to cross through the US-MEXICO border from Texas to California with IMMUNITY. They are being called refugees, which they are not. Every elected/appointed official (federal, state or local) who has aided assisted or enabled illegal migrants to cross into US territory are themselves LAW BREAKERS and they must be held accountable (politically and legally) for their actions.

The US economy has been and is being affected by the mandate to convert all government vehicles to electric vehicles over the next 10 years, while pipelines in Alaska that brought in fossil fuels have been sealed shut making the US totally dependent on foreign oil.

What has not been discussed or thought out is how the electrical infrastructure and power grids are supposed to handle the massive influx of electric vehicle charging stations without the use of fossil fuels.

I said it would get interesting and it has. Americans have been gullible to the gaslighting of America over the past few years. It’s time to make things right. Our children and grandchildren deserve it! – I am the Real Truckmaster!

Beating around the Bush


Beating around the Bush

I grew up with the saying “don’t beat around the bush”. Context has everything to do with it.

If you are rounding up poultry or trying to drive out reptiles on a farm they sometimes hid under bushes, shrubs, behind firewood or wherever they feel it safe. One way to get them out is to circle around while beating the bush causing lots of noise. This frightens them and they run or slither away because they’re scared.

People often act the same way.

When frightened or scared the fight or flight response kicks in and people will either come out swinging, lashing out verbally or both before running wildly in any direction.  

Politicians know that divide and conquer while egging people on is an easy way to manipulate massive numbers of frightened people with fear of the unknown.

During close quarter, hand-to-hand combat a small force will often link arms or stand back-to-back over a superior force when they are outnumbered thus forming a human shield.

When preparing to deliver bad news or to avoid outright confrontation it is often acceptable to beat around the bush rather than coming right out and saying something unpleasant.

I’m reminded of this fictional story of a drill sergeant being told that Private Smith’s mother had just died. It was up to the drill sergeant to break the news to the recruit. So the drill sergeant goes outside where everyone is in formation and asks for a show of hands of how many have mothers back home? Almost all hands go up. The drill sergeant yells out “Not you Private Smith, but your hand down.”

Now that really didn’t happen but it was a sort of beating around the bush moment, wouldn’t you agree? – I am the Real Truckmaster!

All Roads

from The Chosen


All Roads

This will be short and sweet. I was read FB posts from fans of The Chosen a crowd funded television show about the life of Jesus and one comment has stayed with me, a girl said something like after watching The Chosen she was struck by Jesus always being there, where we’re at even before we get there (paraphrased by me).

It was then that I realized all roads lead to Jesus. Heartache, heartbreak, sadness, sorrow, pity, self-pity, gloominess – they all take us to a place in our lives where we become ready to meet the real need in our lives and that need is Jesus. And we are told by Jesus that nobody comes to the Father except through him.

Life is but a journey, be it wonderful or dreadful it’s not about us. It’s never been about us. It’s about the Holy Spirit orchestrating events in our life that sets us up to meet Jesus at the foot of the cross, so we can continue on our journey to the Father in heaven.

If you haven’t watched this new and exciting television program, it’s available on The Chosen app (android or iPhone) for free. You can then cast it to your television through Roku by adding the VidAngel channel (input the code to your phone) and I suggest viewing “The Messenger” pilot. Then work your way through season 1 (8 episodes) and season 2 (8 episodes), then watch Christmas with the Chosen, all at your own pace.

Open your bible and begin to read God’s Word with a new understanding.

When you #BelieveHim, you can #BeWithHim! – I am the Real Truckmaster!

Six Years Ago


Six Years Ago

It seems like only yesterday that mom and dad were here doing what they liked to do – stopping to fish at a lake, in a stream or alongside the road as they made their way across Idaho and the mid-west in that Dodge Sportsman van. You know the one I’m talking about – the green, extended top and fully functioning camper ala-Wilson. As time went on, the camper-van was retired and dad’s Honda Accord was the fishing and traveling car that could take them anywhere.

I think that among a lifetime of struggles it was during their golden years that they truly loved God, each other more (if that’s even possible) and enjoyed each other’s company, separated only by ongoing hospital stays and rehab. There was a time or two that I was able to help them out during my frequent and often short trips from Colorado.

It was the culmination of mom’s mini-strokes and dad’s mobility issues where they depended on each other until it became necessary to step in to insure they retained their quality of life and remained safe.

Although dad was a disabled veteran he never saw himself as having a disability. One time when going before the VA board during his bid to increase his disability rating, when asked what was it that he could no longer do that he used to do?

His answer was truly in Joe Wilson-style: “Nothing! I rototill the garden, water the plants and trees, cut the lawn with a riding mower and stack firewood on my walker to bring into the house for the potbellied wood stove.” His rating increase was denied.

I remember that he and mom both wore a life alert device on a string around their neck. It was that device that summoned the fire department to come rescue him when he tipped over his jazzy scooter in the ditch while watering the garden. (I know because every time I would get a phone call in Colorado from the life alert folks telling me what had happened).

After a year or so with Jered and Barb parking their travel trailer just outside the front door of the folks place it was time to move mom and dad out to Ola. There were obvious adjustments to be made to remodel portions of the house to accommodate the folks, yet they still maintained contact with family and friends usually on Sunday mornings during home fellowship services over at Jess and Diane’s place just down the road a bit.

It is said it comes in threes, so it was 3 years in Ola that mom went to be with the Lord on January 12, 2016. This was really mom and dad’s first real separation and it was hard on him.

I remember getting the email from Jered where dad was able to see angels coming in to minister to mom on the eve of her death. It was a confirmation of dad’s prayers for mom the days and weeks prior.

During mom’s funeral service dad’s Brother Gary Wilson read a scripture and told of an answer to his prayer of words to comfort the family and friends in attendance. He told of a vision where Jesus took mom by the hand and led her to a majestic grand piano where she played unto the Lord as if she were on the greatest stage – heaven. (Something she had always dreamed of doing.)

A few short months later dad moved back into the state Veterans Home in Boise. He had been there earlier for rehab and it was a place where I took mom to visit each day and to play bingo with dad every week.

This time we enjoyed coming to visit, eat meals with dad and of course – play bingo. We tried to keep family involved by hosting family visits for his birthday; for Thanksgivings and Christmas’ so dad wouldn’t think we had forgotten him. He always used to say, why am I here? I’m ready to go and I want to be with mom. Over time we began noticing a downhill slide in his health, especially during our last visit for his birthday in January 15, 2019. But the call from Jered that dad had passed on February 9th was still an unexpected shock to us all. But alas he died in his sleep and was at last with mom and with the Lord.

Do I miss them – YOU BETCHA, every single day! – I am the Real Truckmaster!

Reflections of Phase Two J6 plus 365

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Reflections of Phase Two J6 plus 365

It’s hard to believe that one year ago a plan that I call “Phase Two” was precisely and deliberately executed at our nation’s capital. It required advance planning, logistics and inside knowledge by members of congress and the departments of defense and justice and 365 days later we are still in the dark about this complex and massive hoax perpetuated on America.  

There have been more than 750 arrests resulting in detention without charges thereby denying the constitutional rights of Americans at the hands of the very organizers of the hoax that disrupted the very election process being held on that day.

When will these “innocent until proven guilty”, alleged-offenders have their day in court to face their accusers? When will they be afforded bail so they can consult with their attorney’s to work on their defense?

When will the actual participants working under secrecy and the opus of federal agencies be outed for their part in executing this hoax? When will they be held accountable for their unlawful actions on that fateful day? When will the killer of Ashlie Babbitt be held accountable for shooting and killing this unarmed and clearly no threat to life or safety of any capital police officers that day?

We have clearly seen the events leading up to the November 3rd Presidential Election were in fact “Phase One” meant to take down the sitting President of the United States #45 by any means necessary, culminating in the J6 attack by members of the Democratically led Congress, both House and Senate.

The circus atmosphere of House Committees conducting “Impeachments I & II of Donald Trump” reflect the same aurora in this J6 Committee which is more concerned in attacking a confused American public than seeking the truth of 365 days ago.

On November 3rd 2020 American voters spoke with a clear voice that was then drowned out by corrupt and deceitful politicians at local, state and federal election level offices as revealed by a number of state voting records that show without question election fraud, with arrests forthcoming.

Until every corrupt elected or appointed official is held accountable and faced the consequences of their actions over the past 5+ years by voters and in the courts what we see happening will only be a drop in the bucket of political corruption. This should never be viewed as a political party versus political party issue, but an American issue that brings together all Americans. – I am the Real Truckmaster!

The Blood of the Lamb

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The Blood of the Lamb

Life’s greatest lessons come from the bible. These are not merely stories or abstract ideas that come from some mystic black hole. They are instructional examples of men and women whom the Creator God, (I AM) spoke to and spoke through giving insight to his character. Many people have chosen to ignore or deny who God is or that he even exists, that is their loss and a great tragedy.

Others grasp portions of scripture, often out of context in order to use it to their advantage or to make their point. That too is tragic because they often fail to ask God before taking that first step. Let me give an example from Exodus 12:13:

13 The blood on the doorposts will be a sign to mark the houses in which you live. When I see the blood, I will pass over you and will not harm you when I punish the Egyptians.

This verse alludes to God protecting his people by the blood of the lamb so they would not suffer the same fate as the Egyptians. It is a precursor to the coming of the Lamb of God (Jesus) who would be slain for the sins of the world.

We don’t go out and smear lambs blood on our doorposts today, unless we are told by Almighty God himself to do so or it’s just making a needless mess.

In a world where new Christians see themselves as possibly the next Billy Graham without a real relationship with God we are unable, un-capable of being our best self as God intended. Remember that God loves you so much that he made you one of a kind. There is nobody that can be you, except you!

So how do we establish a relationship with God?

All too often we are too wrapped up in ourselves and our own ambitions to realize that we are sinful men and women. We see ourselves as masters of our own destiny, we are not.

We must humble ourselves before God, ask for his forgiveness and acknowledge that Jesus is the way to the father. Jesus was born of a virgin, lived a sinless life, gave his life on the cross for our sins and now sits at the right hand of the father, on the throne in heaven interceding for us. We publicly profess our new found faith by baptism in water signifying the washing away of our sins. We submit ourselves to God and resist the devil and turn from our wicked ways.

We develop our relationship with God through prayer, reading the bible, singing praise and worship songs to God, and then asking for his guidance daily. We then join a body of believers where we can hold each other accountable, learn together and become stronger in the Lord.

I encourage you to find out who God created you to be today, even now. – I am the Real Truckmaster!

Putting Things into Perspective

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Putting Things into Perspective

We are born with nothing and we die the same way. Those are not my words yet it’s just the way God has created us.

A recent event in my life struck a chord with my inner being, my soul.

The death of a friend I’ve known for a very long time to cancer that grabs hold and consumes every cell it touches. Often treatment is too little, too late and my friend seemed to have come to terms with this deadly foe. When asked how he was doing he would normally reply “I’m still sucking air”. Well two weeks before Christmas 2021 that sucking ceased.

We knew this would be a very bad time for his wife so we went to her for much more than moral support, but for friendly shoulders to cry on. We talked about the good old days when our families lived close enough and lending support was just what we did. Over the years we came to each other’s homes both here and overseas. We talked about what was important in life – our relationship with God and with each other. You must have the first in order for the other to be successful and truly meaningful.

Our lives are formed on the foundation of our past experiences. We tend to reminisce of exploits that grow larger than life as we age. It’s important to learn from them, but not be taken captive by them so we miss living in the present.

The bible teaches us to love God and to love each other. When it is possible to live peacefully with everyone, so in this day and age where everyone is trying to be something or someone, why not choose to be kind! – I am the Real Truckmaster!

The Chickens are Coming to Roost


The Chickens are Coming to Roost

I can’t help but notice the lack of press coverage for the civil unrest, migrant invasions or national division we saw constantly during President Trump’s administration when congressional democrats and their media lackeys were on full attack mode every single day.

The focus immediately shifted to President Biden eating his favorite ice cream, his secretive presidential administration which made a point of reversing Trump’s legacy at America’s expense.

Stopping construction on the southern border wall with tons of material already paid for became a huge waste of money already spent. Instead of preventing this massive invasion of unvetted and undocumented alien army, they were welcomed with open arms, given food, shelter and coddled like new democratic voters-in-training.

Within 8 months President Biden ended the war in Afghanistan, although not using conventional wisdom, policy or procedures he ordered the withdrawal of all US forces leaving ALL equipment, weapons and nearly 1,000+ American citizens after abandoning a fully functioning US Airbase to the Taliban.

Instead of holding this administration accountable, Americans are even more divided and attacking each other over mandated vaccines and masks. Our national security is seriously threatened because of mandated vaccines are forcing service personnel, civilians and first responders out of their jobs unless they submit. Businesses who fire workers over vaccines are unable to staff factories, production lines, buses, trucks and even airlines due to lack of personnel. Employees no longer provide customer service, but verbally and physically attack those who are not wearing masks or refuse to get vaccinated.

It has come down to “you can bring a horse to water but you can’t make him drink – so shoot the horse” mentality. Then it becomes who’s going to carry my saddle? Or I can’t ride the range because I don’t have a horse!

That brings me to the next issue – mandating electric vehicles for government vehicles. I’ve written about this before but still this “green new deal” stuff is being forced down our throats by slick advertising. What has not been taken into consideration is the fact that our way of life depends on oil production, drilling and fracking, without which there can be no electric vehicles.

When President Biden shut down the pipeline, began tapping our nation’s oil reserves and begged oil producing countries in Europe to send us more oil, nobody batted an eye. Instead they were celebrating still another Trump policy smashed. The effect on our economy is still to be fully realized as factories have moved once again overseas or outside the US and American families are being forced to take government subsidies like the stimulus and welfare.

Instead of making things better or safer for Americans our weaponized government is looking for grandmas and grandpas who attended the January 6th 2021 MEGA rally, instead of going after the real culprits of a bonafide coup that lasted more than 4 years trying to oust President Trump.

Absolute power corrupts absolutely has truly come to roost in American politics as we sit and wait for the foxes guarding the henhouse to keep all us chickens safe. – I am the Real Truckmaster!  

Threat to Democracy


Threat to Democracy

It’s been over a month since I deleted my Twitter account. It became obvious to me this social media outlet had served its purpose and outlived its usefulness to me. Since I had already stopped watching, listening or paying attention to mainstream media outlets my life has settled down to near normalcy. Oh I see the headlines, the play on words to grab everyone’s attention in an attempt to keep animosity stirred up and insuring the continued division of America.

What continue popping up after 11 months are the J6 Committee hearings where select legislators try not to find the truth behind what happened on that fateful day when unarmed Ashlie Babbitt was killed by a Capital Police officer and it was deemed “justified” and how to blame it all on President Trump and his MAGA supporters.

Interestingly enough J6 was called a coup by Congress and their media lackeys. Coup is actually the wrong term. A coup is when the elected leader of a nation is overthrown. An attempted coup is when it fails to oust that duly elected leader.

What happened on J6 was hijacking a portion of the post-rally event by actors of the radical left turning the Nation’s Capital Building into a riotous mess while posing as Trump supporters and drawing a portion of the MAGA crowd into the vacuum.  It’s almost as an aside that many of the leftist rioters were arrested, many have already been tried and sentenced while the FBI has dedicated a great number of resources to hunting down, arresting and detaining (without charges) ordinary Americans who happened to be in DC at the rally that day. One such person was Ashlie Babbitt who was the only casualty that day and no charges were ever levied against her killer.

I’ve heard from sitting legislators who are fearful that should President Trump run for office in 2024 it will be the end of Democracy in our nation. Those are pretty strong words from a body of government that has dedicated the past 5 years trying to obstruct his presidency, remove him from office or sneakily trying to create a law that would prevent an impeached president from running for any political office. They even attempted to remove Trump’s the rights and privileges as a former president. In my book those actions meet the prime definition of a coup. It is the pot calling the kettle black.

I watched as Kerry a former Obama appointee went behind the back of the Trump administration telling Iran how to get around US foreign policies, and then as a Biden special appointee continue working with Iran to negate Trump policies that negatively affected Iran.

I also watched as Obama’s #2 (VP Biden) wreaked havoc on the world stage and then was positioned to replace Trump in the largest election fraud in US History, even now a number of election officials either have been sentenced or are facing charges for their action on the November Presidential Election of 2020.

After taking (I mean that literally) office Biden’s gut wrenching edicts, executive actions and policy changes have wreaked havoc on America and with our allies by cowering to both China and Russia.

The rapid withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan, leaving thousands of American’s and our Afghan allies behind, while having enemy forces like the Taliban provide “security” for the American withdrawal that left $B of equipment and weapons of war behind.

The Biden open border policy allowed unvetted and unvaccinated foreigners into our country and placed a great many of them on public assistance at taxpayer expense.

The bungling of the coronavirus response by the Biden administration by presidential mandates to stay masked and “get jabbed” OR ELSE has greatly hurt national defense and public morale. Badgering Americans to put something into their body that has been approved for emergency use continues to feed the need for greater restrictions on the rights and liberties of all Americans.

The greatest threat to democracy is the Chicago-style Mob Mentality of the Liberal Progressive Democratic Party as voiced by Democratic leaders of both chambers of Congress. – I am the Real Truckmaster!

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Merry Christmas 2021


Merry Christmas 2021

You may have noticed that I’m not blogging as regularly as I have in the past. It’s not that I’ve become uninterested, oh quite the contrary. I’m extremely interested in how our politicians consistently and continuously run it into the ground. It reminds me of a saying “When you find yourself digging in a hole and you are over your head – STOP DIGGING”. Something our politicians should seriously consider.

To say that in less than 1 year the US of A is worse off than before would be an understatement. Politicians have abandoned common sense, their sense of responsibility to our citizens, heightened their pandering to the governments and citizens of other nations and left many of our citizens and our allies to the hands of our enemies while calling it patriotism.

The picture of the White House Christmas Tree decorated with wrapped empty boxes reminds me of the empty promises of this president and his administration. Many of our citizens are homeless by choice or circumstance and the suffering they endure pales in comparison to the pandering to undocumented and unchecked illegal aliens (falsely called refugees) being subsidized by and forced upon Americans struggling under the baseless mandates and edits of a president who has no vision of what America can be, nor any recollection of what America once was – A beacon of light (hope) for the world.

While I’m absolute in the knowledge that Almighty God is fully in control, it is he who sees our needs and longs for us to abide with him at HIS table, yet the choice is ours.

God so loved the world (that’s us) that he sent his son JESUS, who alone is the reason for the season.

People Must Know!

Pray for our nation to return to God, may it start with me! – I am the Real Truckmaster!

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