Letter to Colorado Senator Michael Bennet

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Letter to Colorado Senator Michael Bennet

Esteemed Senator Bennet,

I received your letter and to say the least I am disappointed. As a member of an online veterans group I asked you to become a cosponsor to S.657 a bill that would help an untold number of Colorado veterans of the Vietnam War receive the presumption of service connection for herbicide exposure during that unpopular war.

To say the least your letter focused on everything under the sun while doing nothing to explain why your name is still not on the bill as a cosponsor?

Let me say that your misinformation concerning January 6th is troubling. I have seen reports from members of congress who state that the precise moment the “insurrection” started was when the counting of the six swing state electoral ballots were about to begin. This leads me to suspect that orchestrating the insurrection was an inside job and Speaker Pelosi clearly stated publicly that Trump would not be president in 2021, one way or another.

You also falsely assert that it was Trump supporters who violently breached the capital, while actual Trump supporters outside the capital after walking down from the speech witnessed Capitol Police escorting Antifa members inside the capital, and other capitol police waving Trump supporters inside open doors, clearly not a breach, but an invitation to enter.

I have seen multiple photos which show a rough looking bunch of men sporting Trump gear yet conducting themselves like Antifa with impunity. So why is it that the only casualty of January 6th was an unarmed USAF veteran? Who had weapons? Who murdered Ashli Babbett?

Now about the other great services you have supported that have added tremendously to our national debt, who is going to pay for them? What about the invasion of illegal aliens across our southern border, being transported to parts unknown, given free stuff and Representative AOC telling them how to apply for the child credit which is illegal in itself as assisting, aiding or abetting illegal immigration is against the law.

Let me say that as a Colorado resident, a registered voter and a US military veteran I do not support the actions of the president or the congress when it comes to taking care of illegals over veterans.

I asked you a question and I expect an honest answer – why is your name absent from the named cosponsors of S657?

Don’t give me generalities or excuses. I expect to see your name added so that Colorado veterans like me can receive the support, compensation and treatment we were promised.

I am disappointed for sure. – I am the Real Truckmaster!

Joe Wilson – Colorado Springs US Army – Retired



Another Open Letter to TEAM USA CEO

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Another Open Letter to Team USA CEO

All I can say is – REALLY?

To say that I am disappointed with TEAM USA would be an understatement.

For the CEO to condone and continue to allow corporate disrespect of our nation by the entire US Women’s Soccer Team and on the world stage is unconscionable.

What about that do you and your athletes not understand?

It has always been an honor for American athletes to represent the United States on the competitive field of battle while exhibiting good sportsmanship win or lose. So what happened?

Every American athlete is fully responsible for their actions and those who pressure others to abandon their core values are responsible for their actions as well. Overall it is the US Olympic Committee and the entire organization that is charged with the responsibility to ensure our young men and women maintain the highest integrity and personal honor while representing our nation.

I fully understand that your organization is the US Olympic in name only. You represent yourselves (US), not the United States. If kneeling in solidarity with BLM is preferable over patriotism for this country you claim to represent, then maybe a suitable name change is in order?

Like many Americans I will not cheer or support any Olympic Team USa that does not proudly to stand up to represent the United States of America.

I salute the three members of the Women’s Soccer Team who chose to honor our nation’s flag.

I am a Concerned Colorado Springs resident, US military veteran and – I am the Real Truckmaster!



R.I.P. – Rest In Peace

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RIP – Rest In Peace

We hear it all the time on television, movies and well……everywhere. What does it say about the demised? It is often followed up by something like – at least they’re no longer in pain or they’re in a better place and they’re looking down upon us now, smiling.

We have this expectation that our loved ones, our friends and acquaintances will be automatically teleported into heaven when they die. In fact we know that we’re going to heaven because it’s all about us. I mean God created us so it has to be all about us, right?

In the 6th chapter of the book of Matthew Jesus cautioned us our prayers being like others. In fact he said to do our praying in private so that we wouldn’t be distracted or seem trying to please those around us. Jesus said in Matthew 6:10 “Your kingdom come, Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.”

Doesn’t that imply that we should live our lives on earth as we will in heaven?

To the unsaved it may seem that life really sucks and dying is simply a way of escaping the suckiness of life, one need only to live life to the fullest, take every moment as if it’s our last and go for the gusto. Living for the devil doesn’t get you a foothold or a seat in heaven.

If you’re using religion as an escape clause, you’ll be sadly disappointed.

Matthew 6: 9 – 13

9 So then, this is how you should pray:

‘Our Father in heaven,

hallowed be Your name.

10 Your kingdom come,

Your will be done,

on earth as it is in heaven.

11 Give us this day our daily bread.

12 And forgive us our debts,

as we also have forgiven our debtors.

13 And lead us not into temptation,

but deliver us from the evil one.

But sadly praying won’t get you into heaven either. There is only one way to the father and that is through the son – Jesus.

John 3:16 – For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that everyone who believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.

John 14:6 – Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.

I guess what I’m saying is that you can’t live like the devil and expect to go to heaven and into the presence of almighty God. We so often get caught up in the temporal things of life that we miss the eternal promises of God.

We say RIP or “Rest in Peace” when someone dies, but the reality is that without God there is no rest or peace. Saying RIP is no different in saying “God bless you” when someone sneezes or telling someone “I  love you” when in reality by our actions we don’t mean any of it.

The world calls sex love. Sex is a part of love, but lust is also a part of love as we know it. Lust or greed for something or someone else is addressed in the Ten Commandments where it says – Do not keep your eyes on anything your neighbor has.

True love comes from God because GOD IS LOVE! Where there is no God there is no love. Those who have been saved from their sin will not only see God when they die, they will be in his presence for eternity.

Those who die without Jesus will in hind sight think that the suckiness of their life was heaven compared to where they end up for eternity. – I am the Real Truckmaster!



The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

U.S. Army Gen. Mark A. Milley, 20th Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff, poses for a command portrait in the Army portrait studio at the Pentagon in Arlington, Va., Sept. 26, 2019. (U.S. Army photo by Monica King)

The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (CJCS) is the highest-ranking and most senior military officer in the United States Armed Forces [3] and is the principal military advisor to the president, the National Security Council, [4] the Homeland Security Council, [4] and the secretary of defense. [4][5] While the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff outranks all other commissioned officers, the chairman is prohibited by law from having operational command authority over the armed forces; however, the chairman does assist the president and the secretary of defense in exercising their command functions. [6]

The chairman convenes the meetings and coordinates the efforts of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS), an advisory body within the Department of Defense comprising the chairman, the vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the chief of staff of the Army, the commandant of the Marine Corps, the chief of naval operations, the chief of staff of the Air Force, the chief of space operations, and the chief of the National Guard Bureau. [4] The post of a statutory and permanent Joint Chiefs of Staff chair was created by the 1949 amendments to the National Security Act of 1947. The 1986 Goldwater–Nichols Act elevated the chairman from the first among equals to becoming the “principal military advisor” to the president and the secretary of defense.

The Joint Staff, managed by the director of the Joint Staff and consisting of military personnel from all the services, assists the chairman in fulfilling his duties to the president and secretary of defense, and functions as a conduit and collector of information between the chairman and the combatant commanders. The National Military Command Center (NMCC) is part of the Joint Staff operations directorate (J-3).

Although the office of Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff is considered very important and highly prestigious, neither the chairman, the vice chairman, nor the Joint Chiefs of Staff as a body has any command authority over combatant forces. The Goldwater–Nichols Act places the operational chain of command from the president to the secretary of defense directly to the commanders of the unified combatant commands. [7] However the services chiefs do have authority over personnel assignments and oversight over resources and personnel allocated to the combatant commands within their respective services (derived from the service secretaries).

The chairman may also transmit communications to the combatant commanders from the president and secretary of defense [8] as well as allocate additional funding to the combatant commanders if necessary. [9] The chairman also performs all other functions prescribed under 10 U.S.C. § 153 or allocates those duties and responsibilities to other officers in the joint staff under his or her name.


I submit the Wikipedia definition as Exhibit A as to why General Milley is no longer worthy of the position of trust which he was appointed.

On more than one occasion General Milley has allowed partisan politics to skew the execution of his office and position as the principal military advisor to the president. In the latter days of the Trump administration he began distancing himself from the president and allowed outside forces to come between him and his commander in chief.

The first noticeable act was after President Trump went to a church in DC and held up a bible emphasizing God as the supreme ruler. When Congressional Democrats and the media began rumbling about Trump General Milley pulled away and was seen visibly walking behind the president.

Another act of resistance by General Milley was when he sided with House Speaker Pelosi in failing to insure federal troops were sent to secure the Capital prior to January 6th 2021. That was followed by a congressional inquiry from Speaker Pelosi directly telling General Milley not to follow orders from the president and keep him away from the “nuclear football” at all cost.

The fact that General Milley took the phone calls from the congresswoman shows clear intent on his part to forsake his duty as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and allowed her to influence and tarnish the trust placed in him by the president.

I don’t understand why the Secretary of Defense did not voice himself in this matter as General Milley is the senior military member of the Department of Defense.

When it comes to military protocol, tradition and the Uniform Code of Military Justice there is no room for what amounts to insubordination or insurrection at the highest level, the inner circle, of the presidential administration.

I understand that general officers take two oaths, one as a commissioned officer and one the oath of office which is to defend the Constitution against all enemies. Never have I seen petty politics being on prominent display by active duty general officers whose demonstrated hatred for a president.

It would have been better for General Milley to resign his post, and choose retirement over politics. His choice to stay was not the better one. – I am the Real Truckmaster!



Do You Know What Boggles My Mind?


Do You Know What Boggles My Mind?

I try to stay off social media as much as possible because once you see something it’s hard to un-see it. Here’s what I mean. Upon entering office President Biden offered an invitation to migrants to come on in, the United States welcomes you with open arms (obviously not his exact words).

What followed was a mass exodus from many nations around the world being funneled through Mexico. So naturally by executive order Biden cancelled Trump’s stay in Mexico executive order. The Mexican president pleaded with the US to stop because his country cannot support all these migrants headed north of the border.

So why were they allowed into Mexico at all?

COVID-19 has virtually had a global reset of nation’s and their economies. Workers in the US are out of work and won’t go back so long as they keep receiving free money to stay home. We are being pushed to wear masks, social distance and now get the vaccine to protect other people from getting the virus, yet illegal migrants flooding into the US from the southern border are bringing more than their clean name brand clothing with them. They are coming infected with COVID-19. They are being called refugees when they are not fleeing political oppression.

Vice President Harris sent out a feeble plea for migrants to not come here, we have an immigration process and we enforce our laws (Obviously not her exact words either).

With all the civil unrest in Cuba many are fleeing political oppression and since they are only 90 miles from Florida it is only natural that they get on boats, surf boards, inner tubes, rubber rafts or any other floatation device and get in the water, right?

Not so fast boys and girls, Biden’s Secretary of State issued a warning for Cubans to NOT come to the US because they will not be allowed to land (read that sentence again). Somebody will have to put a giant bag over the head of the Statue of Liberty (if dissidents haven’t already carted the statue away and replaced it with none other than a giant “George Floyd of Liberty” holding a BLM flag instead of a torch).

Even BLM is praising the Communist Cuban government as their citizens are fleeing oppression. Some of those Cubans are black and brown in skin color, doesn’t their Cuban Lives Matter?

Remember when Trump called third world countries the cesspools of the world? And when he racially stopped migrants from coming into our country because of the Chinese Virus? Congressional Democrats were up in arms because although it was his constitutional duty to protect Americans, he had the audacity to do so.

Where is Biden’s audacity? He is trying to force Americans to get a vaccine and willing to send strike forces door-to-door to insure everyone gets the jab. Have you seen the commercials on TV “It’s our Jab” trying to make us think it’s the patriotic thing to do?

We’re seeing more and more governments trying to force the vaccine on their citizens against their will and as they do so the people are revolting (I don’t mean they are really bad looking), but they are standing up in arms (sticks, rocks, anything) to resist being forced against their will. In America we have the same thing happening as Congressional Democrats, Democratic Administration Officials and both media and social media turning on our own citizens while favoring this invading army of illegal aliens who have been given sanctuary in hopes of gaining new Democratic voters. But alas that means ignoring the Constitution (the rule of law) or changing it so that it is no longer a guiding principle of our nation.

What is it going to take for WE THE PEOPLE to awaken from their free money slumber and take a look around at what is happening to our nation.

While Republicans look to Trump for salvation, Democrats call Biden the golden child, I will lift my eyes toward heaven from whence our savior comes and pray to my God to help us through this impending storm of lawlessness. – I am the Real Truckmaster!



Top Hoaxes in 2021


Top Hoaxes in 2021

What if someone compiled the list of the biggest hoaxes for 2021? Where would they start?

In my book we start off with the “big lie” which in all reality is the biggest hoax of all time – Joe Biden won the presidency fair and square. Evidence shows that massive ballot totals change drastically in the wee hours of November 4th, and this was covered up by the events of January 6th.

Follow that with January 6th where an angry MAGA crowd stormed the Capital and threatened to kill top members of congress. In fact we were told that Trump ordered them to do it. The evidence doesn’t support that narrative and pictures show angry posers wearing MAGA gear becoming nothing more than rioters with a purpose – cast the blame on Trump.

COVID-19 comes in next – everyone must mask up, social distance and get the vaccine or their going to die. Well guess what that too is a lie as the virus is not stopped or slowed down because of a mask. If it was that deadly everyone would be required to wear full containment suits, breathing apparatus, gloves and booties with absolutely no exposed parts. There would be biohazard receptacles everywhere and hazmat teams would be servicing them daily, if not hourly.

The latest scare tactic is that unvaccinated people are going to die without the vaccine. That is why the White House has said publicly that strike forces will be sent door-to-door to check for and “encourage” vaccinations. Maybe they can also ask for voter identifications and legal entry into the country documentation?

Don’t forget Climate Change, because it is fueling the massive forest fires in Western states that is causing massive pollution.

The Green New Deal is being implemented by the Biden White House who shut down the XL Pipeline, requiring government vehicles to be converted into eVehicles, and rising gas prices will force everyone to trade in their fossil fuel vehicles for eFriendly vehicles.

Another big hoax is the Critical Race Theory that says white people are all racist, black people are all oppressed and reparations must be paid for the wrongs of our fathers (ancestors). Even the military has traded in their combat skills testing for CRT sensitivity training, something our enemies will find most frightening.

The overwhelming fear is that the truth will emerge concerning voter suppression laws, which are actually voter verification requirements to insure that registered voters are able to cast their ballot and have their voices heard in the upcoming 2022 and subsequent elections. So there is no mistake, Republicans are for them and Democrats are against laws that suppress or prevent unauthorized voting.

US National Olympic athletes are turning their backs in solidarity on America, its traditions and history.

Being patriotic is racist.

Everything is offensive to everybody (or could be) and if you speak up – you’re racist too!

Lastly Joe Biden has said America is back, bigger and stronger – we just don’t know from where?

Remember we’re all in this together – apart, Right? – I am the Real Truckmaster!



Vote Protection or Voter Suppression

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Vote Protection or Voter Suppression

Republican led state congresses across the nation are crafting stricter laws for protecting the vote while Democrats are calling it voter suppression so which is it?

Following the 2020 Presidential election which both sides call the “Big Lie” it’s easy to get sucked into the fray, without really having a clear idea of what is right and what is not.

During the 2020 campaign season Congressional Democrats began calling for mass mailings of absentee ballots for everyone and saying that every vote counts. I tend to think that was a pre-planned assault on the American voting system and against law abiding American voters.

Congressional Republicans called for voter identification verification so that every “legal” vote cast would count. Some of the problems Republicans saw were a tilting of the system so that voter fraud and election fraud could more easily happen when precincts failed to update accurate voter databases. It became clear that multiple ballets were sent to individuals who did not request them, nor were their registration record verified before ballots were collected and/or submitted.

Another problem area was that of collection boxes and the use of USPS “big blue boxes” where ballots were routed through USPS mail handling facilities and transferred to precinct ballot collection centers in a timely manner. Democrats claimed that Trump ordered blue boxes removed to make it harder for disadvantaged voters to mail in their ballots. What happened was that precinct processing centers were ordered closed in certain states, then multiple boxes containing suspect ballots were brought in, run through the electronic machines, after voting hours had ceased.

Each state is responsible for abiding by their own voting laws and it is up to elected or appointed officials to insure that every phase of the election process is done with the utmost diligence to insure that electoral delegates are chosen in accordance with the will of the people without political or outside interference. Once votes are counted, ballots certified and electorates’ selected, so that state officials can send certified documentation to Congress prior to the Electoral College votes being read and certified in Congress and a president-elect declared.

There has been a lot of back and forth bickering over who did or didn’t do what they were required to do. Because voting laws vary with each of the 50 states it is imperative that everything be done correctly.

What we’re seeing now are Democrats attempting to impede voter law reform by leaving their states to prevent proposed laws from being voted on. Governors are threatening to dock the pay of legislators who partake in this “boycott” in state congresses.

 As I see it, everyone benefits when registered voters exercise their constitutional right to vote. Nobody benefits when fraudulent voting occurs or is condoned. The Constitution states that voting is a right of citizenship. What the Constitution does not say is that everyone can vote or that every ballot counts.

Voter fraud is illegal in every state and within the United States. Violation of voting laws are serious and should hold serious penalties.

It matters not ones political party affiliation when it comes to exercising one’s right to vote. Every properly registered voter’s ballot counts. Voter identification is the only way to insure one person – one vote. Any political faction, private entity or individual against protecting the integrity of every voter should be held accountable for their actions aimed at perverting voter laws. Only cheaters intend to cheat by subverting or ignoring voter laws. Don’t be a voter cheater! – I am the Real Truckmaster!



Over Target

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Over Target

I love watching old war movies where the heroes flying deep over enemy territory, incoming flak lets the crew know they’re getting close, the pilot tells the navigator we’re over target. The navigator has control and soon we hear “bombs away”.  As the bombs fall the pilot resumes control and banks away from the flak.

Army and marine artillery crews and naval destroyer gun crews in combat are given a set of grid coordinates when supporting front line infantry troops. They are told to fire for effect. Once they zero in the enemy on the receiving end know what it’s like being the target.

In politics it’s exactly the same thing. One can tell if the subject is true or false just by the amount of flak or fake news generated in an attempt to cover up or ignore the real story. It seems that investigative reporters are more fearful of job security than actually reporting the news as it happens.

After the 2020 presidential election social media along with main stream media outlets went to unprecedented efforts to bury the obviously fraudulent election results in a handful of states.

Even now in 2021 efforts to suppress election fraud are being met by corporate sponsors and political action committees threatening to withhold funds from congressional members who stood on the side of right by declaring something had gone amiss during and immediately after the election.

Social media has attempted to gag, block or remove anyone voicing free speech that doesn’t agree with the political agenda of their CEOs, heavy sponsors or political opponents who don’t toe the acceptable party line.

I have seen evidence in online videos, photographic screen shots and investigative reports that clearly show illegal activities in the 6 swing states now conducting or preparing to conduct state election audits. Other states are refusing to participate in what they call Fraudits and that tells me there is something to see there.

Instead of owning up to wrong doing or taking responsibility for their actions, many elected or appointed officials will attempt to deflect blame or misconduct on their political opponent or the other political party.

I thought that most voters were smart enough to see through all this smoke and mirrors, but I guess they haven’t been as smart as I have given them credit. When given the choice of keeping their God-given civil rights or a pile of free cash the uninformed or uneducated almost always go for the money. What happens when the economy comes crashing down and that pile of money isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on?  By then it’s too late.

One political party says “use your head”, make smarter decisions and do your part to make things better for everyone.

The other political party says you are not smart enough to make those hard decisions so take the money and run, but give me your vote before you go.

Pastors preach from the pulpit that if the devil isn’t giving you grief he doesn’t see you as a threat, but if he’s lobbing flak in your direction it’s time to reach out and pitch it back at him. – I am the Real Truckmaster!



Open Letter to Team USA CEO Sarah Hirshland (Updated)


Open Letter to Team USA CEO Sarah Hirshland (Updated)

I am disappointed with TEAM USA over the blatant disrespect some have done to the nation they represent. I hold TEAM USA management and staff totally responsible for allowing team members to conduct themselves in a manner that does not promote our nation, its principles or its values at home or on the world stage under your tenure as CEO.

I am very supportive of this nation and what it stands for. It is a beacon of light in an otherwise dark world. The US flag represents freedom for all who embrace her and strikes fear in the hearts of her enemies. That is why migrants flock to the shores of our nation searching for a better life, the American dream and to contribute to her continued success.

As a Veteran and a Colorado Springs resident of more than 30 years I am guilty of jumping the gun based on an internet video which I reacted based on my respect for our nation and what it stands for and after receiving this Blaze report – https://www.theblaze.com/news/women-soccer-players-flag-national-anthem-controversy and reading the Team USA response I stand corrected.

I have never in my life thought the Olympic Committee who hold a high standard of excellence in sports would continue to allow American athletes to show disrespect for our country, the national anthem or the US flag.

I am concerned about the Team USA members who did not render proper honors (they stood with hands behind their back) instead of placing their right hands over their hearts, which is not a constitutional right, but a choice that is extremely disrespectful.

It is my hope that you change the direction of the Olympic Committee and each Olympic contender to demonstrate pride in wearing the Team USA uniform as they compete for the GOLD. Any committee member who is not proud to be an American should resign and any athlete unwilling or unable to stand up for America should be removed from the team.

A Concerned Colorado Springs resident and US military veteran – I am the Real Truckmaster!



Maybe God Made a Mistake?


Maybe God Made a Mistake?

I find it hard to believe that someone so insignificant in the political landscape of America would suddenly become ground zero in the fight against political correctness. Yet that is exactly what happened when Donald J. Trump felt that God had called him to run for the presidency. His hunch was confirmed through mighty men of God who had never met and knew very little about him.

In 2015 the big announcement was met with doubt, laughter and skepticism, yet one man was very serious. That man was Donald Trump. He was in it for all the marbles and his opponents were well known business leaders or seasoned politicians with name recognition and many were currently seated in Congress. Hillary Clinton was the Democratic favorite assumed to become the first woman president on what was her third try at the nomination.

During the first GOP Presidential Debate the question was thrown out, “Could Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton” and the answer given by Mike Huckabee without hesitation, “Anyone on this stage could beat Hillary” (paraphrased).

What few knew and even fewer remembered were the television interviews in the 80s and 90s where Donald Trump was asked if he would ever run for president. His answer, “If my country needed me to.”

Few remember Trumps meeting with President Reagan or his pronounced love of America. Instead they saw only a spoiled little rich kid who had everything handed to him on a silver platter. They knew nothing at all about the kid sent off to boarding school, a military school where his father expected him to be straightened out. Trump then went into the family construction business, working from the ground up he became a skilled real estate tycoon who knew politicians and how to use them for his advantage.

When candidate Trump hit the campaign trail politicians didn’t consider him a serious threat. They seriously misjudged him. For Trump winning wasn’t everything, it was the only thing and his focus was laser sharp and his stated purpose was to drain the swamp and make America great again.

There was an organized effort to derail the Trump campaign and send him packing back to New York City. Every tool in the Alinsky toolbox was used against him: allegations of past sexual indiscretions, tax fraud and the trumped up and infamous Russia hoax, each one enough to cause any other politician to turn tail and run. At the end of the day Trump beat all competitors and won the presidential election of 2016. The world was stunned.

Over the course the 4 years of the Trump presidency politicians of both political parties conspired together to put a quick end to his administration. All stops were pulled out and it was bare-knuckled fisticuffs with no holds barred: endless investigations, allegations of misconduct resulting in Trump’s vindication of all charges, including House Democrats bringing up not one, but two separate impeachments resulting in Trump’s complete vindication.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said during a televised press conference that one way or another Trump would no longer be president in 2021. So when the November 3rd election numbers began to mysteriously shift from Trump to Biden we were told it was normal. As the results were being contested Trump was told to just suck it up and quit whining. The events of January 6th, 2021 were designed to cast doubt and blame on Trump’s supporters and specifically on President Trump for instigating an insurrection inside the Capitol building. Pelosi went so far as to contact and give instructions to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Miley to ignore any orders from the president and keep him away from the nuclear codes. Clearly Pelosi’s act and Miley’s response violated his office as the president’s foremost military advisor and both were treasonous.

The electoral votes were then certified and the inauguration of Biden took place on January 20th, 2021 but like a ravenous dog Pelosi continued after Trump with the second impeachment, even after he left office.

So I ask, did God make a mistake in raising Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States? Did God not see what was going to happen? Was God not able to prevent all that has been going on? Or was this not part of God’s plan to expose the corruption and bring the swamp out of the shadows?

Can one refine gold without the fire? Do precious metals just appear out of nowhere as finished products? It is better to go through the refiner’s fire while in the perfect will of God, than trying to go it alone without him. I’m sure that God’s plan was to do whatever necessary to bring him glory and honor and show that he is in control, no matter what surprises mere men and women.

God was not surprised and no he didn’t make a mistake. – I am the Real Truckmaster!