Gun Control versus Gun Violence



Gun Control versus Gun Violence


Talk is cheap and rhetoric is rampant across America. Liberal politicians want to control guns as a means to end gun violence. We hear, read and see repeatedly efforts to ignore, curb or modify constitutional amendments that protect Americans from an abusive government or deranged criminals bent on committing violent attacks upon innocent victims. It is abundantly clear that the proper training and use of guns is a means of self-defense and stopping gun violence.


Every day there are a number of reported acts of violence where guns are the weapons of choice. Attacks occur in a variety of public places or in private homes or residences. We’ve seen attacks on school children, teachers and public servants where a police response often did not occur in time.


Proponents of gun control would have you to believe that restricting ownership of certain guns will make crimes stop and everyone safer. They would have you believe that if you give up your personal weapons crime will simply go around you. They also have determined that assault rifles are the primary cause of all of these mass shootings and attacks. So I ask you, when does a weapon become an assault rifle?


Opponents of gun control measures would have you to believe that true gun control has to come with the control of crime. Guns do not kill, people with guns do. They would have you to believe that responsible gun ownership requires personal responsibility, education and training on the safe handling, usage and operation of the type of weapon you choose to own.  It is their contention that a properly trained weapon owner when faced with a criminal in the act of committing a crime can be stopped quickly, which results in the potential saving of lives.


Within the past week we have had incidents where a lone shooter have killed and wounded scores of individuals in shopping malls and night clubs without an apparent reason or simply to make a point. In very few incidents properly trained citizens have taken out the shooter or held them until police arrive. I’m sorry to say but these are the exceptions.


In the case of personal assaults or armed robberies it is the unarmed victim who suffers injury and/or loss of property when an armed assailant decides to use a weapon to commit the act of violence. But when the criminal threat has been neutralized or eliminated there are public outcries of police brutality and murder. This is not about race or ethnicity; it is about bad guys being stopped before they can commit their crimes again.


The sad thing about crimes of violence involving guns is that all too often someone dies. Families have lost sons, daughters, mothers or fathers. Victims and perpetrators are dead or injured and nobody wins.


Nothing is for free. Crime does not pay.


A government that victimizes its citizens or sets them up to be victimized is an irresponsible one.


The Bill of Rights are the parts of the Constitution that guarantees certain basic rights for all US citizens and those charged with and fail to uphold it have blood upon their hands each time a crime occurs regardless of who the victim is.  – I am the Real Truckmaster!


On What My Brother Said




On What My Brother Said


Let me elaborate on what my little brother said recently about draft dodgers during the Vietnam War. Many did not want to be drafted but could do nothing about it. Bill Clinton joined JROTC in College as a means of evading the draft. He failed in his commitment to JROTC and was ordered to report for active duty. Instead he fled the country and at one point joined a protest in front of the American embassy in London. President Ford signed an executive order in 1974 granting amnesty to war protestors and this included Bill Clinton. This literally paved the way for Clinton to become Governor of Arkansas twice, and later become President.


On the other hand Donald Trump was sent to and after 5 years graduated from the New York Military Academy. He was found to have bone spurs which made him medically disqualified (4F) for military service. Some reports say that Trump received as many as 5 medical deferments for those bone spurs, but that tells me that at some point Trump tried to enlist 5 times but was turned down and that does not make him a draft dodger.


I have classmates who dropped out of school to join the Idaho National Guard because they didn’t want to be drafted and sent to Vietnam. Some of them ended up going to Vietnam with the Idaho National Guard unit they were assigned. Others joined and volunteered for Vietnam.


I didn’t want to be drafted so like many before me so I joined in 1967 expecting to go to Vietnam. I did go to Vietnam in February 1968, but only stopping on my way to Thailand where I had been assigned. Does that make me a draft dodger? No because I did not evade military service.


Many who tried going into the military were stopped by the physical examination by a medical doctor at the AFEES (Armed Forces Entrance and Examining Station) and classified medically not qualified and given a category of 4F.


There were many who neither served, nor were drafted and that is OK.


Others went off to college and became war protestors against the Vietnam War, later ending up as college and university teachers, professors or deans and even members of Congress.


Hollywood had a big name star (Jane Fonda) that actually went to North Vietnam and posed with North Vietnamese enemy soldiers, in the presence of American prisoners of war without attempting to assist, help or otherwise report back to US officials what or who she had seen. The name Hanoi Jane is still a disgraceful name and that person is still not remorseful even now.


US veterans who returned from the war were not well received. Many were spit on and called vile names and in some cases high school friends turned their backs.


There were Veterans who protested against the war which did much to harm the men and women they left behind or served with, because of their protests. Some went on to become members of Congress and one (John Kerry) even became a presidential cabinet member for the Obama administration. Today John Kerry is active in unsanctioned international meetings and discussions with foreign enemy nations which violate federal law (The Logan Act) several times after leaving the Obama State Department. – I am the Real Truckmaster!


Opening Pandora’s Box




Opening Pandora’s Box


There was an undercurrent sweeping across America that evil was on the rampage and completely out of control. Good people were being unfairly punished and bad people were getting off scot free. Political Correctness was the order of the day and there was no choice but to get onboard or suffer the consequences. It was quite surprising when one man said no and stood firm as he was going to “Drain the Swamp”. Just who in the world did he think he was anyway?


That man was Donald J. Trump a self-made millionaire real estate tycoon and entertainer who announced he was going to run for the office of President of the United States. Among his campaign promises he was going to drain the swamp, meaning the corruption in Washington D.C. and folks were not too happy about it. Politicians wanted business as usual, big money wanted access to people in power and absolutely nobody wanted Trump to mess it up by opening Pandora’s Box.


I read somewhere that draining the swamp was like pulling the plug on a giant swimming pool or maybe like a huge cesspool or toilet bowl whereas the water dropped lower and lower unusual objects would begin to protrude higher and higher until all that was left was s big gooey mess. Mired down in the goo were all kinds of creatures, flopping around unable to get themselves out on their own. At some point as the sun began to bake the goo it turned into soft clay, before hardening to a firm crust, imbedding everything within its grasp.


What began during the 2016 Presidential campaign season with rhetoric has over the past 2 years turned into a nightmare and political reality. Petty little kingdoms began to crumble and fall, castles were uprooted and even now we’ve not seen the level of accountability that one would expect from those so high up on the political totem pole that has left so many resembling post turtles that didn’t put them up there; they don’t know how to get down off the post; and have absolutely no idea what to do while their up there.


We are barely 15 months from the 2020 Presidential Election and already the 26 Democratic post turtles are resting uncomfortably atop their posts. They boast on how to beat Trump, but don’t have the wherewithal to do so. They want to be POTUS #46 but haven’t a snowballs chance in………Arizona of getting there.


Almost to a tee every Democratic candidate wants to raise taxes, cut industrial jobs like coal and oil production; forgive college tuition for all students, regardless of their field of study or how many years they’ve been career students? They want to eliminate America’s borders, welcome in everyone and put them on the government’s dole (welfare, free stuff and so on). They approve of mass migration and taking care of illegals already in this country, but want to prosecute federal agents who enforce US laws, but want law breakers taken care of in sanctuary cities and states.


Almost every Democrat approves of abortion (murder of babies in the womb or moments after birth)? They think socialism and communism means everyone gets their own free account on social media and communal living is really cool. You don’t have to work if you don’t want to, because you can get lots of free stuff from the government. They want to reduce the carbon footprint by banning air travel and airplanes, so everyone will have to take the bus (it’s going to be quite a long trip to Hawaii).


They want to eliminate toxic gases emitted from cows and ban plastic straws while doing nothing for saving the environment. Their biggest goal besides Climate Change and the Green New Deal is to unseat President Trump at all costs. Their ideas are so absurd that members of their own party throw in the towel and are announcing they’ll vote for Trump.


The current rage is on restricting gun ownership based upon the constitutional need for certain types of firearms. Would that they spend more time on figuring out how to get gun toting criminals off the streets and their guns out of circulation instead of depriving lawful gun owners their constitutional right to own and bear arms. Keep weapons out of the hands of those institutionalized or imprisoned, but to restrict, remove or confiscate weapons from law abiding citizens seems like a bad idea.


People are really quick to criticize President Trump for the way he talks or tweets, while completely overlooking and ignoring the hateful rhetoric coming from those on the political left. It’s ok for them to attack him, but not ok for him to defend himself or go on the offensive.


If you don’t like something and have the power to change it leaves you with nobody to blame but yourself. For all those open-minded people out there once the lid is off Pandora’s Box there is no putting it back on and acting like nothing has changed. For all you Christians out there rest assured that God is on the move and has everything totally under control. You can’t surprise God! – I am the Real Truckmaster!

For What Purpose?



For What Purpose


That was the jest of Geraldo Rivera’s tweet over the ICE raids in Mississippi where 600 agents swept up 680 people who were in the country illegally. Geraldo tweeted, “For What Purpose”? So I’ll answer that question for someone who should surely know the answer, “To uphold the Rule of Law” according to the US Constitution. Local video shows school children crying as they find out their parents have been arrested. So I ask, “Whose fault is this”?


Illegal immigration has been a problem Congress has ignored for well over 50 years. I venture to say that every president since JFK has had to deal with the problem of unlawful immigration. So why hasn’t it gotten fixed? Money; power; or control – maybe we’ll never know?


The Bushes certainly knew about it. Clinton and Obama most certainly knew. Reagan knew about it. In fact every president had to know about it, because many of them came out of Congress before running for the highest office in the land.


I seem to recall then President Obama tell us that we cannot allow unvetted persons access into our nation. He also said that Obamacare would not be used on illegals. One US Representative spontaneously shouted “LIAR” and congress went nuts because someone openly challenged the President of the United States. That Representative Joe Wilson R-SC was almost censured over his outburst and apologized.


Almost 3 years ago then Candidate Trump said he would build a wall to stop illegal immigration and Congress responded by continually blaming him for fabricating this crisis. Some members have called for his impeachment, death and the overthrow of his administration. In my book that’s called Treason and the punishment is death!


What we have had is a very real national crisis whereby entire waves of foreign invaders have attempted to overwhelm CBP (Customs and Border Patrol) officials on the southern border. President Trump has gathered members of both political parties and both chambers of Congress asking for their support in increased funding for CBP and HLS; conducting Comprehensive Immigration Reform and fully funding a wall or retaining barrier to stop unlawful immigration. Not only has Congress said no, they have called for the removal of the existing wall, defunding and criminalizing CBP agents for ENFORCING US Immigration Laws, while calling the laws unfair and unlawful to enforce.


I may be wrong about this but is Congress not the place where laws are written? Do they not have the power to take an unfair law and change it? Is it not fair to say that Congress have become Law Breakers in the strictest sense of the word?


Members of Congress have gone so far as to vote against laws that would make illegals easier to identify, apprehend and prosecute. Various elected members of state and local governments have declared their entity a “sanctuary” or haven for illegals and law enforcement are forbidden to cooperate with federal immigration agents.


So to Geraldo’s question, “For What Purpose” I say this for national security, the integrity of the Rule of Law and the protection of the US Constitution on which it is based. What other purpose do you need? We are a nation of laws and a nation of basic human rights as well as rights listed under the Constitution, what we call the Bill of Rights.


When a person commits a crime, but gets away with it does it make that person any less a criminal? No, a bank robber is a bank robber is a bank robber. Because someone gets a job, maintains a low profile and lives under the radar they are no less a bank robber than when they first robbed a bank.


Same thing with killers, gang members and white collar criminals, once you commit the crime you must be prepared for doing the time. If you have family members they too will be affected for the rest of their lives and there is nobody else to blame except the one who did the crime.


US Immigration Laws provide for the arrest, prosecution and deportation of anyone who unlawfully crosses over into the United States. Furthermore anyone who helps, enables or assists someone to illegally cross into the US is also guilty and both can be permanently banned from re-entry. US citizens can be prosecuted and potentially have their citizenship revoked and they too could be deported. The law is clear, immigrate the proper way and you are welcomed, do it any other way and you are not.


Remember the life you hurt may not be just your own! – I am the Real Truckmaster!


A No Holds Barred Brawl



A No Holds Barred Brawl


Life on American streets is like nothing else and since our nations beginning it has always come down to a down and dirty fight. The Revolutionary War was unlike anything else. The Civil War was a war of brother against brother, a war on steroids. The war on drugs has kept law enforcement with one hand tied behind its back and the other in the courts, while the bad guys keep pumping those drugs in to cities across the nation. The war on terror is no exception. Terrorists (domestic or international) do not follow protocols for obedience to the laws of any nation; they use anything goes, a no holds barred Brawl where all the tools in the box are to be used regardless of consequences. You do not fight them being mister nice guy. Street rules call for street justice, right? Maybe not!


This war has been going on since the beginning of time. God created everything and with a purpose. One of God’s created beings decided to exalt him not equal to, but above the Creator God. So good was his plan that other beings followed him. God ejected him from Heaven above and banished him to the earth. God made this being the god of this world. He and his followers have control over things on the earth. When God created Adam and Eve the god of this world decided to separate man from God. The introduction of sin came in the Garden of Eden when they succumbed to temptation and blamed God for their troubles.


So here we are in 2019 with the blame game continuing to blame others for our own mistakes. Throughout time we see that man created situations where only God could remedy and rescue man. Today is no exception. Man created a political situation whereby men are oppressed. Crying out to the Lord for relief is what we tend to do best, when it’s the last thing we are beyond our own ability. We cry out to God to help us and we’ll be oh so good. Well God knows our hearts, our intentions and whether we are sincere or not. God is no genie in a bottle waiting for us to take the lid off.


We are in a situation where many think all is lost and the world is closing in around them. Their trust has been in man to deliver them. As men we are all in the same hole, so looking for someone in the hole with us to deliver us out of the hole is useless. The more we dig the muddier and stickier the situation gets, but we are still in the same hole with our condition becoming worse.


God alone sets up kings and rulers. God alone brings them down from their castles, thrones and lofty perches. Since the election of Ronald Reagan it looked like things began to turn around for our country and people became complacent. Every new president promised to do better and the people began once again to trust not in God but in man. There was GWH Bush, Clinton, GW Bush and Obama each promising a new start for America, yet the outcome was the same. Trusting in man became fruitless and promises made became broken promises as no viable solutions appeared to permanently fix what ails American.


After the disappointing years of Obama Christians began to humble themselves and pray, beseeching God for relief.  Expecting God to send a mighty Christian warrior like King David many were truly disappointed when there appeared before them a worldly man of riches, fame and fortune one who was not worthy to loosen the sandals of Jesus. This man was not what America neither expected nor deserved surely God had made a mistake?


The audacity of Donald J. Trump to announce from the gaudy Trump Towers his intention to run for the presidency! Surly God was not in this? After all he was a millionaire real estate Mongol and flaunted his wealth for all to see. Everything was all about him and he wasn’t even a politician. The saying that God works in mysterious ways comes to mind. What America needed was a champion; a fighter; someone who would bring real solutions to nationwide problems. America needed a man of steel, not a selfish man who’s only interest was himself.


During the campaign this self-made man did and said things and made claims that were absolutely ridiculous – he was going to drain the swamp. Yeah right most American’s don’t even have a swimming pool, let alone live near a swamp. He said he was going to make America great again, like America had been great before?


His crude talk was unlike any politician before him. Oh I’m sure other politicians swore and cussed, but not in public. He began attacking other Republican candidates early on, and then went on the offensive attacking “Crooked Hillary” a term that resonated with common men and women across the nation.


Things were happening behind the scenes and the general consciences was that Hillary Clinton would become the first woman president in the history of this nation, it was a given and this worm of a man had no chance in Hades of winning the 2016 election. They were wrong. It seems that everybody was wrong.


Skipping ahead the past 3 years have been filled with manufactured hate for #45, President Donald J. Trump. It’s on all the main stream media, cable news programs and television and radio talk shows, even on social media (Facebook and Twitter) that he is a racist, a white supremacy supporter and responsible for EVERY evil that befalls every country in the world. Former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher once said, “When they attack me personally it’s because they have no political argument left.”


From my perspective the evidence of hate against President Trump leads me to the conclusion that he is the right man for the job at this time in history. It appears that God brought forth a fighter who would not give up when the going got tough. In fact, Trump gets tougher. This is a fight between evil and good. Everything known to man has been thrown against Trump, but like water bouncing off a ducks back, he counter punches just a little bit harder and with no holds barred. Trump knows fully well the stakes of his presidency is an all-out war for the very soul or existence of the United States of America.


The bible tells us there is nothing new under the sun. There is a time and a place and a season for everything. This is America’s season and Donald Trump is where God has intended him to be at this time and in this place. It’s not for man’s pleasure but for God’s glory! There are many examples in the bible where God has raised up a runt or an uneducated man or men for a specific purpose.  You can read about King David, Saul or Jesus and his disciples, but I suggest reading from the book of Isaiah, Chapter 45 about King Cyrus where God raised up a man who didn’t know him, but for a specific purpose.


When the legions of hell attack you with all they have you must be doing something right and God will be pleased with the outcome that brings glory to him! – I am the Real Truckmaster!


Gun Violence vs Gun Control



Gun Violence vs Gun Control


Ever wonder why the call goes out for gun control (taking away guns from law abiding citizens) goes out after a criminal commits a “mass shooting”? We see this during election campaign seasons and well isn’t every day campaign season? What is equally interesting is why the daily shootings in inner cities like Chicago warrant no media attention, often not even a passing comment.


So I must ask the question we’re all wondering about, who is orchestrating all the gun violence? Is it the Democrats, the President, or the Congress? Maybe it’s the white supremacy or white nationalist groups, possibly Antifa? There has to be a coordinating and organizing headquarters that “schedules” for lack of a better term, these shootings, riots and spontaneous demonstrations don’t you think? I have my suspicions as to who is ultimately behind this sense only one politician campaigned on being a community organizer and hails from Chicago.


We’ve been hounded about banning assault weapons will prevent these gun killings and I hate to break it to you but assault weapons have been banned for quite some time now and there is a federal law that prohibits killing (murder) of another person that seems to get shoved into a corner somewhere out of the way so as not to stand in the way of the ban guns agenda.


Just in the past 2 days we’ve had a mass shooting in California, Texas, Ohio and Illinois. These have resulted in over 50 gun deaths and in many cases there were no armed citizens able to stop the shooting. Almost immediately and as if on que the politicians called out President Trump for causing the violence. They did the same thing right after his inauguration when gun violence sprang up suddenly and they blamed him for causing it. Next they blamed the venue for which the violence occurred, i.e. in one case Walmart as being responsible.


There were indications that the shooters were somehow connected (belonged to the same gang of domestic terrorists), or same political party as one politician or another and they were somehow responsible. It is clear that blaming the shooters was not going to happen as they once again called for banning automatic weapons. One politician basically vote for me and I’ll send the police into your home to confiscate your weapons forcibly.


Many theories have surfaced and lots of blame being spread around but have you heard of any viable solutions to end gun violence? If I remember correctly back in the days of the wild, wild west the sheriff or marshal would deputize every able bodied man with a gun and a horse and take off after the bad guys, stopping only when they were no longer breathing (Hollywood has it that way).


It wasn’t that long ago when President Trump championed a nationwide Concealed Carry Permit that was federally issued and valid in all 50 (Sorry Obama there are only 50) states. Those created uproar with nothing come from it.


In my opinion (I’m not an expert by any means) the way to stop gun violence is through education, training and licensing. This should be a mandatory training for every abled bodied man and woman over the age of 18. It could be like registering for the draft (yes they still do that) only it could be called Registering for Federal Firearms Training and Certification (FFTC) classes. The cost should be minimal yet be an investment each citizen could afford to pay.


Training is already in place in gun stores with arms dealers across the nation. The cost factor would cover the cost of fingerprinting and background checks (federal subsidy). Training would be for familiarization, safe handling of fire arms, cleaning and storage inside the home (child proofing). Successful completion would entitle a Federal Certificate, an embossed Federal FFTC/FCC permit valid nationwide. Re-certification would be required every 5 years. Successful completion would entitle the graduate to a monetary discount on the purchase of their next firearm from the venue that conducted the training.


I feel it is better to safeguard the 2nd Amendment rights of the citizen thorough proper training and licensing and enable safe self-defense of the individual and family, than to attempt to disarm law abiding citizens without a fight. It is a well-known fact that criminals prey on the unarmed citizens and are often not prepared when encountering a properly trained and armed citizen.


Some training venues available are gun dealers, shooting ranges, class 3 arms dealers, Reserve and National Guard armories with ranges and in many cases US military facilities. What is currently lacking are federal guidelines (requirements) for a standardized nationwide training program. Maybe President Trump could assemble a panel of training center representatives from all 50 states to write the training guidelines and present it to both chambers of Congress for the necessary legislation, before a Presidential Signing into law.


Bringing a solution to the table is much better than pointing fingers and doing absolutely nothing! – I am the Real Truckmaster!


There Once Was A President




There once was a President


During World War Two young men and women came together committed to serve this nation and the free world against the naked aggression of the Axis powers of Germany and Japan. A number of men went into the US Naval Reserve, while women served in the homeland as mothers, wives, sisters and aunts or went to work in factories making war machines and supplies. Other women became pilots ferrying aircraft from the factory to wherever it was needed at home and abroad. This was a time of intense patriotism and the united goal was to stop the spread of communism and aggression.


Of those who survived World War II a number of veterans went into business or politics. Of those who went into politics a select few became President of the United States. Their war experience affected and changed their lives forever. One of those men was John Fitzgerald Kennedy. During the war he commanded PT-109 and helped rescue his surviving crew after the craft was sunk in the Pacific.


Coming from a wealthy family steeped in politics he went first into the House and then in the Senate. Kennedy then ran against the incumbent Vice President Richard Nixon to win the nomination and finally became the 35th and youngest elected President of the United States at 43 inaugurated in January 1961.


Kennedy inherited a number of situations from President Eisenhower. One of great importance was a spat with Russia about Berlin, Germany and Kennedy felt that appeasement of Russia building a wall in Berlin would reduce tensions and the threat of Global Thermonuclear War.


The next situation Kennedy had to deal with was the commitment to send advisors to Vietnam to train the South Vietnamese. The overwhelming call was for combat troops in Vietnam and Kennedy was against it. In fact Kennedy ordered his chief advisor Aval Harriman to instruct the US Ambassador to India to begin negotiations with Vietnam for a peaceful settlement and the withdrawal of US advisors from Vietnam. That order was not carried out purposefully.


The third situation was the Cuban Missile Crisis where expat Cubans were trained and equipped to take the nation back from Fidel Castro. This escapade quickly failed and heightened tensions as Kennedy’s military advisors wanted to proceed with jets, bombers and troops to deal forcibly with Cuba and Kennedy said “No” and did not want to ratchet up existing high tensions with Russia without first negotiating a possible solution.


Because Kennedy was young with no experience his military advisors doubted his resolve at dealing with the overall world situation. It’s possible they did not provide Kennedy with timely or accurate information even when he requested it.


America loved the Kennedy’s and dubbed them from “Camelot”. Their two children were the focus of many television specials or photographic shots in the White House.


Kennedy envisioned an America where the sky was the limit and put into motion or set the stage for the first man on the moon mission with NASA. Kennedy wanted Americans to not depend upon government, but to strive to do their part in making America better and stronger. Kennedy began to distrust his advisors and used back channel negotiators in dealing with various world powers.


Things came to a head on November 22, 1963 in Dallas, Texas when Kennedy was assassinated and Lyndon B. Johnson was sworn in as President #36.


Conspiracy theorists wonder was it any coincidence in the assassination of South Vietnamese President just a couple of weeks before President Kennedy. There is speculation that Kennedy’s wanting to keep the US out of the war in Indochina, his not pushing forward with a Cuba invasion and allowing Russia to erect a massive wall separating Berlin into Eastern and Western Sectors all contributed to his death and not at the hands of patsy Lee Harvey Oswald. Lots of loose ends became tied up rather too quickly and the Kennedy Assassination became classified. Kennedy saw America in a different light than his predecessors in politics. Normally a quiet man, his outspokenness on issues he was passionate about had to draw enemies and made himself as a target.


Since World War II there have been only 3 presidents who did not serve in the military, William Jefferson Clinton #42, Barack Hussain Obama #44 and Donald John Trump #45. Each came from different backgrounds, two became lawyers then went on to become a governor, a community organizer and a successful businessman/entertainer and is now the sitting President of the United States.


It might surprise you that ideologically the one most closely aligned with the ideology of John F. Kennedy is Donald J. Trump. Their vision of America is one of resourcefulness and progress where we can become better as individuals and collectively as a nation. Kennedy felt negotiating from strength was the duty of America. Trump feels that negotiating with an enemy is necessary because one must always know your enemy. Although their styles and mannerisms are as different as their political party affiliations, their goal for America was/is the same.


Political parties of yesteryear are not the same political parties we deal with today. Since the days of John F. Kennedy the Democratic Party has migrated so far left that it has become all that Kennedy worked to prevent. Even the Republican Party has changed and much of that may be that Congress has changed over the years.


Everything seems to be about money, power and getting the votes, so that life in Congress goes on as it always has. Americans are smarter than that and we deserve better from our politicians. They work for US “We The People” and we must constantly remind them at the ballot box during every election.


I don’t say that these two presidents are the same, they are not. However their ideals are American ideals and not borne out of political parties or necessities. Remember we are American’s first and political parties can come and go, but America remains! – I am the Real Truckmaster!