My Fellow Americans I Have Not Jumped Off the Deep End



My Fellow Americans I Have Not Jumped Off the Deep End


For my friends (and some of you who don’t even know me) but may be wondering about my fascination with politics. It’s not become I’ve become overly politically charged but have absolutely no patients with many of the utterly stupid sayings coming out of the mouths of my fellow Americans.


I was never an American History buff in school. In fact I didn’t know anything about life outside of my home state of Idaho. Nor was I into geography either. I didn’t know where in the world was a place I’d heard about in the mid-late 1960s called South East Asia. I soon learned where it was and I had the opportunity to go there in early 1968 but that’s another story.


I live now in Colorado and since my untimely retirement I have plenty of time to ponder over things like politics, geography and to a small degree blogging (that’s online writing) which I do a fair amount of.


Politics have become flooded with what would appear to be some of the most brain-dead individuals to walk the face of the earth. It is the nature of man to survive. We spend our entire lives trying to figure out how to eat what we want, drink what we can and breath as much and as long as possible. Like I said it’s in our nature to survive.


We see ourselves as the exception to the rule and think we are invincible and will live forever. Our women run to the beauty salon where they are made beautiful. I’ve got news for you gals, it ain’t happening! Even with all that day cream, night cream, facial cream, sun block, skin block and whatever else kind of blockers they come up with no amount of plastering (pampering) is going to enhance mother nature.


The guys have that macho stuff all nailed up too. We can chop wood, hunt and fish and build ourselves our own little man cave. We don’t need to read instructions, WE ARE THE INSTRUCTIONS. We’re so macho that we can shoot the cap off a little green lizard at 40 paces without even aiming. Rambo has nothing on us. Plus we have all the boy toys you could ever ask for. We drive a big F-5000+ or a C-5500+ with a huge HEMI that pulls our boat, camper, skidoos or ATVs and the wife’s VW Bug ALL AT THE SAME TIME. Let’s face it guys we ARE all that and a bag of chips.


So why do we fail most everything? You know we’re afraid to stand for and suck at singing the National Anthem or saluting the Flag. We’re so bad that our wife has to drag us to church on Sunday’s providing the Broncos, Rams, 49ers or some other team isn’t playing.


As parents we can’t spank our kids, teach them that boys and girls are different – REALLY? Boys can’t be cowboys. Girls can’t be Barbie. Instead of 2 genders (male and female) there are now around 15? I think not there are 2 genders and over 13 mental illnesses being tolerated as genders. Everybody gets a participation trophy for life and when you grow up there’s all that free stuff waiting for you.


How did we get to this point on the planet? Abortion isn’t murder; terminal illness is reason for assisted suicide; killing is the fault of guns; cars are not driven but guided by A.I. and Climate Change is the world’s biggest problem, you’ve got to be kidding me, right? Mankind must have a propensity for being super stupid.


Before I fall off my high horse (the mechanical one at the local supermarket) let me clue you in on something that may be really new to you and your neighbors.


  1. There is but one God, and his son is Jesus.
  2. There are 10 Commandments, they are not suggestions.
  3. Boys are boys.
  4. Girls are girls.
  5. Good is good.
  6. Bad is bad.
  7. Compromise leads to disaster.
  8. Ford owners are Republicans.
  9. Chevy owners are Democrats.
  10. There are no other options.


There is right and there is wrong even in politics. If it seems right in your eyes, but wrong in the eyes of God it is wrong. Don’t buy into the political hype you see on TV or on the Internet. It is either good for everyone or not good for anyone! – I am the Real Truckmaster!


A Moment of Silence




A Moment of Silence


We ask for it to honor someone or something but what exactly does a moment of silence do anyway? Is it’s supposed to make us feel better and about what? Does it change anything? Does it make anything better? Or does it just make a bad situation worse? So why do we feel the need to “have a moment of silence” in the first place? After every natural or manmade disaster someone normally gives a briefing to recap the event including the loss of life and the number of those injured. They will often ask everyone to bow their heads for a moment of silence.


Asking others to share a moment of silence is simply a copout when it should really be a time for prayer to the God who created all. If you are seriously affected about what just happened you shouldn’t ask people to stand around and do nothing!


Jesus was asked whether it was right to pay taxes to Rome.


Luke 20:25 – He said to them, “Then render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s.”


The same principle equally applies to giving thanks and for asking for God’s divine help and intervention through prayer. If someone is killed or severely injured which is better to ask for a moment of silence or ask for help?


In today’s society it is not politically correct to recognize the supreme providence of God or to call upon his name or the name of his son Jesus because it may offend someone. I will say this, it is better to offend the whole world than to offend Almighty God.


It is like witnessing a shooting, a robbery or a motor vehicle accident and asking everyone to please observe a moment of silence instead of rendering assistance and telling others to call 911 which makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. Words bring life or death simply being spoken and a moment of silence is putting a muzzle on the mouth, shaming to insure nothing is said.


The bible tells us that the wages of sin is death so why is it that evil demands death? It is to silence and prevent words which when used in prayer can change entire circumstances and yes I know that we can pray to ourselves or under our breath and God hears our prayer.


How much better is our testimony when we shout out to Almighty God the earnest prayers of a righteous man or woman of God giving thanks in ALL THINGS and letting our voices be heard?


The bible tells us there’s a time and a season for all things yet we know that the time for prayer is now, every minute, every hour of every day. We are told and thus we know that because we pray Almighty God hears our prayers and because he hears we know that he answers our prayers. When we come boldly before the throne of God humbly in prayer we have the assurance that the answer will come in God’s perfect timing.


Whether you are alone or in a crowd when asked to observe a moment of silence, let your pray be heard loud and clear and without doubting. Declare Jesus publicly and he will declare you to the Father publicly.


Ephesians 4:29 – “Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen.”


The silence of the world is deafening and accomplishes no good purpose. – I am the Real Truckmaster!


A Bulldog in the Fight




A Bulldog in the Fight


I agree with postings about the way President Trump and his family have been continually attacked by the press, the media and by people who don’t know what they’re talking about when it comes to what, why or how he says anything. Most of the parrots are simply repeating what the talking heads of the main stream media say. Much of that is without substance anyway and I don’t rely on what any of them say. Enough is Enough!


If you want to know what the President says listen to him live and unedited. If you want to know what he tweets follow his Twitter accounts. Trump is first and foremost an American with the same constitutional rights as every other American. What you see is what you get. Trump doesn’t pretend to be something that he’s not. If he doesn’t like something he’ll tell you. If he likes something he’ll tell you that as well. People don’t get that from politicians who only want to feed you a line of crap to get votes and stay in office.


I watch people on Twitter get blocked by the President and rather than follow someone else, the go to the 9th Circuit Court or a District Judge to sue Trump to unblock them, saying they are denied their first amendment rights. That’s stupid. Do they do that to everyone who blocks them? No they don’t. All people want to do is exercise their rights and denying Trump his rights is ok? I don’t think so.


I voted for Trump in 2016 and I didn’t vote for a namby-pamby wishy-washy politician to be President. I voted for someone who was NOT a politician and I‘m glad I did. I want someone to shake up business as usual in Washington DC, especially on Capitol Hill. Shake up is an understatement! You cannot nor should you judge a book by its cover and the book of Trump is no exception, read the entire book. Those who criticize him do so based on what others have said that Trump said and that’s not only wrong but foolish on their part. There’s more to Trump than meets the eye and no it’s not Russia or any other foreign power. Never have I heard nor seen someone more committed to America First and follow it up with action. Politicians don’t want to offend potential voters, while Trump offends everyone who sees themselves as being far above him. They are wrong in a big, big way.


There seems to be a lot of gum flapping about Hillary getting more votes than Trump. That may be true since there have been a lot of voter fraud having been uncovered since the 2016 election with only a fraction of them prosecuted. That is precisely why the Electoral College is part of the electoral process, to insure that every vote counts. No other country does that, but we do and for a purpose.


President Trump has done more FOR AMERICA in the past two plus years than any other president during their entire tenure in office while fighting against a negative media campaign against him and politicians in Congress determined to prevent him from serving out his term. I venture to say that they are their own worst enemies. They are simply insuring another Trump victory in 2020.


With President Donald J. Trump you either like him or hate him there is no in between. That is your right as an American and as an individual. It is also your right and your responsibility to stop following the media’s talking heads and listen to what the President says and does and judge his motivations for yourself. Is he seeking personal gain, more wealth and more power at YOUR expense? I think not. Who in the world would trade his vast fortune, the power and prestige of his self-made empire for the opportunity to suffer constant humiliation FOR AMERICA? Name one politician who gave it all up to become a public servant for the cause of America since George Washington? Name one? America needs a bulldog in the White House and his name is Trump! – I am the Real Truckmaster!


Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen



Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen


Have you dined out at one of those fine dining establishments? Have you ever peered into the kitchen? If so what did you see, lots of people performing a variety of tasks related to meal creation, preparation and kitchen cleanup. There may be bakers, pie makers, pasta guys and specialty cooks, but there is only one chief cook and bottle washer and he’s the Head Chef. Every morsel must pass HIS test and made to his standard or it doesn’t get served.


The same thing is true on a job, there are workers doing specific skills and always there is a supervisor or shift leader making sure the work gets done. Usually there is a quality control team insuring products meet company standards. There may be a project manager or an overall superintendent or shop foreman. Ultimately there is an owner, corporate executive or board of directors looking at the bottom line. Nothing gets past them.


So what about government? How is the US government similar or dis-similar to a normal bottom line corporation? Because there are so many moving parts the government is a top down organization. At the top is the Executive Branch (President) with the constitutional duty and authority to set and administer government policy both domestically and internationally. The President is the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, appoints the heads of various cabinet officers and allocates funding to various agencies, which fall under this authority. The Legislative Branch (Congress) who set through legislation the laws according to the Rule of Law (Constitution) and they determine projects or agencies for taxpayer funding, protects the rights of its citizens and ensures national security. The Judicial Branch where the Supreme Court settles legal disputes by determining whether they follow the Rule of Law or not and issues final decisions pertaining to the case before it.


The US government is a Constitutional-Republic where the Constitution is the Rule of Law. It is the government’s primary responsibility is by the people, for the people and to the people and not the other way around. What we see in Congress today is basically too many chefs’ caps and not enough knowledgeable cooks so if you can’t cook – Get out of the kitchen! There are 535 members of Congress (435 in the House, 100 in the Senate) and every member of Congress who is not actively legislating to make America safe, secure and prosperous is acting like a “fake” Chef – All Hat and no gravy!


It’s hard to place the blame on members of Congress when they fail to represent the voters who sent them to Capitol Hill. They run for Congress for a variety of reasons, promising the moon and beyond but unless they are actively shooting for the moon they fail the voters who they claim to represent.


Fool me once, it’s on me; fool me twice it’s on you, right? Well what about those members of Congress who bought into a Congressional retirement plan and feel it is their duty to stay until retirement? For those who have been in office past 2 terms I ask what have you done for our country? Have you made live better or safer? Have you approved much needed infrastructure projects that benefit the nation, or have you simply pushed the pork for your state? Are you personally wealthier now than you were before you first took office? Is your motto one of America First? Have you kept in touch with your constituents? Do you even remember their names? Or are you simply another one of those Congressional Homestead Rangers who’ve set their sights on higher political office and this was just one of those stepping stones.


I’m not the answer man by any means, but it’s important to remember where you came from and how you got to where you are? If you were to go “undercover” back in your home state or district and into the job you had before being elected could you still do the job?


Patriotism is not about any political office or rung on the ladder, it’s about putting the country ahead of yourself and doing everything within your power (and then some) to insure that the United States of America is better because you served in elected office. It’s about being honest in all that you do and benefitting everyone by putting your politics in action.


Putting the welfare of the nation does not mean making the nation a welfare state! – I am the Real Truckmaster!


Triggering Not With A Weapon



Triggering Not With A Weapon


Recently Freshman Rep. Ilhan Abdullah Omar (D-MN) said of 9/11 it was only “some people doing something”. Which triggered a response from President Trump that included a video of the Twin Towers on 9/11/01 and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said President Trump’s tweed put Rep. Omar’s life in jeopardy as she began receiving death threats. Omar’s statement came across as anti-American and called into question her loyalty toward the USA. Freshman Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez recently claimed that people should stop posting photos of 9/11 because they are triggers, You Think? By now you would think that everyone knows for every action there is an opposite yet sometimes unequal reaction which we call consequences and one of them may be called triggers.


So let’s talk about triggers.


During my youthful days there was a cowboy named Roy Rogers with a horse named “Trigger”. The horse was later stuffed and put on displayed in the Roy Rogers and Dale Evans Museum in California where it remained until the museum closed a few years ago and I couldn’t tell you where Trigger is today.


When Donald Trump announced he was running for President of the United States people thought it was a publicity stunt. It was soon very apparent that Trump would beat all odds to take the GOP nomination and the 2016 election. Hillary Clinton was upstaged and from that point on the name Trump became a trigger. So much so that every word, tweet, catch phrase or abbreviation uttered by the President triggered a complete snowflake meltdown that continues even today with the never-Trumpers.


Out of that meltdown the word “snowflake” became a trigger identifiable by grown adults using diaper pins to identify with TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome), grabbing a box of tissues and going to their safe place all because President Trump won the election.


So then TDS became  a trigger identifiable by liberal Dems in Congress and throughout the nation.


Candidate Trump said he was going to “Build the Wall” which immediately became a trigger because it represents a blocking illegal immigration into the USA. Just saying the words causes liberals and Dems alike to have another meltdown. What does the Wall really represent to normal thinking American’s across the nation – National Security!


Candidate Trump also campaigned on “Draining the Swamp” which caused an untold number of politicians, lobbyists and other financial backers to become unhinged (TDS). Nobody knew there was a swamp, but since then we’ve see some pretty strange things happened with politicians and in Washington DC. What does the Swamp really represent – Corruption in Government!


The President rescued three young American athletic, who were caught stealing sunglasses from several shops near their hotel, from an untold number of years in a Chinese jail. The father of one of the boys who was traveling with the athletes in China said it was no big deal.


This was shortly after the inauguration in 2017, Do you think Trump will get a thank you?” asked the President. The thieves apologized and almost immediately recanted saying they were made to apologize in order to stay in school. The media made it into a big deal out of nothing. To this day I’ve never heard one sincere apology by anyone to the President for stepping in and bringing home. It simply became a trigger for the media.


Another incident began with Colin Kapernick kneeling rather than standing for the National Anthem at an NFL Football game. The President responded that anyone who doesn’t stand or respect the anthem or the flag should be fired from the NFL. That was a trigger which NFL teams and the NFL chose to side with the players. The media decided to stop broadcasting the National Anthem prior to NFL games. Kneeling became the trigger which spread this disrespectful behavior all the way down into local schools across the nation. Some on the US Olympic Team refused to stand for the US National Anthem as they knelt in solidarity with Colin Kapernick, a fact that Kapernick triggered all by himself.


Candidate Trump reported that Trump campaign offices in Trump Tower had been wiretapped illegally by the Obama DOJ and that also became a trigger.


Recent triggers are the red M.A.G.A. (Make America Great Again) hats that the President made famous and available during the rallies and continue being sold online and in stores today. The Dems and the leftists want you to believe that MAGA hats are the equivalent of the KKK hoods (MAGA is the new KKK) which is laughable.


How would afraid would you be if in an eatery with your friends enjoying a burger and fries. A group of guys with their red MAGA hats on backwards, pulled down covering their faces and posing a serious threat? How would that look anyway?


The real threat is having liberal leftists beating, punching or throwing food on the person wearing the MAGA hat, then snatching the hat and walking away laughing.


Using the Second Amendment as a pretense for nullifying the right to bear arms from the Constitution is also a trigger, one that brings out Constitutionalists and Patriots alike in defense of the Bill of Rights. To be offended is a choice. To use being offended as is a trigger and then acting upon it against another is also a choice. What I find is the best use of a trigger is the one on a firearm that sends a projectile downrange toward the target. – I am the Real Truckmaster!


White Nationalist in the Military and Palestinian in Congress



White Nationalist in the Military and Palestinian in Congress


Today’s article in Military.Com is about the investigation of a USAF Master Sergeant’s ties to a White Nationalist Organization. According to the info presented this sergeant and others were photographed identify with a White Nationalist group called Evropa. The military deals with matters such as this according to the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) and the offender can be removed from military service.


Earlier in the week newly elected US Representative Rashida Tliab (D-MI) one of the first two Muslim-American women elected to Congress was photographed with an accompanying statement that she was “more Palestinian in Congress”. Since Palestine is not even a country, it’s more akin to ISIS or Al-Qaida as it occupies the West Bank of Israel. How does Congress handle members who go off the rails, particularly when facing calls of racism or worse for calling out the inappropriate and anti-American behavior of its members – Impeachment; censure; or removal from office?


Both are representative of social cancers in today’s society, but which is the larger cancer, White Nationalism in the military or Terrorism represented in Congress? Let me take a guess……. I’d say they both present dangers to the American way of life.


These are by far not the only dangers facing our nation and our society today. There are factions who are complacent with what’s going on and they simply stick their proverbial heads in the sand and wait for it to just blow over. Others actively seek to discredit the government, the citizens who don’t agree with their views and use mass misinformation, threats and intimidation.


Yet there are still those who see the Constitution as the Rule of Law that applies to all Americans and provides for the civil rights of every citizen regardless of race, religion, creed or national origin. Congress has decreed that sexual orientation is also protected by law.


There are proponents attempting to validate the notion that there are simply not 2 genders (male and female), but rather as many as 15 differing genders that must be accepted as normal. The Bible warns us that there will be those who cater to their own whims and believe whatever they can think up or speak as truth. The danger is allowing their nonsense to change or take away from what the Word of God says. In the book of Genesis we are clearly told that God created them male and female. That is truth and no amount of rationalizing will change that.


We are told that we are to be tolerant of other religions, while the Word of God tells us that we are to have no other gods before our God. Just as there can be either light or darkness, there is no room for compromise. God is a jealous God and it is in our best interests to obey HIS commandments and follow the teachings of his son Jesus so that we may live in peace with our neighbors and our days will be long.


We are going through a phase where entire generations have been fed the false lies and twisted truths that tear down, rather than build up. Our nation is at a moral crisis and it will be the power of the living God that endures through it all. As we approach this Resurrection Sunday we must reflect on what is really important, to follow the ways of the world, or the ways of God. One leads to an eternal death and the other to eternal life. God loves you unconditionally just as you are. Will you call upon the name of the Lord (Jesus) and accept his love and mercy or will you reject him, your choice? – I am the Real Truckmaster!


Un-American Versus Racist in the USA




Un-American Versus Racist in the USA


There’s an age old saying “When in Rome do as the Romans do”, well this isn’t Rome! In fact this is the United States of America, the land of the free and the home of the brave, from sea to shining sea. Get the picture?


Take the April 16th 2019 issue in Laguna Beach, California where police vehicles were rebadged with Stars and Stripes Police logos and immigrants became fearful and offended at the logo because they say it’s racist. Others express legitimate concerns about violating the US Flag Code with the Stars and Stripes lettering.


For those who’ve served in the US military overseas seeing the Stars and Stripes flying high over a US military installation, a US Consulate or US Embassy evokes a strong sense of pride and patriotism. That same flag strikes fear into the hearts of our enemies who are committed to doing us harm.


If you were born here but have never served in the US military or traveled outside the continental United States you probably don’t understand. If your idea of going to a foreign country is going down to Texas, Arizona or California so you can cross over into Mexico to party on the beach or buy trinkets to impress your friends during spring break, you still don’t understand.


However if you migrated to this country from Europe, Asia or elsewhere because you wanted a better life for yourself and your family and you came across the border legally following the US immigration guidelines, obtained employment, an education and struggled hard to raise your children to grow up respecting this nation and what it represents to grab hold of the American Dream you know perfectly well why you came and you are forever grateful for the opportunity to be here and America welcomed you with open arms.


BUT, IF you came here illegally or to do harm you had better stop and take notice because this is not a nation where you can come in demanding anything and if you are offended and fearful because you see the Flag of the United States (the Stars and Stripes) waving in the breeze from a flagpole or a flag decal affixed to a motor vehicle – get over it! Choosing to be offended is a choice that you make because you are not willing to adjust to the laws of this nation. The time is passed when the so called “Offended Minority” has any say at all on what is right or wrong in their eyes. The cultural norms of your home country do not apply here. There is no recognized gang-style mobs ruling the streets and no Sharia Law authorized to operate within the United States.


The rule of law comes from the Constitution of the United States of America, Period and it is based upon the commandments and principles set forth by the Bible, not the Koran! If you are operating outside of US law you are wrong. Your actions are not constitutional and can result in your being arrested, detained and deported dependent upon your immigration or legal status and your unlawful conduct. If you have obtained naturalized citizenship it can be revoked and you can be deported and banned from legally entering the US. If you are a US citizen who has actively assisted the illegal crossing of non-citizens you may find yourself being prosecuted and facing fines or imprisonment for violating US Immigration Laws. It doesn’t matter who you are, if you reside in the United States you are responsible to honor the US flag, the National Anthem and for obeying ALL US LAWS!


No matter what the greatest legal minds are telling you, the Constitution protects the civil rights of US citizens and does not apply to non-US citizens. If you desire to obtain those civil rights you must become a US citizen. There is no other way!


The time is now for the abolishment of so called “sanctuary” cities and states and the chief administrator to be held accountable for the deliberate destruction of the society under their control. Public servants such as Mayors, state and city AG’s, Governor’s and even Judges do not operate outside the law. Members of political parties who sew discord and encourage or promote lawlessness are also to be held accountable for their actions, at least when elections come every 4 years. Voters must take a close look at the individuals running for political office and ask themselves some very important questions –


“Is this person representing ME in the State Legislature or at the Federal Legislature level?”

“Has the track record of this person benefited me or my community personally?”

“Do I feel confident that this person has MY best interests at heart?”

“Has this person kept their campaign promises?”


If you answered “NO” to any of these questions it’s time to reevaluate how you vote in the next election. Don’t simply go down party lines, but look at the individuals, listen to what they say they will do and how do they measure up with their past performances?


Don’t allow the media or Facebook to influence YOUR decision at the ballot box. Do your own homework and research the candidates, listen to them speak to understand whether they can deliver on those promises. Politicians who promise the moon and deliver nada are to be shunned.


The uninformed voter is not only a liability to the nation but to themselves. Knowledge is power and ignorance is bliss. If you don’t stand for something you will fall for anything! – I am the Real Truckmaster!