Justice For January 6th Readiness Exercise


Justice for January 6th Readiness Exercise

For a number of years I volunteered for my county’s Citizens Emergency Response Team, then as an IT volunteer for the county sheriff’s office. Clearly I Back the Blue; love my country; support and defend the Constitution against all enemies both foreign and domestic; and I am not alone.

What many on the left do not understand about MAGA supporters. We are openly unafraid to stand together when the cause is freedom or involved our rights guaranteed under the Constitution. We will line the streets, convoy boats, sailing craft, cars, and golf carts or walk literally for miles to show our support for the 45th President of the United States, but very few politicians soliciting GOP voters. We do not self-activate or respond when an anonymous call goes out arbitrarily announcing what amounts to a flash-mob or a rally.

Based on my prior military training and knowledge, and being aware of LEO training it seems appropriate to conduct a realistic active shooter scenario at a prominent facility or government property. It is also appropriate that the media be invited to film the entire exercise so as to document the preparedness of LEOs from a host of differing agencies.

This exercise was dreamed up in some high level command center and mapped out what agencies would be involved, what areas they would cover and how they would conduct massive crowd control thereby preventing a repeat of the atrocious insurrection of January 6th. The men and women who remain in custody without charges mind you would be the perfect “bait”.

Everyone knows how Trump supporters are the perfect patsy’s because they view their cause as noble and brave.

At the end of the day when reality set in there were but a few “protesters”, lots of media field reporters, cameras and a whole lot of both plainclothes undercover and uniformed SWAT units near the US Capital building which was completely enclosed with fencing to protect what Speaker Pelosi calls the “Temple of Democracy”. It’s too bad that on the real January 6th LEO commands were totally unprepared, unwilling or ordered not to respond, until it was too late.

Also too bad is that President Biden was flown out of the White House to Delaware, Speaker Pelosi and who knows how many other legislators were on a “fact finding” mission to Great Brittan. I’m sure the facts that Pelosi discovered were clearly expressed to her party by British loyalists who told her “Trump Won – Go Home”.

We must not forget the more than 14,000 illegal invaders amassing near Del Rio, Texas where more than 200,000 have crossed over into the US during the month of August at the expressed request of President Biden and his administration in violation of current US Immigration Laws.

Also the more than 95,000 Afghan evacuees who have been airlifted into American states, towns and cities and/or displacing US military personnel in troop billets on select military bases.  

I’m sure this “readiness exercise” was to take our eyes and focus off the immigration crisis and the fact that more than 100 Americans are still stuck in Afghanistan while the US government leaders are on vacation of fantasy tours overseas.

I saw one video where an older gentleman dressed over the top in patriotic “gear” making him appear to be a MAGA supporter was facing down an entire SWAT team. Another video showed police escorting a very upset gentleman to a much calmer place nearby. Other than that most of the video footage and still shots are of LEOs in various stages of “uniform”, like high school kids on spring break.

Let me say this to the leadership of various DOJ bureaus, agencies and departments – why not conduct real world security training where it is needed most – ON THE SOUTHERN BORDER! – I am the Real Truckmaster!



The Political Life of Joseph R Biden Jr


The Political Life of Joseph R Biden Jr

I think I’ve figured it out. Unlike a book titled “Everything you need to know about Women” that is basically a front and back cover with a blank page inside.

But if someone was going to write a book on President Biden who better to write the book than a famous actor, author, comedian, film producer, director and screenwriter 95-year old Mel Brooks who could then go on to write a screenplay and a movie titled “Build Back Better – The Joe Biden Story” in like with Blazing Saddles, The History of the World Part 1 and so many others.

Remember the “Life is like a box of chocolates” from Forest Gump? Well in the world of Joe Biden, life is a treasure trove of gaffs, bumps and of course stumbles up a flight of stairs on AF One.

Unlike Joe Biden who has no prior military history, Mel Brooks was an Army Corporal during WWII and I’m sure he experienced a number of events and presidential firsts during his years in Hollywood.

Starting with Biden’s political life after a failed business venture where heading up a corporate law firm just didn’t bring home the bacon so he went into politics. It’s a well-known proven fact that politics is where the pork is and greasing the skids there’s always enough to go around.

The political chapter in Congress is quite lengthy but without any significant accomplishments to speak of. Biden had a number of personal tragedies and heartaches as well as disappointing failures at running for President. Biden was known as being outspoken and cantankerous, willing to brawl at the drop of a hat.

The rise to the Vice Presidency was an accomplishment he should have been proud of. After all he was Barack Obama’s number two, right-hand man, given a number of foreign policy assignments that put him on the world stage. It would have been the best jumping off point for anyone’s political career – going out on top.

However the taste of the presidency was going to be his last chance to become the leader of the free world and place his mark upon foreign policy and the world. It seemed that his standing among fellow democrats placed him near the bottom of the political pile and his crossing the finish line was all but impossible until his party handlers pulled out all stops. Nothing was off the table when it came to running for the White House and in the end Biden got both the party nomination and the presidency against a political rival that had been demonized  his entire presidency.

Like cream rising to the top, steam vapors and the smell of ……. well aromas in the air the “trust me I’m from the government” sales pitch of President Joe Biden’s Build Back Better is completely opposite of what we see. Unchecked migration, increasing virus mandates, weakening of the military defense posture, alienating of our allies, enabling of our enemies, abandoning of US civilians in Afghanistan, a sinking economy and the virtual destroying of the nation are all trademarks of the Biden administration.

At least with a Mel Brooks book one can close the book or with a movie just turn it off. Not so in real life as the national security of our nation has been seriously compromised and the progressive liberal Congress is complicit or actively participants in its destruction. – I am the Real Truckmaster!



The Capital Riot Hoax


The Capital Riot Hoax

I have to hand it to them unless it’s Donald Trump asking if they need help the Temple of Democracy is showing they can handle anything that comes their way. The fence is up, National Guard on standby as a backup for the Capital Police and before the end of today the barricaded Capital Building will become an impregnatable fortress again. The only thing missing is a credible threat.

It’s floating around on social media that MAGA people will converge on the Nation’s Capital on September 18th, 2021 protesting the political hostages of January 6th, many of whom are being held in solitary-like confinement without being charged since the insurrection.

Back to the impending Insurrection 2.0 where the liberal left has swung into overdrive to curb those pesky Trumpers so they don’t interfere with the United States Congress in the performance of their official duties like last time.

If I remember right President Trump announced a rally in D.C. on January 6th to urge voters to watch the counting and certifying of EC ballots. Marchers walked for 45 minutes down to the Capital Building just in time to witness Antifa-like individuals grabbing Trump and MAGA gear as they were let into the Capital by Capital Police officers. When challenged by real MAGA folks, the rowdy bunch simply cussed them out and continued inside.

Since I and others have heard nothing from Trump or what a rally would accomplish I have to wonder if some ultra-smart leftist thought the whiff of another insurrection-like event would sort of take America’s mind off the Biden immigration fiasco or the mandatory vaccination debacle or even the failed Afghanistan withdrawal or more closer to home the treasonous acts of General Milley.

It really does seem like Biden’s Build Back Better slogan is nothing but a slogan. Speaker Pelosi says President Biden is perfect since he knows foreign policy. I’d venture to say Biden hardly knows that he’s president most of the time and his policies both foreign and domestic will cause the ultimate collapse of the US economy unless an unforeseen miracle occurs like yesterday. And more importantly Joe Biden has never, ever been perfect for any occasion or political office.

Name one thing that Biden has accomplished during his 37 years in Congress, 8 years as Vice President or 9 months as President? Has he cured world peace; cancer; stopped the virus; or gotten the US out of a major war without surrendering? Elections have consequences! – I am the Real Truckmaster!



Nothing New Under the Sun in Politics


Nothing New Under the Sun in Politics

I’ve been going back over some of my blog articles, notes and political ranting of the past several years.

I have come to the realization that as the bible says in Ecclesiastics 1:9 “What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun.”

That saying is especially true when it comes to politics.

During the 2009 – 2016 President Obama dealt with a nation suffered from a struggling economy, high taxes, homelessness, a failed healthcare system and illegal immigration. Remember the Freddy Mack and Fannie Mae fiasco? Communities across the nation were attempting to eliminate homeless camps? Lots of folks were without healthcare? Illegals were flooding across the border?

In 2017 – 2021 President Trump tackled the economy; taxes; homelessness; Obamacare; immigration; the Chinese virus and a hostile media and an even more hostile Democratic congress? Even so efforts by Donald Trump were aimed to restore pride in America.

In 2021 President Biden began earnestly dismantling Trump’s legacy by stopping border wall construction, an open immigration and an authoritarian approach to handling the virus, masking, social distancing and vaccinations for the general population, but not for members of congress and select government agencies.

In 1981 when President Reagan was shot, our government went into crisis mode and while Vice President Bush was airborne in Air Force Two, the Secretary of State Alexander Haig ordered the VP to return to Washington and announced to the nation that everything was fine because he was now in charge.

After the events of January 6th 2021 Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Milley, in consultation with the leaders of congressional democrats in both the House and the Senate, determined in his mind that President Trump was unstable. He then took it upon himself to contact military leaders of several foreign countries both allies and enemies of the US and assured them everything was fine and he was in charge. What Milley failed to do was advice President Trump that he was committing treason.

In each case appointed cabinet members took it upon themselves to grab the reins of government in clear violation of the line of succession or under the Constitution even though they may have felt justified.

I wonder who General Milley is contacting while holding down the appointed position of Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff under President Biden, who is clearly and visibly unstable and ill prepared for the office of President. – I am the Real Truckmaster



Treason from the Pentagon

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Army Gen. Mark A. Milley testifies before the House Appropriations Committee-Defense on the Fiscal 2022 Department of Defense Budget in the Pentagon Press Briefing Room, Washington, D.C., May 27, 2021. Defense Department Photo


Treason from the Pentagon

I wrote my initial blog on the duties of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff after reading a letter by House Speaker Pelosi where she states contacting General Milley directly about not following orders from President Trump.

As I said in my July 16, 2021 blog The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff that was not Pelosi’s call to make, nor Milley’s to follow.

As the Chairman it is Milley’s duty to advise the President on military affairs. Milley failed in those duties and he should have resigned. What we have since learned as Bob Woodward’s book Peril is about to be released, the problem is much worse.

As the November 3rd 2020 election loomed nearer according to this 9-15-2021 NPR article General Milley felt so strongly about Trump that he spoke to his Chinese counterpart, as well as other world military leaders both in October and in January and felt justified that his actions were simply conducting his official duties of his office, instead of coming to his boss, submitting his letter of resignation and leaving his appointed office.

The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (CJCS) is the highest-ranking and most senior military officer in the United States Armed Forces[3] and is the principal military advisor to the president, the National Security Council,[4] the Homeland Security Council,[4] and the secretary of defense.[4][5] While the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff outranks all other commissioned officers, the chairman is prohibited by law from having operational command authority over the armed forces; however, the chairman does assist the president and the secretary of defense in exercising their command functions.[6]

The chairman convenes the meetings and coordinates the efforts of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS), an advisory body within the Department of Defense comprising the chairman, the vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the chief of staff of the Army, the commandant of the Marine Corps, the chief of naval operations, the chief of staff of the Air Force, the chief of space operations, and the chief of the National Guard Bureau.[4] The post of a statutory and permanent Joint Chiefs of Staff chair was created by the 1949 amendments to the National Security Act of 1947. The 1986 Goldwater–Nichols Act elevated the chairman from the first among equals to becoming the “principal military advisor” to the president and the secretary of defense.

The Joint Staff, managed by the director of the Joint Staff and consisting of military personnel from all the services, assists the chairman in fulfilling his duties to the president and secretary of defense, and functions as a conduit and collector of information between the chairman and the combatant commanders. The National Military Command Center (NMCC) is part of the Joint Staff operations directorate (J-3).

Although the office of Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff is considered very important and highly prestigious, neither the chairman, the vice chairman, nor the Joint Chiefs of Staff as a body has any command authority over combatant forces. The Goldwater–Nichols Act places the operational chain of command from the president to the secretary of defense directly to the commanders of the unified combatant commands.[7] However the services chiefs do have authority over personnel assignments and oversight over resources and personnel allocated to the combatant commands within their respective services (derived from the service secretaries).

The chairman may also transmit communications to the combatant commanders from the president and secretary of defense[8] as well as allocate additional funding to the combatant commanders if necessary.[9] The chairman also performs all other functions prescribed under 10 U.S.C. § 153 or allocates those duties and responsibilities to other officers in the joint staff under his or her name.

General Milley also went to the heads of Trump cabinet officials about his plans and military commanders and fellow officers basically ordering their allegiance to him and not obeying the President’s orders without him authorizing it.

Does the oath of office not say “I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the officers appointed over me”?

The last time I checked the Chairman is not the President of the United States, nor is he appointed over any military service personnel.

The Chairman is the highest ranking military advisor to the President and has no command authority over any troops whatsoever. By virtue of his actions and his words General Milley is not an honorable man and should resign, to be faced with military and federal law as a co-conspirator of a coup.

The fact that President Biden supports and feels Milley’s actions are justified has no merit and only makes Biden complicit along with every elected official and military member who chose to be on the wrong side of this issue.

Elected officials can and should be impeached; military members can and should be courts marshalled under the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ).

Hatred of former President Trump must not be the basis for shredding and ignoring the Constitution of the United States.

We are seeing how lack of sound military advice can turn a well-organized troop withdrawal from a combat zone into a national disaster at the cost of American and Allied lives. Chairman Milley is doing further harm to our nation by attempting to justify his treasonous actions.

Americans deserve better. – I am the Real Truckmaster!



Presidents In My Lifetime


Presidents In My Lifetime

These are the Presidents of the United States during my lifetime, six during my military years (1968 – 1990) and five in the years after leaving the military.

Harry S. Truman 1945 – 1953

Dwight D. Eisenhower 1953 – 1961

John F. Kennedy 1961 – 1963

Lyndon B. Johnson 1963 – 1969

Richard M. Nixon 1969 – 1974

Gerald Ford 1974 – 1977

Jimmy Carter 1977 – 1981

Ronald Reagan 1981 – 1989

George H. W. Bush 1969 – 1993

William J. Clinton 1993 – 2001

George W. Bush 2001 – 2009

Barack H. Obama 2009 – 2017

Donald J. Trump 2017 – 2021

Joseph R. Biden Jr. 2021 – Present

I have never been politically active until after retiring from the military. What I have witnessed and continue to witness cause me to go back and reevaluate what I thought I knew about these leaders of the free world.

My first wakeup call was the defeat of GHW Bush and the election of WJ Clinton in the 1992 election. I was so sure that Bush would win that I suffered a real letdown when it was called for Clinton. I couldn’t understand how the God I had come to know would let it happen.

I watched as terrorists attacked the USS Cole and US embassies and facilities around the world without so much as a by-your-leave from Clinton. I learned that Clinton was the only certified draft dodger (pardoned by Ford) to be elected President. Then there was the red dress incident. I clearly couldn’t understand why, but I figured that America wanted what we wanted so God let us have it.

And then when the 2000 “hanging chad” election was called for GW Bush amid all the rumors. But when 9-11 happened I saw a side of Bush that made me proud to be an American. He took command of the situation and took decisive action officially beginning the war on terror. If you were not for us, you were against us. I even wrote a letter to GW Bush telling him that God had him where he was for such a day as this (I sure wish I had kept a copy).

I was at a tire service center when a news brief came on about Bush and this is the very first time I heard an active duty sergeant being disrespectful toward the President, obviously angry about the soldiers who were killed during this war on terror. I had always been told to be respectful of authority and especially the President.

During the 2008 election, term limits kept Bush from running for a 3rd term, so I voted for McCain, but not so much for him but his running mate Governor Sarah Palin, who the media kept comparing her to Obama.

Secretly I hoped the GOP would nominate her and McCain for VP.

The election was called for Obama as America wanted once again what they wanted, a young black politician who would put minorities on an even footing. What we got was anything but that and the Democratic steamrolling of America had begun. I wrote to Obama letting him know some concerns I had and how he alone could alleviate them. I still have his response which didn’t address anything I had written about.

Fanny Mae, Freddie Mack, Affordable Care Act, Acorn just to name a few and then the debacle of Benghazi 9-11-2012 where requests for assistance were denied and/or ignored. I watched as the only response was “it began with a video” and that man was arrested, even while the battle raged in Libya. But the takedown and killing of Bin Laden was televised to the National Security Counsel who watched in horror and anticipation. Why wasn’t the live feed from Benghazi given the same priority? Obama, Biden, Clinton MIA when it mattered most. I was sure the election of 2012 would bring about a change and my vote was for Romney. Once again I was surprised when Obama won that election.

The election of 2016 had the same tired political names, some newcomers CEOs and such, but the DNC favorite was Hillary Clinton. In 2008 her chance was taken away, but now it was her time and she knew it. It was Clinton vs Trump and he wasn’t even a politician, but when the dust settled the election was called for Trump and American went into shock.

On 1-20-2017 the Insurrection began in an attempt to prevent Trump from being successful as president. From the beginning it was Russia, Russia, Russia, the Mueller Special Investigation lasted what seemed a lifetime but acquitted Trump.

I have written Trump 2 or 3 letters and received actual responses to what I had written about. I probably didn’t change his method of operation or actions as President, but I was satisfied with getting an answer when I wrote.

Trump’s Ukrainian phone call was grounds for Impeachment said Pelosi, but the acquittal wasn’t acceptable for here. Something drastic had to be done to insure Trump would not win re-election. Pelosi even said during a televised interview that he would not be president in 2021, one way or another. Do you thing anyone was paying attention? I was, but with all the insider activities, after dark shifting of ballots more had to be done because Trump was contesting the election results. It was determined that the fix was in and 1-6-2021 when the electoral ballots were to be counted and certified a last minute hail-Mary was launched to coincide with Trumps MAGA rally not far from the Capital.

Calling it an insurrection or a coup was a stretch. By definition a coup or an insurrection is to remove the head of government, in this case the President, which was Trump. How could he coup himself and do so without weapons or violence? Antifa was the answer and were seen being escorted into the Capital as MAGA people began arriving from the rally.

The media blitz over the air waves and the internet sealed the deal and immediately Pelosi launched Impeachment 2.0 and set about removing Trump from office just 2 weeks before his term would expire. The impeachment lasted after Trump left office and he was acquitted once again. The coup wasn’t over yet as Pelosi attempted to strip him of benefits of a former president and prevent any president who has been impeached from running for any political office again. That was a flop too.

What I see are akin to the stars aligning in a way as to reveal these political figures in a way I never considered before. I learned that McCain although a Vietnam POW and war hero was not so much as a politician. He became set in his ways and was thoroughly politicized up until his death. Romney may have been a decent governor, but shortly after losing his bid for the President, he was elected as a senator in a whole different state. As a senator I saw a side of him as a RINO where he continually went against his party cohorts causing a number of favorable bills to fail.

I saw that President Trump was forbidden to attend McCain’s funeral, GHW Bushes funeral, and Rep. John Lewis’ funeral as if it was the thing to do. I watched as every living former president all congregated together but the sitting President was forbidden to attend. Such dorks. Trump Derangement Syndrome is still alive, even today. During the 9-11-2021 ceremony in New York City, President Biden and all the living former presidents and first ladies who were able to attend were there, except Trump. It turns out Trump was in New York city visiting police and firefighters, shaking hands, doing photo ops and being well received. Not so much with the Biden VIP presidential group.

I have a book on the Illuminati and somewhere I remember reading about presidents and former presidents who are members. I saw Bushes, Clinton and others but I didn’t see Trump’s name in the book at all.

In case you haven’t been following my blog posts, I have written well over 900 thus far, dating back to 2017 documenting the events of the Trump presidency and national crises as they happened.

I don’t claim to have all or any of the answers, but I have God-given common sense to recognize when things just don’t make sense. I am the Real Truckmaster!



The Failed Presidency of Joe Biden


The Failed Presidency of Joe Biden

To date the highlight of the Biden presidency is his 9/10-2021 proclamation of vaccine mandates for thee and not for me (or my clan). By clan I mean the extended Biden Crime Cartel that includes members of Congress, social media heads and ill-informed Biden voters (both dead and alive).

Biden sees his major accomplishment as erasing Trump (policies and loyalists) from the annals of government. Stopping the oil pipeline, the wall and flooding our nation with illegal and undocumented migrant men, women and children amounts to an assault on our nation’s sovereignty.

The manner of Biden’s withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan sent messages to world leaders and our enemies alike who consider him a weak president, easy to be manipulated, all huff and no puff.

Biden caused this flood of migrants which imported of unvetted and unchecked Afghan “refugees” (fighting age males, child brides and who knows) while he left an untold number of America citizens and US allies behind. The Biden administration has fought hard to prevent private citizens from evacuating Americans or US allies.

We were told of a drone strike on an unnamed ISIS-K individual, that turned out not to be the case. The individual(s) killed were a US Ally and women and children. There was no apology or remorse for this hasty and unnecessary action.

On the home front illegals, refugees and who knows what are not medically checked to identify virus infected or carriers. They are exempt from the latest vaccine mandate, and are allowed free reign without accountability.

On this Patriots Day we remember the events of 9-11-2001 in New York City & 9-11-2012 in Benghazi, Libya, but are extremely cautious of the potential for similar attacks across our nation as more than 95,000 Southwest Asian immigrant “refugees” roam free, while Americans are shadow banned and shamed into wearing cloth face masks that do nothing to stop the virus spread or mandated to get the jab or face job loss and worse. The US economy is in the tank and getting worse. American’s are receiving massive amounts of money without working, while small businesses have closed due to the virus and/or lack of applicants looking for work.

Biden and his Democratic colleagues think that throwing money will solve every problem. The fact they don’t throw their own money is a problem unto itself. I fear that Biden’s track record as a US Senator and as Obama’s Vice President has been eclipsed by the disaster of his presidency that has only just begun.

Biden might have been a tough cookie in his heyday, but that was then and we are not there anymore. Why did we not see headlines like “Senator Joe Biden solves the immigration crisis” or “Vice President Biden has brought peace to the world”?

America is wondering where are President Biden’s handlers? I wouldn’t be surprised if Speaker Pelosi had equipped the White House residence with one of her famous ice cream freezers (at taxpayer expense of course). – I am the Real Truckmaster!



A Discussion of Term Limits and Other Matters


A Discussion of Term Limits and Other Matters

I hear people say we need term limits on Congress just like we have for the President. Well guess what Congress is considering term limits, just not for them but for the Supreme Court. That’s right why should those justices have a lifetime job without having to campaign every 2 – 6 years like Congress?

We need to start somewhere, right?

Why don’t we start with the law making body?  I mean if Congress is serious let them start by making some basic changes that affect Congress, after all they are the law makers.

These are changes to consider:

  1. Limit all 535 members of Congress to a maximum of 2 terms.
  2. Remove the benefit of a retirement package after 5 years of “public service”.
  3. Remove free lifetime healthcare for former members and their families.
  4. Defund and remove ALL congressional caucuses.
  5. Eliminate ALL congressional committees and sub-committees.
  6. Remove cost of living expenses that cover living near the nation’s Capital.
  7. Eliminate breaks during session of Congress (adopt 5 ½ day work days) X 52 weeks per year.
  8. Require complete commitment to upholding and safeguarding the US Constitution.

Then we can discuss the Supreme Court:

  1. Permanently establish the number of Supreme Court Justices to Nine, with on Chief Justice.
  2. Renounce and abolish political party membership upon swearing in to SCOTUS.
  3. Require complete commitment to insuring laws comply with and are in accordance to the US Constitution.
  4. Set term limit to 10 years maximum for all justices on the SCOTUS.

These are not unreasonable requests. It is the duty of each member of Congress to place the needs of “We The People” ahead of financial, personal, political gain and to protect and secure the freedoms guaranteed in the US Constitution against ALL enemies, both foreign and domestic.

It is the duty of each justice on the Supreme Court to protect the US Constitution from unscrupulous political operatives and safeguard the people’s rights guaranteed in the Constitution.

By the same token it is not only the right, but the responsibility of every US Citizen to fully vet every candidate for political office BEFORE voting blindly by political party affiliation. The future of our children and that of our nation depend on it. – I am the Real Truckmaster!



Facebook Fact Checkers Account Warning


Facebook Fact Checkers Account Warning

When I opened up FB this morning I was greeted with a warning from an article I posted some time ago that was found to violate “FB community standards which are the same worldwide”. It would be comical because there is no standardized worldwide community standard for western, eastern and in fact more than 190 individual nations have their own norms or standards.

FB uses political standards in the US that warn, restrict and ban the political right, while allowing the political left unfettered access. Take the removing and banning the official account postings of then sitting President Donald Trump and continuing his ban as a private citizen. But the unchallenged official account postings of sitting President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris where they continue to post false information and lies pertaining to immigration, national policy and the US economic situation in America. When will they be held accountable by the same “community” standard?

It is obvious that there are postings that defame individuals, slander their good name or call for them to be attacked and even killed – which may in fact be violations of US federal laws. Other postings within the international community that call for the death of America and Israel must somehow violate international laws, but are not held accountable. Personal opinions and satire are nothing more than voicing likes and dislikes over specific subject matter.

Everyone has an opinion(s) on everything and that is what draws people to social media, so FB must remain neutral, yet differentiate between postings calling for violence and personal opinions using satirical mems. 

If someone commits treasonable acts by corresponding to others it is not the responsibility of FB fact checkers to warn or restrict the account of someone who points out this unlawful correspondence. FB should instead alert federal authorities of the contents of the correspondence and its author. This obvious double standard used by FB, and its hired fact checkers or other agents must cease. Saying there is a single worldwide community standard applicable to everyone is in itself false.

Lastly, using word flags or algorithms to single out opposing political opinions or satire should be against every community standard. – I am the Real Truckmaster!



A Disaster Waiting to Happen


A Disaster Waiting to Happen

The title of this post completely explains the Biden “Build Back Better” policy which I refer to it as the 4Bs. Every time the Biden administration collectively or individually opens their mouths America should really pay attention. That’s’ hard for me to do since I no longer watch main stream media.

Recently VP Harris said their administration is fighting for parents. I just don’t remember what she was fighting for parents for what exactly? Is fighting against anti-abortion laws like they promise to do in Texas? So they want parents (pregnant moms) to have the right to kill their baby in the womb? That says more about the administration than anyone else could say.

Harris is not happy with the new Texas voting law which she says restricts people of color from being able to vote. Does she think people are that dense? The only thing restricted is the ability to commit voter fraud or election fraud due to voter ID requirements, as a former prosecutor she should at least know that?

Or are they fighting for illegal alien parent rights to come into our country without any documentation?

Oh they must be fighting for the rights of illegal alien parents to send their kids to school, receive medical care and/or financial aid while ignoring the thousands of homeless American parents living in tents or shelters on public streets, vacant fields or in vacant houses, just trying to survive.

Or it could be the Afghan “refugees” parents who need to settle down somewhere in the US and the government needs taxpayer dollars to give to these unfortunate migrants who left everything to come here, right?

Oh yes it could be fighting for parents of children over 12 who must get the jab, not because they’re sick or going to catch something but because it’s the right thing to do to keep us safe?

There are so many things parents need the government to fight and do for them that our bloated government just isn’t big enough to do, so we must increase the size of government and spend more and more of those tax dollars.

Besides why do rich people need all that money anyway? They deserve to give it to the needy and who could be needier than the federal government bureaucracy, right?

I haven’t even touched other ways the Biden administration is fighting for Americans – well I guess it hard because they aren’t fighting for us at all, they are just fighting us until we submit full control.

We the willing are led by the unknowing into the unknown for how long we do not know. – I am the Real Truckmaster!