Eyes on Minneapolis and Beyond

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Eyes on Minneapolis and Beyond

In what has become the new trial of the century one has to ask was it justice or vengeance? I don’t ask lightly but events leading up to and during the trial of Derek Chauvin a number of things happened that must be addressed.

Domestic terrorists such as Black Lives Matter and Democratic Representative Maxine Waters openly communicated direct threats of violence if the verdict was anything other than guilty. Even words coming from the White House out of the mouths of President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris all but thanked George Floyd for dying that day, as if he was a sacrifice upon the alter of common sense. This happened before the jury had been sequestered.

Without identifying those jurors nearly all had been following the events over the past year and many felt they could still be impartial. Some jurors had watched the video while others had even gone to the scene of the crime prior to being selected for jury duty.

The judge in the Chauvin trial condemned Maxine Waters for her comments inciting violence and set open the almost certainty of an appeal that could very well go all the way to SCOTUS.

While the death of George Floyd is certainly nothing to be celebrated, neither is the condemning of Derek Chauvin due primarily to the rantings and ravings of political posturing for the sake of votes.

I’ll be honest – I didn’t watch the trial, at all because it may very well have been a circus inside the courtroom. I did however watch a number of videos of the events leading up to the death of Mr. Floyd and I have read the official autopsy of his cause of death which was not as I expected after watching the videos. I also read some of the instructions given by the judge to the jury that if the death was caused by something other than the actions of Mr. Chauvin, he could not be found guilty.

With many groups protesting and having publicly intimidated the jury pool I’m not surprised by the guilty verdict or by those jumping on the democratic bandwagon condemning Derek Chauvin after the verdict was given.

I read statements by a respected public figure who said justice had been served and now we must begin to heal. I strongly disagree as America cannot heal when thugs and highwaymen attack the innocent; destroy public and private property and even assault law enforcement with impunity.

Justice will only come when lawlessness is stopped dead in its tracks and violators are held accountable and liable for their words and actions.

It is past time for the Biden DOJ to put a lid on the violence by policing up these criminals who threaten public order with weapons instead of focusing on restricting the 2nd amendment rights of law abiding citizens.

I’m reminded of a Hollywood western where the sheriff locks up a suspected bad guy and says something like “the judge will be here next week. We’ll give you a fair trial and then we’ll hang you”. That’s what happened with the Derek Chauvin trial being broadcast live from the courtroom and all the taunting, posturing and open threats of violence unless he got the “right” verdict.

In the next few days and weeks only time will tell. – I am the Real Truckmaster!



The Oxiest of Morons

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The Oxiest of Morons

I remember in 2017 when Maxine Waters stood in front of microphones and incited violence against President Trump, his family, White House staff and Trump cabinet officials, making  it fashionable to openly call for violence against the president.

Why did the FBI not arrest her then?

I’ve seen, heard or read the lamest of lame-brained things in my time but for Representative Maxine Waters (D-CA) to request a police escort to an anti-police protest where she incites violence against the police really takes the cake. Within hours there was a Minneapolis drive-by shooting where 2 National Guard troops were wounded as a direct result of her words. All this happening as jurors are preparing for deliberations in the ongoing Chauvin trial makes Mad Maxine the poster-child of BLM rioting.  

Why the police protective detail didn’t arrest her is beyond me?

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi came out in support of Mad Maxine’s words and her actions and although there must be more to this story but I simply don’t have the stomach for it.

It is time to hold Speaker Pelosi, Maxine Waters and every single legislator who has fought to defund or abolish the police, incite violence and call for reparations (extortion money) to be held accountable with a massive censuring and removal from office. Governors would then be free to appoint everyday citizens to their legislative seats and maybe, just maybe things would begin to change.

I fear that only new and more effective facial coverings in the form of Gorilla Tape might be required!  – I am the Real Truckmaster!



Rocking the Waters of Racism


Rocking the Waters of Racism

It is hard to ignore what has been going on in our nation for the past 5+ years. We have reports of Cops killing blacks, people attacking Asian women and absolutely nothing reported of black on black violence.

The riots after the George Floyd death in Minneapolis captured the attention of a nation as violent extremists rocked the city in “protest”. As the wrongful death suit against the police officer directly involved in his death appears to be headed for a verdict cities across the nation are being rocked in violence.

Schools in Minneapolis are being closed in anticipation of a not-guilty verdict so that students are not placed in danger. Where are the students expected to be? At home studying feverishly or on the streets rioting with their family and friends?

We are still seeing reports of Antifa and BLM violence in Portland Oregon and other cities across the nation and the latest reports show California Democratic Representative Maxine Waters inciting BLM activists to riot on the streets of Brooklyn New York is unconscionable!

What should be happening is activating the National Guard to strengthen local law enforcement to stop these riots in their tracks by arresting the agitators and their leadership.

Does Congress still maintain a National Guard presence around Pelosi’s “Temple of Democracy”?

Why not protect the people of our nation?

I fail to hear voices of reason coming out of Congress or from the President. All the saber rattling is about gun control (taking away the right to self-defense) while egging on these domestic terrorists as they openly assault society.

Must I remind everyone that the primary responsibility of government is the safety and security of the very people who elected them? Thus far our government has failed. I call it a breach of contract and I want my money back!

I don’t care about political parties or caucus affiliation. I see members of Congress strutting and posturing themselves as they declare what they do is “for the people”, well I have news for every one of those legislators – when you look and act like a congress I wonder from what zoo did you escape?

A congress of baboons is more dignified than you! The biggest threat to our constitutional-republic is Congress in its present form. – I am the Real Truckmaster!



The Flag of the United States of America


The Flag of the United States of America

If you serve or have served in a foreign land while in the US military the flag stands for freedom. It stands apart from all other flags as it represents liberty. In battle the US Flag brings comfort to our allies and strikes terror and fear in the hearts of our enemies.

In recent times there is much controversy and misinformation concerning the US Flag so often referred to as the American Flag or the Stars and Stripes. Public figures in sports, entertainment and politicians sitting in elected offices across our nation have taken to openly disrespecting the flag, the anthem and the nation as their freedom of speech under the Constitution.

It is my belief that they simply don’t know or realize that what they are doing is detrimental and contributing to the loss of those very freedoms they enjoy. Some have knelt for publicity or public attention, others due to peer pressure and still more as a public statement of disrespect and still others have sought attention by igniting and burning the flag as a sign of protest.

I believe that several factors contribute to the normalizing of what we now see. First is the lack of respect, for one nation under God for which our flag stands, in the home, at school, in the workplace and in the media and social media. Parents and teachers do not teach or instill that respect. Employers cower in the face of adversity. Newspapers, magazines and the talking heads on radio and television only seek higher ratings. Social media outlets become complicit in suppressing the truth when it becomes a political necessity. Elected officials forsake their oath of office for political power and prostitute themselves for the sake of votes.  

It is time to look at the history of our nation over the past 240+ years to understand where we came from as a people so that we understand the history of the American Flag and why it is so disrespectful to commercialize, desecrate or vandalize the flag. To those who say the US Flag is offensive or claim it is racist I say that you are free to leave its protection. – I am the Real Truckmaster!



Upholding America’s “Democratic” Values


Upholding America’s “Democratic” Values

Someone once told me it’s not so bad so to smile things could be worse. So naturally I smiled and sure enough things did get progressively worse. With a combative congress, a biological weapon used by China against the entire world and now a democratically controlled government bent on the destruction of the United States of America by any and all means at their disposal.

Forgive me if I missed anything but just off the top of my head I have recounted some of the following actions being taken by democrats in Congress and in the White House that they have taken over through a “soft” coup:

$15 per hour Minimum Wage = cost of products and services will raise drastically.

Cancel Culture = is in itself offensive!

Congress Spending Tax Dollars Unwisely = pork and for political purposes is unconstitutional.

Defund/ Abolish the Police = lawlessness will prevail.

Erase Trump = America First.

Failure from the Legislative Branch = became lawbreakers by ignoring and not upholding Constitution.

Failure from the Judicial Branch = to Uphold the Constitution.

Fence Around Congress = isolate from public access and unconstitutional abuse of power.

Flood the Nation with Illegals = unconstitutional act against national security and public safety.

Forgiveness for Student Debt = shirk fiscal responsibility, places unnecessary financial burden on public.

Green New Deal (Biden Deal) = hurts economy and is unsustainable.

Gun Control = does not deter criminals with guns, inhibits public safety and is unconstitutional.

Legislate from the Executive Branch = unconstitutional

Lockdown Cities, Counties and States over COVID = unnecessary and unconstitutional.

Mail-in Voting for Everyone = unconstitutional (registered US Citizens must request absentee ballots)

Mask Mandate for Everyone = unnecessary and unconstitutional.

Open the Border = national security risk and public safety hazard and is unconstitutional.

Pack the SCOTUS = for political reasons is not in public interest.

Path to Citizenship for DACA = unconstitutional.

Racism and Racial Division = promoted by Congress, the President and the Media.

Raise Taxes on Everyone = during a “pandemic” crushes wage earner’s ability to provide for family.

Reparations for Blacks = absurd and unconstitutional.

Stimulus to Illegals = absurd, unnecessary and political.

Stop Keystone XL Pipeline = unwise and prevents the cost effective movement of petroleum to storage.

Vaccines for Everyone = unconstitutional.

These actions being taken by a democratic Congress and an incapable President will result in destroying the nation offend me and must be stopped and proper corrective action taken. Instead of catering to the whims of fake politicians and operatives of other nations or interests we must go back to the basics.

We must commit ourselves to honoring God and becoming obedient to his word and teaching our children what it means to be a Christian.

We must then go into overdrive to bring forth the understanding of what an America First priority means and only then that we can help or assist other nations or the people of the world through a position of strength.

The right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness guaranteed by the Constitution do not give the right to “anything goes”. Congressional Democrats aided by many Republicans have lowered the bar to achievements so that everybody can trip over it and receive their participation trophy.

I may not always be right (because I’m a lefty)…….I am the Real Truckmaster!



Lawlessness is Not Acceptable Behavior


Lawlessness is Not Acceptable Behavior

When has it ever been appropriate or acceptable to destroy and/or steal the property of someone else? I’m sorry but it has never been tolerated throughout biblical times or in America. Our society is based on the rule of law which is enshrined in the Constitution. When someone breaks the laws of a state or our nation the constitution mandates justice under the law.

We have had and always will have an imperfect judicial system so long as we have imperfect men and women. However when someone breaks the law, someone else has to enforce the law. In recent years we have gone from the Wild West to a civilized society where law and order is maintained by peace officers for the benefit of everyone.

We should never tolerate defiance or insolence at home, school, in the workplace or in the public square.

Lawlessness is not a constitutional right!

When criminals are left unpunished they tend to become repeat offenders. Many are bullies and thugs who rule by fear and intimidation. It doesn’t matter if it is in the home, on the block or in a local neighborhood. It doesn’t matter if the bully is in local, state or federal politics – a bully is still a bully.

When a police officer crosses over the line and goes bad who is at fault? Is it society in general or does the blame fall on the individual police officer? When someone is accidentally or intentionally killed by a police officer who then is responsible? Was it a personal choice made by that police officer? Or was it an institutional training issue where inadequate police leadership or maybe the city council and mayor are just as equally to blame?

In every case the situation calls for an investigation into the events surrounding the death or injury inflicted. Quite often there’s more to the story than meets the eye. In today’s technological age where instant transmission of misinformation can blow an entire event out of proportion we must take the time to allow investigators to gather all the facts. It doesn’t help when people in a community or neighborhood don’t trust or want to talk to the police.

It surely doesn’t help when outside organizations take advantage of the situation just to stir up racial tensions that lead to violence, vandalism, rioting, death or destruction of private or public property.

It is the primary responsibility of government (local, state and federal) to insure the safety and welfare of America citizens, without regard to ethnic or national origin.

It is the responsibility of citizens and visitors alike to obey and honor the laws of the city, state and the nation.

It is the responsibility of law enforcement leadership to insure adequate and proper procedures are followed while enforcing the law.

We have had many issues by law enforcement resulting in death of a suspect in custody or during a traffic stop. Although every death is tragic, no death justifies rioting, looting or attacking law enforcement or other people. Violence begets violence.

We have seen suspects of a crime attempt to draw weapons on police officers and the families of the suspects cry foul because their loved one was killed.

We have seen police officers responding to a 911 call or engaging in a traffic stop being ambushed or shot and killed point blank and there are no families crying foul.

We have had law enforcement shoot and kill a suspect during a mostly peaceful exercise of their right to assemble, while violent criminals are allowed to continue their rampage unopposed and nobody blinks an eye.

We have watched as elected officials condone the violence in the streets of their cities and states while they clamor for the defunding and dissolving of police. They then take their police bodyguards and go about their business as usual.

The vast majority of law enforcement officers are doing a tough job without the support or backup from their elected or appointed leadership, local officials or the public while 100% of the criminals continue to break the law, many do it unabated knowing they face no consequences for their actions.

We must teach our children to honor God, obey his commandments and to respect themselves, other people and their property and to obey the laws of our nation. – I am the Real Truckmaster!



America’s Un-President


America’s Un-President

I remember when a certain soft drink was marketed as the “Un-Cola” giving everyone a new choice.

The presidential election of 2020 did precisely the very same thing and we have verifiable evidence that #46 is truly the “Un-President”. In fact Joe Biden has referred to his administration as the Biden-Harris Administration.

At first I thought it was a gaff but after listening to him refer to his Vice President as President Harris and her husband introducing her after the inauguration as the next President I’m not so sure Biden hasn’t already “abdicated the throne” so to speak. By all accounts Joe Biden is the president for the little guy, you know the illegal immigrants he allowed into our country and announced a path to citizenship rather than a path leading outside on the Mexican side of the border.

In less than 90 days President Biden has broken more promises than his former boss Barack Obama. He has promised a substantial stimulus check for Georgian voters who voted Democrat, but failed to deliver. He has terminated the XL Pipeline; mandated government vehicles become eVehicles; cancelled the Trump wall (really the American wall at the border); moved rapidly to protect legislators against American citizens; initiated plans to raise taxes; terminate fossil fuel production and usage; mandated masks for everyone – indefinitely; and is studying packing the SCOTUS, all were finalized almost before breakfast on day one.

Biden’s strong suit is his ability to legislate through executive action (just like Obama) and create legislation to get signed off by Congress (instead of the way the Constitution says it must be done). Under Biden-Harris we’ve lost Dr. Seuss, gun toting cartoons and a stinker of a French lover-type of smelly kitty.

Americans must realize that along with giving up their guns, they must also let go of their freedoms and rights under the Constitution according to Joe Biden.

The real message of the Biden-Harris administration is voters are not black enough if they don’t vote Democrat and young voters are just plain stupid. Georgia’s voter ID law (they’ve been doing it for more than 20 years already) but now it is against the law to hand out water or snacks to voters waiting in line. That’s going to cut down on the distribution of Jimmy Carter peanuts and Biden water bottles.

Another lesson from the Biden defense department is all military must pledge to support and defend the commander in chief or face expulsion on the grounds of white supremists tendencies (even if you’re not white) and yes trans-in-military is now authorized (don’t ask – they will tell you) and want extra protection and privileges at the exchange makeup counter. One of the best signs I’ve seen on social media is one that says – “Don’t blame me I voted for Trump.” – I am the Real Truckmaster!



God is in Control


God is in Control

It is my observation that as men and women we are often fixated on maintaining control of situations around us. We see an injustice and feel it is our place to exact justice or on most cases vengeance.

We even take for granted a portion of the bible where God declares to us his will over the evil acts of man. In Deuteronomy 32:35a “It is mine to avenge; I will repay……” While we quote that first portion we often leave off the rest of the verse “in due time their foot will slip; their day of disaster is near and their doom rushes upon them.”

Deuteronomy 32:35a “It is mine to avenge; I will repay in due time their foot will slip; their day of disaster is near and their doom rushes upon them.”

Although we are not called to keep silent or turn our backs when evil rears its ugly head we must remember that it is not OUR place to right the wrong around us. We are however to stand on the truth of God’s word when confronted with evil. Yet unless we have been sent into a situation by God, we must wait on the Lord.

I believe that everyone is created by God and given a purpose in life. We may not be a George Washington or a Billy Graham, but the fact that we have been born is proof that our existence on this earth is with a purpose.

That is equally true of the unborn that are sacrificed on the altar of convenience called Abortion. God never makes a mistake. It is not man’s place to decide which of God’s creation is essential or simply an inconvenience. The life created in the womb is just as important to God as every birth.

What I learned long ago about Christianity is that it is not a religion, but a relationship between God and man, and each other. For that relationship to flourish it takes commitment.

In the early 1990s I read a book called “No Compromise” written about a man so committed to the world and enamored by his own musical ability that when he found God his life was changed forever. He applied that same fervor in his relationship with God. Many traditional Christians refused to believe his message and pastors called his music heresy. He remained committed and focused until God called him home. Even today Keith Green’s music continues to point the way to God.

In scripture (the words in red) Jesus told us:

In Luke 10:27 He answered, “Love the Lord your God with all of our heart, with all your soul, with all your strength, and will all your mind.”  

In Mark 12:31 The second is this: “Love our neighbor as yourself.’ There is no commandment greater than these.”

In the midst of the pandemic affecting the entire globe it’s refreshing to see that God is still calling men and women to share the good news that God loves us. One that comes to mind is a completely new series that portrays the humanity of Jesus and his obedience to his father in heaven. God took a man with certain skills and humbled him to a point where he could only look up. Having nothing but talent, availability and a hunger for God a man named Dallas Jenkins has created a totally non-Hollywood production of the life of Jesus called “The Chosen” that is truly inspiring, motivational and uplifting. The Chosen is in its second season and Episode Two is about to debut on the Chosen App and on Facebook. God has shown Dallas that it is not his job to feed the 5,000, but to bring the loaves and the fishes.

What I find applicable to every Christian is that we are not to try and exact justice or vengeance over evil. God alone exacts justice where justice is due and vengeance as he chooses.

Our job is to tell the good news (God loves us) to everyone around us – our loaves and fishes. – I am the Real Truckmaster!



Subterfuge at the Highest Level


Subterfuge at the Highest Level

The masterful planning, organizing and execution of a coup against the President of the United States was done by the Democratic Party and employees and former officials of our own government using the textbook ideas of Saul Alinsky in what history may record as the greatest community organizer of modern time.

Who would have thought a young boy in the ghettos of Indonesia would migrate to the streets of Chicago and then climb the social ladder all the way to the White House. While that is a noteworthy accomplishment would it ever be enough?

I’ve struggled for the right word to describe the spirit of that journey. Merriam-Webster’s definition of Subterfuge sums it up nicely – “the acts or practices of one who deliberately deceives. Subterfuge suggests the adoption of a stratagem or the telling of a lie in order to escape guilt or to gain an end.

I’ve read how this young man began studying early on the teachings of Alinsky before putting those practices and ideas into action as a community organizer. He made a name for himself and as he became well known in Chicago he entered politics as a Democratic appointee to the Illinois state senate where he completed two terms. He then ran and won the seat to the US senate where he also completed two terms. By all accounts his tenure in the senate was unremarkable, until the 2008 presidential election where he surprised and even eclipsed party favorite Hillary Clinton to clinch the nomination and win the election to become the 44th President of the United States. That was quite an accomplishment. We must not forget that all during his time in politics he continued honing and developing his community organizing skills.

The results of the 2016 election was seen as merely a bump in the road as plans went into action to prevent the successful transition of power from Barack Obama to Donald Trump without a fight. The real subterfuge began with the Russian Collusion scandal designed to take the heat off any wrongdoings by Obama administration officials.

The Democratic Party mobilized as a resistance to the Trump administration. There were outright acts of collusion and treasonous activities being taken publicly to take down the sitting president. Accusations of sexual impropriety that would normally sink any politician did not deter Trump.

Almost from the start the Mueller Investigation began and lasted for two long years failing to uncover any wrongdoing by members of the Trump campaign with Russian interference in the election. America watched as allegation after allegation surfaced in an attempt to trap the new president, isolate and immobilize his cabinet and render the Trump administration ineffective.

While former Obama officials traipsed around injecting advice in foreign affairs (treasonous at best) congressional leaders sought ways to impeach him and finally over a leaked phone call (another treasonous act against the president) leading to a drawn out impeachment trial and an acquittal by the senate.

The accomplishments of the Trump administration were simply ignored by a main stream media so grossly ingrained into the politics and subterfuge of the Democratic Party focusing entirely on localized and national division on race.

By the presidential election of 2020 it had been decided that defeat by any means was the gold standard of the Democratic Party. America began to see corporate and social media giants taking action to silence dissenting voices while judicial agents and agencies ran for cover.

Phase two began with acts of violence at the nation’s Capital during the final phase of the election. Democrats in congress immediately cast blame on the president and lead to a second impeachment trial that was conducted even after Trump left office and ended in acquittal. Even this was not enough. Congressional Democrats went into vengeance mode exploring ways to punish this former president so that he could never return to the Oval Office again.

In these early days of the current administration what we are seeing is blatant subterfuge with a president and vice president who have clearly demonstrated that they are not equipped to handle the tremendous responsibilities of the Executive Branch. Behind the scenes we catch glimpses of former Obama administration officials in key positions of power in what is being called the “Biden-Harris administration”. Never before in history has a president’s administration ever been cast this way.

While Americans seem powerless to address the abuses of power one must wonder who is truly in charge. The community organizer understands that power goes to the one who controls money and people. How do you control people? Use their money and control their freedom.

We are being distracted by inflamed racial violence taking the spotlight; increased immigration issues becoming very prevalent; and in foreign affairs the world is changing right before our very eyes.

The nation as we have known it is all but a thing of the past. Honor to the creator is called evil and evil is called a human right. We are told that taking care of others takes precedence over taking care of ourselves.  We have been told we are in a pandemic and the way out is no longer a safe one. Only government knows the right way. Only government knows who is essential and who is not.

The United States of America is not a democracy, but a constitutional-republic. Our laws and our way of life is structured and governed by the Constitution of the United States.

It is the Bill of Rights (the first 10 amendments) which guarantees our freedom to worship God; maintain our way of self-defense; ensure fair treatment in the courts; our right to vote; and so much more.

It is our Declaration of Independence that declares our right to dissolve an unresponsive government and create one that is responsive to our needs.

It is our National Anthem where we publicly declare our allegiance to this nation, under God.

It is the Flag, the stars and stripes that stands for freedom at home and abroad.

It is by the Oath of Office taken by every member in uniform that we pledge to protect and defend the Constitution against ALL enemies (foreign and domestic).

It is by our faith in Almighty God that we humbly stand before you committed to the cause of freedom and by the will and purpose of God that we are here at this place, at this time in history. One man or one woman can make a difference. – I am the Real Truckmaster!



Immigrants versus Refugees


Immigrants versus Refugees

Wording is everything when it comes to misinformation. The US always has been and always will be a nation of immigrants. The backbone of our economy was built upon the strength of our people. In the wild the laws of nature depend upon the survival of the fittest. A nation survives on the contributions of its citizens and the caliber of the immigrants applying for entry. What is happening today is a campaign of disinformation whereby the interchanging of words is meant to diffuse the situation and create a guilt complex in order to circumvent US immigration laws.

The Biden administration (often called the Biden-Harris administration by President Biden and others) has taken to opening the US southern border and we are told it is for so called refugees and that is not true.

A refugee is someone fleeing their country for political, religious or ethnic persecution?  International protocol is to apply for asylum at the first country they flee to. Asylum seekers must demonstrate they are in fear for their lives and they seek refuge. If they are turned down, they can apply at an embassy or consulate of still another country where they must request refugee status. That is not what we have been seeing. It is obviously not what we are being told is happening either.

A migrant is someone who migrates from one place to another for a host of reasons. When that person choses to leave their home country they become immigrants and must have travel documents authorizing them to leave their native country and normally a visa to enter another country.

We are told by politicians that it is our moral responsibility to accept these “refugees” regardless of documentation or lack thereof. Not all migrants are refugees however all refugees are migrants. Not all migrants are willing participants in this relocation process. Many are victims of human trafficking, Take the unaccompanied children who are “escorted” to the border and placed in holding cells. Does anyone even know what country they came from or where their parents are? I find it hard to believe that a mother or father missing a child is not actively seeking answers to what happened?    

When an immigrant comes to our country we have an obligation to treat them as one of us. They incur an obligation to strive to become one of us, to merge into our blended society and work to make life better for themselves and everyone around them.

The fact that the current administration has instructed law enforcement to ignore immigration laws makes the president and his administration officials complicit in breaking the law. When condoned by congress, they have become law breakers instead of law makers.

It is the primary function of government, under the US Constitution, for the safety and security of American citizens. How hard is that to understand? Opening the border to what amounts to invaders surging US border stations, swarming across portions of the border wall/fence and/or being released into the interior of our country and during a “pandemic” is simply unconscionable!

If our immigration laws are flawed or broken as has been suggested, why has Congress not fixed it? President Joe Biden has been in office just over 60 days of his first 100 days and he has done more damage to our nation than he and Obama did for 8 years. In fact Biden spent 37 years in congress and Obama spent 8 years in congress prior to taking office as president. They were both Senators long enough to make significant changes that could have reformed immigration, but chose not to, why?

Under G.W. Bush the Secure Fence Act of 2006 was passed by congress and signed into law, yet was not aggressively applied by Bush or Obama during their administrations. Why not? In fact it was not until Trump applied pressure and begun construction of the “Wall” while fighting a hostile congress that nearly 50% of the border had been secured with a new and impressive modular wall that could have been completed in less than 4 years. So why was it stopped by Biden’s administration?

The plan is clear to me. What is happening is a continuation of the “Obama Plan” for America which is designed to decimate the economy and control the nation by reducing Americans to a welfare state mentality to be easily controlled. A nation flooded by third world “peasants” who have fled that very oppression in their native countries ceases to be that beacon of hope in a dark and dreary world.

It’s time to wake up America. If we fail to protect the Constitution against all enemies, both foreign and domestic we may soon have no constitution or any of the rights guaranteed by it. – I am the Real Truckmaster!