Pre The Mueller Investigative Report Release



Pre The Mueller Investigative Report Release


After the 2008 presidential elections the Obama Campaign Chief of Staff (now Mayor of Chicago) reported a potential threat against President-elect Obama by a group of Somali terrorists who snuck into the US to wage an assault during the 2009 Inauguration speech. No such attack was carried out or actually happened. (Theateratrics? Maybe. Orchestrated to appear a credible threat? Maybe. Media uproar, demonstrations, terror in the streets? No.


Yet 2016 Trump Campaign reported wire-tapping by Obama Administration countered by Russia Collusion Delusion with demonstrations, media uproar, and Theateratrics galore. Until 2019 when AG Barr reported to Congress that info from the Mueller Investigation confirmed Spying by Obama Administration did in fact occur.


See the difference? Know the differences? Manufactured and orchestrated outrage and it’s still not over.


Thursday the AG releases to Congress and to the public the Mueller Report (redacted) are we to expect more fake outrage, or will heads actually begin to roll? – I am the Real Truckmaster!



Looking inside the Contract with America – the United States Constitution



Looking inside the Contract with America – The United States Constitution


I came across an article written on November 3rd, 2008 by Heather Higgins board of directors for the Independent Women’s Voice which I though was brilliantly written. She cited a 2001 interview with then Sen. Barack Obama where he saw the Constitution as being inadequate. While reading through this article it makes perfect sense when he campaigned on bringing Change to America that the kinds of change was not what Americans expected or wanted.


Let me say that we are not a Democracy or simply a Republic, but a Constitutional-Republic where the Rule of Law is the Constitution and is based largely in part by the Godly principles of the Bible. After more than 240 years there has never been, nor is there now another nation like the United States of America.


Heather so aptly put it in her article

“It doesn’t matter where you are born or what race or ethnicity you are—anyone can become an American.”

“At the root of the American idea are the truths that our founders described as “self-evident” but that many people first take for granted and then fail to defend: that this country is based on faith in the uniqueness and capacity for self-determination of each individual.”

“That central idea came from a certainty that we were created by “nature’s God” and that God—not government—had endowed each of us with rights, first among which were life, liberty, and property, the combination of which allowed the pursuit—but no guarantee—of happiness. (It is precisely because the power of this argument was understood that those who advocated slavery denied the full humanity of slaves.)”

“That understanding led them to create for the first time in history a government built out of and respecting these universal rights of man, a government that was “of, by, and for” the people, not the other way around. And it also led them to craft our Bill of Rights.”


Heather went on to say

“Obama in his interview disparages the Constitution as merely “a charter of negative liberties. It says what the states can’t do to you. Says what the federal government can’t do to you but doesn’t say what the federal government or state government must do on your behalf.” He believes—and he’s right—that changing this is the way to bring about “redistributive change.””


The Constitution is a contract between Americans and the government, with the power not specifically given to the state or the federal government REMAINS with the people.


“But the founders were deeply purposeful and intellectually coherent in their definition of rights. Classically, rights are the lowest, most basic universal claims. Think of them as the ground rules for everyone, weak and strong, to respect each other and get on.”


This goes back to biblical principles where we are instructed in as much as it is possible we are to live at peace with each other.


Romans 12:18 (ASV) “If it be possible, as much as in you lieth, be at peace with all men.”


Heather identifies these ground rules:

“Their important characteristics are these:”

“First, they exist outside of us, coming from God or nature, not government, and so are independent of the whims of government and cannot be either manufactured or, of even greater concern, extinguished when they get in the way of someone powerful. No one has to give us the ability to pursue happiness; it comes from within ourselves.”


In the first rule it does not come from government, but from God and is independent from government, it cannot be artificially manufactured or removed to accommodate the more powerful. The power to pursue happiness comes from within ourselves.


“Second, they are timeless, applying regardless of whether it’s 200 years ago or a thousand years in the future—governments can’t use the excuse “well, that was then, but times have changed.””


The second rule – it is timeless and does not change over time.


“Third, they are universal, applying to everyone, not just some preferred subset.”


The third rule – is a universal rule applying equally to everyone.


“And fourth, they are noncoercive, or negative: They delineate what others cannot deprive you of without due process of law. And they prevent you from being coerced.”


The fourth rule is non-coercive and declare what others cannot take away from you with due process, and they prevent you from being coerced (forced to give up).


“The founders were not coldhearted. The very understanding of rights as the lowest obligation means that there are also higher obligations: You can’t force someone to be a good Samaritan, but you can expect it of anyone decent. Those who give, give of their free will and consensually, not because the government forces it.”


The founding fathers understood that rights are the lowest obligation and that higher obligations that mean you cannot force someone to be good, however you can expect it from decent people, those who give freely and by their own consent, without being forced by government.


“Rights don’t exist in a vacuum; they carry corollary responsibilities that fall on the citizens who enjoy those rights. That understanding is precisely why volunteerism has such a strong tradition in this country; we knew caring for our neighbor was our responsibility as citizens, not the government’s.”


Because rights are not simply in a vacuum, they have responsibilities for each citizen who enjoys those rights. It is the individual not the government who is responsible for caring for our neighbors. That is true today when disaster strikes, it is private citizens who are often quickest to answer the call to help.


Here we are in 2019 and leftists like Obama see the Constitution as a constraint on what they see as the government MUST do on your behalf. That is taking voluntary responsibilities and moral obligations and calling them affirmative rights.

We can look back at affirmative action and what it has done for higher education and employment by effectively lowering the bar so that race not qualification is the determining factor according to government.


“It’s also important to remember that if the government is doing something for one person—”redistributive change” as Obama wants, it must do something to someone else—which is exactly what our Constitution specifically precludes.”


When government does something for a single person such as Obama’s “redistributive change” it must also do something TO someone else which is the exact opposite of our Constitution. Obama like thinking that undermines the American idea is that government can create new rights, if that is so government can also take them away.


With the upcoming 2020 election political parties are even more polarized as some believe the rich are not paying their fair share, yet those who complain are satisfied with the poor who chose not to work are demanding to be fully taken care of by government.


The Obama way of thinking seems center-left compared with the far-left progressive liberalists who want more government programs and control to strip away the basic rights enshrined in the Constitution. Hard work does not equate to higher earnings unless the minimum wage is increased along with higher taxes and a more restrictive government.


There are very few on either side of the political spectrum that are truly working and placing American citizens ahead of their own political future. They say all the words but to them it’s all about getting and staying in political office.


The Constitution guarantees certain unalienable rights granted by God, not government along with higher priority rights such as the right to freedom of religion, to bear arms (self-protection and defense), to vote and to live in peace. You may not always choose your friends, but you cannot fail to recognize your enemies (paraphrasing President Donald J. Trump). – I am the Real Truckmaster!


We Are Living In The Last Days



We Are Living In The Last Days


Is there any doubt that we are living in the last days as prophesied in the Book of Revelations? All you need to do is look around at the killings of entire populations because of their faith in Jesus Christ in Middle East and African countries. How many Christian churches have been specifically targeted around the world?


It is more than an old adage “those who live by the sword will die by the sword” it is a truism of great magnitude. We see fire and the sword are weapons of choice of the forces of darkness sweeping across the face of the earth just as it is described in the Book of Revelations. That is ironic because that is the way it will be after judgment for those who end up by choice in Hell (the lake of fire). There is a prevalent cancer that has invaded western civilization that originated through the lineage of Abraham and will not end until the great battle of Armageddon.


The carnage we see across Europe with raping, murder and the burning of long established and prominent churches like the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris and even the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem both burning on the same day have shocked the world, yet not opened their eyes to this cancer among us. The radical Islamic culture is based on an eye for an eye, conversion by fear and outright lying to non-Muslims and honor killings the norm.


I don’t claim to have any answers, but I know the one who is the answer and his name is Jesus. As we approach the anniversary of his laying down his life on the cross at Calvary for the sins of the world and his resurrection three days later we see how desperate the world is in need of salvation.


John 3:16 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.


We are told that in the last days 1/3 of the world population will be killed and right before our very eyes we have abortion, murder, accidental death, suicides and war every single day. If you haven’t experienced any of these, you probably know someone who has? The world is in a downward spiral and like a top nearing the end of its spin, collapse is the end result.


We are told not to lean on our own understanding but to place all of our trust in the God who created everything. This Resurrection Sunday is a good day to enter a House of Worship and give thanks to Almighty God for his mercy endures forever and his love is ever lasting.


Want World Peace? Know God is to Know Peace. No God – no peace. – I am the Real Truckmaster!



Foiled by Their Own Tactics



Foiled by Their Own Tactics


Calling it like I see it the far-left leaning liberal Socialistic-Progressive-Democratic Party gets caught up in the snares of their own bag of tricks and dirty dealings.


Counterrules to Alinsky’s rules


COUNTERRULE 1: Give them power way beyond what they have – then paint them as a thug, oppressor, and a mafia organization.


COUNTERRULE 2: Turn their expertise against them by pointing out the hypocrisies and contradictions within their own belief system.


COUNTERRULE 3: Use absurdity to defeat absurdity. Push them into moral arguments and away from policy arguments. Always try to paint them as a religious organization and bash them for violating separation of church and state.


COUNTERRULE 4: Make them live by the same rules you do.


COUNTERRULE 5: Ridicule them back by pointing out the one-sidedness of their ridicule and the free pass they give their own side.


COUNTERRULE 6: Let their tactics blow up in their faces by staying a step ahead and funneling them to the place of hanging themselves with their own rope.


COUNTERRULE 7: Liberals never obey rule 7. Use it against them.


COUNTRERULE 8: Use passive-aggressiveness. Paint them as bullies and thugs, when they recoil take their heads off and say it was self-defense. Always play the victim, even when they try and play the victim. Let it go to surreal absurdity because people lose interest quick in a catfight.


COUNTRERULE 9: Let the threat build up to beyond critical mass till it’s too late to back out, then destroy it loudly, publicly, and repeatedly with a pre-planned argument. Don’t be afraid to sow seeds with misinformation that they can turn into readymade fallacies you can destroy.


COUNTERRULE 10: Fight them to a stalemate. When you have an aggressor that must win, fighting to a stalemate can be a victory. It’s especially effective if their ‘negative’ means denying one of their own ‘social justice’. E.g. green energy would be expensive and hurt the poor.


COUNTERRULE 11: Liberals forget this rule, and their ‘solutions’ are doomed by their ideology out of the box and never bet beyond the stock, repetitive dogma. Use that congenital defect against them.


COUNTERRULE 12: Question the credibility and especially the motivation of their attack and the attacker. Point out any hypocrisies, contradictions, or selective enforcement. Trip them up, then brand them as illegitimate, intellectually bankrupt, divisive, hateful.

Everyone knows that die hard Republicans and law abiding American and typical politicians do not have the temperament to follow those 12 rules. That being said (and the Democrats haven’t yet learned) President Trump is not your typical politician and has NO PROBLEM raining on their liberal parade.


Liberal violence is simply a way of life for those who are unable to cope with trumpism in its most basic form. So why they scramble around like little vermin searching for ways to “Stop Trump” they have forgotten Rule #7 “Liberals never obey rules”. That swishing sound you may be hearing at times is just the sound a swamp makes when it’s swirling down the drain……. Glug Glug! – I am the Real Truckmaster!




My Colonoscopy (Updated)


4-15-19 – My Colonoscopy (Updated)


When people reach 50 years of age they are encouraged to have their colon checked for cancer. This procedure is called a colonoscopy. I contacted a local clinic that specializes in these procedures and scheduled an appointment.


I received an instruction sheet that specified a number of products to be purchased at my local Walgreen’s drug store. These items are referred to as “the stuff” and consist of laxative pills and a colon cleansing mixture that is used in Gatorade, plus a lemon tasting liquid that is like a volcano in a bottle.


The day before the procedure there are certain steps that are to be done. Things like mixing the Gatorade and the cleansing mixture and placing it in the refrigerator to chill. That evening one must take the laxative pills and drink the lemon tasting liquid before going to bed.


At 0500 the morning of the procedure one begins the regiment of taking one glass every 15 minutes until the entire 64 ounces of the Gatorade mixture is consumed (approximately 2 hours). The instructions state that one must plan on staying home and near the bathroom due to the sudden, explosive emission of bodily fluids will occur (this is normal). What they don’t tell you is that the entire contents of your body will pass before you and go down the drain.


After a couple of hours there is nothing left in your stomach or your colon, and it’s time to go to the clinic. My procedure was scheduled for 1230 pm and I had to check in one hour prior to do the paperwork. There were forms in white and forms in blue, possibly other colors, but I don’t remember much except one or more of the forms indicated consent for an emergency CPR procedure if necessary. Possibly there were non-disclosure and non-liability clauses should the procedure not go according to plan.


Then a nurse took me back to the staging room where she instructed me to get buck naked and put the hospital gown on with the opening in the rear (where mine is). She was kind enough to let me keep my socks on, although I thought it was a modesty issue. She said to place my clothes in the special bag, and get on the bed and cover with the blanket. It was a warm blanket, and the socks kept my feet from getting cold.


After she returned with the IV stuff and the needle, she proceeded to question me on my prescription medication, making sure that I had stopped the proper medications prior to this procedure. Then she attempted to pressure the vein in my right hand to pop up, and used several karate chop style moves on my defenseless hand. She explained that after the procedure I would feel bloated and puffed up due to the amount of air that would be pumped into my colon to inflate it. She said I would have to pass this gas in order to relieve the pressure. She then succeeded in getting the IV stuff in the vein and told me to wait as someone would be in shortly when the doctor was ready for me. She gave me a cord with a red button to press in case I needed assistance to the bathroom, although I knew it would be fruitless to summon anyone should a reoccurrence of the explosive nature occur.


Then a nurse came in and wheeled me to the procedure room and began explaining what medications would be used, and cautioning me that I would have a temporary memory loss, leaving me with no recollection of the procedure. He would wait do the doctor could talk to me first.


The doctor was nice and began explaining to me about the procedure, how it worked and what the results would show. Afterwards, he would give me a verbal recap and let me know if any abnormality was found. The nurse had me turn over on my left side and pull my knees up to the kneeling position. As he began the medication I attempted to focus on the electrical outlet on the wall, but it was too fast for me.


I opened my eyes and my son-in-law Mike was in the recovery room waiting for me to wake up. A nurse brought me a drink of apple juice. The doctor came in and explained that everything was fine and normal for someone of my age.


I vaguely remember the ride home or getting into bed. About 3 hours later I awoke with the realization that I hadn’t eaten anything for 2 days, and was extremely hungry.


The next morning the nurse called to check on me. He asked if there was anything I wanted to pass on to the doctor, or any way they could improve the quality of service. I told him that everything was fine, but if they wanted to replace the air with laughing gas, it would allow everyone in the room to share this humorous and often embarrassing passing of the gas.


That’s about all I remember of this procedure called a colonoscopy.


On my latest one I asked the doctor for some laughing gas so that everyone could share in the moment with me (he didn’t find that the least bit funny). In the operating room I asked if he wanted me awake for this procedure or not…………….. (I woke up in recovery room).


I do remember advice from a nurse when I picked up the instructions, she said use a straw to use with the drink (mixture), it will make it much easier and faster. (It did) – I am the Real Truckmaster!

Dave Barry’s colonoscopy journal:

I called my friend Andy Sable, a gastroenterologist, to make an appointment for a colonoscopy.

A few days later, in his office, Andy showed me a color diagram of the colon, a lengthy organ that appears to go all over the place, at one point passing briefly through Minneapolis .

Then Andy explained the colonoscopy procedure to me in a thorough, reassuring and patient manner.

I nodded thoughtfully, but I didn’t really hear anything he said, because my brain was shrieking, quote, ‘HE’S GOING TO STICK A TUBE 17,000 FEET UP YOUR BEHIND!’

I left Andy’s office with some written instructions, and a prescription for a product called ‘MoviPrep,’ which comes in a box large enough to hold a microwave oven.

I will discuss MoviPrep in detail later; for now suffice it to say that we must never allow it to fall into the hands of America’s enemies.
I spent the next several days productively sitting around being nervous.

Then, on the day before my colonoscopy, I began my preparation.

In accordance with my instructions, I didn’t eat any solid food that day; all I had was chicken broth, which is basically water, only with less flavor.

Then, in the evening , I took the MoviPrep.  You mix two packets of powder together in a one-liter plastic jug, then you fill it with lukewarm water.  (For those unfamiliar with the metric system, a liter is about 32 gallons). Then you have to drink the whole jug.  This takes about an hour, because MoviPrep tastes – and here I am being kind – like a mixture of goat spit and urinal cleanser, with just a hint of lemon.

The instructions for MoviPrep, clearly written by somebody with a great sense of humor, state that after you drink it, ‘a loose, watery bowel movement may result’.

This is kind of like saying that after you jump off your roof, you may experience contact with the ground.

MoviPrep is a nuclear laxative.  I don’t want to be too graphic, here, but:  have you ever seen a space-shuttle launch?  This is pretty much the MoviPrep experience, with you as the shuttle.  There are times when you wish the commode had a seat belt.  You spend several hours pretty much confined to the bathroom, spurting violently.  You eliminate everything.  And then, when you figure you must be totally empty, you have to drink another liter of MoviPrep, at which point, as far as I can tell, your bowels travel into the future and start eliminating food that you have not even eaten yet.

After an action-packed evening, I finally got to sleep.

The next morning my wife drove me to the clinic.  I was very nervous.  Not only was I worried about the procedure, but I had been experiencing occasional return bouts of MoviPrep spurtage.  I was thinking, ‘What if I spurt on Andy?’  How do you apologize to a friend for something like that?  Flowers would not be enough.

At the clinic I had to sign many forms acknowledging that I understood and totally agreed with whatever the heck the forms said.  Then they led me to a room full of other colonoscopy people, where I went inside a little curtained space and took off my clothes and put on one of those hospital garments designed by sadist perverts; the kind that, when you put it on, makes you feel even more naked than when you are actually naked.

Then a nurse named Eddie put a little needle in a vein in my left hand.  Ordinarily I would have fainted, but Eddie was very good, and I was already lying down.  Eddie also told me that some people put vodka in their MoviPrep.

At first I was ticked off that I hadn’t thought of this, but then I pondered what would happen if you got yourself too tipsy to make it to the bathroom, so you were staggering around in full Fire Hose Mode.  You would have no choice but to burn your house.

When everything was ready, Eddie wheeled me into the procedure room, where Andy was waiting with a nurse and an anesthesiologist  I did not see the 17,000-foot tube, but I knew Andy had it hidden around there somewhere.  I was seriously nervous at this point.

Andy had me roll over on my left side, and the anesthesiologist began hooking something up to the needle in my hand.

There was music playing in the room, and I realized that the song was ‘Dancing Queen’ by ABBA.  I remarked to Andy that, of all the songs that could be playing during this particular procedure, ‘Dancing Queen’ had to be the least appropriate.

‘You want me to turn it up?’ said Andy, from somewhere behind me.

‘Ha ha,’ I said.  And then it was time; the moment I had been dreading for more than a decade.  If you are squeamish, prepare yourself, because I am going to tell you, in explicit detail, exactly what it was like.

I have no idea!  Really!  I slept through it!  One moment, ABBA was yelling, ‘Dancing Queen, feel the beat of the tambourine,’ and the next moment, I was back in the other room, waking up in a very mellow mood.

Andy was looking down at me and asking me how I felt.  I felt excellent.  I felt even more excellent when Andy told me that It was all over, and that my colon had passed with flying colors.  I have never been prouder of an internal organ.


Dave Barry is a Pulitzer Prize-winning humor columnist for the Miami Herald.

On the subject of Colonoscopies…

Colonoscopies are no joke, but these comments during the exam were quite humorous….. A physician claimed that the following are actual comments made by his patients (predominately male) while he was performing their colonoscopies:

1. ‘Take it easy, Doc.  You’re boldly going where no man has gone before!’

2. ‘Find Amelia Earhart yet?’

3. ‘Can you hear me NOW?’

4. ‘Are we there yet?  Are we there yet?  Are we there yet?’

5. ‘You know, in Arkansas, we’re now legally married.’

6. ‘Any sign of the trapped miners, Chief?’

7. ‘You put your left hand in, you take your left hand out…’

8. ‘Hey!  Now I know how a Muppet feels!’

9. ‘If your hand doesn’t fit, you must quit!’

10. ‘Hey Doc, let me know if you find my dignity.’

11. ‘You used to be an executive at Enron, didn’t you?’

12. ‘God, now I know why I am not gay.

And the best one of all.

13. ‘Could you write a note for my wife saying that my head is not up there?’






During the last four or five years I’ve had a number of people close to me suddenly cross-over, die, or pass away (pick one). I’ve seen it all, or so I thought. Suicide or natural death they are still gone. Some have been family members (close and distant), while others have been friends I’ve known my entire life, or close friends who are here today and gone tomorrow. The saying that no one’s an island is perfectly true. We may think we deal best when we are alone, but that’s not how we were created.


I don’t think I’ve let myself grieve for any of those I’ve lost. I mean they’re not really lost, they either went up or down and at times the choice rests with those who couldn’t deal with life and chose a way out that is not really out of anything.


Some went gradually through the process and disease of Alzheimer’s and Dementia. Those were the hardest to deal with and see them virtually and gradually losing a grip on the world as we knew it. The final weeks and months seemed to drag by, but in hindsight were not quite long enough.


At mom’s funeral I found myself with no words to say. For once I was speechless and for those who know me it’s not normal. I usually have something to say about everything and I’m not afraid to give my opinion at the drop of a hat. More recently at dad’s funeral I was like the host, guiding the service along and basking in the memories from times gone by. When I’d pop in at the Veterans Home I’d often tell the nurses and staff that he’s my brother. Our glasses were the easy way to tell us apart (accept he was a bit older than me if they took the time to see). I’ve had aunts, uncles and cousins passing in different states and I guess that’s to be expected as death is a part of life.


I can’t forget the phone calls, the first one from a friend who came home from work and found her husband’s body. The two miles took me almost no time and I ended up following local fire and rescue to the house. I didn’t go inside, but watched from the driveway as they brought him out. It’s not real unless you get closure. Closure came at the funeral home in his home town, the church service and burial. That’s when it really sunk in he was gone. The second call was from a detective asking if I knew the deceased. Not giving the cause of death, just my business card was on his computer desk and no family info. I had to go through possessions, return a recently purchased car to the bank and arrange for the body to be buried at the national cemetery in Denver, just so surreal. Another was about a high school buddy who passed away back home and his wife called to let me know. The most recent was yesterday and I’m not sure I’m handling it very well. A friend whom I had talked to infrequently the past couple of months and the call said she passed at home. There have been others that I have come to know over the years and some through online veterans groups with an exchange of emails, pictures and an occasional chat session and then nothing.


There’s really nobody to sit down and talk to about them when after it happens. My military training has me compartmentalize things, people and places once they are no longer around or in my life until we reconnect at a reunion, along the freeway at a truck stop or during an unexpected surprise visit.


They say that it’s normal to talk to yourself and I do that a lot now days. They also say when you start answering yourself it’s time to go see a doctor or something. I don’t really believe that because I’m pushing 70 this year and I see my doctor(s) at fairly regular intervals.


The kids are all grown and have kids and grandkids of their own, yet they call or pop in just to see if my blood pressure is normal. They know what buttons to push if the BP needs elevated.


The wife is working still and her little old ladies and their hair keep her hopping like crazy and she has an occasional customer who passes away and she’s coping with them.


The one I can always count on under all circumstances is God. Maybe I haven’t made the best use of calling out to him like I should, but I know that he hears me when I call. I know that because he hears me he answers my requests, sometimes with a funny twist. His answers are not always what I ask for or when I want it, but it is always at the right time and according to his purpose and schedule for my life. – I am the Real Truckmaster!


The Solution a Litmus Test for Congress



The Solution a Litmus Test For Congress


I’ve been asking myself how do you fix what’s broken in Congress? Democrats are outdoing themselves with self-destructive behavior, Republicans know but don’t and Independents are often half-right most of the time. So what are we supposed to do? The simple answer is elect better legislators! That takes time and the way Congress is set up so that only 1/3 of the House comes up for election every cycle, and the Senate has longer terms making it difficult if not impossible to fully change all 535 seats in Congress in less than 12 years.


We know that the House is controlled by Democrats and the Senate is controlled by the Republicans, yet there is no middle ground where by the Congress looks out for American citizens, yet hopes to garner enough votes to stay in office until they are able to retire with a pension. Since when has public service become a career path?


I guess we have to deal with what we have in both Chambers of the Legislature.


The Speaker of the House and the Senate Majority Leader could adopt a sort of litmus test that each member of Congress is required to use to determine if each bill should be passed then sent over to the other Chamber, and/or proceed to the desk of the President to be signed into law?


Let’s use the IF and OR model for processes (something they teach in college – or maybe they should). It would go something like this:


Proposed Legislation (Bill) = Bill to deal with individual Healthcare

(Does this bill positively impact the citizens in my home district or state?)


IF YES = Vote to adopt this bill

NEXT – Send it to the other Chamber


Send it to the President to be signed into law.


IF NO = Vote against adoption

Send it back to committee for revision repeat the process above).


Table the bill (effectively killing it)


(When it comes out of committee


With 435 House Members and 100 Senators for a total of 535 Members of Congress using a simple formula there would be no need for the 262 Congressional Caucuses or Congressional Staff Organizations that prevent the efficient or effective time management.


The Democratic Party has transformed into the Progressive-Democratic Party with promises of being “The People’s Party”. Simply attempting to override, change or ignore the Constitution is in itself unconstitutional. Claiming capitalism is morally wrong or racist is merely demonstrating ignorance and leads to subversive activities attempting to overthrow the government from within. Legislators selling Communism, Marxism, Socialism, or any other type of government are like snake oil salesmen in the American Wild West and their claim are not valid. Where throughout history have we seen the people’s party in action? In China, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Cuba, the Soviet Union (Russian Federation), Venezuela and other nations under Democratic-Socialist or under Communism? Without transitioning into some form of capitalism the people suffer unspeakable horror as these nations fail miserably.


When our government becomes unresponsive to “We the People” they no longer have the confidence and trust of our citizenry. The Constitution is very clear that it then becomes time to cast off the government and begin anew. – I am the Real Truckmaster!