Right In Front of Your Eyes


Right In Front of Your Eyes

Lost in the midst of all the breaking news about Trump and the trouble he’s in are questions either ignored or not being asked at all. I spent a number of years in government (military) and there are procedures, rules and regulations for everything.

Nothing gets done until every eye is dotted and every tee has been crossed.

Do you thing for a New York minute that if Trump was the dictator the left claims he was would he have been able to circumvent all of those procedures, rules or regulations? Not hardly!

In fact there are some mighty high up government civilians who would see to it that especially Trump would have had to follow the procedures, rules and regulations.

The liberal left was emboldened after Twitter permanently banned the President of the United States and Facebook took to shadow banning his supporters with their “independent fact checkers” who slap you into FB Jail for violating their community standards (talking nicely about Trump).

Evidence that the real insurrection continues is seen in the J6 Committee still digging and now the Classified Documents hoax. Yes I said HOAX!

Before you talk classified and president in the same sentence you have to consider the context.

The premise that Trump had classified documents at his desk in Florida, boxes of more classified documents stored in the garage or wherever and the right saying Trump declassified them while he was in office but left no paper trail……sounds ridiculous doesn’t it?

Those same people may one day say that Trump failed to sign for his presidential lunch and/or McDonald’s hamburgers were consumed as a matter of kick-backs to POTUS.

Let’s get back on track. For those who say the president had to notify someone when he declassifies documents. He didn’t have to and the fact that he took possession of certain documents shows they were defacto declassified.

What most likely happened was each agency who’s documents were transferred to the president did document (log) the transfer at the time, but due to the biased political climate conveniently (misplaced those log files, next to Hillary’s emails). (No I won’t forget that although she wasn’t president, she had the knowledge as a former first lady and a former senator of what was legal and proper protocol, yet chose to ignore it).

So what agencies had released documents to then President Trump? If no release papers or transfer documents exist, how did those agencies lose their chain of custody? Heads should roll, employees fired, apprehended, tried, prosecuted and placed in prison.

When documents were removed from the White House, where is the inventory of the contents of each box?

When placed in storage, where is the inventory of what is in storage?

If there were classified documents being moved, then it stands to reason that every person on the moving team would have had to have a higher than top secret clearance to come in contact with a box containing such classified documents?

Enough of the logical thinking on my part it is common knowledge that people on the political left and political right do not think the same.

As Congress is the law making body of our government and mandated by the Constitution to make their own processes, procedures and rules it stands to reason if they change them at will, ignore them altogether or willingly violate the Constitution nothing will stop them from continuing down the path of least resistance.

As the Executive Branch is the head of our government the person of the President is in fact the body of the Executive Branch by his actions, the President can according to his will declassify ANY document and he doesn’t have to do it in writing. There are protocols in the White House as well as every government agency for documenting such action when it occurs, memorandums, notes, emails or letters and even presidential Executive Orders. It is a well-known fact that every card, letter, note, in person visit and/or transaction is permanently recorded, filed and maintained in White House records (Even that letter I sent to Obama).

So saying no records exist is a flat out lie.

This entire charade is to drum up hate, distrust, resistance and drive votes away from Trump should he announce he is going to run for office again. It is a tried and true democratic political tactic that causes politicians to run away in fear.

Might I refresh your memory – Trump isn’t a run of the mill politician, but a stand and deliver fighter who will not just hunker down hoping it will blow over. Trump will switch from defense to offense and go where politicians fear to tread – in the face of the adversary and he will persevere.

Let me be clear – saying Trump didn’t make mistakes is futile. However learning from his mistakes is what Trump does best. He may not always choose his friends, but he surely knows who his enemies are and keeps them at arms-length or closer. Trump was given a two-fold mandate to stop evil and fight political correctness and it is my belief that he will continue until he is successful. –


Followup on Trump and Classified Documents


Followup on Trump and Classified Documents

My remarks gave way to a heated discussion on what Trump did in removing classified documents without giving anything specific (for national security?) but to create confusion and add to the division of Americans against each other.

The question is did President Trump during his term take possession of classified documents that were stored at his estate in Mar largo, Florida? If the answer is YES, as the media wants us to believe, then the fact that he took possession of those documents did in fact declassify them under his authority as President of the United States. If the answer is NO, then how did they get there and under whose authority?

The next question is who selected those specific documents to be taken by President Trump? If the answer is, quite obviously it was Trump who ordered them to be selected, boxed and stored at a designated facility of his choosing, then what is the problem? Where is the documented list of requested documents signed by President Trump?

If the answer is, someone in his White House Staff compiled a list of documents, Trump signed off on it and they were packed up and moved. The next obvious question is who did it and on whose authority?

How did those documents in question get moved? If the answer is Trump did it, then how did he do it? Where were the Secret Service agents on the presidential detail? Did they stand by and watch? Did they actively participate in moving the documents?

Why over a year after he left office did it suddenly become “leaked” to the press and to the public that President Trump was in possession of classified documents, specific classified documents and where they were located? Keep in mind that at the time they were taken the sitting president by his very act of possession effected declassification of all those documents.

In fact every modern president prior to leaving office selects documents, books and items to be added to his presidential library once it has been completed. Not once have we had a president targeted by the government and the press concerning documents, classified or otherwise and why now?

Let me shed light on what I think is going on. First the actual, well documented insurrection to take down the duly elected president began on January 20, 2017 and is continuing today. No other president has been hated to the extent that merely mentioning his name TRUMP causes anger, frustration and fear that he could become a 2 term president, even after being investigated, impeached twice and still under investigation after investigation.

Congressional leaders in both the House and Senate have sought to prevent former President Trump from enjoying the benefits of a former president and are trying to block his path back into the White House in 2024. It’s not even about classified documents, it’s about creating even more division so Trump’s supporters and followers will abandon him and Trump will go down in defeat. I suspect congressional democrats fear that Trump has key information for his presidential library, like – Who really killed JFK, Obama’s real birth certificate and all 34,000 of Hillary’s lost emails? That shows you how little regard congress has for Trump or Americans who support Trump’s bid for a second election and this time as the 47th President of the United States. Smoke and Mirrors folks, Smoke and Mirrors – Don’t let the smoke get in your eyes! –


On Trump and Classified Documents

On Trump and Classified Documents

Do you know that the President “while in office” can declassify ANY document by his action of taking possession or handing it to someone else and he doesn’t have to sign any paper or report to any agency or body of government prior! It is constitutional because he alone is the Executive Branch!

The same cannot be said of any other US citizen, government official, current or former member of congress.

There are protocols for handling of classified documents but the president doesn’t have to give an accounting to anyone in government because he doesn’t work for them. That’s why the infinitesimal number of “leaks” during Trump’s administration came from people seeking to make a name for them and to bring down the president. I call that an INSURRECTION!

Remember that democratic accusations are almost always what they are doing but haven’t been held accountable!

I’m not “the” expert on anything but I am however pretty good at seeing through the smoke and mirrors when it comes to attacks on Trump, perpetuated by congressional democrats and their media lackeys. They haven’t changed their tactics one iota.

Why are there no questions about Obama and his handling of classified documents? Where are the investigations of his actions as president by anyone? Can you say DACA?

Many of you hand have bought into the democratic lies and every time Trump’s name comes up you launch into attack mode.

I don’t buy into it!

I’ve been accused of being consumed with Trump. I tell you I’m consumed with countering the mountain of garbage coming out of the press being fed by democratic members of congress.

Tell them to stop and I’ll stop, okay?

Remember turn in your guns and the bad guys will lay down their guns when they see nobody else has any?

(Loosely paraphrased democratic logic)

When I state something it’s not to make it political, but it is to counter political attacks that have no basis.

  • Where is the list of documents Trump was reported to have single handedly carried from the White House to Florida without a single law enforcement agent putting up so much as a fuss?
  • Where is the list of documents searched?
  • Where is the list of documents recovered by the FBI SWAT team/task force?
  • Where is the list of documents placed in classified storage by the FBI?

I could go on and on and on…. Just saying

Congress has spent 4 years trying to get Trump out of office and the past 2 years searching for a way to prevent him from running again. I still call that INSURRECTION! Think of all they could have accomplished had congress focused their efforts on making this country better instead of getting Trump by any means necessary?

I’m going out on a limb when I say that Americans are to blame for the state of the union by continually electing self-serving politicians who line their own pockets financially while creating more ways to enslave low income and “middle class” Americans through the lure of FREE, FREE, FREE! –


Constitutional Mandate


Constitutional Mandate

There seems to be a bit of confusion over what the Constitution says, at least when it comes to Congress. What we have been seeing are individual members of Congress blatantly going from law maker to law breaker while holding it up as “patriotism” for all to see.

One of the biggest fallacies is when a Senator or Representative has decided in their own mind that THEY ALONE can do a better job as President, than the sitting President of the United States.

Let’s use former Senator/President Barack Obama as our first prime example.

As an 8 year Senator what was his claim to fame – Anyone? I can’t think of anything either. So he decides that he is going to be THE ONE and is elected as POTUS #44.

What is his claim to fame as President – D.A.C.A. (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals), an executive order by a President who is miffed that Congress is too slow to act on immigration? Does he not remember he was himself a part of that slowness?

What else is he remembered for – A.C.A. (the Affordable Care Act) or Obamacare, a better way for government to manage/mismanage healthcare so those who don’t have it, can get it – right? What about the mandate on premiums? Or you can keep your healthcare plan and your doctor? How is that working out for you?

Let’s we also have former Senator/Vice-President/President Joe Biden as a second example.

After 37 years as a Senator, 8 years as Obama’s Vice President and now 20 Months as POTUS #46 what is his claim to fame? Besides Obamacare now being called Bidencare; Trumps Wall having been demolished creating an open border situation with unfettered access to the US by immigrants of any nation; Oil Pipeline construction stopped, our US oil reserves being siphoned off to other countries and POTUS begging OPEC for more oil to the US; US involvement in the Afghanistan War stopped dead in its tracks by leaving an entire fully stocked US Air Force Base into the hands of the enemy (Taliban) and US Citizens abandoned in country, with ridiculous mandates for AOC’s Green New Deal (in total), EVs for government and individuals by 2035 without the necessary infrastructure pre-completed and the economy tanking faster than the Titanic – what will he be remembered for?

Then we have Congress as our third example(s), the body mandated under the Constitution to create laws. Yet many of them spend more time breaking laws that already exist, rather than CHANGING or UPDATING LAWS that are outdated or ineffective.

The current 116th Congress is more of a show and tell body, than a real legislative body. They are like puppets on a string, dancing in front of television cameras and touting “look at me, I’m as patriotic as I can be” while chipping away at the very Constitution that mandated their very existence. When the President is not of their party or liking they make a huge production of expressing their displeasure (hatred) of his very being, but when their party has the presidency he can do no wrong (even when he’s seldom right).

My biggest gripe about Congress is how they disrespect and treat the very citizens who sent them to Washington D.C. in the first place. WE THE PEOPLE are relegated to “peasanthood” status which is lower than 2nd class citizens; in fact NON-CITIZEN ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS are treated better by Congress than US Citizens who are law abiding, tax paying, working class or homeless or even Veterans of the Armed Forces of the United States. “Thank you for your service” mean nothing when it comes from your lips as a reflex action like saying “God bless you” when someone sneezes.

Elected/Appointed members of Congress are PUBLIC SERVANTS chosen to serve as our representatives in the overall legislative body. They should be available and responsive to our wants, needs and desires BEFORE their own selfish interests. NEVER should a member of Congress gain financially from serving in their elected office or after leaving office.

Congress should never be seen as a career. There should be no retirement salary or benefits that extend past their term in office. Members of Congress should self-regulate themselves to no more than 2 terms in office and then leave office and become productive citizens once again (assuming they were productive prior). Calling their constituents Deplorables, Lying Dog Faced Pony Soldiers, or worse is conduct unbecoming of an elected (or wannabe) official.

Strip away the title of Congressman, Senator, Representative or Legislator and all you have left is citizen, just like us! (From US you came and to US you return)!

Am I jaded in my perception and portrayal of Congress – you bet I am! –


Conspiring to Commit


Conspiring to Commit

In 2015 what was seen as a publicity stunt to drum up viewers for the television show The Apprentice was when Donald J. Trump came down the golden escalator at Trump Tower and announced to the world he was running for president. Not one person took him seriously or considered that he even had the remotest of possibilities to become President of the United States.

During the RNC debates the field was wide open with sitting members of congress, business leaders and favorites of the Republican Party all vying for their party’s nomination. The host of the first debate asked Governor Huckabee point blank if Trump could beat Hillary Clinton. Without hesitation his reply was everyone on the stage could beat Hillary especially Donald Trump (paraphrased). After the final debate Trump got the Republican nomination and ultimately he did beat Hillary Clinton in the 2020 election in what could be seen as the upset of the century. Liberals were shocked as was Hillary when she called Trump to concede and offer her heartfelt congratulations. However it wasn’t official until after the Electoral College votes were certified and presented to congress on January 6th, 2017.

Trump was now the President-Elect and would be inaugurated as the 45th President of the United States on January 20th, 2017 and the insurrection would begin in an attempt to derail the Trump presidency.

It’s ironic and iconic at the same time that President Obama would sit down with President-Elect Trump in the Oval Office and wish him and his presidency the best as the nation would be better, while at the same time Obama began putting the infamous Russian Collusion hoax linked to a fake Dossier funded by the Clinton Foundation and executed by the Obama DOJ/FBI into play. Let that sink in.

When January 20th rolled around, several Democratic members of congress boycotted the inauguration, women’s rights activist led demonstrations filled the mall and with their celebrity led spokespersons shouted obscenities about Trump at television cameras. One celebrity even held up what resembled Trump’s severed head. The resistance movement had begun.

On day one of his presidency, Trump reached out to members of congress concerning issues of importance to him and to Americans across the board. He met with members of congress. When Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi met with President Trump in the Oval Office it was arrogant of Pelosi to tell the president the importance of HER at that meeting.

He urged congress to reform immigration laws, make DACA legal by creating a bill which he would sign and he sought funding to build the wall along the US/Mexican border. These were pretty straight forward actions directly impacting national security but congress resisted and took no action, other than select members went on national television to attack Trump, his family, his administration and belittle his national security, domestic and foreign policies.

There were numerous “leaks” of classified and/or sensitive information coming from current and former members of the White House staff and members of congress to the media, each one designed to undermine the Trump presidency. The Special Counsel Mueller investigation began to “investigate” the Russian Collusion hoax and found no collusion by Trump campaign officials.

It was after the Democrats became the majority in the House that newly appointed (2nd time) House Speaker Pelosi proudly announced the first Impeachment of President Trump over a congratulatory phone call to the president of Ukraine, where he asked the validity of an action claimed by former Vice President Joe Biden during the Obama administration.

Although there were many challenges and successes by Trump and his administration on the international scene, acknowledgement or credit was suppressed by the media at home with more attention given to Trump’s Twitter activity instead.

There seemed to be a marked increase in migrant convoys arriving at the US southern border which slowed when funding and construction of the wall began and an increase in resistance to Trump.

Trump’s meetings with world leaders always sparked controversy and leaked misinformation designed to give the impression that Trump was working for foreign powers somehow found their way as headlines in the media.

After the Mueller Report was released showing no substance and the Impeachment found no credible basis one would think that things would settle down? Not so, the introduction of the Chinese virus on the world stage changed the course of the nation as Trump implemented measures to prevent the virus from coming to the United States and brought corporations, government and medical centers together to mass produce personal protective equipment to meet first a nationwide and then a worldwide shortage.

Then Impeachment #2 was designed to sink Trump and his administration and it too failed miserably.

Next was the election of 2020 which was going well for President Trump as the polls closed on November 4th, 2020. The following morning revealed that everything had changed overnight in a number of swing states where allegations of election tampering with fraud and illegal voting caused the Trump campaign to question the validity/constitutionality of a number of elections. The coup de tat would be at the Capital Building on January 6th where the Electoral College votes would be presented to be rejected or counted.

We have been told that what happened on January 6th was an armed insurrection lead/fueled by President Trump to take down the government. The J6 Committee was formed to search not for the truth of what happened on J6, but to find and confine Trump’s supporters who sought to witness the EC ballots being presented to Congress.

*Note: An insurrection is to take down the duly elected leader of a nation.

How can that duly elected leader take himself down?

**Note: An armed insurrection implies the use of weapons.

The only weapons at the Capital Building were those of law enforcement.

The only casualty was that of an unarmed (retired military police officer) an unthreatening 120 lb. woman.

Of the 400+ “detainees” still being held without bond or access to attorney’s and all are MAGA supporters hunted down weeks and months after the event.

Of the actual “rioters” inside the Capital Building how many were bonded out and released – 100%?

As I stated earlier the insurrection began on January 20th, 2017 and continues 20 months after President Trump left office and to date nobody has been arrested, charged or held accountable for the conspired take down of President Trump.

I’ve only scratched the surface on what has been taking place the past 6+ years in a massive misinformation campaign to bring this nation to its knees. You can’t argue with history. I will not stand idly by and allow our Constitution to be shredded, trampled on or discarded!

The resistance (insurrection) continues!

Are we/YOU Okay with that? –


California Craziness


California Craziness

There is no limit to what politics can do to a state. In fact California legislators and regulators take pride in pushing to the ultimate limits and then beyond. When I read that truckers in California are no longer able to renew their vehicle registrations unless it’s an Electric Truck I thought it was absurd. Now with what seems to be presidential backing Californians will soon be unable to purchase new gasoline or diesel powered vehicles anywhere in the state. Only new Electric Vehicles by 2035.

No problem you say, “I have an older vehicle and it runs just fine, so I don’t worry about buying a new one anyway.”

What is to stop these out of control legislators and regulators from expanding their gasoline vehicle ban to ALL MOTOR POWERED VEHICLES – trucks, cars, motorcycles, bicycles, dune buggies, gocarts, lawnmowers, edgers, trimmers, chainsaws, rototillers, farm tractors and equipment?

So what happens when a state known for its rolling blackouts where the power grid is unable to support current electrical demands, is hit by massive millions of NEW EVs plugging in – in your neighborhood?

Remember the cows? They must be plugged as they alone are responsible for greenhouse gases leading to climate change…….. Yah Right!

There are going to be a massive exodus of California residents headed for places like New Mexico and Arizona or Wyoming, Montana and other states with more land per capita than residents. As with every other exodus the crazies will leave too, so they can spread their nonsense to other population centers.

Well my only advice is to stop sending your crazies into local and national politics. There needs to be massive statewide recall elections where votes of no-confidence and expulsion from elected and/or appointed political office is not only expected, but demanded!

More importantly don’t bring your crazy ideas to Colorado, we already have enough and we have guns, grass and enough rocky mountain highness to keep us floating for many years to come! –


The Real Green in Greenhouse Gases


The Real Green in Greenhouse Gases

I came upon a Facebook posting concerning cows being the cause of greenhouse gas pollution. As expected the “Fact Checkers” confirmed that cows really were the problem. As with all the media attention citing the positives of AOC’s “Green New Deal” being promoted by the hierarchy of the Democratic Party and world experts like that girl in Europe who knows more, about what’s good for all of us, in her young life than Maw and Pa Kettle and the Clampets combined.

For years we’ve been sold a bill of goods on climate change such as global warming adversely effecting melting glaciers, and now greenhouse gases destroying the planet. We’ve been told to save the whales, wild birds and trees but are unable to save ourselves from ourselves.

It reminds me of the idea of recycling.

I remember loading up the old SUV with electronics and computer parts. After leaving only enough room to operate the vehicle safely I headed to the salvage yard expecting a huge payout. After unloading my vehicle, I left with probably $8 in cold hard cash, not worth the effort.

Separating items at home and taking them to a recycle center would be a good idea if the payout made it worthwhile. But getting a recycle container to put on the curb alongside your normal trash container actually costs you. Sure the recycled products are being repurposed or turned into products made from recycle waste, but at whose expense?

Until we as individuals get into the habit of picking up after ourselves and placing our trash in containers instead of throwing stuff out the window or dropping it on the ground for someone else to pick up, how are we helping or are we just contributing to the problem?

We accept failed ideas which cause massive restrictions being perpetuated on our society and massive financial gain by those at the top in which the real green goes all the way to the bank.

In every case, whether it is windmills, wind turbines, solar power in homes or businesses or the latest push for EV’s for government, industry and everyday family vehicles – somebody is ca$hing in, or rather catching a very big payday at our expen$e while placing the blaming cows – a most idiotic line of reasoning, or lack of an actual thought process. Again what is it going to cost us in the long run – everything? –


Democrats Taking Stupid to a Whole Other Level


Democrats Take Stupid to a Whole Other Level

“So what do you think of Trump now?” Said a friend, implying about the classified documents Trump had at his house in Florida.

My response was that this is typical of the 2 phony impeachments while Trump was in office and the J6 incident. Democrats keep trying to threaten Trump with political shenanigans that have sunk a great many politicians in the past. When I told him this was all happening to get Trump to announce he would not run in 2024.

My friend said that Trump is not a politician but a businessman who has lied, cheated and stole to make his fortune in the business world. Trump would tell them he wouldn’t run, then break his word like he’s always done and run anyway.

He said all that and didn’t even break a sweat and his democratic-like attitude against Trump says a lot more about democrats like him in general than it does about Trump.

In fact it has been reported that if Trump announces he won’t run all these attacks would simply go away. And that is why democratic tactics don’t phase Trump or cause him to back down. When Trump responds he does it with style and doubles down.

What amazes me (not really) is that even after 20 months of the Biden presidency nobody talks about our tanked economy, the higher prices of gas and groceries (commodities), the influx of illegal immigrants due to Biden’s open border policy, the stopping or restricting of petroleum drilling and difficulty in transporting goods to the consumer while forcing the green-new-deal on an unwilling public without the infrastructure to support it. Nobody is talking about our woke ineffective military leadership adversely affecting our national defense while enemy states are emboldened by our weak-kneed president.

Back to this apparent breach of protocol and national security. As a retired military noncommissioned officer I take seriously the handling of classified documents.

I have serious questions about how this entire incident was and is being handled.

The sitting president has the authority to declassify documents and protocol dictates how it is to be done thereby always leaving a paper trail (a chain-of-custody). That being said, prior to President Trump vacating the White House on January 20th, 2021 who determined what was to be packed, transported as well as what and where boxes were to be stored? Obviously if formerly classified documents are involved there are specific protocols to be followed. What specific documents were involved? Were any of them from Hillary Clinton’s missing 34,000 emails or Barack Obama’s birth certificate or print outs from Hunter Biden’s laptop? I seriously doubt it!

Who “leaked” that classified documents had been moved to Florida? Supposedly it was someone close to the president, like maybe the person responsible for supervising, while insuring that certain “classified” documents were included?

Is it logical or feasible to assume that a 75 year old Donald Trump single-handedly gathered, packed and transported a truckload of classified documents under the watchful eyes of the secret service detail? Would they not feel compelled to participate in assisting the president?

It was the same thing when then President Clinton boarded those Epstein flights, did the secret service simply stand on the tarmac and wave goodbye as the plane departed? I doubt that!

So why did it take a televised convoy of FBI agents and swat teams to pick up an untold number of boxes of documents from Trumps residence in Florida? The military would call that a show of force. In democratic circles it’s laying all the cards on the table so the opponent knows he’s been had.

Democrats have been using those same tactics for the past 6 years, in storming the home of and arresting Roger Stone for his association with Donald Trump, and the little old grandmother who photographed herself at the Capital Building on January 6th, and a great many others have been hunted down, arrested, imprisoned, harassed and belittled simply for standing up as a MAGA supporter.

Remember when the abandoned Hunter Biden laptop incident came to light? A computer shop owner contacted the FBI and was ignored. He turned the laptop over to a third party who then took it to the FBI where it was ignored allegedly because Hunter’s dad was a political opponent of President Trump.

And even when the video surfaced of improprieties by then Vice President Biden blackmailing the Ukraine government to drop a national investigation (fire the prosecutor) in exchange for receiving military aide from the US, it too was buried by the press.

So here we are nearing the crossroads where a major political opponent of President Biden is considering a run to take back the White House in 2024 and the democrats are pulling out all the stops in the democratic political playbook in an effort to stop him.

My friend said, “Oh their going to get him this time!” inferring that all the other times didn’t work but this time it will. In my book democrats really are taking stupid to a whole other level! –


What is My Purpose?

What is My Purpose?

Man has always sought someone who could right societies wrongs. From the biblical stories of David and Goliath, Samson and Delilah, and Ruth it was the underdog who rose from obscurity to stand up against evil has inspired boys and girls of all ages as myths and legends were born.

Crusading armies marched across the known world to conquer and divide the spoils of war and grow empires.

Nation against nation, culture against culture as empires and kingdoms rose and fell.

The love of money, the lust for power and control laid many before the alter of corruption.

When Jesus lived on the earth as a man people were marrying, children were being born, and a great many were dying in their sin.

What was Jesus’ main concern?

Why did Jesus come if not to save mankind from ourselves?

Jesus is love and his message was ‘God loves you’. Every day of his ministry he told the only way to the Father was through him.

Jesus is the ultimate super hero, the only one who saves the soul of man with the shedding of his own blood and through the grace of Almighty God.

Accepting salvation must be a conscience decision of each man, woman or child.

The Bible tells us that God created everything. So when you feel small or insignificant take heart that God created you for his purpose and for his glory. Nobody else can be you (not even an identical twin).

Seek, knock and ask God – What is my purpose? –


The Law of Intent to Commit

The Law of Intent to Commit

Some folks online were discussing common law marriage and a law that doesn’t care about just living together to consummate the relationship, but it depends on the intentions of both parties or do they tell others they’re married?

Now think about that for a moment, then apply that train of thought to just about anything you can think of.

It would effectively cancel out the presumption of innocent until proven guilty guaranteed by the Constitution.

One would automatically be guilty if you walked into a bank with the intent to rob, regardless of whether you committed the robbery or not.

You would automatically be liable if you went to Micky Dee’s intending to buy a Big Micky sandwich meal it regardless of whether you actually ordered or bought one.

Under this “law” 2 people of the same gender who are roommates would be declared to be “gay”, regardless of whether they were or not.

Take immigration, a person wold be considered a citizen if they intended to become one before entering the country (legally or not).

Now if someone intended on voting conservative they would be considered a card carrying Republican even if they voted Democrat (or vise versa).

All those celebrities who said they intended to leave if Trump became president would under this law be considered GONE! Wouldn’t that be nice? –