How Different It Would Have Been?




How Different It Would Have Been



Life on the North American continent was drastically different than that of the old world continents of Africa, Asia and Europe (Great Brittan, Germany, France, and Italy).


Traveling by ship across the open seas in hopes of a better life or enduring the horrors of the slave ships only to be sold at auction for a life of slavery or manual labor and unending abuse define coming to America. In modern day America the expectations are the same, only the modes of travel differ. Rarely does anyone travel across oceans by ship, unless it’s a cargo ship or a cruise liner.


What if our founding fathers had acted differently? Would we even be here today? Would we truly be one nation united under God, a light beckoning the world to come?


Congress proclaimed The Star Spangled Banner the U.S. National Anthem in 1931.



Maybe our National Anthem could have been something like this?



Oh say can’t you see there’s a virus near me,

I must stay in my home and watch the news on TV.


To tell me when it’s safe,

To go outside or to the store.


I need toilet paper and hand sanitizer,

TV dinners are fine.

Don’t need milk, eggs or meat,

We never learned how to cook.


Social distancing while wearing masks,

And gloves all the time is a must.


I’m cowering and scared in my basement,

In the land I’m afraid and fearful.


I know it seems ridiculous but our founding fathers and those who made this great nation did not come here haphazardly or willy-nilly. Where free or slave all came here for the purpose of creating a nation like no other on earth.


Their purpose was clear to work hard and freely worship the God of the Moses, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. This was no easy task. Nothing was free. It was an unthinkable journey with no idea of expectations of what lay ahead. They gave up everything for the idea of freedom. Every generation had its trials and tribulations to endure. Wealthy became even wealthier while the poor remained poor; Kings became slaves.


It was often a battle where the have nots taking from the haves and it remains true today. Our nation was founded on a constitution that was based upon principals of the bible with the idea that all men are created equal by a supreme creator.  It hasn’t always been easy because men set themselves up as more learned or more important. Maybe they think they have more and that equates to being better. It does not.


God has blessed this land and the people who come here. Over time the technical advances can only be attributed to a loving and patient God. When trials come it is God who makes a way through them. Man has but two choices to accept God or reject him? Life is hard, but it is much harder without God. We are told that God works in mysterious ways. That is true. His ways are higher than our ways and his thoughts greater than our thoughts. Sometimes God uses a hammer, other times he uses a nail.


I’ve often wondered if this COVID-19 is the hammer or the nail. How coincidental for a viral scare that encompasses the entire world in a matter of days with world economies shutting down as if a single entity is controlling it.


It has taken Christianity more than 2,000 years to spread around the world and I’m not sure that everyone has yet heard the good news that Jesus loves them?


What became a global pandemic was not so much the COVID-19 virus, but the panic buying of toilet paper! Within a matter of days the entire world seemed to be hoarding a relatively new invention used primarily in so called civilized nations. The real pandemic is the manipulation of people of every nation, tribe and creed using fear and intimidation.


We ae seeing political figures determining what businesses and who is essential. Those deemed not essential are closed down, people protesting are locked up while entire communities (cities, states and countries) are shuttered and told to remain indoors until further notice. Outside activities are banned. Leaving the house except for essentials (once again what or who determines what is essential) is prohibited.


People will only take so much before they rise up in rebellion. We are seeing that happening even now. Churches have been shut down worldwide. Recently they were declared essential by one political figure while other figures are threatening with arrests, fines and prison for religious gatherings.


We are told that only essential medical procedures are allowed, with restrictions. People are told they must stay home to be safe and when leaving home to “suit up” wearing masks and gloves and stay at least 6 feet away from others is the only way to stop the spread or flatten the curve or kill the virus. The problem with that is it makes no scientific or medically based sense.


The COVID-19 virus is one that inhibits the red blood cells from carrying oxygen throughout the blood stream. It seems to be spread by human to human contact such as sneezing, thus wearing masks. The virus can be killed by heat and light (even ultraviolet light), so why not place ultraviolet lights at the entrances of business establishments?


If being outside breathing fresh air is best, why wear a mask while hiking, walking or driving a car? Being told to social distance but not allowed to naturally social distance in parks or mountains, lakes and streams make no sense.


The practices dictated by those in authority are not always the best. The prolonged wearing of masks risks the breathing of carbon dioxide. The prolonged wearing of gloves without decontaminating between handling items only spreads any germs or virus already on the items. Staying at home causes depression and is now becoming a growing cause of suicide.  The cure is truly become worse than the virus.


I wonder how many of those demanding that everyone stay home or businesses remain closed are actually relying on their own personal savings to survive. How many are business owners? How many are working from home with a salary and a paycheck coming in for their efforts? How many of them consider themselves non-essential? Or do they rely on a government stimulus check or other assistance funds?


That being said it is time to open the country back up. Get small businesses running; farmers and ranchers operating and selling their produce and cattle; processing plants running and let us get back to living our lives without fear of what might be? Stop political fear mongering and return common sense to America and the world. – I am the Real Truckmaster!



For Your Safety We Are Closed



For Your Safety We Are Closed


I ran to the store and couldn’t help but see signs everywhere, Sorry for the inconvenience but for your safety this and that is closed until further notice. I expected to see it on the bathroom doors as well but their sign is “In Use” in red letters, when available it’s Green. We are conditioned at an early age to obey the signs. They are everywhere. Remember “Keep off the Grass” well luckily for Colorado that doesn’t apply anymore unless you’re underage or driving.


Facebook has their signs and I’m sure we’ve all seen them or gotten one or two for something we posted that measure up to snuff with the FB Polizi. Lately it’s the politically correct (PC) police who spot a word group that they think is inappropriate so they block or cover it up (for your protection).


Before all the hubba-hubba over the virus I used to get a kick out of Falling Rocks Ahead or Game Crossing but hey they never said which game? Reminds me of the lady who called the 911 and asked for the deer crossing sign to be moved so the deer would have a safer place to cross.


Now we are to believe that social distancing (unsocially distanced) is how we are to proceed through life – no touchy feely anymore. We are social people by design. It is our nature to be hands on, so long as our hands are on the right thing and for the right reason.


There was a farmer who had a sign posted “Do Not Cross”. It seems the government man came along and started climbing through the fence anyway.


The farmer called out “I wouldn’t go there if I were you.”


The government man kind of got his feathers ruffled up and said “I’m a government man and I go where and when I please.”


As the government man started walking across the pasture the old farmer called out, “I hope you can outrun the bull.”


I don’t remember if he did or not, but what you don’t see can hurt you.


Signs are made for a variety of reasons. Some are informative; others cautionary and still others are just funny signs. I used to see the old Burma Shave signs along the highway out west, but don’t know if any have survived over the years. They might not be politically correct.


If you’re not careful that Slippery When Wet sign will do wonders with your acrobatic skills.


I’ve been all around the world and many signs are not in English, yet the translation can make you smile or really crack you up. One of the funniest at the time was seeing a VW beetle decked out as a police car in Panama. I really laughed at that, only to find out the radio is faster than a speeding car. He who laughs usually gets a ticket.


During this safe at home campaign in Colorado even that can be a bit hairy. So many times do we see a picture or story about the driver who parked his car in somebody else’s house? Literally drove right into the wall and often a bedroom where a child was sleeping. – I am the Real Truckmaster!


Way Down Upon the Swampy River




Way Down Upon the Swampy River


When you thought they could go no lower, enter Joe Biden the Democrats last hope for defeating President Trump. Not! There was a reason why former President Obama cringed every time his VP opened his mouth. Maybe that’s why he made him point man to China and the Ukraine. Keeping him out of Washington was supposed to keep him out of trouble. How did that work out? Working in the Obama White House must have been a hoot!


Here we are nearing the end of May 2020 with the November Presidential Elections just a few short months away.


The world fights against the COVID-19 virus.


President Trump fights against leftist Democrats.


Presidential hopeful Joe Biden fights against himself.


This is the crazy world we live in and the year is 2020.


I have to ask – who are you fighting for? What floats your boat? More to the point what sinks your ship?


The United States of America has undergone systematic transformation at the highest levels of government far too long. We’ve gotten used to paying higher taxes and taking home less discretionary income. We pay more for milk than we do for gas. We hobble ourselves with expensive toys and credit card balances soar into the clouds. Our teeny tiny little ones MUST have their own iPhone XXX+? With their own Facebook and You Tube accounts so they don’t get bored.


Some famous person once said life is hard, and harder if you’re stupid. I might add it’s even harder if you’re a card carrying Democrat. We’ve seen the last Democratic Presidential hopeful of the 2016 elections go on to write a book titled “What Happened” after losing the election? And up until now she was the hottest thing going in Democratic politics.


Today we hear former VP Joe Biden giving himself a campaign pep talk where he says something like “I’m going to beat Joe Biden” and the hard truth is he meant it. I’m not sure if that was before or after telling Americans who vote for Trump aren’t really black? Who says stuff like that? What alternate universe does he reside in? I’m sure there are still a lot of Democrats that are cheering him on – “Biden’s the man who is gonna beat Trump”!


I hate to break it to you but that’s like challenging a Cobra Mustang with a stock Model-T Ford on a straightaway. First one across the finish line wins. When the flag goes down, the Model T takes off in reverse.


So while this is merely a distraction, real Democrats are still fighting for the rights of illegal aliens while trying to keep honest law abiding Americans “safe-at-home” in quarantine until sometime after the next inauguration ceremony. But don’t worry they’ll keep the light on for you. – I am the Real Truckmaster!


What is Your Focus?




What is Your Focus?


As I began reading an email response I had to stop myself. The writer said he’d probably never fit in with our generation and that made me stop and write this, before going any further. I am going to add some input or clarity (if that is possible).


I recently posted that looking through foggy glasses all you see is fog?


That is true as your focus is bases on your environment, those you allow around you, your family, friends and coworkers.


Those who know me may not know how or why Thailand is part of my DNA, in my conversations and Thailand groups not only did I spend a brief 2 ½ years in Thailand 68 – 70, but I brought Thailand home with me after I married a Thai and brought her to the states. I’ve been back many times over the years and always I went to revisit the place of my youth – Camp Khon Kaen, from the mid-1990’s until the mid-2000’s I watched as changes occurred in Thailand. For me the biggest changes became noticeable when I made a final trip out to the old camp and found our footprint had been erased completely. I stopped going out there because a part of me was no longer and my focus changed.


What I want you to see is that maybe you need to change your focus, clean off your foggy glasses and see the world through a new and different light.


The writer began to say that DJT needs to show compassion and not focus on getting re-elected. Clearly someone hasn’t seen where Trumps focus is or has been. I’ve watched as he shows compassion for Americans of many walks of life, different ethnic groups and political parties. Most of that doesn’t appear in the main stream media. What they have done is focusing on a disinformation campaign like we have never seen before in a continual attempt to get Trump out of office or keep him from getting reelected. If you watch those “news” feeds closely you will see that once one person “brands” something negative about Trump, it is parroted on every station and every talk show over and over again.


Let me interject something here. Your comments matter to me. In fact rather than taking the time to write you a personal response, I write my Real Truckmaster Series blogs.  Sometimes I’m serious, other times I’m making fun of what liberals say and do (to make a point). Your comments are largely responsible for many of my RTM blogs. Thank you (seriously)!


Trump is like an octopus fighting on many fronts and has been since 2015 when he announced he was running for President. He took many of the political talking points and turned them into campaign promises. After the inauguration he gathered together politicians from both sides of the isle (both wings of the same chicken) and told him what he’d like them to do bi-partisanly to make America come together. They listened, but did they do it – no. The left began their resistance campaign, aided by RINOs and butt-hurt republicans. Trump has a way of doing that to people who take his jabbing personally. Maybe it’s just his way of counter-punching?


But take the wall. It’s been talked about since Reagan, if not before. Every president has said we need to do something about securing the border. Some did nothing. Others put up a 3 or 4 strand wire fence or some type of flimsy barrier. They lobbied congress, had funds appropriated to do the job but didn’t. What happened to that money? But when Trump said it – BAM! They resisted and we began seeing caravans, protests and even American citizens going into Mexico coaching migrants to claim amnesty. (That’s illegal). Trump has been getting things done in spite of the resistance from the left. To date there are 200 miles of wall already up and it is making a difference in the areas where it has been built.


You talk about compassion, Trump has compassion for those making the trip north to our border and he has put pressure on leaders of Mexico and other Central American nations to secure their borders and prevent these caravans from reaching the US. Offering migrants amnesty in their countries. It has worked, but we still get overwhelmed by those not wanting or able to go through the process legally. So is it more compassionate to do as Obama did, build cages? Or discourage them from beginning the road trip north?


Trump is waging a single-handed war against foreign countries and world based organizations who’ve systematically taken advantage of the US in trade, oil and technology to level the playing field. I truly believe that congress isn’t on board because they have no idea how to do the things Trump has done. They don’t have the vision or the focus. Otherwise they would gather together and begin working together to make America better. Oh they say they are, but action speaks louder than words.


Before I close let me talk about this virus and other things. It began in China in early December 2019. Trump was advised about it when there were only 45 cases reported in China. Congress was bent on impeaching him, yet his focus was on the virus. He and his advisors worked closely to begin monitoring travelers coming in from China, way before he stopped flights from coming in. Upon finding out there were insufficient supplies of PPE, Trump began working with private industry to convert assembly lines into PPE production. Who else had ever done something like that since Roosevelt during WWII? So while the Democratic leftists in Congress try to destroy Trump with some trumped up charges, his focus is on dealing with the virus.


As the virus became a national focus Trump could have used executive orders to try and force states to do what he and his advisors said was the proper thing to do, but he put it on the governors. Their states their decision, but with federal guidance and as we know and understand more about the virus the push to social distance, stay at home, wear masks, get tested and so on – all that has been changing, morphing as we go along. Again Trump could “order” governors to open up, but again it’s their states, their decisions. That way the left can’t blame him for shutting down or opening up states because it’s their states, their decisions.


Through all this Trump has taken no salary (donated each quarter back to government agencies for specific causes). He has taken a tremendous personal financial hit as president. The media has been the action arm of the political left, spreading misinformation and attacking anyone associated with or ever having known Trump.


The Obama administration weaponized various agencies during the 8 years of Obama. They have been running cover as the Deep State and done so with impunity until now. Every time Trump fires an Obama era political appointee, the left goes off. Trump appoints someone – they drag their feet approving a replacement. Trump has thrown many a curve ball and they didn’t see it coming. But when Trump appoints a temporary replacement the left tries to deflect him away from his purpose by intimidation and threats, even issuing letters to stop doing what Trump has him doing.


Just a few days ago while in front of a media camera Pelosi said “One things for sure, Trump will not be president in 2021, one way or another.” So what does that tell you? The Democrats are focusing once again on Impeachment 2.0 in an attempt to prevent him from making it to November.


It is important for Trump to be re-elected in order to clean out the Obama administration’s corruption in government and begin bringing guilty people to justice. American voters need to do the same in November – clean out corrupt politicians of both parties. The Democrats have run phony campaigns to amass delegates, but always they have something up their sleeve. Is it a coincidence that Biden ended up the supposed nominee-elect? With his dementia or Alzheimer’s very apparent, I think not.


In closing, liberals look in the mirror and cry foul and conservatives see the mirror for what it is a reflection.


Liberals accuse others of what they themselves are doing. Conservatives say – open your eyes!


Christians know that what God puts in motion cannot be stopped until HIS plan has been accomplished.


Sometimes God uses a hammer, other times he uses a nail. – I am the Real Truckmaster!


After the Curve

after the curve


(Internet Photo)

After The Curve


Remember when they said what you don’t know can’t hurt you? Well they might have been right, but what you don’t know can kill you and that doesn’t always hurts, right?


A few weeks ago I critiqued a @OANN Investigative Report – Exposing China’s Coronavirus. That report mentioned scientific “Gain of Function” testing that occurred at a Biosafety Lab (BSL-3) in North Carolina in 2015 then published in a scientific journal. Among those participating were Ralph S. Baric of Gilling’s School of Global Public Health at the University of North Carolina, Dr. Shi Zheng-Li and another scientist from the Wuhan Institute of Virology in Wuhan, China.


Also uncovered in the report were references to writings and publications of noted author Rosemary Gibson warning about these genetic testing. It was shown that the US dependency on Chinese made drugs, medical equipment (PPE) and a host of other products, some outsourced by American companies. The lack of urgency or preparedness by national leaders placed their citizens at risk, while the aggressive approach by President Trump was the right thing to do.


Let is suffice to say that comments I received accused me of simply spreading fear.


We are now 2 months past the broadcast and there is much we should have learned from this pandemic. Although a deadly virus affecting millions around the globe is less deadly than the common flu.


Did you know that there are approximately 200 Biosafety Level 3 & 4 laboratories located in virtually every state of the union and even more around the globe each one for specific medical, military and/or research applications? These laboratories conduct a host of experiments, and an untold number of breaches or safety violations occur without nearby communities being aroused or even aware.


We have learned that the virus affects the body’s natural ability for the red blood cells to carry blood throughout the bloodstream. While searching for an effective vaccine we learn that a 70 year old antimalarial drug Hydroxychloroquine, sold under the brand name Plaquenil is the most highly effective treatment when prescribed with Azithromycin, known by the brand name Zithromax or Z-Pak.


We have also learned that preventive measures such as social distancing, facemasks and common sense contribute to lower infection rates than predicted. Stay at home measures have worked to a point, but prolonged seem to have unforeseen side effects such as mental health. We have not yet learned to balance mandated self-isolation with fresh air, sun and heat which kill the virus and promote healthy lives. A by-product of social distancing and wearing facemasks is the mass hysteria and paranoia that develop as fear turns into complete panic.


By natural design mankind is a social being, touching, feeling, tasting and living life as the creator meant it to be for developing fully functioning immune systems and mental health. Strip away the social aspect of human beings and you have nothing but an empty shell and a life no longer worth living.


We have learned that the humanity of man is not nourished in isolation to or from others. When challenges occur it is the ingenuity of man and the grace of Almighty God who access and adjust while developing new methods to succeed.


It is my opinion that we must take what he have learned and go out into the big wide world and get back to living life not haphazardly as we have done in the past, but by becoming more aware of the hazards we may encounter and embrace each one as a challenge to be overcome. We must live life to the fullest. We must love like there is no tomorrow. We must look forward to what is ahead. – I am the Real Truckmaster!


The Fearless Warrioress




The Fearless Warrioress


Why is it that since the 2017 inauguration of President Donald Trump we’ve not heard or seen from this new White House Press Secretary? Doing a little checking and I find some interesting factoids that shed light on her. Although a Republican she didn’t begin as a Trump supporter, but has never backed down since becoming one.


Here is what is listed on her Twitter profile  

Former National Press Secretary for @realDonaldTrump 2020 Campaign. Former @GOP Spox. Harvard Law JD. Georgetown. Oxford. Previvor. Wife of @GilmartinSean. Phil. 4:6


From Wikipedia: Kayleigh McEnany is an American political commentator and author who is currently serving as the 31st White House press secretary. McEnany began her media career as a producer for Huckabee on Fox News and later worked as a political analyst for CNN. In 2017, she was appointed national spokesperson for the Republican National Committee and on April 7, 2020 was appointed as White House press secretary.


The reason I bring up her name is from what I’m seeing in the days after her becoming White House Press Secretary on April 7, 2020 is that she carries a wallop in her press briefings and is not the least bit intimidated by the WH Press Corps Association members who have done nothing but gone after every word or action by the President. I’ve watched her turn a number of press briefings into a political smackdowns without batting an eye. She is a lawyer meticulous with details and fully prepared to issue corrections when appropriate. Her screen presence lets her come across as intelligent, knowledgeable and very likeable. Make no mistake that crossing her will end badly for the offender. Sometimes President Trump needs a hammer, other times a laser pointer and she can be either or both. – I am the Real Truckmaster!


Photo credit – Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America – Kayleigh McEnany, CC BY-SA 2.0,




Congressional Term Limits and Other Matters




Congressional Term Limits and Other Matters


We’ve heard it said by politicians, public figures and we’ve said it ourselves, “There needs to be term limits for members of Congress”.  Yes I believe it must be implemented for House 4 years, Senate 6 years with a 2 term limit same as Executive Branch.


So where do we start? When I think of Congress I see citizen patriots going to Congress making a difference and for the good of the nation. Taking seriously their oath to protect and defend the Constitution.


The reality is what I see legislators who change public service into a lifetime political career with a host of pork projects listed on their resume. They make more money, receive a host of benefits and have no trouble voting themselves a pay raise because it’s too hard to maintain two households (one in their home state and on in DC). Some poor legislators are “forced” to sleep in their offices because they can’t afford an apartment (Maybe a legislative trailer park is in order, just behind the capitol building)?


Something that has bothered me during the past several elections are the number of sitting legislators (House and Senate) who throw their hat in the ring (so to speak) when announcing their candidacy for state attorney general, governor or president of the United States. They spend a full year divorced from their elected duties to campaign for a job they don’t have and if that falls through then go back to their legislative duties like nothing happened. There ought to be a law regarding legislators where they should be forced to resign their elected office upon announcing their candidacy for public office other than their own.


Let me return to the subject of salaries for legislators. There is a calendar of legislative work days for each session of congress. Why not equate the salary divided by the number of work days and deduct the number of work days not worked.



=       Days in Session

–        Minus days absent

T=     Billable days worked


Days: campaigning – stay at home – or overseas junkets do not count for pay.


I see that the laws passed by these legislators do not apply to them, why not? This is really where we see that nobody is above the law. Legislative law breakers must be held accountable by the people as they have proven unable to hold themselves accountable. Libel, slander, sedition, advocating harassment, murder and calling for assassination of the president are just some of the crimes punishable by fine, imprisonment and should include mandatory censuring and removal from office without the possibility of running for office again.


Lastly let’s talk about congressional caucuses. As of the beginning of the 116th Congress (this session) there were more than 240 congressional caucuses which are akin to labor unions or Political Action Committees that are created for a specific purpose. Their members are bound to vote in accordance to the committee on any number of subjects. Also a member of congress may decide to create a caucus catering to his or her specific objective and recruit likeminded members to join. Many caucuses cause division and steer loyalties away from the interests of the United States. These caucuses are funded by taxpayer dollars. I propose that ALL congressional caucuses be defunded, disbanded and all remaining funds to be returned to the public trust.


In my humble opinion corruption in Congress is at an all-time high. Lifetime legislators have established themselves while newbies are seeking to position themselves in the congressional power structure so both share the blame if they are not actively seeking to root out corruption in Congress. There is no way any politician should leave public office with a padded bank account or substantial stock portfolios that have increased their wealth substantially while in office.


Where do we as taxpaying US citizens begin to reform both Chambers of Congress? Does this need to go on the ballot in every state or is a constitutional amendment needed? – I am the Real Truckmaster!