The Real Mental Illness



The Real Mental Illness


You’ve seen it. A man no longer feels he can identify as a man, so he identifies as a woman. Colorado decided that not everyone is either male or female, now you can be “X” on your Colorado Driver’s License. Don’t know which bathroom to use, try the one called “Unisex”. You can cross-dress and that’s ok. If you’re serious you can become transsexual by having a “doctor” (who’s practicing anyway) fix your “plumbing”. You can even have a white gown wedding in a church, even if you both wear gowns.


Now if I’ve offended you, well I’m just getting warmed up.


Some guy in Norway decided he didn’t want to identify as a 60-something aged male, so he sued to have the court recognize his as a 40-something male so he could go looking for “love” and other benefits. How would you like to unwrap that gift and sue for false advertising?


On television we have programs like “Undercover Boss” where the new guy who shows up to work is actually the corporate CEO trying to find out how you do your job. He ends up seeing stuff that turns his head so much that he breaks cover and fires you.


Back in the day there was a television show called “The Lieutenant” where a commissioned officer went undercover in Basic Training to smoke out the misbehaving drill sergeant. I really liked that show.


Today we have liberal Democrats screaming for tolerance and if you don’t they label you as racist, homophobic and some other really huge words that I can’t even pronounce. They’re intolerance leads to protest marches and rioting and they have such huge obnoxious signs like the one where a woman is holding a sign that reads “Women want to have the same rights as guns”! How dumb is that. Guns don’t have rights, and no guns don’t have feelings either.


We use common sense as a way to call attention to the craziness going on in the world today. You know women wearing pink hats to protest sexual assault, and women who ditch their clothes for the same reason. They want to make a statement.  Well they’ve succeeded because there are reasons why some people look exceptionally well in clothing, while others obviously don’t. (Never go to a nudist beach when the car in front of you is full of 80 year old women).


I guarantee you will never be the same again.


When right is called wrong and wrong is called right, it’s time to take a left and get the flock out of Dodge. Speaking of Dodge, I recently drove through Dodge City, Kansas and got lost. That’s right I missed the sign that said turn here to access the bypass or truck route.  I ended up going down what seemed like the only main road in town. From one end to the other and it looked just like any other town in mid-America and no I didn’t see Miss Kitty, Marshall Dillon or Chester (somebody asked, ok)?


What has been going around for the past 2+ years is something called anti-American “patriotism”. You know what I’m talking about, people calling for no walls, no borders, no USA at all. These are what I refer to as Video Game Warriors “Antifa” (Anti-For-Anything) who dress up as Star Wars Invaders with masks over their faces, goofy helmets and those orange glasses and couldn’t find their way down a one way street, even with the huge arrow pointing the way.


They are basically students in some of the “best” American colleges, universities and public schools that money can buy. (Other people’s money that is) and they tend to live with mom and dad or grandma and grandpa because making it on their own is not a tool in their toolbox.


They are so into Social Media that they think socialism is a country they’d like to live in, while Social Security is for old people who can no longer work and are sponging off society. Yes their heroes are people like Che Guevara and the Nazi Germany “SS” looks really cool on their dark clothing.


When “captured” by law enforcement they become unmasked and guess what, they look like little Mary and little Johnny next door. You know the kids staying up all night playing expert snipers and conquering their make believe world. The best they can hope to become when they grow older is another disgruntled tarcomed.


I’m no expert but if you ask me what we see today is the manifestation of the Real Mental Illness of Political Correctness in America. But don’t take my word for it, look around, watch the news, talk to people and then decide which side of the fence you’re on, unless you’re one of those fence turtles! – I am the Real Truckmaster!




Veterans Day 2018 Thailand Veterans Vietnam War

1 this veterans day


Veterans Day 2018 Thailand Veterans Vietnam War


If you know me, you know my heart is with our Thailand Veterans of the Vietnam War. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t eat, sleep and breathe a deep sense of gratitude for the service and sacrifices made in Southeast Asia at a time when it really counted.


For many of us the war over, oh the American War has ended alright, but for those of us who were exposed by herbicides, pesticides and petroleum products the suffering and the dying continue. We suffer heart disease, diabetes, neuropathy and too many illnesses for even the VA to recognize.


We’ve been shunned by many of our countrymen, fellow veterans and our government because our tour was seen as one huge Rest & Relaxation Tour (R & R). Our service has been hidden, marginalized and ignored by so many for so long that it has taken 40 years for us to hold our heads up high.


Not part of the war; not really there; stolen valor and much worse they said and still do today. We missed our family birthdays and anniversaries, Thanksgiving Dinners, Christmases and for many of us we missed the protests, the marches, the hippy movement and the veterans against the war.


Where were you when man walked on the moon (one small step for mankind) or during Kent State and the LA riots? We were still there. Our mission, our lives and the lives of so many others depended on it.


Fighters, B-52s and many other aircraft need fuel, bullets and bombs. Crews need the “beans”. Our jobs were not 9 to 5 banker’s hour jobs. We worked long, hard and often in adverse weather in a land so far away that even our families did not know where we were. We worked 24/7/365 rain or shine, day or night – because we were sent and given a mission. Failure was not an option.


So for the many “unknown” warriors who made it happen in the land of smiles and endured 12 months and often more so that others may live – I salute you!


Tomorrow is officially Veterans Day 11/11/18, and our nation observes it on Monday 11/12/18.


Thank you for your service and more importantly “Welcome Home Brothers and Sisters”!


Sawadee Krup! – I am the Real Truckmaster!


US Army in Thailand 2/68 – 7/70


Chain of Custody



Chain of Custody


This will be a short article and straight to the point. In both the military and in legaleze (I just made it up) there is such a thing as “Chain of Custody” when handling evidence, transporting prisoners and in the civilian world when dealing with such things as handling ballots.


If you vote absentee you generally get an envelope in the mail with instructions on how to fill it out correctly, where to place and verify your signature on the envelope. You are instructed to add additional postage if mailing it in, and insure you have enough time for it to go through the USPS system and make it to the county voting body in time to be counted.


If you vote in person you are notified as to the location of your polling place and what you are allowed to bring into the polling station to verify your identity. You are then handed a paper ballot or a form to insert into the electronic polling machine and instructions on how to cast your ballot and are given an “I voted” sticker showing that you did your civic duty.


So what happens next?


All ballots received in the mail are handled by qualified personnel who validate that the ballot has been properly submitted and that the voter is on the rolls for absentee voting.


All ballots collected at the polling stations are then transported in a secure mode and taken to the county voting center where they are sorted and counted and then secured, in case of a recount. I’m sure that state to state guidance insures they are secured and stored properly so that if needed for a statewide audit everything is shown to be above board.


So what is happening with Florida, Georgia and Arizona? Are the state election officials incompetent or just shady in their dealings with their ballots? Are they separated and marked “Democrats” (save for future count) or marked “Republicans” (hide and ignore)?


What has been revealed about Georgia is that wiping the election server has occurred after being notified of a civil suit? Do they not know that someone (an internet technician or software program), somewhere and at frequent and scheduled intervals does something called a BACKUP!


The same thing happened in the lost Hillary Clinton email scandal, yet Russia, Wikileaks and those two IT brothers from Pakistan were able to obtain over 34,000 documents with relative ease. Isn’t it sad that the only ones who couldn’t find those lost documents were the FBI?


The same thing is happening in Florida and in Arizona where although the entire nation has completed their vote counting in a reasonable manner, in Democrat controlled corners of these two states they are still finding buckets, bins and storage containers of ballots in trunks of cars and have collected possibly close to 100,000 missing ballots (probably more than the population of the counties involved many times over).


It’s time for a DOJ joint taskforce with state and local law enforcement to raid and seize ALL documents, electronics and computer equipment, cell phones and detain everyone in separate federal facilities where they cannot influence each other or coordinate their “stories”.


I have one reasonable request for the DOJ, please don’t assign this task to Special Counsel Robert Mueller as he apparently couldn’t find evidence of wrong doing until well after 2020. – I am the Real Truckmaster!


Distractions to Take Your Eye Off the Ball



Distractions to Take Your Eye Off the Ball


The calm after the storm seems to be what we’re seeing today as the midterm elections are over (less the potentially and massive voter fraud we’re seeing in Florida, Georgia and Arizona and maybe California to name a few.


The Democrats have gained control of the House, while the Republicans have increased their numbers in the Senate.


President Trump has replaced Jeff Sessions as Attorney General with the AG Chief of Staff Matt Whitaker stepping in as the Acting AG until a nominee is submitted by the president and confirmed by the senate.


CNNs James Acosta is out after his stunt during a presidential press briefing. The Secret Service removed him from the White House and took away his WH Press Credentials. I’m sure that many in the press corps are overjoyed and relieved that it couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy (sarcasm).


So now we have the House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer both calling for Matt Whitaker to recuse himself from the Mueller investigation, and they are denouncing the president for appointing a loyalist as acting AG. The poor masses on the street are crying and begging congress to investigate the president for obstruction in appointing Whitaker and it’s quite obvious that they should have begun their day actually reading the Constitution, particularly the part about presidential powers of appointment.


This is shaping up to be a Thanksgiving to be remembered. Long and forgotten are the hot button issues of the 12+ suspicious packages sent to Democrats and liberal entertainers a couple of weeks before the elections.


Also forgotten are the sexual assault victim’s accusations against SCOTUS Brett Kavanaugh, although the pendulum has swung the other way on at least one accuser and her lawyer. Somebody might even get some prison time over it.


What is not forgotten are the hordes of immigrants who are drinking those tasty little sissy umbrella drinks in Mexico City before continuing their trek towards the US border station in San Diego where they will be met with the presidential executive order against unlawful crossers being able to file for asylum and I seem to remember the president telling them to turn around and apply at a local US embassy or consulate instead of at the border, where they would be denied. Some of these ungrateful immigrants have sought the US judicial system over the abuse of their “rights” as illegal immigrants to cross into the US. (Doesn’t that take the cake?)


I suspect things are going to get even more interesting as old legislators prepare to pack up and go home as the newly elected legislators are anxious to get on the job in Washington. (I sure hope they show up in D.C., and not Seattle).


One more surprise came as SCOTUS Justice Ginsburg is lying in the hospital with broken ribs after a fall in her office. We wish her a speedy recovery and healing and hopefully she will choose to retire or resign from the SCOTUS and take up waffle boarding or bungie jumping or maybe watching Wheel of Fortune on television.


It appears that #POTUS45 will have a busy schedule as his appointments and nominations are processed through the Senate, the US military assists US Border Patrol in beefing up the border fence, while contractors are continuing to build the wall one stretch at a time.


We must not forget that there still is a swamp to drain and those pesky Democrats, liberals and racial hate groups like Antifa and BLM are brought to justice and out of circulation whereby making America safer again.


Yes we are already into the 2020 campaign mode where President Trump has energized Conservatives and Republicans across the nation and apparently has no plans to let up now. I’m reminded of a saying by Mr. T who once said (many times), “I pity the fool’ and I’ll add to it, “who misjudges President Donald J. Trump”.


I realize that previous presidents failed miserably in performing their duties as president because they had no vision. No plan for the future. No advisors who could impart that critical knowledge of what could be, but instead focused on what could never happen.


President Trump came on the scene with a plan to right the wrongs of a government so intent on holding down the people it should be representing. Trump had not only a plan, but a path to accomplishing that plan and returning the government to the people, one de-regulation at a time.


Politicians do not understand how it is possible to do the things President Trump has done. They do not have the vision. They have not received their mandate (marching orders) or they do not know how to make it happen. I look forward to the next 6 years of the Trump Presidency and I especially love watching the “Make over” of America by a true American patriot – The Real Donald Trump.


It is not dishonorable to serve honorably in the Trump administration or the White House staff where you can really make a difference, because everyone knows that they serve at the pleasure of the president. They can choose to leave or do so at the request of the president.


I am not ashamed of my allegiance to my God, my family and my country and ‘I would willingly serve at the pleasure of the president” because I have been and always will be an American Soldier who loves the United States of America and chose to defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. So help me God! – I am the Real Truckmaster!


Serve at the Pleasure of the President



Serve at the Pleasure of the President


On the day after the mid-term elections President Trump did the “unthinkable” he fired his Attorney General Jeff Sessions and he took away CNN Jim Acosta’s White House press credentials. The grumblings seem to be louder over Acosta than over Sessions.


AG Chief of Staff Matthew Whitaker became Acting-Attorney General by the president and by all accounts this gives the president a “new sheriff in town”. Whitaker is a pro-Trump powerhouse who is a no nonsense and highly intelligent member of the AG’s office.


Just think this was on day one after the mid-terms. I wonder what’s in store for day two. Anyone who has followed President Trump should not be surprised because of what the president did to begin dismantling Obama’s legacy on day one after the inauguration.


I used to watch the television series “The West Wing” (1999 – 2006), what always irritated me was a Democrat president Jed Bartlett (Martin Sheen) making “Republican” decisions daily. I didn’t personally care for Martin Sheen as an actor and I don’t particularly care for Democrat presidents, but I loved to watch the show.


The one take away I can still remember was the West Wing Chief of Staff Leo McGarry (John Spencer) asking their token Republican White House staff member Sam Seaborn (Rob Lowe) about his loyalty toward the president. His response was priceless, “I serve at the pleasure of the president”!


White House Press Secretary C.J. Cregg (Allison Janney) ran the press briefings like a military unit, taking no guff from anyone. But that was television and the shows advisor was a former White House staff member.


So it makes no sense to me for anyone to be upset over President Trump hiring or firing anyone if he so desires. The constitution gives the president the authority to do so, and congress must only confirm presidential appointments, not try to make grilled cheese out of them. The president has the authority to fire, release or remove his cabinet members without reason or cause and he doesn’t need permission from the congress or the American public and not even from international world leaders.


I’ve wondered why or how does President Trump succeed where other presidents before him have failed. He is criticized for his appointments, for his firings and for his replacements. Some presidents have come into office and appointed cabinet members and expected them to learn their roles and make decisions on their own. Others have expected them all to learn their jobs together.


President Trump selects his cabinet members carefully and surrounds himself with individuals who are successful in their chosen fields, whether it’s business, legal or public affairs. He expects and encourages them to continue being successful as members of his cabinet or of his staff, yet is not afraid to call them out. Often I see the public calling out is a sort of motivator, like when you challenge someone by saying they can’t do this or that. What you expect is for them to prove you wrong or to see the error of their ways.


When President Trump does it using Twitter the media irrupts and it makes the headlines then everyone is an expert and becomes an “armchair quarterback” giving unneeded or unwanted advice to the president.


It is not my place to do that with President Trump either. I would like to see the president turn loose a “pit bull” in the office of the Attorney General and his selection of Matthew Whitaker may turn out to be that “pit bull” who gains the appointment. Or the president may surprise us?


As for CNNs Jim Acosta it may be time for him to take an assignment for CNN in a remote location, say Mexico or Honduras where he may feel right at home.


As for former AG Jeff Sessions he is a good man, who has faithfully served Alabama, the nation and the president with honor. It may be time for him to sit back and enjoy his retirement years and write a book or two.


I am hopeful of the changes in congress and maybe some degree of common sense will return with the election of these new members. – I am the Real Truckmaster!






Gods Will Be Done



Gods Will Be Done


The election craziness is over, except for the fallout. I heard many Christians calling for God to act. He did some 2,000 years ago when he gave his only begotten son Jesus to die on the cross at Calvary for the sins of the world and rose again to be seated on the right hand of the Father.


John 3:

13 No one has ever gone into heaven except the one who came from heaven—the Son of Man.

14 Just as Moses lifted up the snake in the wilderness, so the Son of Man must be lifted up,

15 that everyone who believes may have eternal life in him.”

16 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

17 For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him.

18 Whoever believes in him is not condemned, but whoever does not believe stands condemned already because they have not believed in the name of God’s one and only Son.

19 This is the verdict: Light has come into the world, but people loved darkness instead of light because their deeds were evil.

20 Everyone who does evil hates the light, and will not come into the light for fear that their deeds will be exposed.

21 But whoever lives by the truth comes into the light, so that it may be seen plainly that what they have done has been done in the sight of God.


The elections are over and as former President Barack Obama once said, “Elections have consequences”, we are now going to see how those consequences are going to affect every part of our daily lives in America and I haven’t even begun to see how the final results turn out. Only God knows.


As I said earlier Christians were asking God to bring Christian candidates into the political arena and that was not the right way to pray. We should have prayed for God to take all political candidates and bring them to a salvation knowledge of HIM so that it God would affect the outcome to his glory. Isn’t that what God does ultimately? He is to be glorified by all creation!


It matters not whether the Democrats won or the Republicans won, but that we as Christians keep our eyes fixed upon the one who matters – Jesus and realize that God is in control.


So many Christians were upset and surprised at the 2016 election of Donald J. Trump to the presidency, but did not see God’s hand in it. Even today Christians try to marginalize the God factor in American politics. It may be hard to see a positive outcome as the political scene changes, but remember that God is still in control.


As in the days that Jesus walked on the earth and ministering with his disciples Satan thought the cross was his victory over God and he was wrong. Satan is hooting and howling over his seeming victory in these elections, but again he is wrong.


It is God’s mandate for the spirit of political correctness to be broken, crushed and destroyed over its grasp on America. We know it as “the swamp” and it must be drained as the political correctness loses its power so it is only natural for this huge election “victory” to give a false sense of security to the forces of evil, to which God has already numbered their reign upon the earth.


We are going into Round Two of a prize fight in which God not only wins, but wants ALL the participants to submit to His will and purpose for their lives, for God ALL SOULS MATTER as they are HIS creation.


I don’t know what the future holds for America or for the world, but I do know that because God is in control it will turn out all right when we keep our eyes on Him, trust in his son Jesus and pray for God’s will over our lives and over America.


I pray that God will continue to bless the United States of America and President Donald J. Trump. I pray that God will continue His hedge of protection upon and around each of us as we place our trust in Him. – I am the Real Truckmaster!



Voting is Your Right



Voting is Your Right


Every election is important and winning at all costs is not winning at all. If everyone was a “cookie cutter” voter and had all the same values and there was only 1 name on the ballot, voting for that one name would be meaningless, unless it meant the difference between voting for that 1 “candidate” and taking a bullet in the back of the head.


That is how voting has been done for countless generations in many countries around the world. It happens in countries controlled by a dictator or lifetime president and the government “rubber stamps” the will of the leader. We see this being carried out today in communist, socialist and totalitarian governments.


US elections are fairly simple when the Constitutional rules are obeyed. US Citizens can join a political party of their choice, or choose no political affiliation, but are eligible to vote one time in each election when they reach the age of 21, but cease to be eligible when they die.


So why is it when people gather together as a political body and it takes on a life of its own? In many cases voters are influenced by classy or nasty political ads, peer pressure and threats of violence or feel shame for casting their vote, and in some cases do not vote at all.


Many states have early voting, voting by mail, as well as voting at specified polling places. It is unlawful for anyone to intimidate voters at the polling place, or to alter automated voting machines, or to prevent someone from entering a polling place to vote.


The Democrat Party has pretty well mastered the “get out and vote” process and sent teams to insure unregistered voters register Democrat. They even assist in transporting voters to the polling places so they can vote. What crosses the line is when they insist persons intimidate voters to vote Democrat or prevent them from casting their ballot.


The Republican Party has not mastered the “get out and vote” process so well. Republicans feel that everyone should register to vote. They feel that voters should inform themselves on the issues and candidates and cast their vote in their best interests. They feel voters can find their own way to the polls and need no “reminder” of how to cast their ballot.


Independent voters may want the freedom to vote across or outside party lines without outside pressure.


All US voters want their vote to count and nobody wants their vote ignored.


It is illegal and unethical for someone to vote who is not eligible, yet there are some who think it is a game to register and cast a ballot for dead voters or ineligible aliens.


Presidential elections are different in that the popular vote tells the state delegates in the Electoral College how voters have cast their ballots. EC delegates are normally bound to honor the popular vote and the candidate who achieves the magic number (270) out of (538) EC delegates is declared the President-elect. Primarily because voters do not understand the Electoral College they are often upset when they popular vote is different than the EC vote, but it’s been this way from the beginning of this country and has worked very well to insure all states have an equal number of votes.


Tomorrow is November 6th, 2018 and Election Day in the United States and it is your privilege and civic duty to cast your ballot for the candidate or issues that represent your best interests. Don’t make it a Democrat or Republican issue, make it personal. Vote for the one who in your opinion will make your life better. Do higher taxes, more regulations or tighter government control over your personal life and your rights guaranteed by the Constitution make your life better or worse? – I am the Real Truckmaster!