The Healing Of America

An important part of the election process in the US addresses when suspected “irregularities” have occurred. We call it “contesting” the election results in states or precincts where the suspected problems have occurred. Often it may not overturn the popular vote, or as we’ve seen the Electoral College votes. It does provide a way for a candidate to challenge the results constitutionally. That’s a good thing and it should be the goal of every American to insure the election is conducted properly and in accordance with the Constitution.

What happened in the 2020 election were two things worth noting.

First it became obvious that not all precincts adhered to state election laws or federal guidelines. Some ballots were counted after the mandated deadline due to unconstitutional changes made by election officials or in some cases the judiciary. Some votes were cast by registered voters more than once. Other votes were cast by dead voters. Still other votes were cast by non-US citizens and non-registered Americans. Each of these offenses was a violation of state or federal statutes.

Second it is just as obvious that although violations occurred and when challenged by state legislators corrections were not done and violators did not receive criminal charges.

Now the contested election results have stood and the new president-elect and vice president-elect have been certified we are on the way counting down to the January 20th inauguration. What that means in real time is that Joe Biden can ditch his fake blue banner and prepare to assume the presidency and everything is A-Okay right?

Let us see how the nation is coming together and healing.

First, I must touch on the actions of the House of Representatives who created a rule that any Representative that contested the EC votes would be censured and removed from the chamber on January 6th.

Second, the January 6th attack on the nation’s Capital Building, an act of insurrection was blamed on President Trump even though it actually began while he was holding a MEGA rally near the Lincoln Memorial and before he concluded his speech which called for peaceable assembly so legislators could hear their voice as they counted and certified the EC votes. Thirdly, the Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi filed Articles of Impeachment on President Trump blaming him for the violence with barely a week until the end of his term. Fourthly, the Speaker also threatened any House member who circumvents the security station in order to enter the Capitol Building with a $5,000 fine. I wonder if that had anything to do with the freshman Colorado Representative.

Other hopeful news the Democratic legislature in Georgia has stripped members who contested the election from all committees.

Someone posted on social media that there will be Trump-supporter initiated violence in all 50 state capitols on January 20th and President Trump authorized the activating of National Guard troops in DC to protect the inauguration and federal buildings.

The implication of MEGA initiated violence is simply pinning Antifa or BLM led violence on non-violent MEGA supporters. I call that a smoke screen. There has never been an instance of MEGA initiated violence, although many instances of violence at MEGA supporters. Why have we had the past 12 months of anti-American domestic terrorism in cities across the nation in Democratic led cities where local politicians charged with protecting citizens and businesses from harm without so much as a calling out the violators or turning law enforcement loose to stop the violence? And why have I have heard nothing of anyone being arrested, prosecuted or imprisoned for election or voter fraud violations they committed.

I truly hope that President-Elect Joe Biden once he is sworn in as the 46th President of the United States will have better luck healing the nation and returning our lives back to normal (as before COVID-19). He has called for national unity and healing which our nation badly needs. I also hope and pray for Congress to rally behind him as he Makes America (??) Again – I am the Real Truckmaster!


Four Years With President Trump


Four Years With President Trump

Something that bears repeating is the fact that the year 2020 has changed life as we know it on planet earth. People are afraid of offending others but end up being the ones offended. For quite some time we have allowed the media to dictate what we see and hear or what we are told they said, what was inside their mind at the time and why they said what they said. I’ll be kind – that’s pure speculation (nothing more than their opinion). It is often wrong.

What is even worse is WE LET THEM DO IT TO US!

Long before home computers, cell phones, social media or the internet we relied on local and national news to keep us informed of events that impacted our lives. Where were you during the JFK assassination, the Vietnam War, the lunar moon landing, the Watergate scandal, the Berlin Wall coming down, the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait or CNN’s live coverage of the “secret” US response? What about 9/11/2001 & 9/11/2012? Those are just a few that I remember.

I have written about events of the past 4 years, how a non-political president attempted to get congressional lawmakers to uphold their constitutional duties as legislators to fix some things impacting the American people. He did everything except draw them a map on a dinner napkin.

When the Coronavirus surfaced in the US in January 2020 President Trump began shutting down immigration into the US from a myriad of countries. What was Congress doing? Oh I remember they were impeaching him the first time. As Congress tried to eradicate him from office over the Russia hoax, the President’s focus was combatting the dreaded COVID-19, dealing with illegal immigration and building a wall along our southern border with Mexico. When he ramped up production and distribution of personal protective equipment, activated the medical reserve and other government agencies to protect Americans what was Congress doing – fighting a losing battle of the dreaded Trump Derangement Syndrome. When rioting and civil unrest began to spread across our nation the President activated federal law enforcement agencies to quell the violence what was Congress doing – Resisting the President at every turn and condemning him for the violence.

Here we are one week before the inauguration on January 20th and the President has been battling widespread election fraud AND the Congress who are seeking to impeach him a second time for inciting the violence committed inside the Capital Building on January 6th, the day Congress was “certifying” EC votes to determine the president-elect (Not true). Are they afraid that Trump will run again in 2024 or are they sending a message to other would be presidential hopefuls that if you cross paths with Congress your life will become a living hell?

I personally think it’s time for to get their act together and stop the partisan in-fighting like kids in a school yard. They should figure out what’s important to ALL AMERICANS and work to make THAT happen.

President Trump is a man you either liked or hated. Many of us were drawn to him because Democrats hated him. He said what he thought and didn’t mince words. He had a plan forward for America and knew how to move the ball. He has fulfilled his promises to America and he took not a penny of his salary for 4 years, donating it quarterly back into federal agencies that could use it for America.

I have written many blog articles about the president and have constantly said it is not about Trump. It has never been about him or what he could gain from this presidency. For Trump it has always been America First.

On the other hand congress has had only one goal – stop Trump at any cost. Prevent him from being given credit for anything. From day one he has put American ahead of himself. He has rescued Americans who committed criminal acts outside the United States, rescued hostages from foreign land and recovered the remains of our war dead overseas. He has followed his words with action and moved the US Embassy to Jerusalem against the advice of so-called peace keepers, and brought peace to the Middle East with treaties between enemy states and Israel (no other president has even come close).

While being attacked on every side by political opponents of the deep state and the DC swamp he has remained focused and true to his calling to stop evil and become the sword to political correctness in American. We did not elect him because of his “good deeds” or his lifestyle prior to the presidency. We elected him because he said what he would do and he did it fearlessly and without apology to gain the approval of the one who counts in life – Almighty God.

I am a friend of God – Are you? Does God know your name?  – I am the Real Truckmaster!


Big Money Politicians


Big Money Politicians

Something caught my eye this morning after checking my email and I vaguely remember online chatter about politicians wearing sponsor labels on their clothing so we know who bought them.

That sounds like a good idea and today we are seeing how those “sponsors” are rearing up their heads already denouncing the politicians they have already bought by declaring no more money to the ones who stood up to fight against the 2020 election fraud. What about the “sponsors” backing all 535 congressional seats on Capitol Hill? Maybe our elected officials, our public servants and our “We-are-the-people” should be required to wear brightly colored coveralls like NASCAR drivers with all their corporate sponsor patches in full view? I wonder how many of those sponsor signs would be in English or how many other languages we would see?

Over the past 4+ years we’ve heard allegations of collusion, corruption and congressional graft. I believe it was simply the icing on the political cake. If you slice through all that icing what would you find underneath?  Follow the money!

We’re used to politicians lying to get elected. So many are lawyers and attorneys who clawed their way up the political ladder, but now that they’ve made it to the biggest show on earth we are expected to believe them – “Trust Me” they say.

I’ve written before about Congressional Caucuses organized by politicians as political action committees and paid for by taxpayer dollars. I’m sure all members of congress are “encouraged” to join specific ones during their internship. Those who don’t fit in simply don’t run for re-election.

The same is true of corporate sponsors. Do they back the last horse in a race? Yes they do. They put their money where it will do them the most good – they bet on ALL THE HORSES!

We’ve seen how big tech has stifled the President of the United States without opposition by a single legislator or federal agency. Oh yes they mouth the words “I’m disgusted” or “That’s Outrageous” but do they put the full weight of the federal government to stop it? No they don’t! These tech giants have become household names with millions of people using their product and they no longer have to cater to their customer base. Instead they push their customers around with threats of “fact checkers say it false” and “do it again and you’ll be suspended” – PERMANENTLY!

So I find fault with those lifetime politicians who do as they please without adhering to the checks and balances laid out in the Constitution. Their only goal is power, power, power and more power! In the House it was Nancy Pelosi who said it out loud as a representative member addressing the President of the United States, “You don’t know the importance I BRING to this meeting,” she told him. She wasn’t bragging but shortly after the 2017 inauguration she said it as a threat.

Before the midterm elections in 2018 House members said they would never vote for her to become Speaker of the House again, but walla they did it again. Was it because of peer pressure, political party pressure or sponsor pressure? No honey – No money?

The legislators of the “welfare state” issue out crumbs (as she put it) in the form of $600 of our own money back to us while voting themselves a raise in salary that is vastly more than that. Some have even said “vote blue” and you’ll get the other $1,400 of your money. I’m sure they didn’t use those exact words. They wouldn’t would they? Would they? We’ll see – they’ve had a life time in politics to perfect the way they control people and yes it is money that makes the world go round. COVFEFE! – I am the Real Truckmaster!


He Who Laughs Last


He Who Laughs Last

If you’ve been following my blogs you know where I stand on Constitutional issues and the side of Freedom. You know how I feel about the president and the upcoming “peaceful” transition of power to an administration that tweaked the general election like a hacker in a Las Vegas casino who dragged a dufflebag of other people’s money right past house security.

There once was a man who formulated a plan to pit one side against the other. He began by coaching on how to use power to gain control. His formula was to pick a “target”. Next he would isolate and attack using whatever means available or invent more as he went along. He knew others would jump in to aid the target therefore making themselves secondary targets also open to attack. This man knew that the primary weapon of choice was ridicule, for which there was almost no defense. He figured a virtuous man could render no defense without compromising himself. Powerful weapons were deceitful lies and un-truths which would keep the target fully occupied trying to defend against much like a boxer caught on the ropes.

Many have caught on to these deceitful tactics but none studied them so intently or affectively until they could apply them until a young man proved to have mastered them well. He gathered followers and supporters which gained him money and power. He taught the secret of his success to others.

Soon this man like in the movie “Mr. Smith went to Washington” – he too went to D.C. and all the way to the White House where he continued organizing and gaining political power at an unheard of rate. When he left D.C. he took his power with him. Those he coached and left behind continued to use the tactics he had honed into a political playbook with 5 main points:

  1. Deny there is a problem.
  2. Refer to everything as peaceful and calm.
  3. When things go south (and they will) use the media to praise the law breakers.
  4. Once chaos overpowers order blame the “TARGET”.
  5. Use the media to condemn the “TARGET” and refuse any assistance offered.

*These are tried and true tactics that were successfully used over a long period of time against a high level government official by other high level government officials who swore to protect the Constitution and do the work of the people.

The rub is coming very soon as the Peter Principle goes into effect and along with it another principle that was applied first to an organization but readily applies to this nation – that it will not rise above the level of its leader. This is especially true when the leader has all the answers (the boss always wins) and casts aside those with better ideas or differing opinions. That’s when the real fight for control and power begins.

A smart leader is surrounded by subject matter experts with proven track records. He listens intently to sound advice and makes his decisions wisely. He is not afraid to make a decision to stand fast or move forward when he feels it is appropriate. He judges people instantaneously. When pressed from all sides he must instinctively know who his friends and his foes are.

This ruse worked so well because of the gullibility of the American people who were led so easily and didn’t even know it or those who did thought the cost was worth it. How many lives were lost, ruined or affected by irresponsible politicians because of the hatred that consumed them? – I am the Real Truckmaster!


My Take On January 6th and the Days After


My Take On January 6th and the Days After

I have long suspected that the Democrats have been using Saul Alinsky tactics in their resist Trump playbook and it appears that I have been correct.

The recent events of January 6th, 2021 with the insurgency into the Capitol Building seen with horror and anger by American’s around the nation was followed by the false narrative that President Trump incited the violence. He did not! If you watched the Trump video of that day he said “we will walk to the Capital Building and let our legislatures hear our voices concerning the fraudulent election.” (Paraphrased by me)

There are several reports from folks who were there stating that capital police opened the doors to the capital building and invited them inside (this is supported by numerous cell phone videos). It was also reported that while they were walking from the Lincoln Memorial Antifa and BLM members were escorted to the capital building (so far I’ve seen no video supporting that claim).

What I have seen was Trump supporters walking inside the capital building, inside the roped areas and picking up trash from overturned trash receptacles while cleaning up after someone else’s mess (clearly not the actions of a violent riotous mob as we’ve been led to believe).

There was an insurrectionist mob inside the capital building AND there were Trump Supporters invited into the building by capital police officers who opened the doors for them. Are you with me so far?

One report that I’ve seen details the actions during that event where legislators were escorted from the premises to a safe location by law enforcement (as per protocol). That same report claims that some of the Antifa members inside the capital building were in fact undercover operatives documenting the entire event for law enforcement. Quite a bit of evidence was gathered that verifies legislative wrong doing from aiding and abetting rioters and coaching elected officials to provide false testimony while allowing the rioting to continue. Are you still with me?

Before you write me off as having fallen off my rocker read this excerpt from what I call THE LETTER on a laptop belonging to House Speaker Pelosi which she claims was stolen from the capital building. It is in fact missing and I submit that it may have been confiscated along with other electronic equipment left in place by legislators as they were escorted from the premises.

This letter alone confirms my suspicions about Democratic Legislator Leadership wrongdoing simply because they refuse to allow President Trump any victory over the past 4 years and until he leaves office. If reading this letter doesn’t fill you with rage or anger about elected officials running a coup to remove the sitting President of the United States you might as well check yourself in to a mental ward until you come to your senses.

This letter contains 5 important points that Democrats are supposed to follow in order to make Trump look bad and get him to resign from office (remember General Flynn)? Do you remember how vigorously Trump nominees were met with disrespect, distrust, false accusations and even by the “presumptive” vice president-elect Kamala Harris when she called Judge Amy Comey Barrett a LIAR during her confirmation hearings for SCOTUS nominee?  

“SEAL of Nancy Pelosi – Speaker of the House

Dated August 27, 2020

Mr. Ted Wheeler

1221 SW 4th Ave


Portland, OR 97204

Dear Mr. Wheeler:

I have seen your response to the riots in your city and I am urging you to stick to the proven Democratic Play book.

I would like to review this with you now.

  1. Deny there is a Problem. (Press will support this)
  2. Refer to everything as peaceful and calm. (Press will help there also)
  3. When all hell breaks loose, go on camera and show your support for anybody breaking the law. (Press will praise you for this, you will be a new hero, trust me).
  4. When you can no longer keep any order “BLAME TRUMP!”

(I cannot over emphasize #4. This has worked ever-time we have used it and again the Press has told me they will support and fact check any claim we make!! THIS IS POLITICAL GOLD!!!)

  • Go on Television and Condemn TRUMP and refuse any assistance!

We CANNOT give TRUMP any victory before the election!!!!!

Best wishes,

Signed Nancy Pelosi

Speaker of the House


I don’t know about you but this makes me sick. To have the most “powerful” woman in congress stoop that low while the citizens of Portland suffer just to spite President Trump is wrong and an insult to the intelligence of the American people.

You may not like Trump and you may not agree with my assessment, but you will live with the consequences of your actions and have nobody to blame but yourself. America has been under attack and tonight Americans are being attacked by hostile press and social media gurus who feel that they are above the law. I will not stand back and bow to their tyrannical pressure. I support President Trump even now! – I am the Real Truckmaster!


Sifting Through The Smoke While Passing The Mirrors


Sifting Through The Smoke While Passing The Mirrors

American’s have been told the darkest day in America was January 6th 2021 when literally thousands of Trump supporters ravaged the nation’s Capital building. We were told that President Trump wanted to actively participate but couldn’t.

We were also told that Trump failed to speak out against the violence and that is why with less than 2 weeks remaining on his term in office Congressional leaders are calling for his resignation OR ELSE they will begin another historical first, Trump’s second impeachment. I don’t know about you but in my 71 years I’ve never seen Congress move so fast on ANYTHING.

President Trump denounced the violence as it occurred on January 6th and in the days afterward (that was only 3 days ago). His recorded message was posted on Twitter and promptly taken down. The official POTUS account on Twitter was first suspended and then permanently banned as Twitter felt it would “risk further incitement of violence”.

So for the President of the United States to be banned, while congressional leaders and members of congress, foreign adversaries of the USA  and anyone in general who is not a Trump supporter are still free to post on Twitter, Facebook or on Google platforms is Okay?

There are even open discussions about ridding America of “Trump Supporters” and since a majority of us are bible believing Christians will they next be rounding us up like the Nazi’s did the Jews? I’m sure that will play out well…….not. Many of us are hunters, fishermen, farmers, ranchers, veterans and active duty military. We are people who know how to live off the land and more importantly how to conduct guerilla warfare when pushed into a corner. So keep pushing……you won’t like when we push back.

What happened to the calls for national unity and coming together from the incoming Biden administration? Where is the denouncement of impeachment talks in Congress? Oh I’ve heard several coming from congressional Republicans, but nothing from Democrats and still nothing from Biden or Harris. By the way has Harris resigned her seat in the Senate as required by law upon being elected to another political office? The Constitution says she must, so did she? Or will she? I suspect she is not too sure that she’s going anywhere or we’d have already heard from her. (It must be hard giving up all that power she doesn’t have in the Senate in order to take all that power she still won’t have as a vice president.)

Well I’ll have you know that I’ve been to Asian fish markets in the past and the smell was horrendous, yet not nearly as much as what’s coming out of the halls of congress, the fake news and social media. In case you’re wondering I have considered pulling out of social media all together. Yes it’s tempting but then who would speak up for those without a voice? Besides as many consider me a thorn in the flesh or a pain in the neck someone needs to stick around in order to keep you grounded with common sense (it is in short supply on social media).

While many heard President Trump “we’ve exhausted all avenues” in his contesting of the election fraud and “there will be a peaceful transition of power” I’m sure many were happy to hear he won’t be going to the inauguration on January 20th. I’m just as sure many didn’t actually hear what the President actually said or caught his meaning.

What I do know is that while congress is used to intimidating and threating politicians until they fold like an accordion, I’ve never see President Trump cower in a corner or run from a fight. As a matter of fact President Trump will be president until he leaves office. He will conduct the office of the presidency as he sees fit. Unlike Biden who has used an office that doesn’t exist to project himself out to Americans and to the world as someone he is not, while even his running mate is questionable.

As I have said before wait until the inauguration……it’s coming! – I am the Real Truckmaster!


The Vendetta Continues


The Vendetta Continues

I’ve been told to sit quietly by and let nature take its course when it comes to Trump. I even gave that bit of advice a little thought – before snapping out of it and coming to my senses.

It appears that Biden’s premature call for national unity was nothing but a sham. Congressional House Dems have openly discussed a national Trump Supporter Registry and media political heads are now talking about ridding the nation of Trump Supporters. Do you think they are kidding? Do you think I’m kidding? Exactly how do they envision doing that – Storm troopers? And they are the ones calling President Trump and his supporter’s fascist.

Even now after the fateful distraction of January 6th where one American was killed and several others injured what have we heard or seen of those responsible for the violence perpetuated in the nation’s Capital building? Several anarchists have been photo identified but have they been arrested? Is anyone in jail over this reprehensible incident? What role did the National Guard play in this? The mayor of DC activated the National Guard yet they were not deployed properly to prevent the violence? Why not?

When President Trump posted a video condemning the violence it was removed by Twitter. Why Jack? Then members of Congress and others condemned Trump and even blamed him for the violence. They said he should speak out and he has done so more than once condemning those who perpetuated the violent intrusion.

Now we are hearing threats from the leaders of both Chambers of Congress calling for the 25th Amendment removal of President Trump from office and even another impeachment so he can’t hold political office ever again. So fearful are they of a Trump run in 2024. I submit that it is they who should be impeached and removed from office, yet the Constitution they refuse to uphold confers the power of impeachment to the House and to no other body.

Congress refused to remove Section 230 from the 2021 appropriations bill overridden by Congress. It would have seriously curtailed the abuse of power by social media giants like Facebook and Twitter. So now Twitter has banned President Trump’s official presidential Twitter account while he is in office. I kid you not.

So why is Senator Harris still a senator? Does the constitution not require her to resign her seat upon being elected to another office? And why does she and Biden both use the non-existent “offices” of president-elect and vice president-elect that are not in the constitution? Why must I even have to ask these questions?

You may think I’m being trivial or over-sensitive but I’m not. It is the nit-picky congressional politicians like Pelosi, Schumer and their like who make a mockery of the constitution by continuing their non-stop political coup. They have been so intent on stopping Trump at any and all cost that they have neglected their basic responsibility to do the people’s business. If you support this kind of Democratic politics by voting for the likes of these “top” lifetime politicians then shame on you! You’re as much responsible as they are in the dumbing down of America by not only lowering the bar, but dropping it on the FLOOR right on top of the Constitution and the American Flag! – I am the Real Truckmaster!


Insurrection in the Nation’s Capital


Insurrection in the Nation’s Capital

So what happened? I wasn’t there and I didn’t watch the floor show broadcast live on virtually every channel or the propaganda on CSPAN. What I can tell you is that the events yesterday were planned, orchestrated and carried out with the full knowledge and backing of those who have levied this coup against the president the past 4 years and it’s far from over.

After I heard about the incident (while it was happening) I switched on CSPAN to find out for myself and I was disgusted because instead of live feed from the capital or a PSA from the president what I saw was Joe Biden and his fake office of the president-elect banner saying something. I couldn’t hear as my sound was muted but it seemed to be him calling out President Trump to come out and say something about the violence (Heard something to that effect later on another station).

So I went to Twitter to only to see that the presidents Twitter account had been blocked, and today Zuckerberg is saying it will remained permanently blocked at least during his remaining days in office while members of congress are blaming President Trump for “organizing and assaulting the capital” and congressional leaders are talking about removing him from office under the 25th Amendment?

Am I getting this right?

As members of congress met under a joint session to certify the EC votes the House floated a bill that would censure and remove any house members who voted to object? In the Senate members were cautioned, remanded or otherwise told not to object. Those who did were threatened with the “scarlet S” for sedition if they acted on their threats to object.

And in the midst of it all we have Antifa’s domestic terrorists posing as Trump supporters breaking into the capital, ransacking offices and stealing a computer while trashing offices, one even crashed Pelosi’s office and we’re told it was Trump’s fault. Give me a break.

The end result was a bum-rush around the ever moving goal posts of politics with the fraudulent-fed election handing the presidency over to now President-Elect Biden who stole it fair and square and all because the hatred for Trump overpowered otherwise reasonable people who hold elected offices to represent the voice of the people, clearly not the case here.

After reading a first-hand account of what went down yesterday where Antifa members were ESCORTED by police to the capital and how the mayor of D.C. used every trick in the book and a few she made up in order to make the Trump supporters leave (they did not) it is clear to me that this was an Act of Insurrection and a Coup to topple the sitting President of the United States.

Well congratulations lefties – you finally got your wish and America was the big loser. In 13 days you will have your cake and you will be forced to eat it too – right through your facemasks and social distancing. You will be celebrating just as Portland, Minneapolis, Detroit, Denver and so many others and soon enough the nation will be californicated to the max and it will be because of you. You were duly warned. – I am the Real Truckmaster!


Another Rush To Judgement


Another Rush to Judgement

Why am I not surprised that on the day Congress must certify the Electoral College votes and Conservative supporters of President Trump show up in support of getting through this portion of the election process that the headlines say “Trump Supporters Storm Capitol Building”.  Next we hear that a woman (Trump supporter) was shot and all the finger pointing began. Let me reaffirm some basic facts. One – Trump supporters did not initiate the violence. I haven’t heard one shred of news about Antifa being there, except a photo (used in this article).

The media is doing the same thing as when a Trump supporter was being assaulted this past summer and shot his attackers while defending himself. Antifa was not blamed there either, but were there using BLM as a smoke screen.

So what has changed? Absolutely NOTHING!

This was a pre-orchestrated disruption to throw the election process off balance. Well those tactics are DEMOCRATIC practices used over and over. Blame someone else for what they are doing. This is no different.

I have purposefully kept a low profile (as have most Trump supporters). Oh we voice our displeasure and dislike for the terrorism committed by Antifa and BLM (as should every American). Yet why are those claiming adamantly not being democrats – acting and saying things that say otherwise?

The media wants to call this an assault on the peaceful transfer of power. It is not peaceful and it is not a transfer of power. Biden still stands in front of his fake banner, touting his fake office of president-elect (which does not exist). Harris is still a senator and Trump is still POTUS #44.

I’ve been called what amounts to a hatemonger and although that’s hurtful I do hate – stupidity, ignorance and fascists calling themselves patriots. So yes maybe I am a hater of un-truths (lies – little white ones or glaringly big ones)!

This will not be a long post because it is still too early for a rush to judgement on what’s happening on Capitol Hill and elsewhere. There is violence. It’s not from Trump supporters it is violence TO Trump supporters. So if you’re going to call out anyone – call a spade what it is a spade!  

Think you know it all? What is the difference between being a constitutionalist and taking a constitutional? – I am the Real Truckmaster!


The Demo-goddess of the House


The Demo-goddess of the House

I suspect many are satisfied with the performance of the current Speaker of the House but I am not. I have watched as the history making first woman to be elected by her peers became Speaker. So much has transpired since that fateful day in 2007.

Under her speakership:

  • She ordered the House chamber doors locked with Democrats inside and Republicans outside during the voting on the Affordable Care Act (we must pass it to know what it says).
  • She re-introduced the attitude and dress from the ladies of the KKK as if that was a notable accomplishment.
  • Before being once again voted Speaker she joined Senate Minority Leader Schumer in double-teaming President Trump (you don’t know the importance I bring to this meeting – she said in 2017).
  • She has taken her House delegation to mainland China pre-CCP Virus.
  • She then began a campaign of open resistance of the Executive Office and Initiated Impeachment proceedings based on manufactured charges.
  • She openly tore up her copy of the 2020 State of the Union on the House floor while sitting behind President Trump, in full view of the audience and on national television.
  • She has declared on national television that “he won’t be president in 2021 – one way or another”.
  • She has taken the House to an all-time low by banning gender specific language in the newly released House Rules for the 117th Congress.

In my humble opinion this geriatric legislator has become drunk on the thought of her own power and self-importance. She is the poster-child of a dictatorial tyrant. I would not be surprised should her picture appear on a Wikipedia page for Tyrant. – I am the Real Truckmaster!