In the Garden – A Biblical Riddle – What If?

In the Garden 1


In the Garden – A Biblical Riddle – What If?


Genesis 2:7 – God formed man from the dust of the ground and breathed the breath of life into his nostrils and man became a living being.


Genesis 2:21 – 24 – God took one of man’s ribs and made a woman. Adam said she was bone of his bones and flesh of his flesh. She would be called “woman” for she was taken out of man. They became one flesh.


Genesis 2:25 – Tells us Adam and his wife were both naked, and they felt no shame.


Genesis 5:1 & 2 – We are told that when God created man he made them in the likeness of God, male and female and he called them “Mankind”.


Genesis 5:5 – Says that Adam lived 930 years and then he died.


I saw no record of how old Eve was before she died as Genesis recorded the names of the males of mankind and occasionally that of specific women.


Here is a riddle for you:


When Adam and Eve were created, at what human age were they? It would appear that they were what we consider adult aged people, right?


Genesis 2: 15 – God put Adam in the garden to work it and took care of it.


Hollywood has created movies about what it could have been like and they used actors to portray a handsome buff male as Adam and a curvy beautiful female as Eve probably in their early to mid-20s and it’s obvious that man’s imagination can run wild.


Since mankind was created without sin and the body was meant to last a lifetime is it possible that God with his wonderful sense of humor would have created them at say the age of grandparents (50s – 60s) or even older? Say man with a potbelly and woman with a mature figure?


The converse train of thought would be to create them as babies or teenagers and watch them struggle to raise themselves until they became the world’s first human parents. It would seem like a waste, wouldn’t it?


Up until the time of the flood men and women lived to be a ripe old age of 900 + years old and had sons and daughters.


After the flood everything changed and lifespans became much shorter. – I am the  Real Truckmaster!




Life can Change in a Flash




Life can Change in a Flash


Recently after picking up pastry at a local supermarket I was headed home and had crossed a major intersection. About a block away as I was approaching a traffic light I was in the center lane of an 8 lane highway I saw it was green.


I noticed a homeless guy pushing a shopping cart full of stuff and his cart had legs (a dog). He was crossing against the light and pushed his cart out in front of my vehicle. As I came to a full stop I was thinking to myself what in the world, why did he keep pushing his cart across this busy highway. He had no intention of stopping. At that moment I was rear-ended by a vehicle coming up behind me. The driver did not realize nor was he expecting that I was stopped at a green light.




I had been resting my travel mug (hot coffee) on my leg and the force of the crash had coffee flying everywhere. I looked around and seeing no other traffic beside me I signaled and pulled over to the right and onto a side street to assess the damage. The other driver followed. We both got out. We checked to see if either of us was hurt? We assured each other that we were ok. We apologized and the other driver kept asking if I was ok, and kept saying yes, I’m fine.


I noticed his Dodge Dakota had a severely creased front bumper (didn’t go into the radiator) and my Toyota Tacoma had a “stamp of impact” where the Dakota had contact with my rear bumper.


That’s it! I told the other driver – no harm no foul. I didn’t need his insurance info, nor the $$ he offered. We were ok and that’s what mattered most.


Actually I was glad that I hadn’t ran over the homeless guy, his cart or his dog. That would have been a bit too much to deal with. I got home, delivered the pastries and then my nerves went KAPOOEY! I couldn’t even hold onto my coffee cup. I had to sit down and wait until my nerves steadied.


I had been wearing a light sweater and after I removed it I saw why the other driver was so concerned – there were dark stains all over the front of my sweater and the right arm. It must have looked like I was bleeding internally or something? But I guess spilled coffee has that kind of look too.


I’m thankful that God had his hand of protection over all three of us that day. Otherwise it could have been a different ending. – I am the Real Truckmaster!



Rasta Man Down



Rasta Man Down


It was 12:34 pm on 23 July 2020 when shots rang out near Wright and Bremen in the Riverwest neighborhood of Milwaukee. The unlikeliest murder victim was 60 year old Bernell Trammell was easily recognizable with his dreads and his homemade Trump 2020 signs, just another of the “dregs” in society who was not afraid to talk politics or religion to those willing to listen. According to one friend, “He never tried to convert you or change you. He would tell you what he thought, listen to what you had to think and he would respect that.”


Bernell ran eXpressions Journal, was a Trump supporter and a Rasta street preacher as described in this article


Amidst the violence on news broadcasts everywhere there were no local or nationwide protests against gun violence. There were no peaceful marches, not even a riot in his memory.


Outrage over the senseless murder of Bernell Trammell in broad daylight was voiced by Wisconsin GOP “No American should fear for their personal safety because of where they live or their political affiliation.” WISGOP called for the state’s district attorney and the US Attorney to open an investigation as the shooting may be politically motivated.


When will we stand up for what is right and stop the senseless slaughter of the innocent? It’s sad that Bernell Trammell’s name was added to a long list of victims of violent crime in America and we mouth the words “Black Lives Matter”……as we add another! – I am the Real Truckmaster!






When Trump Divided America

Trump Busy 2



When Trump Divided America


You should know by now where my loyalties lay. I’ve written many a blog supporting President Trump and criticizing Congressional Democrats and Republicans and their media lackey’s for what they have done or more importantly what they failed to do when they had the opportunity to do good for our country.


To put things into perspective I am a conservative and for a very long time a disillusioned Republican long before the Tea Party. I voted Republican primarily because I saw nothing in either party that stirred my soul or sparked my interest since Ronald Reagan.


I voted for GHW Bush and although I didn’t agree with everything he said or did he was the lessor of two evils running for the presidency at the time. Being active duty I had little time to think about who to vote for or what platform they stood on. I was finishing up a career in the army when Desert Shield and then Desert Storm began. I anticipated being called back to active duty, but the war was over so quickly. Shock and Awe!


WJ “Bill” Clinton was a slap in the face and initially I couldn’t see how God could allow him to win the election. I learned to trust God and saw that Americans wanted what they wanted and in my opinion God let them have their way. How could a draft dodger rise to a state attorney general, become governor and then into the White House? The attack at Oklahoma City happened and what was the presidential response? You tell me? WJ Clinton was a good old boy, loved to talk and had a way with words and women. Remember Paula Jones and the intern? It is how God works, patiently and to achieve HIS purpose.


When GW Bush won the presidency I knew nothing much about him. People falsely called him a draft dodger because of his service as a pilot in the Air National Guard. They were wrong. Soon after taking office this president was tested like no other president since FDR. The infamous 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and possibly the White House changed life as we knew it in America. The War on Terror began with Bush saying, “either you are with us or against us” as we plunged headlong into the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The media began their routine of blaming Bush.


It set the stage for a Democratic victory in the 2008 election and just as Senator Hillary Clinton was to begin celebrations at the DNC convention, she was upstaged by newcomer Senator Barack Obama who took the nomination out from under her, and then the presidency over Republican Senator John McCain. Before she had time to pout Obama used the tactic of bribery by nominating her as his Secretary of State. She had no choice but to tout the party line, his party line until things got a bit out of hand and we had the 9/11 Benghazi debacle among other things. By 2015 it was once again Hillary’s turn and she had it all sewn up to take the nomination and then the presidency.


Enter political newcomer Donald Trump, who overpowered the entire Republican lineup and then the presidency taking the spotlight off Hillary just as she was set to celebrate (see a pattern here)? What happened next has never been seen before in American politics. It started after the election and as Democratic legislators boycotted the inauguration of the 44th President and merely 19 minutes after the inauguration the announcement by the media that the Impeachment process had begun.


Read this article posted on Facebook and think about her questions which haven’t covered the events of 2020. Here is the link and I give credit where credit is due to Deena Loveland who posted her writing on Trump Nation’s FB page.


It raises some really good questions which I may include some of them in this article, but I have questions of my own which I have been asking for the past 4 years.


When did Trump divide the nation? Was it when he said he was going to drain the swamp?

Maybe it was when he said he was going to build the wall?

Or it could have been calling out corrupt politicians as “do nothing” Democrats?


Of all the events of the past 4 years it is those of the past 7 months that are most troubling. Democratic controlled cities and states have been run into the ground by successively failed leadership. California, Oregon and Washington states have home grown domestic terrorists taking political advantage of protests, thereby turning them into full-fledged war zones. Seattle’s Black Lives Matters and autonomous zones called CHAZ or CHOP; Portland’s Antifa gangs who rallied in a heartbeat to Minneapolis to stoke the fires of racial division and chaos.


The inaction of failed political leadership has created unsafe living conditions for thousands of residents of cities across the nation springing up out of the unrestrained political chaos. All while Americans are restricted in their own homes while mayors and governors send LEOs to root out those who refuse to wear facemasks, while letting the rioting mobs roam freely. Cities like NYC have a catch and a no bond release in effect. Before the paperwork is completed lawbreakers are back on the streets committing more crimes against the unsuspecting public.


Political power has further corrupted the most corrupt legislators in the nation as they jockey for political position in their quest to replace President Trump in 100 days.


So tell me again when was it EXACTLY when Trump divided America? – I am the Real Truckmaster!


Choices, Choices, Choices




Choices, Choices, Choices


It’s Saturday morning  as I think about what’s been said about money making the world go round, but I say that choices keep us guessing and constantly on our toes. When you wake up in the morning, do you get out of bed on the left side or the right side? Which foot touches the ground first? Does it matter? Do you put on shirt, pants or socks first? How about shoes, left foot or right foot first?


When choosing a breakfast meal, do you want cereal? What kind of cereal? Do you want milk and sugar? How about toast, wheat or white bread? Do you want pancakes, buttermilk, butter, syrup or honey?  Would you like a fruit bowl or applesauce? Maybe some juice, apple or orange? Coffee, strong, medium, weak, black or with cream and sugar – how many?


We have conditioned ourselves to make life so complicated and it doesn’t have to be. Many times I may skip breakfast or grab a slice of leftover pizza and eat it cold (I can have if finished before the microwave has time to heat it up) it’s no big deal.


When going to work do we walk, ride a bike or drive? What route do we use, old established or new one? Do we park near the entrance or far away from it? Do we bring our lunch or plan on take out? Do we eat alone or with friends or coworkers? After work do we take the same route home?


While at home do we sit down for supper together with family or eat alone? Do we read a book? Do we watch television alone or with family? Do we socialize with neighbors or not?


Every aspect of our lives is made up of choices. Even shopping is it Walmart, King Sooper or Safeway? Who has the best prices or more selections? Which one is closer? Is closer better and why? When is a better time to shop?


I seldom go to Starbucks because of the choices? When I do ask for coffee I order regular brewed. And still they ask, fill it up or save room for creamer?


Sometimes I just want to open the cupboard and eat what’s on the shelf. – I am the Real Truckmaster!



Combating Racism



Combating Racism


From the time we are born life is nothing but choices – where we live, who our friends are, what school we attend, which house of worship to join, what job we get and what we believe? Americans have been making those hard choices for more than 240 years. Freedom isn’t free but paid with the blood, sweat and tears of everyone who fought to keep freedom alive.


Slavery has been alive since early biblical times for various reasons and specific purposes. There are indentured servants, hired or bonded workers and slaves purchased as property and slavery leads to racism when someone feels others are beneath them socially or educationally. The foundation of this nation was built on slavery yet hatred fosters racism which continues today as one person chooses to manipulate another because of race or tribal ethnicity. We see racism as a cancer to the state of mental dysfunction. It leads to social unrest and organized mistrust and mistreatment of others for personal or political gain.


There was a flare-up of racism that caused the Civil War between northern and southern states. After the war men and women began to stoke the fires of racism with groups like the Klu Klux Clan and others where threats and intimidation led to outright murder because of the color of someone’s skin or their ethnic heritage.


This fire was stoked again during the Civil Rights movement of the 1960’s and moved into the Congress of the United States with an alliance of black legislators leading to the creation of what is now the Congressional Black Caucus.


Active flair-ups once again occurred during the Vietnam War protests of the 1960s & 70s.


The latest fire was actively stoked when Democratic legislators, extreme leftists and the media refused to accept the results of the 2016 election.


Their efforts went into overdrive when actively resisting the Trump presidency. It has been called Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) and can be seen every time a member of Congress or the media begin to rant and rave about what the President does, says or tweets.


From the fashionable kneeling of Colin Kapearnick to the Black Lives Matter movement sweeping across the nation it has crept into sports, movies and over the airwaves and television and cable networks that people feel the need to pick up the chant or become swept away.


The fires of racism must be actively stoked so that it becomes a feeding frenzy continually in the public eye. It is a choice whether to buy into it or let it pass. Talking about it constructively between two differing points of view will only work when both sides agree to listen. Calling names, intimidating people or harassing someone in order to change their point of view is pointless.


Kneeling before any sporting event is most effective when done in a timely, respectful manner. Disrespecting the National Anthem, the US Flag, the President, his administration officials or his supporters only shows the caliber of individual and ethics of the one being disrespectful.


The tide is turning across the nation. Slavery should be a thing of the past, but until we join forces and fight slavery we are wasting our time and efforts on each other. Racism can only be eliminated by people who are focused on helping each other without expecting anything in return.


Americans can lift each other up by supporting their worthy causes, but not by acts of violence or rioting that hurt others in the process. If one truly believed that Black Lives Matter there would be neighborhood watch groups patrolling every street, neighborhood and city in America putting a stop to the black-on-black violence. It must start in the home. We must teach our children to respect themselves, others and the laws of this nation. It must start with you and I together we will succeed. – I am the Real Truckmaster!


The Fantasy of Politically Correct Sports



The Fantasy of Politically Correct Sports


I’m not a season ticket holding, die-hard sports fan but to be fair I think everything needs to change starting at the top. Since these the 32 teams in the National Football League that has recently capitulated their National standing by allowing players to wear never before allowed patches and kneeling during the National  Anthem which is offensive to Americans nationwide. They should be called or nationally rated, but simply known as the Football League, no longer needed are the colors of the red, white and blue, but just white and black since everything not revolves around those colors (which are really colors at all, now are they)?



Football League


Today the franchise announced that the Washington Redskins will officially be called Washington Football Team and I think it’s great. In fact let us help spread the wealth to all 32 football teams and even to baseball, volleyball and basketball teams.




Washington Football Team


Don’t forget we started naming teams in elementary, middle and high schools. When the PC dysfunction comes a knocking be prepared to dispense with all the birds, animals and pirate stuff and call them as they should be:





Arizona Football Team


Atlanta Football Team


Carolina Football Team


Chicago Football Team


Dallas Football Team


Detroit Football Team


Green Bay Football Team


Los Angeles Football Team 1


Minnesota Football Team


New Orleans Football Team


New York Football Team 1


Philadelphia Football Team


San Francisco Football Team 1


Seattle Football Team


Tampa Bay Football Team


Baltimore Football Team


Buffalo Football Team


Cincinnati Football Team


Cleveland Football Team


Denver Football Team


Houston Football Team


Indianapolis Football Team


Jacksonville Football Team


Kansas City Football Team


Las Vegas Football Team


Los Angeles Football Team 2


Miami Football Team


New England Football Team


New York Football Team 2


Pittsburgh Football Team


Tennessee Football Team



Don’t worry about all the NFL stuff you spent a fortune on because you only need to blacken out the logo so you can keep the same colors. Isn’t this going to be fun? – I am the Real Truckmaster!


Is Black Lives Matter Really Legit?




Is Black Lives Matter Really Legit?


Just a quick note – Last night (7-22-2020) I saw the interview on Shannon Breen’s show on Fox. She interviewed the founder of Black Lives Matter Utah (can’t remember her name) and Senator Lee (R). They were discussing the bill Senator Tim Scott (R) attempted to get voted on but it was blocked by Senate Dems. The interview focused on law enforcement reforms that are perceived as needed nationwide and repeatedly the BLM lady kept saying she was hopeful that after 6 years now people are having the hard talks on racism. She urged Congress to pass a reform bill and urged Republicans to come to the table. This all sounded reasonable and positive. However one thing sorely missing in this interview was a representation from Senate Democrats? Why were there not folks from both sides of the isle? So why was her plea only to Republicans?


Another “elephant in the room” that was not discussed was how the nationwide rioting and vandalism in the name of BLM was not condemned or even mentioned by anyone on the program?


I’m no Einstein but how can you truly have police reform without addressing the punitive side of lawbreaking (vandals, rioters, looters and murderers)? We have state and federal laws that are selectively enforced or ignored by citizens and elected officials alike. Why not address the other side of the coin?


If we are to take Black Lives Matter serious their method of means justify the ends doesn’t hold water. When you profess to seek change to the system it is not through demands, but with reformative change recommendations. You have a list of grievances and a list of recommendations to be discussed by both sides. If one side or the other has a hidden agenda and/or refuses to participate in open discussions there can be no negotiation.


You most certainly do not employ or allow any other entity to hijack your agenda with unlawful conduct and expect to be seen as separate from it. When it happens you must come out strongly and forcefully against the lawless behavior and actions being committed in your name or you own it.


This is just my opinion but BLM should rethink their banner and their image. A black in your face fist is not a sign of respect but one of defiance. Had my kids or grandkids come to me with a raised fist, they would have lost the fight without every saying a word and left with a sore hinny.


In my 70 years I have always see myself as who I really am. A man with a family to support and now with grandkids and great-grandkids I am proud of. I have taught them to love God, our family and honor our country with its symbols, customs and traditions. Treat everyone with respect and how you want to be treated. As a multi-cultural family I want them to know and understand their heritage and where our family came from.


If you want to be seen and treated equally as a man or woman you must come as an equal; act as an equal and see yourself as an equal. When you see yourself as a victim or as a hyphenated American you are placing yourself at a disadvantage from the start.


Do we need police reform? Yes – most definitely, but true reform comes by honoring and obeying the Rule of Law which in the United States is the Constitution. Willful violation of the law is criminal and subject to arrest and prosecution, as it should. Willful misconduct by law enforcement is equally criminal. It must be dealt with swiftly and fairly under the law, not tolerated, hidden or swept under the proverbial rug.


Lastly, do Black Lives Matter – of course they do. All lives matter. Baby lives matter. We are one people united in purpose to see that every life is treated equally and fairly under the law as stated in the Constitution of the United States. I am the Real Truckmaster!


When Buying a Doorbell Camera

doorbell camera



When Buying a Doorbell Camera


Not too long ago I was in COSCO and they had a special on a Ring Doorbell Camera which I almost purchased but at the last minute changed my mind.


A couple of weeks later I decided to go for it but the COSCO deal was gone so I decided to search online for an affordable doorbell camera. There are lots of choices out there and I knowingly chose an off brand camera using Amazon.


#1 – Arrived very quickly and I set it up easily, then had it mounted outside the front door and hooked to the doorbell wires to keep it charged. This device included 2 rechargeable batteries, mounting hardware and a user instruction manual. It has an app that works on the iPhone, but no software for Windows 10 desktop. I discovered an issue with the wire to the doorbell and worked hard to determine whether it was in the doorbell, the wire or the device?


I decided to enhance my device with a wireless doorbell chime that came rather quickly from Amazon, but was for Chinese electrical outlets. I quickly ordered an adapter on Amazon that converted it to US standards. I got everything in, setup and working but still had the issue with the wire. Without it being plugged in to the doorbell wire it worked fine; a little bit of a hesitation in movement, but workable.


To be absolutely certain it was the wire I decided to order another device but still not wanting to spend a lot I did a Google search and found an advertisement for a Ring Doorbell #1 at a reasonable price.


#2 – Took a bit longer to arrive and when I opened the package it was a very nice doorbell camera, but not a Ring. It was a bit larger than #1, used the same software, but came without batteries (I had to buy a couple of 3.7v rechargeable batteries). I contacted the company to get a return authorization and return shipping label. I was told they wouldn’t do returns as their warehouse was in China but when I used it I would like it because it was a very good device. I decided against returning it and wanted to see how well it would work. I discovered that #1 & #2 both used the same software as they were both made in China (Surprise, Surprise). I found that this device hooked to the wire had the same issue like feedback at the doorbell begin to hummm softly then a quiet pop or ding. This would happen all night long and made it hard to stay asleep.


#3 – I found an actual refurbished Ring Doorbell Camera #1 on Amazon. After getting it setup, while looking on the back was also made in China (another surprise)? Hooking up the wire had the same problem as #1 & #2. I ordered a solar charging back plate for it and decided not to bother with the doorbell wire. With Ring I have a desktop app and an iPhone app that works for me when it wants to.


I’m usually a hard learner that spends more money and wastes more time trying to save a buck.


You usually get what you pay for.


If you know someone whose looking for an affordable doorbell camera or two at a great price I might know a guy……….I am The Real Truckmaster!


Cause and Effect of the Coronavirus in America




Cause and Effect of the Coronavirus in America


Do you remember when we first learned about the dreaded Wuhan-Virus a number of things began to take place?


  • First was a worldwide shortage of toilet paper, paper towels and hand sanitizer and other cleaning supplies
  • Next there was a worldwide supply shortage causing farmers, ranchers and processing plants to become unable to meet the demand from eggs, milk, pork, beef and who knows what else
  • Farmers and ranchers were told to slaughter their livestock, dump their milk and eggs onto the ground as it was too costly
  • We were told that worldwide hospital ERs were being overwhelmed and portable hospitals began to be deployed to places like Seattle, Chicago, New York City and other places across the nation
  • We were told there were non-existent or insufficient stocks of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in hospitals across the nation
  • We were then told that no ventilators could be found and they were critical for life-saving treatment
  • We were told there was no vaccine or medicine to treat this COVID-19
  • We were told that if you became infected it was fatal
  • Then came the lockdowns, stay safe at home to flatten the curve
  • No going outside, no visitations in hospitals, nursing homes and care centers
  • No church gatherings, services and no funerals
  • Self-Isolate and wear a mask, hospital gloves and gowns
  • Businesses were considered essential (liquor stores, pot shops, big box stores & home supply stores) could open with limitations
  • Businesses considered non-essential (hair and nail salons, massage parlors, churches, mom & pop stores, exercise centers, swimming pools, beaches, hiking trails and national parks) were closed
  • Hydroxychloroquine and Z-Pak were the miracle drug that reversed the effects of the virus almost immediately or within 24 hours
  • Once it was announced that President Trump was taking the HCQ + Z it suddenly became an ineffective and lethal medication
  • President Trump’s political rallies would endanger hundreds of people who don’t wear masks and don’t do social distancing
  • Public gatherings could not exceed 100 persons provided they wore facemasks and social distanced 6 feet apart, protests and riots were exempt from these mandates
  • The latest is a nationwide coin shortage, stores are not receiving their coin shipments, banks do not have adequate supplies of coins and shoppers are being urged to roundup to help the needy or use plastic
  • The CDC has been collecting data on COVID-19 infections, deaths and hopefully recovery, but somehow the data became contaminated or grossly mislabeled and is considered useless


Is it me or does anybody else see a pattern here? Because this is an election year and we are now just over 100 days until the November 3, 2020 presidential election we are hearing politicians in full panic mode as they have no idea how to react.


For the past 2 months we have been seeing protest marches, violent rioting, burning, looting and killings in cities across the nation that resemble third world countries. What have we heard from members of congress, state and local officials? Trump is to blame. There is no accountability for the actions of the violent few. Law Enforcement has been hog-tied by their political bosses as evil reigns in city after city.


I don’t care if you’re a democrat, republican, independent or a speckled ostrich if you do not recognize what has been happening all around this country you are part of the problem. Maybe you are the problem because it was you a registered voter who either voted blue or not at all in past mid-term and presidential elections yet is everyone else to blame?


This country is in the midst of a very uncivil war with one side street fighting, no rules and no holds barred while the other side sticks their heads in the sand hoping it will just go away. Which side are you on?


This land is our land. This country is our country. Red, White or Blue – We are America. It is time to drive the domestic terrorists from our midst. They seek to divide and destroy. We seek to unite. There can be no coexisting with those determined to pull us asunder. Either we stop them or it will get much worse.


If you’re a praying person who believes in the power of prayer and that God is fully in control, now is the time to humble yourself and pray for God’s grace and his guidance during these troubling times. Pray over our nation, our leaders and pray for our enemies. Let God be God now and every day. – Amen! I am the Real Truckmaster!