Innocent Until Proven Guilty


Innocent Until Proven Guilty

What powerful words “innocent until proven guilty in a court of law”. It’s one thing to have charges pressed against someone, but when the J6 Committee (which is not even a court) or any court in the country begins on the assumption that the accused is guilty and then works to find evidence that supports their pre-determined assumption.

That is why in my opinion House Speaker Nancy Pelosi literally and figuratively “Jumped the Gun” again trying to prove wrongdoing by President Trump on January 6th 2021 even reaching 4 years prior and into the days and weeks after. But it wasn’t just President Trump they were after, no it was anyone who identified as one of his supporters or fans. They were hunted down and treated like animals because they were loyal, patriotic MAGA fans while the actual criminal elements were given a pass.

Interestingly enough (but not totally unexpected) I did a Google search for books about Trump written particularly by those who knew him best during their White House years. What popped up were books, stories and pictures all portraying the #45th POTUS in a negative, demeaning and often vulgar light. So there is more than adequate material for J6 to draw from regardless of whether true or not.

In an actual court case neither attorney reveals his cards or openly states their endgame, until the time is right. So why do congressional lawyers play court and need a television audience to state their endgame before hearing one shred of incriminating “evidence”? Any judge worth his salt would dismiss the case and throw the lawyers in jail to teach them a lesson.

I saw a liberal news outlet’s headline stating “More Trump supporters are leaving Trump”. After reading it there was no need to go into the details of that actual report as we continue to stand behind Trump as we did on day one. We’re not going nowhere!

So here’s the deal so long as those items are out there I will continue to write about the facts as I’ve seen or know have come from reliable newsworthy sources, which leave out all the mainstream media outlets, internet tabloids or blogs slanted so far to the left that they tend to fall all over themselves.

If you’re one of those #dumptrumpers, #nevertrumpers, #everythingtrumptouchesdies or #trumpisbad kind of people willing to read my writings with an open mind so as to learn something new and worthwhile I suggest you simply save yourself some time and go elsewhere for your misinformation fix.

Also if you think that the number or volume of comments means nobody is reading my blogs and I’m starving for attention, you’re wrong. I don’t write to get comments good, bad or indifferent.

I write because it’s the right thing to do and it’s therapeutic to my inner most being. –


A Constitutional Conservative


A Constitutionalist Conservative

Those who follow my blog posts know that I am uncompromising in my belief that all men are created equal by our creator – God. Until you have read and understand the rule of law’s founding document The Constitution of the United States of America there is no way to justify giving up or giving away even one of the rights guaranteed by it.

What is hard for some to believe is that contrary to what has been said, published or broadcast over radio, television or the internet and social media the best president in my lifetime has been the forty-fifth – President Donald J. Trump. Trump had the idea that what made America the greatest nation on earth could also Make America Great Again and he had the intestinal fortitude and perseverance to make it happen.

Over the past 5+ years I have written in great detail about this political outsider taking the nation’s political parties to task. Not only did he identify specific political issues of great national importance, he rightly addressed those issues to the government entity responsible – the Congress of the United States, with congressional solutions or options that when taken seriously could have changed the landscape of the entire nation. What Trump got in return was resistance.

Almost immediately the resistance came in the form of democratic legislators boycotting the presidential inauguration, followed by disrespecting the newly elected office holder, his family and members of his administration. Then came the “disgruntled former” and current White House employees releasing their “dirt” on the president and a series of dirty dealings taken out of the Alinsky playbook by the Democratic Party and its operatives in the media and those sitting in congressionally elected offices, like sexual allegations, leaked audio recordings, smears and lies to tarnish the Trump family name and dishonor first candidate, then president-elect and finally the sitting President of the United States. Every presidential appointment and national security and foreign affairs decision made by Trump was second guessed and even unofficial “ambassadors” sent out to hold private meetings with foreign governments who were told not to worry as he wouldn’t remain president for long. Those were treasonous acts sanctioned resistant factions of our own government behind the back of the Trump administration.

What the nation was experiencing was an attempted and extended coup that remained bloodless until January 6th, 2021 when Ashley Babbitt was shot and killed inside the nation’s Capital Building by a Capital Police Officer. There was no investigation only labeling the shooting justified.

The continued J6 Congressional Hearings seem to be asking guided questions to bring a false narrative to its predetermined conclusion of wrong doing by President Trump and his MAGA supporters. This too is an act of resistance and defiance by select members of congress in their attempt to prevent another Trump landslide victory should he choose to run again.

On J6 did President Trump give a fiery speech that riled up his fan base to the extent they unlawfully and forcibly entered the nation’s Capital Building to cause damage and/or steal property?

Who did the Capital Police escort into the building as the first MAGA crowd made it to the Capital Building?  Have they been identified, imprisoned or charged?

Why did the Capital Police openly invite the MAGA crowd into a portion of the Capital Building? What did the MAGA crowd see and/or do upon entering the Capital Building?

Why have MAGA crowd attendees on J6 been hunted down, imprisoned and what charges have been filed?

More importantly who is behind the activities of J6 and what are they trying to hide? –


Aggressor or Trigger


Aggressor or Trigger

When watching a boxing match are the opponents seen as aggressors or as acting aggressively? I’ve seen boxers come out swinging wildly hoping to land a knockout punch or at least score a TKO. The opponent often stands there taking a beating or spars fending off those wild punches until the bell rings. Whether it’s ten rounds or two, the aim is to be the last one standing.

The rules of boxing generally state no hitting below the belt or after the bell has rung. Each boxer has their own corner where they are rehydrated, their wounds are tended to and they are ready to take or administer a beating in the next round. Its winner takes all and the trophy is belt of the champion.

What many don’t know or don’t care is that during his high school years Donald J. Trump was a pretty good boxer. I’m sure he made mistakes but learned a great deal about himself and others in the process.

In the business world Trump took risks that he hoped would pay off. Many did, while others did not and he had to pick himself up and try again. When it came to raising his kids in the business world he made sure they started at the bottom with a good teacher. He wanted his children to know the business from the ground up, as his father had taught him.

In politics what changed was not Trump’s business savvy, but he became keenly aware of the cutthroat nature of politics. As he sought the Oval Office he was set upon by all sort of political traps meant to sink his ship before it had even sailed. Trump resorted to the aggressive tactics of his boxing years by striking back hard and fast and pressing in for the kill shot.

After becoming elected as President of the United States his aggressiveness became a great asset. Trump said what he meant and meant what he said, but went even further to bring it into fruition. He really believed America had been short changed by our own politicians who then sold Americans a bill of goods that undercut the foreign affairs of our nation and jeopardized our national security. His vision was that America could become great once more and respected among the nations of the world.

Trump knew that immigration was important to national security and he urged Congress to take the steps necessary to correct flaws in US immigration laws.

Trump also knew that world leaders had to know that he wasn’t bluffing during his world tour as President. While leaders of other nations took notice of Trump’s leadership style abroad, American politicians in Congress made disparaging and disrespectful public statements to undermine the Trump presidency.

As a great show of disrespect, often crossing the lines of treason, elected officials conducted back-door talks telling enemy state representatives not to pay attention to Trump as he wouldn’t stay president for long. Then as if to emphasize their point Trump became the only president to be impeached twice over trumped up and baseless charges.

In spite of the obstacles thrown in his way, Trump negotiated the Abraham Accords peace agreement for Middle Eastern nations with Israel; moved the US Embassy to Jerusalem; conducted talks with North Korean and Russian presidents while battling for the political soul of America. On more than one occasion Trump said they’re not after me, but I’m standing in their way from getting to you – American citizens.

Even after the events of the election in November 2020, the inauguration of Biden the hounds of the Progressive Democratic Party continue to see Trump as a major threat for the presidential election of 2024. Trump is one last spark to be extinguished for the total transformation of America into a socialist democratic state. Freedom is not free, but an idea fought to retain by every patriotic American over the past 250+ years.

You say Trump is the aggressor, I say Trump has always acted aggressively to combat the politics that have ruined America’s system of politics and our election process. –


The J6 Committee


The J6 Committee

What was the purpose of the J6 Committee? Is it to investigate and bring out the truth about the events of J6? I think not and placing RNTers on the Committee and in a leadership role did not to insure the “investigation” was bipartisan so what was and is the purpose of the J6 Committee?

We have seen the Committee sanction the active hunting down Americans because they support President Trump, and had gone to hear his speech in DC on J6 and walked down to the Capital Building to have eyes on the validating of the Electoral College votes contested by Trump. We have also seen the CSPAN televised goings on no different than the circus atmosphere of the Trump impeachments. We are told that the Committee is connecting the dots from Trump’s fiery speech to what happened at the Capital.

What we are not told is who placed the suspicious backpack outside the Capital the night of J5, messed around the DNC headquarters also the night of J5. Neither are we told about how Antifa’s  domestic terrorists were funded, transported or housed and then escorted inside the Capital prior to the MAGA crowd arriving after Trump’s speech. Have any of them been hunted down, apprehended and arrested without bail or counsel or still being held in a DC jail? Nor have we heard of a certain religious facility near the Capital Building that is an active conduit for domestic terrorism in Washington DC.

Based on what “evidence” has the Committee easily drawn a straight line while ignoring facts which do not lend to the credibility of an impartial “investigation”?

These are facts:

J6 was to be another act of a preplanned and poorly executed Coup that began on Jan 20, 2017.

J6 was intended to divert attention away from the EC tabulation of contested EC ballots which were then hastily and improperly validated.

J6 was when unarmed Ashley Babbitt posing no threat was murdered by a DCPD lieutenant who was then hailed as a hero by House Speaker Pelosi and others.

The J6 Committee has sought to insure MAGA supporters who went to DC for the Trump rally have been identified, hunted down, and imprisoned for exercising their constitutional right to peaceful assembly, while Antifa members who destroyed property in the Capital and elsewhere have never been identified, charged or imprisoned.

The J6 Committee has become the judicial arm of the Progressive Democratic Party in America.

I don’t care if you love or hate President Trump, facts are facts.

The 2020 election was severely compromised.

Individual rights of Americans were violated.

This bloody coup was to insure Trump’s last days in office were in fact his last days in office.

The election process is broken.

The office of the President of the United States is forever tarnished. –


Circling the Drain


Circling the Drain

Everybody knows someone who’s just trying to find their way, their own path, or making their own statement in life. Maybe you’re one too?

A military term is “marching in place” or marking time, where in all actuality you are moving your arms, legs and feet but staying stationary. It’s also referred to as “retired on active duty”. In the workplace they say if you want to see workers come alive, stop in at quitting time.

Back in the good old days people sought work wherever they could find it, doing whatever they needed to in order to earn a paycheck so they could buy the necessities in life (food and clothing) or pay the rent.

Getting hired into an entry level position meant having your foot in the door, the possibilities were endless and you could rise to your level of incompetence (the Peter Principle). Entire organizations were capped only by the level of competence at the top, so it wasn’t uncommon for someone to strike out on their own and become a fierce competitor.

In today’s world parents want their kids to go to the top Ivy League schools so they can become doctors or lawyers, but not everyone is cut out for that sort of life, unless they have political aspirations.  We often overlook the trade schools or apprenticeships that teach real world skills with actual job placement after graduation.

What are some of the most needed job skills you can think of? Is it electrician, HVAC, carpentry, welding, auto repair, diesel engine repair, aviation mechanic? What about fire, nursing, police, EMT, or a thousand other jobs that we can’t do without like grave digger, undertaker, embalmer, funeral home worker, director or casket maker? Don’t forget about national defense – state and federal army, navy, air force, marines or space force. The Defense Department offers a variety of job skill building occupations, many of which transfer over to the civilian market quite easily. National Guard or reserve units allow someone to bag groceries at Walmart and drive tanks, trucks or operate drones during weekend drills or summer training exercises.

What good is having the fastest race car but never taking it out of the garage? Or going to the gym every day, building up your biceps or honing in your boxing skills but never using them? Your God-given potential was not meant to be kept hidden in a box. When you find yourself circling the bowl, maybe it’s time for a change in attitude or location? –


Youth of Today


Youth of Today

I have a hard time understanding today’s young people. They play video games like there’s no tomorrow and work…..WORK what is that? Take my grandkids – really take em.

GK #1 – Said no to HS JROTC and yes to the easy life raising 2 kids (I love em all) as a single parent while searching for that easy job paying big time but doing nothing.

GK #2 – Said yes (had no choice) to CAP but only to hob knob with the big wigs (higher ups) and basically wasted his time and mine just going through the motions.

GK #3 – Said yes (big brother was doing it) to CAP but didn’t grasp the basics, went off to Job Corps and then got a job and worked his way up to manager of a car wash.

GK #4 – Said yes to HS JROTC, if for only a week before dropping out, but ignored my plea to join the newly created Space Force so he could be the first Defender to be stationed on Mars to use his videogame skills to keep our country safe.

1 out of 4 gainfully employed, other 3 working at getting ready to be if the pay is good, hours are short and work isn’t that hard.  

I have told all GK# 1 – 4 that going into the military will teach them more about themselves than anything else and besides it pays better than flipping burgers or standing on the corner with a sign (well maybe almost as much).

To paraphrase Carlie Simon, “If you think this is about you, about you, about you – YES IT IS.”

What happened to the days of working hard to prove yourself to your employer, co-workers, family and friends that you are the hardest working guy (gal) on the block and your word means something, in fact it means everything and is the measure of who you are.  

I think I’ll go down to the local Wallymart to see if I can get away with corralling shopping carts and bringing them back to the store because as near as I can figure nobody else cares enough to do it!

Sorry if I’m being a little bit sarcastic, but it’s late in the day, my cup o Jo is empty and I haven’t taken my meds yet. Guess I better get off this here internet and so something constructive. –


American Prisoners of Vietnam War Left Behind – UPDATED

Newt Heisley created the image representing his son.


American Prisoners of Vietnam War Left Behind – UPDATED

Every member of the U.S. armed forces has this drilled into his subconscious beginning in basic training that the United States will leave no man behind.

After battle soldiers will pick up and carry our dead off the field of battle.

It is rumored that air crew are given a secret series of numbers, an identification code that can be seen from the satellites and aerial photographs and enable rescue behind enemy lines in the event that aircraft are shot down so that we can send rescue teams who specialize in recovering American airmen.

Recovered airmen are celebrated back at their bases or their remains are processed to be sent home for burial.

Those who are captured and subsequently released are the subject of media released reports, video clips and even ticker tape parades as we are joyous and proud at their return, and that’s how it should be.

The code of the military is “No Man Will Be Left Behind” and that’s exactly how I have felt up until I watched 30 minutes of this 44 minute documentary The Documented Cases: POWs Left Behind.

I struggled to watch the entire video but was overcome with disbelief, extreme sadness followed by anger and rage at what our U.S. government has done, failed to do and hidden from the public when it comes to the POW/MIA (Prisoners of War / Missing In Action) issue following the Vietnam War, although it didn’t start there.

What I’m seeing is that from World War II, The Korean Conflict and the Vietnam War and quite possibly every engagement this nation has fought there have been U.S. Military personnel AND civilians who have been shot down, captured, killed or outright abandoned and left at the hands of our enemies, many of whom have been at one time or another subsequently considered our allies.

I am reminded that not everyone who says they are your friend is.

In fact it’s been said that “in life you can’t always pick your friends, but you can never fail to recognize your enemy”- DJT.

I ask – what if it was your father, brother, uncle, grandparent or close family friend who became lost or unaccounted for on the field of battle, wouldn’t you want them found and brought home preferably alive?

It has been the nature of a great many politicians to lie through their teeth while keeping a straight face as they tell you “the full might of the US government is doing everything possible to bring your loved one home”, when the exact opposite is happening.

We have been witness to recent events where recovered remains from WWII, Korea and Vietnam have been identified at the laboratory in Hawaii before being returned home for burial in some cases after more than 80 years. The family and the nation are saddened by the loss, yet happy to have some level of closure. That too is how it should be, fallen on the field of battle – given a hero’s welcome with full military honors.

Yet this documentary The Documented Cases: POWs Left Behind tells an entirely different story, one of betrayal, conspiracy, undisclosed facts that cost a great many their very lives.

I won’t go into the details, at this point they are way too much to deal with. Let me suffice to say that the men and women of our intelligence community, our defense establishment, congress and the oval office of the president have all been a part of this charade, lying to families about their loved ones and apparently all in the pretense of not wanting to offend a former enemy state that is not considered an ally. As early as 1972 U.S. officials knew there were more POWs than was reported by Laos or N. Vietnam but did not pursue it for reasons I do not fully understand.

It is so much worse that abandoning an ally during their time of need and turning the keys to the city over to their sworn enemy, and all because of convenience or any other ulterior motive.

I’m broken. My faith in this government’s ability to care for our citizens, let alone our military men and women is less than zero.

My faith is in God alone – all others have no credit! –


Something Out of Nothing


Something Out of Nothing

Now somebody explain to me how it’s not feasible to hook up an alternator/generator to an electric car to charge the battery as you are driving? How is there any difference than with an internal combustion engine? I’ve been told that it would be against the law of physics.

If that’s the case change the law – politicians do it all the time.

Seriously a Tesla owner explained that driving drains the battery, but letting off the accelerator (braking) charges the battery. I said to him that is only possible for a short distance before forward motion ceases as does charging the battery.

While talking to my brother (he’s a master inventor by necessity), he said (and I agree) hooking up a generator from each wheel and through a voltage regulator could easily send electricity back into the battery. Since electric cars are somewhere around 400 volts, 4 each 100 watt generators or 2 each 200 watt generators properly connected should do the trick.

To add a little insurance, take the car to a body shop to have it “wrapped” in solar panel skin that also goes through the voltage regulator and that’s icing on the cake, right?

When the battery is 80% – 90 % charged the regulator breaks the contacts preventing the battery from overcharging.

I’m no scientific genius but if Elon Musk wants, I could draw him a neat little picture so his engineers could eagerly bark up that tree. And you don’t have to thank me now, but my bank account number ends in #5551212….. –


Wrinkles Warts and All


Wrinkles Warts and All

How many times do we look over on the other side of the fence and think perfect, if I only had that I could live like a millionaire? Whether it’s a field of horses, cows, pigs or ears of corn, everything looks better when somebody else has it.

I have to remind myself what the good book says – covet not ANYTHING that is your neighbor’s.

We get that way with people sometimes don’t we? I don’t mind OPK (other people’s kids) so long as I don’t have to babysit. Some of us used to joke about when we get that age I’ll trade her in for a couple of 25 year old fillies. But hold that thought one minute. Have you seen what 25 year olds are doing now days?  Many can’t cook, clean or count change. That goes for guys too.

Being around the service industry and I see all sorts of people,  men and women of all ages, nationalities, physical abilities and disabilities, on their good days and their bad days too. They can be demanding, mean or condescending and a whole lot of vindictiveness sometimes all rolled into one.

The good book tells us to honor your father AND your mother that your days might be long. What must be hidden between the lines is what comes around, goes around. It’s YOUR kids who will be picking out where you could end up spending your days….long days at best.

I read recently that old man Clifton Clowers lived to be 102, farmed his land on “Wolverton Mountain”, even after a country song was written about him, he simply plowed his own field and lived in peace with the world around him. We tend to think it’s up to us to fix other people’s problems. We can’t and it’s not our job to try either.

The best we can do is extend God’s love to everyone we meet, by our conduct, our body language and by our talk. Runners and swimmers are told to stay in their own lane so they are not disqualified.

Maybe we should as well?  We can tell others that God loves them and let God sort out those who receptive to the prompting of the Holy Spirit. After all God created everything and I’m pretty sure he’s up to the task of fixing people and things that are broken.

I think I’ll keep what God has given me wrinkles, warts and all. Besides my body is a roadmap of where I’ve been and why I look the way that I do! –


Somebody Ought to Do Something


Somebody Ought to Do Something

How many times have you heard someone say somebody ought to do something to right a wrong or to fix an obvious problem? Maybe you’ve said it yourself?

If it’s a bridge, you want an engineer to re-engineer the structure so that it won’t collapse. If it’s a highway, you want the potholes fixed and how do they happen anyway? If it’s a government project, you’d expect a supervisor or project manager to see that it’s done right the first time. It’s obvious that someone with experience, determination and resources can turn lemons into lemonade.

Not so with politicians. The old adage of when you find yourself digging a hole and it’s over your head – STOP DIGGING doesn’t apply.

Years ago someone asked an up and coming New York real estate developer if he had aspirations of becoming President. His answer seemed flippant at the time, “If my country needs me to” DJT (loosely paraphrased).

So what changed by the year 2015 to make this elderly businessman turned entertainer come down that golden escalator and announce to the world his hat was in the ring for President of the United States and as a Republican no less? I’ve read quite a bit about Trump having been a long time Democrat who hob-knobbed with politicians who wanted their picture taken with him because they wanted his money in their coffers.

I suspect he said to himself over and over “I could fix that” every time politicians let pork overtake common sense. He probably thought as president he could turn things around, but it just wasn’t his time yet.

What he had that politicians didn’t have was a vision of what America had been and could be once again. Not only that but he knew how to make things happen. He could take an idea, transfer it on paper and mold it into brick and mortar, laced with exotic gold trim that wealthy people wanted to buy.

I’m not saying that everything he touched was a golden egg, because he certainly had his share of business failures during his lifetime, yet he picked himself up, dusted himself off and started over or continued in a slightly different direction.

Politicians have a fear of not getting enough votes or having a skeleton in the closet that could sink their political ambitions. He had none. Oh there were blunders. He even bought an airline that cost a small fortune and failed miserably, but there was an incident where he used his airline as a means to rescue servicemen who were stranded and needed to get home for the holiday and he did it at his own expense. It’s sad that with all the military might available it took a private citizen to come to the rescue.

There was also an incident where he pulled his limo over to stop a mugger and held him until law enforcement arrived. Who else would have done that? There are many other examples I could site, but I’ve already written about them in earlier blog posts. Like first responders rushing toward danger, when somebody had to do something, he did.

And no he wasn’t then nor is he now perfect, not by a long shot. However while battling immense pressure from political opposition over his entire term as the #45th POTUS, he stood his ground when others blinked. He got things done, even while being politically stabbed in the back.

There is a time and a place for every season and there is nothing new under the sun. DJT’s time and place was to be available and obedient when called. I’ve often asked myself why would a self-made man who had everything – money, women and power – why would he put himself in the position of ridicule unless it was for the greater good.

Americans have forgotten the struggle for which freedom has been fought. As a nation we have turned our backs on the God of our ancestors, of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. We have embraced the gods of pleasure, money and power so that he who has the most toys wins.

The single most comment I have heard was “he was a mean tweeter” and it was justifiable to ban him from that platform.

He said something to the effect that in life you can’t always choose your friends, but you can never afford NOT to recognize your enemies. I heard someone else say that not everyone who tells you they are is your friend.

There never is a right time to do wrong. –