Free Thinking is not Free Nor is it Thinking



Free Thinking is not Free Nor is it Thinking

I’ve been coming to terms with something that is very hard to grasp. In the American political system the nation has been divided into two main groups and they are not political parties. These groups are simply ideas that have taken hold in the minds of Americans.

The first group are those who deep down in their heart have decided to honor Almighty God and seek to do good to/for others without any thought of any type of payback. They place God above themselves in all they do. Their goal in life is to insure that other people are taken care of. You can see this in the lives of members of the military, law enforcement, medical personnel and first responders. It truly is not about themselves or what they will get out of it.

The second group is that of free thinkers, they are the ones who make conscious decisions in everything they do to insure that it’s worth it to them personally. They are known as takers, people who are always taking from others, but never giving back. Their goal is to get as much out of life as you can. You can see them in law school graduates who take their diploma and go out to find opportunities for monitory gain and many times it is at the expense of others. You can see this in the form of the typical used car salesman. When you step foot on the car lot he or she zeroes in on you faster than a mosquito at the beach, or a shark in the water. They can spot a sucker from a mile away. What I’m saying is that Free Thinking isn’t Free, nor is it Thinking.

When it comes to Congress I venture to say that every outburst, every press briefing, every single thing seen by the public (and that which goes unseen) are calculated and pre-planned for maximum effect.

I saw something today that I thought I would never see in my life time Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer D-NY spoke out in support of President Donald J. Trump’s decision to move the American Embassy to Jerusalem. He has supported legislation for many years to make that happen, and is glad to see President Trump do it.

Now that was a conscious decision on the part of Senator Schumer. It didn’t have to be pried out of him, and it didn’t hurt one bit. So why do we not see that more often, instead of the “resist, resist, insist that we resist” mentality?

We have a growing number of legislators who are growing bold enough to stand up and say “I support President Trump” in this instance.

What I see in the near future, as the 2018 special and mid-term elections arrive, are a growing number of newcomers in Congress (Democrat and Republican) who can see thru the smoke and mirrors of the current democrat strategy and will take a stand for good old fashioned common sense.

The failed Free Thinking strategies of the California, Minnesota and New York Democrats will soon fall apart as American voters decided they’ve had enough.

The current Congress has a dilemma with the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) pushing their blatantly racist rhetoric and agenda for racial division in America. This organization, operational since 1971 in the House of Representatives, has single handedly hijacked the Democratic Party and placed it on a trajectory for a fascist, a communistic, and a racist downfall. America has had enough. In order for a society to remain free it must be strong and it must respect its people.

I’m not saying that everyone marches lock step to the drum of politicians. America cannot be saved by a man or men without the help and guidance of Almighty God. America must now examine its soul and decide whether the past 240+ years have been worth the sacrifices made by our brothers and sisters in this struggle we call Freedom? Have we arrived? Not hardly, but we’re getting closer.

When we as a nation decide to stop the infighting and begin to pull together with a single purpose and unity to seek the help of Almighty God we will make it because – Nothing is Impossible for God! I am the Real Truckmaster!

The Not-Trumps




I was asked “when will this madness stop” and my answer is not while they are still in congress. Immediately my mind raced to one of the goofy TV commercials where potential home buyers are inside their new home with people peering in the window. When asked who are they? The real estate agent in the commercial called them the “Not You’s”. You got here before the “Not You’s”.

What we see is Trump doing what he promised in the campaign something he called “Winning” and in the media are a bunch of “Not-Trumps” lurking in the shadows criticizing, secretly wishing they had said or done that. Then I realize it’s the swamp giving up its creatures, one by one.

I am beginning to sense a change in the minds and attitudes of everyday citizens, as well as members of congress and even entertainers who can no longer hang back with the “Never Trumpers” as it is no longer “Cool”. The song, “True Colors” starts flowing thru my mind………

Remember when the president referred someone as “Rocket Man” and the public outcry poured out seemingly from everywhere?

Today the president praises the release of 3 Americans held illegally by the “Rocket Man” regime in North Korea for doing the right thing in releasing them, and the fake outcry pours out once more, such hypocrisy.

Remember when not too long back President Trump was instrumental in getting 3 American basketball “stars” out of custody in China and back to the United States. A comment by the president wondering if he would get even a thank you brought a huge backlash. The players then thanked the president publicly, but later re-canted saying they were forced to do it by school officials. Not so surprising for thieves who were caught by Chinese security on cameras, and thought it was no big deal.

It’s wrong for the president, but OK for congress? Come on give me a break! It’s time for a number of members of congress to climb down off their sanctimonious high horses, turn in their good old boys and girls membership cards and go back home with their heads between their tails.

We have young men and women of color speaking out against the idiotic bullying of the democrats who say they betray their race by speaking out. Not so. They are standing up as Americans by refusing to be bullied or coerced into “towing” the party line. Good for them!

When congress stands up FOR America, everybody wins. The nonsense of past political bullies must be brought to an end. Common sense is on the way back in.

Now what America needs is a new breed of politician. Men and Women, who will defend, honor and protect the Constitution of the United States of America; who will truly represent their constituents and the American way of life. America needs men and women to teach our past to future generations of Americans. America is not black or white; democrat or republican; rich or poor. America is you and me doing our part to “Keep America Great”. We are not there yet, but we are working on a safer, secure and peaceful America. – I am the Real Truckmaster!





When we serve it is with honor and integrity placing others before ourselves. We take the “Oath” seriously and when one of our own fails to realize that oath we are among the first to speak out. This may be hard for some to take but Veterans tend to hold other Veterans accountable especially when they are in public service. We don’t always agree. We have a number of Veterans serving as mayors, governors, representatives, senators and cabinet level positions. We have so many Veterans who have served and with honor, while others not so much.

I’m going to address two prominent Veterans who have served both honorably in the armed forces and as United States Senators and/or cabinet level positions where their public service has been tainted and not in the interests of nation or the Constitution.

Senator John McCain is a former officer in the United States Navy, a Vietnam Veteran and a former POW. During the 2012 election John McCain ran for president and I voted and supported him wholeheartedly. In recent years what I have noticed is that when it comes to legislation or presidential appointments John McCain, a Republican, has forsaken his political roots and with blatant disregard for the Constitution has sided multiple times with the leftist Democrats is openly resistance to President Trump. It is time for long time Senator John McCain to resign and return to Arizona where he can live out his days as a private citizen.

I don’t expect politicians to vote for the sake of a party line vote. What I want are politicians who are taking care of American and representing the constituents who voted them in. I do expect that personal differences should not place an unnecessary burden on the nation. That’s another reason for term limits. Anyone who spends his “career” in congress has been there too long. They taste the power and often let it go to their head as they amass a huge amount of wealth “serving the people”. That is not even close to the definition of public service.

Secretary John Kerry is a former officer in the United States Navy and a Vietnam Veteran. After leaving military service John Kerry publicly protested against the Vietnam War and in effect against the very men and women who continued to serve honorably in the War. John Kerry, a Democrat, became a US Senator and ran for President. John Kerry replaced Hillary Clinton as President Obama’s Secretary of State and brokered the failed Iran Deal that President Trump recently withdrew the US out of. After leaving public service John Kerry blatantly and without regard for the Constitution, went behind the scenes and openly conducted shadow diplomacy, advising representatives of an enemy state to disregard any demands or statements from the President of the United States, because President Trump wouldn’t be in office much longer. If that is not treason I don’t know what is! It’s time for the FBI to arrest John Kerry for violation of the Logan Act and let him spend his days looking out from the windows of a place like GITMO!

Officers in the military are often referred to as Officers and Gentlemen, but in my opinion, these two are not the examples of either term. They have tasted absolute power and as it has been written absolute power corrupts absolutely.

In the military people mess up, and those who do are often faced with violations of the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ). Those who mess up big time are often dishonorably discharged from the military and lose many of the benefits of having performed honorable military service.

When a public servant messes up the voters can often voice their displeasure at the voting booth. When members of congress (House or Senate) openly obstruct, resist or impede the President of the United States and do so without cause other than the fact that the president’s last name is Trump, they are disgracing the office they hold, and to the people who placed them in office.

When public servants violates federal law and disregard the very basis for federal law our law of the land which is the Constitution it is imperative that prompt and swift action be taken by the Attorney General and the Department of Justice agencies. – I am the Real Truckmaster!

A “Dentist” in the White House

dentisttrump image


A “Dentist” in the White House

If you’re like me you hate going to the dentist. Maybe it’s because of the pain or that “drilling” sound when he starts getting to work. Sticker shock sets in when you check out at the front desk and are handed the bill. The pleasant thing is now the pain is gone and you hurry to get away. In my opinion President Trump is likened to a dentist. Nobody likes the dentist, but everyone can appreciate and see the results of his work.

Donald Trump is someone you either love or your hate. His personality, his mannerisms and his seemingly blatant self-infatuation turn a lot of people off and that’s OK.  During the campaign Trump made a number of campaign promises. They are like a list hanging on his refrigerator which he has been systematically checking them off:

  • Stopping DACA – Check
  • Pulling out of TPP – Check
  • Tax Reform – Check
  • Incentives for corporations to stay in the US – Check
  • Fair Trade Agreements with foreign countries – Check
  • Build up our military – Check (working on it)
  • Support Law Enforcement – Check
  • Secure our borders – Check
  • Stimulus Bill – Check
  • Build the Wall – Check (working on it)
  • Mexico paying for the Wall – (It will happen)
  • Obamacare – (working on it)
  • Improving Public Education – (working on it)
  • Rebuilding infrastructure – (working on it)
  • Increasing US Oil Production – (working on it)
  • Decreasing US Dependence on foreign oil production – (working on it)
  • Pulling out of the Iran Nuclear Deal – Check
  • Returning unspent stimulus money to taxpayers – (working on it)
  • Return of American political prisoners from North Korea – Check

We like to think that President Trump is dismantling President Obama’s legacy piece by piece, but in reality it is taking bad governmental decisions and replacing them with better business decisions.

Barack Obama was a good and experienced community organizer, and in the Oval Office he continued organizing. In fact he seemed to exploit the constitutional powers of the Executive Office and when Congress did not follow his lead, he would “rule” by Executive Order, stating he had the power of the pen. Many of those decisions were simply bad decisions and were bad for America.

Using what I call “Chicago” politics, America was being changed into a massive welfare state, where the poor and disadvantaged were encouraged to get on welfare, food stamps and given “free stuff” that would satisfy their wants, but keep them dependent on government.

Donald Trump has been a good and highly successful businessman, and in the Oval Office he continues to think thru situations as either good for America or bad for America. He has placed “America First” as his mantra, and his desire is to “Make America Great Again”.

The pushback has been immediate and intensive by the liberal left, and by the media. There has been an extensive miss-information campaign which has focused on past or non-existent deeds while ignoring presidential accomplishments.

Have you noticed that the left focuses on sexual “bomb” announcements as a means of stirring up American voters and attempting to shift the focus away from what is really important to America?

This tact normally works on politicians who are involved in unethical and illegal behavior. They become political fodder and simply fade away.

Since Donald Trump is not your typical politician, nor is he involved in unethical or illegal behavior, he simply “reminds” America almost on a daily basis of what is being done and what should be the proper focus of the national media. Just like with the dentist everyone talks trash about him but rarely gives credit to that wonderful smile he worked to create.

Many think the decisions made by Donald Trump are rash or un-thought out. I say not so. His decision process includes gathering information, talking to those who are subject matter experts, and quite a bit of behind the scenes consideration. But when he announces to the world or to the nation his intentions he has already considered many options and has focused on one specific solution. We’ve seen this on the recent stimulus bill and on the Iran Deal, where he possibly waited until announcing his decision before actually deciding.

What I see in President Donald Trump is someone who is not afraid to make those tough decisions and stands behind that decision. America needs this “dentist” more than they need a political baby kisser who promises the moon in order to get the votes, but fails to deliver! – I am the Real Truckmaster!

Colorado’s “Red Flag” Bill


Colorado’s “Red Flag” Bill

I’ve been reading about the recently passed Colorado House Bill 18-1436 that has been sent to the Colorado Senate where it was defeated today. As written it was billed as a “temporary” measure to confiscate fire arms from anyone who is deemed a danger to himself or to the public.

There seems to be an option whereby the individual can petition a judge for the return of the confiscated weapons. I wonder how effective it will be; how long it may take; or if the confiscated weapons will be returned at all.

In light of the recent school shootings the trend across the U.S. has brought 8 states to adopt similar laws, with another 28 states (besides Colorado) considering similar actions.

I agree that more has to be done to keep our children and our neighbor safe, but opening the door for full scale confiscation is chipping away at the 2nd Amendment rights of every citizen.

What should be considered are mandatory fire arm safety classes for ALL citizens so that they are familiar with safe handling of fire arms, but also how to stay safe when confronted by an armed assailant. Classes should be taught for parents, teachers AND school age children.

This doesn’t mean everyone must own a fire arm. It means everyone should have the knowledge and confidence to act when faced with a situation involving fire arms as well as something as simple as identifying various types of fire arms and their intended usage.

An important consideration is enforcement of existing laws involving the use of weapons whereby injury and death result during the commission of a crime. Law enforcement must be given full cooperation by both the public as well as other agencies on identifying, tracking and apprehension of suspected offenders.

Equally important are punishment of the offenders. Does the punishment fit the crime and is it a deterrent against future crime? Where does capital punishment fit into the punishment phase?

Gun control boils down to crime control.

Will HR18-1436 if passed by the Colorado Senate and signed into law by the governor serve the intended purpose of saving lives? Will it do so without infringing on the 2nd Amendment rights of law abiding citizens to own and bear arms? If passed how will this law be enforced and kept from being unlawfully abused by law enforcement and/or the courts?

I think education of fire arms, not another gun control law is the appropriate answer.

Colorado doesn’t need another bad law, like the one on marijuana! – I am the Real Truckmaster!

California Gun Control and Other Matters

Calex 2017


California Gun Control and Other Matters

California leads the nation down the path to insanity.

It has become obvious that the democratic citizens of California need a reality check.

The natural beauty of the state, bordering the Pacific Ocean is no match for the mindless bullying of a democratically controlled state legislature and a democratic governor.

Sanctuary state and city status has not helped the citizens of California, but has openly invited undocumented and illegal aliens, including MS-13 gang members into the state.

The recent legalization of marijuana was looked simply as a way to increase the states bankrupt coffers.

California has recently passed a number of state “laws” which attempt to control corporate savings from federal tax reform and add that to the state treasury.

The sale of Bibles in California is now illegal.

The ownership of assault weapons by private individuals is now illegal and on the verge of mandatory surrender of automatic weapons or face confiscation, fines and prison time for refusal to comply.

A proposal to prohibit the manufacture of these “weapons of war” is being pushed by members of a California democratic legislature who fail to consider that the weapon of choice for gang members and other bad guys has been the AK-47 which is not manufactured or purchased legally in the United States or in California. It would appear that thinking through legislative proposals to logical conclusions has never been considered?

The push for CALEXIT (California succession from the United States) if adopted will leave Californians with absolutely no recourse for regaining common sense in state government, as the sought after “Republic of California” will leave the citizens standing high and dry as a legally high and lawless society.

It is time for conservatives to become politically active in an effort to replace illogical politicians at the ballot boxes across the state, and across the nation. Get away from “party-line thinking”, and look at what is good for America and its citizens.

The one thing that separates the United States from EVERY OTHER COUNTRY in the world is our Constitution that separates the powers of government and protects the rights of our citizens. This document was based upon the principles set forth in the Bible and the notion that all men are created equal by and before God whom we place our trust. – I am the Real Truckmaster!


The Donald J. Trump and Stormy Daniels Controversy



The Donald J. Trump and Stormy Daniels Controversy

Porn star “Stormy Daniels” (not her real name) allegedly had sex with Donald J. Trump in 2006 and she allegedly carried on an affair with him so she could get on the TV show “The Apprentice” in 2011 and did so while he was married to his present day spouse. If this doesn’t turn into a New York Times best seller and go straight to film America and the world will miss out on a really good tale (pun intended).

Donald Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen initiated a non-disclosure agreement between his client and the porn star, then borrowed money on his line of credit and paid the porn star to seal the deal and keep it out of the media. When Donald Trump found out about the $130,000 payment from his lawyer to the porn star he promptly reimbursed his lawyer without admitting guilt. This has the makings of a really bad book don’t you think?

It gets even better because the billionaire real estate developer and TV producer beat Hillary Clinton and became the 45th President of the United States in 2016.

So doesn’t the timing seem odd to anyone else but me? The “Russian Collusion” investigation has been dragging on without merit and all of a sudden the focus of the news media and the investigators shifts to a porn star who decided that the non-disclosure agreement didn’t hold water and broke the news publicly to embarrass and disgrace the sitting president?

She then followed up with a law suit because the president tarnished her name in a tweet? I venture to say that her name, her stage name got real popular real fast because of her trying to capitalize on what she does best – sell sex. She seems to think that she’s all that and a bag of chips. Not!

As we used to say, “That’s all water under the bridge”, meaning “the cat’s out of the bag” and you can’t easily put it back in or pretend it never happened.

When President Donald J. Trump said he was going to drain the swamp people laughed. Especially the swamp creatures in the DC establishment and I’m sure that the pushback was expected because while everyone is playing off a checker board, President Trump is playing chess and has been thinking 8 or more steps ahead.

Looking back at what Donald trump was doing before deciding to run for president, he was doing exactly what he had been doing his whole life. He had the fame and fortune and many have attempted to capitalize on him for their own personal gain. So why not Stormy Daniels, she has what it takes right?

During this turbulent time in the life of Donald Trump it seems that God saw a man with determination and all the success of the world and smiled. That’s right God smiled (my words, ok) because Donald Trump loved God, but didn’t know God.

The world is spinning out of control and in the United States we were on the fast track to destruction and Christians were humbling themselves and praying for God to intervene.

God answered our prayers when he put into the heart of Donald J. Trump that the time was now to run for president. God didn’t pick Donald Trump because of his wealth, his fame or his notoriety, no God chose him because of his availability and his obedience when God called.

The rest of the story is history and it comes as no surprise that the timing of this “skeleton” jumping out of Donald Trump’s closet is just as the Russian Collusion seems to be running its course.

American should not allow themselves to be disillusioned by the alleged actions of then Donald J. Trump, but focus on the actions of the President we elected to bring order to a government gone wild.

Christians are familiar with the story of Saul, a zealous man who hunted down followers of The Way. In Saul’s opinion they were making a mockery of religion by claiming to be followers of Jesus who claimed to be the Christ. Saul hunted down these first century Christians to have them imprisoned and killed. Saul was blinded by God on the road to Damascus and was asked why he was hunting those who followed after God?  Saul was changed that day and God renamed him Paul to signify his rebirth and his purpose became that of spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ. Paul wrote several books of the Bible and suffered greatly for his faith.

God did not choose Donald J. Trump for his “greatness” because only God is great all the time! God saw the potential of a heart submitted to him. Donald Trump loved God but did not know God, yet Got chose him for such a time as this. Donald Trump is a warrior President, needed at this time to right the ship of state and get it back on course to becoming the shining city on the hill once again.

We care not about the past goings on of private citizen Donald Trump, but care about the present day actions of President Donald J. Trump, the man we elected to lead this nation. – I am the Real Truckmaster!