Sewing Seeds of Doubt

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Did anybody watch the hearings with Attorney General Jeff Sessions?


What I saw was somewhat comical in a way, because the republicans were asking about whether or not a special counsel should be appointed to investigate the Uranium One fiasco and short changing AG Sessions on time enough to hear his full answer. They kept cutting him off in mid sentence.


The democrats on the other hand were asking if President Trump ever asked or required his “pledge of loyalty”. What a dumb and stupid question. They went on to ask a hypothetically if that question were ever asked by the President would he say yes?


Still another dumb and stupid question, because if you’ve ever watched the old TV series called “The West Wing” you might recall President Bartlett’s Chief of Staff telling each of the White House Staff that they “Served at the pleasure of the president”. Meaning they were replaceable, but they undivided loyalty was most important for the job they had to do.


I hated and loved that series. I hated that the president in the series was a democrat, while the policies and stances he held were purely republican values. I loved the “inside look” at the workings of the West Wing of the White House. Great series, good actors and some became politically active because of the role they played or the values they held personally.


So back to the hearings, the democratic congressmen and women who wanted to hear those words come out of AG Sessions mouth were sorely disappointed as he said the question never came up in any of his meetings with the President.


Even I know that every cabinet level appointment serves at the pleasure of the President of the United States! They are replaceable and need no reason or justification by the President for him to say “You’re Fired”.


Too bad the American people can’t see thru the smoke and mirror tricks of the liberal democrats and tell them at the poles “You’re Fired”.


Then to hear Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell say that the President called him from Vietnam and they discussed the possibility of saving the Arkansas Senate seat by sending Jeff Sessions back to Arkansas to fill his former seat? An A – B conversation (as my kids used to say) that should have gone between the President and the AG, went to C – the Senate Majority Leader?  That’s hilarious!


Almost as funny as the democratic best hope for 2020 is Joe Biden? Ha Ha Ha! Now that’s funny! – I am the Real Truckmaster

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