2020 is for All the Marbles




2020 is for All the Marbles


Jeb said Republicans need a choice in 2020; Biden said he’s the one to beat Trump in 2020; Pelosi calls Trump a bully – while she herds her democratic colleagues and tag along RINOs in a voting frenzie against Trump; Schumer calls Trump unfit; Waters cries for Impeachment; and All the other Democratic hopefuls are going to lower the voting age, allow illegals to vote; stack the SCOTUS with extra seats; save us from global warming; give us the Green New Deal; Free education, medicare for all, free phones, free rent, free food and free money to those who just don’t want to work; plus tear down that stupid wall……… Many of them are congressional newbies or current politicians with years of experience doing nothing in the halls of Congress.


Free isn’t free no matter how it is packaged!


Ask the soldier spending his or her days in the sandbox?

Ask the mother, father, spouse, son or daughter who received the flag on behalf of the President of the United States and a grateful nation?

Ask the parents who buried their child murdered by an illegal alien?

Ask the parents of an aborted child AFTER birth?


So tell me what’s in it for America? 2020 is for All the Marbles! – I am the Real Truckmaster!





Using Every Tool in the Toolbox

jd riding mower



Using Every Tool in the Toolbox


Have you ever visited the home of a home builder or a general contractor? What you find will amaze you. There could be saws, hammers and all sorts of tools for a host of specialties. Maybe even a bucket lift, a cement mixer or a sawzall. Builders are by nature creative. They have done it all and still have the tools to prove it. The really good ones have some of the really good tools too. They surround themselves with guys who can individually do a host of specialty skills like electrical, plumbing, painting and carpentry work. They know what it takes to bring the job up to code.


Leaders are a lot like builders. They too surround themselves with guys who know how to get things done. They know a job worth doing is done right the first time. Leaders just have a different toolbox to choose from. There are guys who are right for a certain phase in the creation or development of a specific job like a guy with a certain skill set. One person can size up a business, a department or a specific job and has a working knowledge of how to turn things around or tune it up. However it may take an entirely different person to take it to the next level. A good leader knows when to step up his game and bring in the right person and at the right time.


Isn’t it funny how people are always quick to criticize something they know absolutely nothing about? They are the ones who can tell you how things ought to be done, but have no experience in doing what they are telling you what they think you should do. Does that make sense?


Military leaders are another breed altogether. Their toolbox is full of knuckleheads, sometimes fresh out of basic or advanced training schools. They are the privates who are eager to please. They answer as they’ve been taught to say “”Yes Sergeant”, “No Sergeant”, or “I don’t know Sergeant”. Once they’ve been in the unit a while it becomes “Why me?” or “Can’t you get someone else?” and they get lax or lazy. It takes a good leader to come in and turn things around and get them re-focused and back on track.


The same thing is true with the President. A new president will come into office and disrupt things by bringing in new blood or in his case a new Administration. His transition team has worked closely with him to insure the right people go into the right jobs. Often it’s a combination of former military personnel going into positions dealing with the military or foreign affairs. Looking at things from the outside it may look like some of the people are simply rich people going into positions without any rhyme or reason. Yet everyone’s quick to give their assessment of the situation they have no experience with.


When there is a shakeup or a change in cabinet level leaders or in the White House staff the media goes crazy with all kinds of evaluations and public criticism as to why the change is being made. Personality clash with the President; disgruntled former insider tossed out in the cold without any reason; the President picked the wrong guy or gal for the job.


It never occurs to those naysayers that the President is just pulling another tool out of his vast toolbox. Sometimes you need a screwdriver and other times you need a sledgehammer. It’s been said that you can’t remake a first impression.


I can honestly say that I’ve never been President of the United States. I have however 20 years’ experience as a military leader. It is essential to come into a job knowing what the mission is for both the unit and your section. You must size up the situation, determine if you have the right men and women to get the job and the mission accomplished properly. Sometimes you have to adjust by rearranging or reassigning personnel to new or differing duties. Other times you remove people and bring in new ones. Never have had a previous section leader come back to criticize how you are handling the section. That’s why you don’t normally hear a former President criticize the current President over how his administration is leading the United States domestically or in foreign affairs.


I venture to say that if we as a people would keep our noses to the grindstone, focused on OUR best interests and doing what is best for ourselves and our families we wouldn’t be concerned as to whether or not our President is doing his job the way WE think it should be done. After all we have no dog in that fight, do we?


If we listen to all the political banter it usually comes from politicians sewing discord and discontent in an effort to gain enough votes so that they can go in and mess things up for all of us. Gone are the days when we can see our economy growing and on the world stage other nations are seeing strong leadership coming from the White House yet hear nothing but politicians telling us how messed up we are for backing such a leader as President Trump.


Let me leave you with this thought. This successful builder and entertainer has done in such a short time while putting up with the egocentrically challenged political left because this President has both a vision for America and the knowledge and experience to make it a reality.


As we approach the Presidential Election cycle for 2020 all the political bantering I hear coming from the left is simply talk with no substance. We have failed politicians who are currently in Congress and have been for some time without making a case for themselves that is backed up with any substance, yet they want us to believe that they have all the answers? Once a politician always a politician, kissing babies and making them cry by promising them the moon and what they have no intention of delivering.


I urge you to Vote for America! Don’t vote political party, we are better than that! – I am the Real Truckmaster!




Constitutional or Unconstitutional That Is The Question?



Constitutional or Unconstitutional That Is The Question?


Have you read the Declaration of Independence?


What about the Constitution of the United States?


What we keep hearing from the House, the Senate and the President are accusations of constitutionality of various decisions relating to foreign policy, national security and immigration.


Just a lot of finger pointing or is it more than that?


Who’s at fault? Senate Republicans says it’s the Democrats. House Democrats say it’s the Republicans. The President says it’s the Dems. All the Dems say it’s the President. I’m no brain surgeon (Dr. Ben Carson is) and I’m no astronaut (John Glenn was) and I’m surely no expert on politicians, but it seems to me that our entire government has been corrupted over time.


I venture to say that first and foremost we have a top heavy congress, who pride themselves on who is the longest serving “public servant” among them, like it’s a badge of honor or something, a career maybe?


Whatever happened to the “Mr. Smith goes to Washington” kind of thinking?

(Go watch the old Jimmy Stewart movie).


We have Senators and Representatives in the House who are older than dirt and accuse President Trump of being unable to perform the duties of the presidency? Ridiculous! Some of those faces look like they’ve used a bottle as more than a prop to keep their heads up. They speak with the authority of those who were given it by Abraham Lincoln himself.


There are Republicans who decry Democrats as some sort of abnormality in Congress, and Democrats who say the same thing about Republicans. Yet there are those on both sides of the isle who are united in declaring implied deficiencies as truths about the President.


When I took another look at our founding documents (Declaration of Independence and Constitution) I found no mention of either Democrats or Republicans? Strange those documents only referred to Citizens (The rights of Citizens to vote shall not be infringed upon)?


It’s obvious that the purpose of the Constitution was to limit the powers of government.  So it’s implied that for government to be of the people, by the people and for the people our elected officials must be FROM the people right?


All elected officials swear by an oath to honor the office and to protect and defend the Constitution and generally the oath asks Almighty God to help them to do just that. It’s a serious oath for a serious elected position in government.


There can be no allegiance to any other government or foreign power.


Members of the Legislative Branch are charged with creating public laws in accordance with the Constitution of the United States (the law of the land). How can they be effective if they don’t know or care what the Constitution says? How can they represent the people if they don’t know, haven’t read or understand the Declaration of Independence on which our nation was created?


In order for a law to be legal it must first be Constitutional. If a law is unconstitutional it is illegal. It must be repealed or brought into conformity with the Constitution.


The Executive Branch is charged with enforcing the law of the land and protecting the Constitution. The chief executor (President) determines and declares US foreign policy and it should ultimately reflect the best interests of American Citizens and American interests abroad. When his decisions are inconsistent with the Constitution, it is unconstitutional and must be repealed or brought into conformity with the Constitution.


The Judicial Branch has the responsibility empowered in the Supreme Court to determine whether a law or executive decision complies with the Constitution. All judicial decisions rest on whether or not there has been a violation of the Constitution. Their decisions are final, unless or until the Constitution has been properly modified or amended.


So rather than rely on anyone’s interpretation of what is or is not constitutional delve into what is actually written in the Constitution. Educate yourself by going to www.senate.gov and read the Constitution which sets the balance of power for our government.


I am tired of all the political bantering, posturing and bashing of Americans by Americans, and especially when it comes to the President of the United States (regardless of political party or personality). – I am the Real Truckmaster!




Dirty Dozen or Blue Dog RINOS?



Dirty Dozen or Blue Dog RINOS?


It’s now an established fact that one dozen RINOS have turned tail and ran into the arms of Senate Dems and gave Senate Minority Speaker Chuck Schumer a big fat kiss and a fond embrace while extending the finger to President Donald Trump. While this may be an exaggeration on my part it’s entirely what is seen as treasonous by a vast majority of the American people. So let’s examine this a bit closer.


It’s true that the Dirty Dozen Senators Paul Rand (KY), Susan Collins (ME), Lisa Murkowski (AK), Roy Blunt (MO), Mike Lee (UT), Mitt Romney (UT), Lamar Alexander (TN), Pat Toomey (PA), Jerry Moran (KS), Rob Portman (OH), Roger Wicker (MS) and Marco Rubio (FL) turned their backs on President Trump and the US Constitution.


Also true that the Bakers Dozen in the House, the 13 Blue Dog RINOS who fled into the arms of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi giving her a huge high five and flipping off President Donald Trump.


These are the Bakers Dozen Representatives Justin Amash (MI), Brian Fitzpatrick (PA), Mike Gallagher (WI), Jaime Herrera Beutler (WA), Will Hurd (TX), Dusty Johnson (SD), Thomas Massie (KY), Cathy McMorris Rodgers (WA), Francis Rooney (FL), Jim Sensenbrenner (WI), Elise Stefanik (NY), Fred Upton (MI) and Greg Walden (OR) also succumbed to the political peer pressure to turn their backs on the American people and the US Constitution.


Be it also noted that in the House there were 5 Representatives who did not vote for or against the House measure against President Trump’s Emergency Declaration.


I’ve heard one Senator’s perspective on why he voted against the declaration and he feels the president should not be allowed an end run around congress. That may be his reasoning, but I submit that it is why the President has the Constitutional authority to issues an Emergency Declaration, in particularly when Congress REFUSES to act to a recognized National Emergency crisis such as what’s happening with orchestrated and organized attacks at our national sovereignty and the safety of the citizens and visitors in this country.


When will this political bickering cease? When will the Congress of the United States throw aside political posturing and get to the business of legislating safety and genuine concern for the American people? Or was this just a power struggle over the purse strings so that President Donald Trump cannot divert funds toward “Building the Wall”? So what happens when President Trump VETOS HJ Res 41? – I am the Real Truckmaster!




Congressional Popcorn Popping



Congressional Popcorn Popping


Anyone remember JiffyPop popcorn? It came in an expandable pan that turned into a tinfoil bag of popcorn. Maybe that’s before your time. What about microwavable popcorn? Stick it in the microwave, push the button marked popcorn and wait for it to pop. What happens when you overcook your popcorn? You can try to eat burnt kernels or maybe just throw it away and start over or you can still go to the movie theatre and pay an enormous price for a huge tub of popcorn and a large coke.


Oh the memories of DIY popcorn, reminds me of what’s happening lately in the House of Representatives. Democratic House Speaker Nancy (I’m so important) Pelosi is trying to appease her “Green New Deal” AOC, the “We’re gonna impeach that M*$@*R” Tliab and now the “Obamas bad policies” Omar who are “hotter than a pistol” renegade freshmen Representatives now has overcooking popcorn kernels going off faster than a handful of ammo thrown into a fire.


I suspect that her compadres in the Congressional Black Caucus are sitting back laughing their mules off and watching madam speaker defending these undefendables who are giving the media their money’s worth of gaffes and misquotes that would be funny if we were watching it on a comedy TV show. But we’re not. It’s all coming live from the halls of Congress, where there is supposed to be common sense legislative working being done.


I mention the CBC, as freshman Rep. Ilhan Omar is also one of their newest members and has her part to play. If you can call playing dumb is a real part. Speaker Pelosi seems to think so, “she’s new and doesn’t understand about her words” (roughly paraphrased). I suspect Omar knows exactly what her words mean and besides dissing former President Obama, she has spoken out blatantly anti-Sematic comments meant to hurt American Jews and the nation of Israel.


So concerned were House Democrats that they passed a bill that condemned anti-Sematic speech and actions by everyone except Rep. Ilhan Omar D-MN. That bill is a slap in the face of every American citizen as it insinuates we are not smart enough to figure out what’s going on in Congress. I’m glad there were members of the House who stood against it anyway.


The age old saying “Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely” holds true today, and since the House has no intention of policing its own members (they have the Constitutional mandate to do just that), it will take an outside Congressional Ethics investigation and a Special Prosecutor with a bipartisan team of investigators to peel back the layers of this congressional onion to reveal the truth and recommend action against these corrupt legislators.


Someone needs to stop the congressional popcorn cooking machine (CBC) and begin by defunding this racist caucus once and for all. – I am the Real Truckmaster!




Who is Pushing the Narrative?



Who is Pushing the Narrative?


Aren’t you tired of hearing the same old same o coming from the House Dems, the DNC and the Democratic Party operatives in Congress and in the media (entertainment, television and print)? There seems to be quite a bit of racial and class division going around almost all the time. What we are fed is that it’s all because of President Trump, his connections to Russia, his hatred of immigrants, women and especially black people in general. Plus Trump hates the media, football players and anyone who’s not a republican like him.  Doesn’t it just make you sick?


We have most recently had an increase in expressions of hate and anti-Semitic speeches coming out of the mouths of our freshmen House Democrats, which appear to have the “blessing” of House Majority Speaker Nancy Pelosi with the implied sanction of Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, who failed to condemn the rantings of the “three amigos” (Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib) in the House.


What is the missing link that prevents the House Speaker from condemning this latest anti-Semitic ranting of Ilhan Omar? Is it because of her religion? Maybe condemning her would bring down the ire of Minnesota’s Somalia’s? I suspect it’s something more close to the heart of the problem than anyone realizes.


Anyone remember when 9th Term Rep. Steve King was stripped of all his committees by Speaker Pelosi because he said that White Supremacy and White Nationalism have become offensive terms? Who was behind the push for King to be stripped and blocked for 2 years of being put into any committees?


The answer to many of the questions I’ve raised points back to the Congressional Black Caucus, a House sanctioned, taxpayer funded politically charged racist organization of which Ilhan Omar is one of the newest members.


It was the CBC whose members have stood up for Ilhan Omar and it was the CBC who demanded that Steven King be stripped of his committees. It is also CBC members who stand up when House members are accused of ethics violations, and it is a CBC member Chair the House Ethics Committee.


It appears that the Congressional Black Caucus is the glue that holds many of these missteps within Congress together. They are the self-appointed “enforcers” who hold everyone else accountable, not to the Constitution, but to the CBC. Think of the CBC as an octopus with tentacles reaching out to more than 62 Congressional Caucuses and 19+ Committees, Groups and Task Forces using the full Constitutional power and resources of the Government to insure that their agenda is fully implemented to benefit those they deem worthy and at the expense of law abiding citizen taxpayers.


There are many talented and educated members of the Congressional Black Caucus, 55 to be exact as of the beginning of the 116th Congress of the United States. They are focused on many important issues that face our nation, yet for the wrong reasons. It is their goal to insure that black Americans receive their full and undivided attention, all the free programs they “deserve” and are even behind the effort to secure repatriations from white Americans as a debt owed to black slaves. Tell me when in this century or over the past 200 years have there been legalized slavery in the United States? How many members of the CBC have been directly involved in slavery (slave owner or slave)?


This is nothing more than an orchestrated attempt by the Congressional Black Caucus to shame America into compliance of their nefarious schemes, and failing that the use of racial division, intimidation and fear mongering against anyone black or white who doesn’t fall in line.


If Congress would have taken action in 1971 to stop this group, many of the problems we encounter in the America today would not have occurred. In fact if the CBC would channel their efforts toward defending the Constitution they swore to uphold and working across the aisle in both chambers of the legislature and with the president, just think of how much more could have been accomplished for the benefit of ALL American citizens. I’ll say it again there are many talented individuals who have become pawns of the CBC and the slanted goals of bringing down the very institution they have helped to corrupt.


It may be too late.


It may require a re-boot of the government in accordance to the Constitution of the United States so that mistakes of the past are not repeated today or in the future. It’s a shame that 55 individuals control the other 480 members of Congress. – I am the Real Truckmaster!




Some are Called While Only One is Chosen



Some are Called While Only One is Chosen


The qualifications for the President of the United States are spelled out in Article II, Section I of the Constitution.

  • Must be a natural born citizen of the United States
  • Must be at least age 35 and
  • Must be a 14 years resident within the United States


It’s easy for someone who meets those qualifications to fancy themselves in the White House and the leader of the Free World. If Barack H. Obama could become President, so could anyone right? Think of all that power!


The run-up to the 2016 presidential campaign cycle had GOP candidates coming out of the woodwork announcing they were throwing their hats in the ring, “running” for President. Many of the candidates were in public office at the time and had name recognition while others were corporate CEOs or professionals. All were well qualified. In fact it has been reported that there were over 100 candidates on the ballot in New Hampshire when they held their primary? That must have been quite a mess for voters to sort out?


I’m sure that every one of those prospective presidential candidates was thinking to themselves that they were going to win otherwise why would they run in the first place? There must be several reasons someone would run for political office – prestige; power; superiority; patriotism or just for the thrill of saying “I ran in 2016”.


Then there was Donald J. Trump, the candidate who threw the entire GOP process out of whack, a “wild card” with no previous political experience (held no prior public office), yet his experience with politicians made him the perfect Washington outsider because he was the “go too guy” when politicians needed campaign financing. He was a household name and photo opportunities were like putting money in the bank, just to be seen with him. He knew the players on both sides.


What people still don’t understand about Trump is that he doesn’t do anything unless he thinks he can win. He had been toying with the idea of running for president since the 1980s, but didn’t think the time was right. He wasn’t going to “run” for president just for the exercise and it was not a last minute decision.


Trump was a man who had virtually everything that money could buy prestige, and power as well as man toys galore. He had a successful business empire, a successful television show “The Apprentice” and was living the life of the rich and famous. So what compelled him into the presidency? Donald Trump felt that Almighty God had a calling on him and the time was now. It was this calling on his life and because he of how he did everything this was a race he was going to win.


The challenge of a Trump Presidency was not for the money, he has enough; nor was it for the prestige, he has enough; it was pure patriotism, to Make America Great Again. Throughout all the adversity of his presidency his laser-like focus is and has been on making the United States that shining city upon a hill that President Reagan so often talked about.


What we are witnessing is likened to a political grieving process where liberal candidates are stuck in denial that Donald J. Trump is and has been President for the past 2 years. This has brought out the dirty dealings of unfathomable proportions including a failed campaign to embarrass and derail Donald Trump from gaining the Presidency and failing that to stop his administration with constant attacks on his character, his lack of experience, his business career and now his financial success over the years are subject to criticism.


Had you watched the Barbara Walters special on Donald J. Trump and the Trump Empire that aired prior to the 2016 campaign season you might have seen trappings of his pride over his accomplishments in the form of trophies and newspaper articles and pictures spanning much of his adult life?


It is because of the Trump wild card campaign style that we see from the Democrats who feel if Trump can win, so can they in the upcoming 2020 Presidential campaign we see die hard liberals, democrats, socialists, former administration officials and former governor plus a host of congressional members flooding the Democrats stage in an attempt to upset President Trump and prevent him from a successful bid for a 2nd term. Good luck with that! Unlike politicians before him, Trump thrives on conflict.


Jealousy is a powerful thing.


What I see coming from the Democrats are beyond anyone’s wildest imaginations – socialism, fascism, communism, Islamism, liberalism and just about every ism except patriotism for the nation they all hope one day to lead?


American’s are a lot smarter than these so called liberals and far left fanatics give credit to. It is the liberal talking points that say Americans are not smart enough to make their own decisions and it is the duty of liberal democrats to make those hard choices for them.


On the other hand conservatives say that Americans don’t need government advice, handouts or pre-made decisions. American’s want jobs, fair play in the workplace and a safe environment to raise our children and grandchildren. American’s want a leader who relates to the common man, not some pie in the sky liberal socialist dictator like we see in places like Cuba, North Korea or Venezuela, where suppressed people starve and the dictators live like kings.


Americans don’t want a Green New Deal which is just a new label on failed worldwide policies aimed at stripping away individual freedoms and lead to dependence on failed governments. Americans don’t want political correctness which causes racial and social division.


Americans want common sense back in government, but less government in our everyday lives. Americans want a wall to stop drugs, human trafficking and illegal immigration and a path to citizenship for immigrants who come here based upon merit. – I am the Real Truckmaster!