Kissing the Dragon

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Kissing the Dragon


When I was younger I used to have these dreams of being chased by zombies who were reaching out to grab me. Just before they could I’d stop running and turn around and say, “I’m a zombie too!” Then we’d head off to get somebody else. What I see going on today is kind of like that with cable shows, movies and video games and everybody thinks they’re a living dead – a zombie.


What we’re witnessing over the past 4 or 5 days is an example of tough guys and bad women who think they have to tear down the historical and capitalistic dinosaurs to make way for “new growth”. What a farce! They are the product a generation where the lessons of history were never learned.


Now they have been indoctrinated into a futuristic sheeple society where fear, intimidation and violence are the tools to a better life. These were good kids who were sent away to the plantation of modern education with no goals or aspirations where the educators were among yesterday’s malcontents and failures of a society where they didn’t fit in.


Along comes a magical mystic ultra-secretive anti-society where they are taught to pick out the weak and the elderly of society, those unable to fight back, the innocent and unsuspecting and hone in their new-found skills.


If you watch Animal Planet or National Geographic channels on cable – the lions hunt the wildebeest searching out the weaklings and strays that haven’t learned or can’t keep up as the herd wildly runs away. There is always one or two who are just not fast enough or smart enough.


It’s the same principle with humans. The bully looks for the nerd or the new kid who doesn’t quite fit in and does the unthinkable – attack without mercy. The natural tendency is to look away, then walk away as if it never even happened. Take that same bully and put him in a group that is fearful of him and the world is his. Take that group and cover their faces with head or face coverings and turn them loose on the street in a neighborhood and you have a roving gang of thugs. Soon they think they are kings of their own turf. They have no jobs, no purpose and soon no sense of responsibility. Enter groups like Antifa and Black Lives Matter. They have banners, signs and slogans. They have over time developed a reputation that instills fear where ever they are seen. It’s not long before they incorporate the bullies and their groups building up their masses. Still they lack a purpose or direction. Along come the community organizers and trainers who take them under their wings and give them training and direction, equipping them for future action. When the political climate is right the financiers arrange for transportation, food, shelter and most importantly a decent sum of money to commit to action participation. In every organization there must be political and law enforcement allies to insure that participants are not held accountable for their actions. There must be a means of communicating to the participants and on public forums like news, television and social media. Without media there is no desired fear level to make people run and hide and afraid of fighting back. At every level of this equation there are those who are expendable and easy to replace. They are called useful idiots. They are not the brains, only the muscle for this occasion.


It’s been said that you don’t have to be smart to be a criminal. However criminals almost always think they are smarter then you or me. They are definitely smarter than cops right? They venture into territory where they THINK they are the masters. It’s like being a Call of Duty sniper. You are so bad that every pat on the back or curse to your face takes you to a higher skill level and pretty soon you think you are invincible.


If you’ve seen the posts on social media where rioting in the streets in cities across the nation appear to be getting worse each day. If you look closely you will see sporadic pockets of resistance where shop keepers and armed citizens stand guard only to see rioters pass on by without stopping. They know or have been told to avoid any pockets of resistance so as not to slow the momentum of the movement.


When you follow the news reports you are told that President Trump is responsible for the violence, the racism and the cops on black American killings like that of George Floyd in Minneapolis. In one voice the media parrots the same leftist talking points over and over and over again.


As everyone is urging him to bring active duty units in to stop the violence President Trump has urged state governors to take control and activate their National Guard troops to augment local and state law enforcement. Only a handful of governors have done that thus far and their response has been way too slow and seemingly a half-hearted effort.


Taking what began as peaceful protesting police violence against black Americans a 1st Amendment right under the Constitution, domestic terrorist groups have exploited entire communities and redirected the anger and concern for justice for George Floyd into a growing nationwide display of lawlessness, rioting and looting with public and private property damage and loss of many more innocent lives.


This is what I call Kissing the Dragon in an attempt not to be the recipient of a flaming attack. I got news for you it doesn’t work like that. There are several things that are about to happen, if not already in progress.


First the Department of Justice has dispatched enforcement task forces to identify, apprehend and arrest rioting organizers and ringleaders. There are many video cameras and eyewitness accounts where every participant will be unmasked and prosecuted. Supporters and enablers will also be identified and held accountable.


Second state and federal military units have been on the scene or alerted for specific hotspots to quell the civil unrest and restore order, implemented by armed militias and patriotic Americans who are both trained and willing to step in to assist. We will not let this foolishness continue. We are neighbors and family all seeking justice for the George Floyds of our nation. We will begin afresh to clean up the messes, rebuild homes, businesses and communities. We will come together as one nation under God.


This is an election year and we have seen how democratically elected officials have either helped or hindered during these violent days. Democrat, Republican or Independent – you who left us out in the cold and sided with these domestic terrorists for political gain will not be getting our vote come November. – I am the Real Truckmaster!



The Uniting of America




The Uniting of America


Across the nation we are witnessing rioting, looting and deliberate murders in the name of “protest” and from the very start it appeared to be organized. The spark in Minneapolis could very well have been a setup using an unsuspecting George Floyd as bait.


In a press release, cops described the fatal encounter as a ‘medical incident.’


On Monday evening, shortly after 8:00 pm, officers from the Minneapolis Police Department responded to the 3700 block of Chicago Avenue South on a report of a forgery in progress. Officers were advised that the suspect was sitting on top of a blue car and appeared to be under the influence.

Two officers arrived and located the suspect, a male believed to be in his 40s, in his car. He was ordered to step from his car. After he got out, he physically resisted officers. Officers were able to get the suspect into handcuffs and noted he appeared to be suffering medical distress. Officers called for an ambulance.


It is during this period that cellphone video showed bystanders pleaded on deaf ears for officers to get the handcuffed man off the ground. They pleaded with the officer to get his knee off the man’s neck as George Floyd was on the ground handcuffed saying he couldn’t breathe and as officer Derek Chauvin kneeled with his knee on Floyd’s neck. Floyd went limp before paramedics arrived and it is clear there was no attempt to render medical assistance by either of the two officers. Paramedics appeared to check for a pulse and moved calmly to load Floyd seemingly lifeless body, still handcuffed hands behind his back, onto a gurney and into the ambulance.


He was transported to Hennepin County Medical Center by ambulance where he died a short time later.

At no time were weapons of any type used by anyone involved in this incident.

The Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension has been called in to investigate this incident at the request of the Minneapolis Police Department.

No officers were injured in the incident.

Body worn cameras were on and activated during this incident.


What is clear is that a crime had been committed resulting in the death of George Floyd and could very easily have been prevented had officers responded differently. Derek Chauvin was subsequently fired from the MPD and has been charged with 3rd degree Manslaughter yet we may never know the full circumstances until body camera video is examined and released publicly or to a jury at trial.


The collateral damage resulting in this gross miscarriage of justice set off a powder keg of organized protests, rioting and looting and more innocent deaths across the country from the West coast to the East coast and even to the White House in Washington, DC.


There are multiple displays of unity as Americans have taken up arms to protect the life and property of others in the face of unruly mobs. Sadly lone Americans defending their property have suffered catastrophic injury and even death. Americans have come together as one in the face of adversity many times over the past 240 years and today is no different.

It is ironic that as we watch the historic launch of two NASA astronauts into space on a joint SpaceX – NASA project, we also see the wanton destruction of mob violence attempting to shred the fabric of our nation and we have only ourselves to blame. Many of our public schools and those of higher learning have been turned into brainwashing indoctrination centers where family values are replaced with misplaced loyalties where violence is the norm. Have we not learned that violence is never the answer; violence leads more violence and ultimately ends in death.


Those responsible for orchestrating this wave of violence must be held responsible. Follow the money. Paid rabble-rousers who cross state lines for the purpose of rioting and looting are doing so seemingly with impunity. That makes this unrest political in nature and we must look at local, state and national politicians and political figures and hold them responsible. Law enforcement officers on every level are sworn to serve and protect the public. Failure on their part to perform those duties must result in termination and in some cases may warrant prosecution.


In recent months COVID-19 has sought to keep us apart, isolated and fearful but we are a nation of patriots. We come from many racial and ethnic backgrounds becoming one people under one God. We are American’s who love God, our families and our country. Our forefathers fought to create this great nation. We stand with our brothers and sisters continuing the fight to preserve it. Some say the storm is coming. America will be fundamentally changed. We will not let that happen.

WE ARE THE STORM! – I am the Real Truckmaster!



Another Wave of Violence

minnesota violence 2020



Another Wave of Violence


How is it that a foreign entity is able to operate in the United States with impunity using social media, local news outlets and seemingly sanctioned by our own government? How can this be?


I’m speaking of the riot-for-hire tactics of George Soros’ Open Society organization and those under its umbrella. When someone is killed it is and should be an affront to mankind. So how is it that someone can stand aside and film an injustice being committed without stepping in to prevent a tragedy before it happens? I wasn’t in Minnesota but the cameraperson was. Instead of watching and filming could stepping up have changed the outcome?


Secondly where did the “protestors” – give me a break. Call it like it is they are not protestors. Antifa thugs are criminals and anyone who gets caught up in the moment become criminals too. There are plenty of cell-phone and news media videos showing scores of people destroying property and looting as this wave of violence spreads across neighborhoods.


It’s so convenient and obvious that while average Americans are forced to stay home and shelter in place the criminal element roams freely doing their dastardly deeds. What do you hear from the governor, “Oh please stop!” Police precincts are burned to the ground and the National Guard and state troopers are activated to restore law and order. And if that’s not bad enough the scene is repeated in Los Angeles and other cities across the nation. While the President voices his concerns on Twitter, his voice is silenced for glamorizing violence? Even our congress is silent on this wave of violence, unless it is to pass blame to President Trump. It’s his fault they say that a cop killed an African-American man. It may be time to declare Martial Law in Minnesota and elsewhere to place these lawbreakers behind bars and to restore order.


The FBI should come down on organizations like Black Lives Matter and Antifa with an iron fist. There needs to be a blue wave that will take criminal organizations down for racketeering (RICO) and organizing mass lawlessness.


We should have already seen from the Minnesota governor and heard from the Minnesota Attorney General’s office condemnation of these criminal acts and watch as they are brought under control. It shouldn’t be that difficult as every law abiding citizen is still restricted to their homes.


This is not the first time hate crimes are used by nefarious persons to promote hate and racial division. Nor I might add is it going to be the last. We’ve seen this behavior after every election since 2016. We’ve seen mayors and governors turned blind eyes as lawlessness continues and local law enforcement have often been placed on the sidelines and told to just let it play out.


I say turn loose every department, every agency of the United States Department of Justice with specific instructions to stop the violence. Why can’t the same agency that raided the home of an old man and woman at night because they were friendly to President Trump use the same tactics for apprehending the ring leaders, organizers and financiers of these riots?  The memory of George Floyd deserves not only satisfaction but justice as Derek Chauvin (the officer) has been taken into custody. It’s time to let the wheels of justice work. – I am the Real Truckmaster!


Elder Abuse for the Highest Office




Elder Abuse for the Highest Office


We have laws protecting the elderly from being taken advantage of by telephone and home improvement scams. During the COVID-19 we have closed access to nursing homes and care centers to protect elderly residents. There are law enforcement taskforces at many levels in the DOJ to insure there is no one is taking unfair advantage of our most vulnerable – the elderly.


So why is it that we allow a public figure such as former Vice President Joe Biden (78) to be paraded in public on television on a program like “The View” or during stay-at-home quarantine on live feed pleading with voters that if you don’t like him, don’t vote for him; if you’re African-American voting for Trump you ain’t black enough?


I’m embarrassed for him and I blame his family, politicians and the media for stoking the fire of elder abuse which this clearly is. Granted his wife is a doctor, not a medical one but a PHD, but what about his son or other family members? Do they not see what the world sees – a man clearly in the stages of Dementia or Alzheimer’s? Are they so taken by the possibility of him winning the vote (popular or Electoral College) and becoming President of the United States? Should that happen it would be a sure thing that his choice for VP would ascend to the presidency as soon as the inauguration ceremony concluded invoking the 25th Amendment?


Let me clarify something here. Joe Biden in his prime became a force to be reckoned with in politics. It was essential for Barack Obama to use Joe Biden to garner the Democratic votes away from Hillary Clinton in 2008, yet even back then every time Biden got in front of a microphone he managed to continually stick both feet in his mouth. During the re-election, Obama could have switched out Biden for Hillary, but that wasn’t part of his plans for America.


Fast forward to recent weeks it must have been like going to a dentist for Obama to finally come around and endorse Joe Biden for the Democratic nomination. The entire DNC process was phony from the start as Bernie was tearing up the others with voters who were tired of same-o, same-o politics as usual. The way they pulled the rug out from under everyone until the only one left standing was Joe Biden reeks to high heaven. But here we are 5 months away from the election and even with the COVID-19 quarantine of America there is no way that Biden will stand up to the rigors of all out campaigning.


There has to be a line drawn in the sand (Obama’s familiar with that). The line is for somebody to step up and say enough is enough. Save what dignity Biden has left and move him away from the spotlight before he is more than just an embarrassment.


I would never have let my dad gotten out there before his last days if I’d seen in him what I see in Joe Biden. It is apparent that the Democratic Party knows no bounds. The congressional leadership is like geriatric pawns locked in the past. The danger for over the hill politicians is in thinking they are still young, spring chickens. I hate to break it to them but their spring has sprung. – I am the Real Truckmaster!


So You Do Not Like Trump?




So You Do Not Like Trump?


Well Hoopty Doo! Big Deal!


Are your feelings about Trump as President any different than my feelings about Obama when he was President?


The answer to that is most definitely.


This article is not to put you down or even to make light of your dislike of our current President.


Whether you don’t like his comb-over, his tweets or the way he brands others with monikers that tend to accentuate their character flaws or any combination of things liking or disliking and yes even hating him is your choice. So congratulations on making a choice.


I was ok with Reagan even though he was seen as a cowboy from his Death Valley Days on television. He wasn’t liked by everyone and was shot in an unsuccessful assassination attempt. I wasn’t politically active at the time as I was serving on active duty in the US military. Some folks thought that we were given daily briefings by POTUS and told what to do, where to go and so forth. That was their perception of the working relationship between the President and his military.


George H.W. Bush was a navy man and he spoke well. I may not have agreed with everything he said I tolerated him as a politician. I never cottoned to references to our military as America’s military. America includes North, South and Central America and there are many nations with their own military. Bush should have crossed the border after Saddam and kept going until he finished the job, but that was not in the UN mandate. So many lives could have been saved.


I wasn’t happy when William Jefferson Clinton was voted into office. I couldn’t understand how God could do that to us? As I learned more about Clinton, his presidential decisions and personal habits I detested him. He was personable and liked by many and in the end that carried him through his 2 terms. When he left the White House it was his WH staff who superglued the keyboards of computers and left a mess for others to clean up. Even Hillary’s staff packed up WH china and it had to be returned.


George W. Bush was another likeable guy. He got a lot of bad press as his father’s son influencing his way into the White House. Then there was 9/11. Life changed for everyone and I wrote a letter to the editor in our local paper about him becoming president for such a time as this (wish I’d kept a copy). It was his war in Iraq under the War on Terror that claimed so many lives. The press went on the attack and never stopped.


They called it historical for Barack H. Obama to win the nomination and become President. He won the Nobel Prize because of what they thought he could do. Like many before him, Obama was a product of politics and his skills of community organizing. What he learned after being appointed in the Illinois state Senate and as a US Senator from Illinois was how the game of politics was really “played”. He mixed that and what he learned from a household of hardline communism and living abroad while trying to find his place in life. As President Obama played loose and hard with the Constitution, even once saying unless it was prohibited by the Constitution he could do it (very loosely paraphrased). What Obama did to the presidency through his administration will forever leave a footprint upon this nation?  His orating ability swayed the masses and he could do no wrong in their eyes. Even the press loved him. Many of his decisions were not well for the nation. His policies sought to be favorably accepted by our nation’s enemies and shunned our allies while our people suffered. I wrote him voicing my concerns. Did he read my letters? Probably not as the form letter I received said everything of what he was going to do and said nothing about my concerns. Did I hate him? No. Did I dislike him with a passion? Yes. However much I disliked Obama I recognized his elected office and it was my choice to be submissive under his 2 terms. What he did in preparation for the transition of power was unconscionable. While smiling and saying all the right things with his predecessor, behind the scenes he weaponized (locked and loaded) government agencies in what was truly unprecedented. His aim was to punish the nation for not voting Hillary into office to carry out his vision for America.


When Donald Trump announced his candidacy for the presidency like many I was skeptical. I had not followed his life or his business dealings in New York City. His reputation as a billionaire player did not gain my attention. What did get my attention was all the negative publicity coming at him from every direction. Page after page of the Democratic playbook was being thrown at him and I waited for the kitchen sink that would topple his efforts. There were and are unfounded allegations of all type of personal, business or political misconduct being thrown against his “Teflon wall”. Nothing substantiated and nothing sticks. I’ve watched as he helps American’s in need. The media is silent. I’ve seen his patriotism and his passion for this nation. The media is silent. Everything has come against him and he weathers the storms. There are 45 people who have served as President of the United States over our 240 years as a nation. Each had their challenges and branded the best or the worst president the world has ever seen. Never have I seen a President so dedicated and focused on seeing his goals become reality. Never have I seen such savage attacks on the character and family of a President by politicians and their faithful media.


So your disliking Donald Trump is your choice, but what you use as a basis says more of you than what you think of him. In my view you have two choices – to submit under his presidency or not. If you submit you owe it to yourself to do everything in your power to see that he succeeds in his efforts to restore this nation to its former glory. Otherwise you condemn this nation and yourself to failure. What will your legacy be? How will you be remembered? Someone who hated until it killed me? Hate is a cancer to the soul. – I am the Real Truckmaster!


How Different It Would Have Been?




How Different It Would Have Been



Life on the North American continent was drastically different than that of the old world continents of Africa, Asia and Europe (Great Brittan, Germany, France, and Italy).


Traveling by ship across the open seas in hopes of a better life or enduring the horrors of the slave ships only to be sold at auction for a life of slavery or manual labor and unending abuse define coming to America. In modern day America the expectations are the same, only the modes of travel differ. Rarely does anyone travel across oceans by ship, unless it’s a cargo ship or a cruise liner.


What if our founding fathers had acted differently? Would we even be here today? Would we truly be one nation united under God, a light beckoning the world to come?


Congress proclaimed The Star Spangled Banner the U.S. National Anthem in 1931.



Maybe our National Anthem could have been something like this?



Oh say can’t you see there’s a virus near me,

I must stay in my home and watch the news on TV.


To tell me when it’s safe,

To go outside or to the store.


I need toilet paper and hand sanitizer,

TV dinners are fine.

Don’t need milk, eggs or meat,

We never learned how to cook.


Social distancing while wearing masks,

And gloves all the time is a must.


I’m cowering and scared in my basement,

In the land I’m afraid and fearful.


I know it seems ridiculous but our founding fathers and those who made this great nation did not come here haphazardly or willy-nilly. Where free or slave all came here for the purpose of creating a nation like no other on earth.


Their purpose was clear to work hard and freely worship the God of the Moses, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. This was no easy task. Nothing was free. It was an unthinkable journey with no idea of expectations of what lay ahead. They gave up everything for the idea of freedom. Every generation had its trials and tribulations to endure. Wealthy became even wealthier while the poor remained poor; Kings became slaves.


It was often a battle where the have nots taking from the haves and it remains true today. Our nation was founded on a constitution that was based upon principals of the bible with the idea that all men are created equal by a supreme creator.  It hasn’t always been easy because men set themselves up as more learned or more important. Maybe they think they have more and that equates to being better. It does not.


God has blessed this land and the people who come here. Over time the technical advances can only be attributed to a loving and patient God. When trials come it is God who makes a way through them. Man has but two choices to accept God or reject him? Life is hard, but it is much harder without God. We are told that God works in mysterious ways. That is true. His ways are higher than our ways and his thoughts greater than our thoughts. Sometimes God uses a hammer, other times he uses a nail.


I’ve often wondered if this COVID-19 is the hammer or the nail. How coincidental for a viral scare that encompasses the entire world in a matter of days with world economies shutting down as if a single entity is controlling it.


It has taken Christianity more than 2,000 years to spread around the world and I’m not sure that everyone has yet heard the good news that Jesus loves them?


What became a global pandemic was not so much the COVID-19 virus, but the panic buying of toilet paper! Within a matter of days the entire world seemed to be hoarding a relatively new invention used primarily in so called civilized nations. The real pandemic is the manipulation of people of every nation, tribe and creed using fear and intimidation.


We ae seeing political figures determining what businesses and who is essential. Those deemed not essential are closed down, people protesting are locked up while entire communities (cities, states and countries) are shuttered and told to remain indoors until further notice. Outside activities are banned. Leaving the house except for essentials (once again what or who determines what is essential) is prohibited.


People will only take so much before they rise up in rebellion. We are seeing that happening even now. Churches have been shut down worldwide. Recently they were declared essential by one political figure while other figures are threatening with arrests, fines and prison for religious gatherings.


We are told that only essential medical procedures are allowed, with restrictions. People are told they must stay home to be safe and when leaving home to “suit up” wearing masks and gloves and stay at least 6 feet away from others is the only way to stop the spread or flatten the curve or kill the virus. The problem with that is it makes no scientific or medically based sense.


The COVID-19 virus is one that inhibits the red blood cells from carrying oxygen throughout the blood stream. It seems to be spread by human to human contact such as sneezing, thus wearing masks. The virus can be killed by heat and light (even ultraviolet light), so why not place ultraviolet lights at the entrances of business establishments?


If being outside breathing fresh air is best, why wear a mask while hiking, walking or driving a car? Being told to social distance but not allowed to naturally social distance in parks or mountains, lakes and streams make no sense.


The practices dictated by those in authority are not always the best. The prolonged wearing of masks risks the breathing of carbon dioxide. The prolonged wearing of gloves without decontaminating between handling items only spreads any germs or virus already on the items. Staying at home causes depression and is now becoming a growing cause of suicide.  The cure is truly become worse than the virus.


I wonder how many of those demanding that everyone stay home or businesses remain closed are actually relying on their own personal savings to survive. How many are business owners? How many are working from home with a salary and a paycheck coming in for their efforts? How many of them consider themselves non-essential? Or do they rely on a government stimulus check or other assistance funds?


That being said it is time to open the country back up. Get small businesses running; farmers and ranchers operating and selling their produce and cattle; processing plants running and let us get back to living our lives without fear of what might be? Stop political fear mongering and return common sense to America and the world. – I am the Real Truckmaster!



For Your Safety We Are Closed



For Your Safety We Are Closed


I ran to the store and couldn’t help but see signs everywhere, Sorry for the inconvenience but for your safety this and that is closed until further notice. I expected to see it on the bathroom doors as well but their sign is “In Use” in red letters, when available it’s Green. We are conditioned at an early age to obey the signs. They are everywhere. Remember “Keep off the Grass” well luckily for Colorado that doesn’t apply anymore unless you’re underage or driving.


Facebook has their signs and I’m sure we’ve all seen them or gotten one or two for something we posted that measure up to snuff with the FB Polizi. Lately it’s the politically correct (PC) police who spot a word group that they think is inappropriate so they block or cover it up (for your protection).


Before all the hubba-hubba over the virus I used to get a kick out of Falling Rocks Ahead or Game Crossing but hey they never said which game? Reminds me of the lady who called the 911 and asked for the deer crossing sign to be moved so the deer would have a safer place to cross.


Now we are to believe that social distancing (unsocially distanced) is how we are to proceed through life – no touchy feely anymore. We are social people by design. It is our nature to be hands on, so long as our hands are on the right thing and for the right reason.


There was a farmer who had a sign posted “Do Not Cross”. It seems the government man came along and started climbing through the fence anyway.


The farmer called out “I wouldn’t go there if I were you.”


The government man kind of got his feathers ruffled up and said “I’m a government man and I go where and when I please.”


As the government man started walking across the pasture the old farmer called out, “I hope you can outrun the bull.”


I don’t remember if he did or not, but what you don’t see can hurt you.


Signs are made for a variety of reasons. Some are informative; others cautionary and still others are just funny signs. I used to see the old Burma Shave signs along the highway out west, but don’t know if any have survived over the years. They might not be politically correct.


If you’re not careful that Slippery When Wet sign will do wonders with your acrobatic skills.


I’ve been all around the world and many signs are not in English, yet the translation can make you smile or really crack you up. One of the funniest at the time was seeing a VW beetle decked out as a police car in Panama. I really laughed at that, only to find out the radio is faster than a speeding car. He who laughs usually gets a ticket.


During this safe at home campaign in Colorado even that can be a bit hairy. So many times do we see a picture or story about the driver who parked his car in somebody else’s house? Literally drove right into the wall and often a bedroom where a child was sleeping. – I am the Real Truckmaster!