Americans Being Played Like a Fiddle

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Americans Being Played Like a Fiddle


Do you keep asking yourself what in the world is going on with all the mayhem playing out in the media, online and livestreaming chaos, rioting, looting and assaults on law enforcement? Well I have been asking those same questions and today while searching for articles on Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals I stumbled across one that literally shed light on the events of today even though this article was published in 2009. The article is Barack Obama’s Rules for Revolution, The Alinsky Model and was written by David Horowitz.


I thought it was common knowledge that a Wellesley undergraduate named Hillary Rodham an avid admirer of Saul Alinsky wrote her 92-page senior thesis on Alinsky’s theories in 1969 after personally interviewing him for this project. She compared Alinsky to some well-known names in radical circles, Eugene Debs, Walt Whitman and Martin Luther King and entitled her thesis “There Is Only The Fight: An Analysis of the Alinsky Model.” Cesar Chavez was trained for 10 years by Alinsky and went on to become the leader of the United Farmworkers Union.


It’s interesting to note that Saul Alinsky was born in Chicago 1909 and died in California in 1972. He considered himself a ‘rebel” yet his profession was that of a “community organizer”. He devoted his life organizing a revolution in America to destroy the system. In the 1930s he became socially intimate of the Al Capone mob and was taken under the wing of mobster Frank Nitti. Alinsky’s strategy was one of deception to promote social change. Alinsky’s focus was on changing the system of private property and individual rights.


America was taken by surprise by Barack Obama a community organizer in Chicago and a very astute disciple of Saul Alinsky who ran on a campaign of fundamentally transforming the United States of America. Obama summarized his campaign, “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.” Upon taking office Obama began by appointing known a communist (Van Jones) into top White House posts. In eight years Obama has used economic crisis to take over whole industries and attempted to nationalize the health care system. Obama used a single Alinsky principle that of taking power from the Haves and giving it to the Have-nots to conduct a destructive assault on the established order to accumulate power.


An SDS radical once wrote, “The issue is never the issue. The issue is always the revolution.” It is the accumulation of power to make the revolution. According to Alinsky the community organizer has a sole purpose to organize for power. He lives, dreams, eats, breathes, sleeps only for one thing, to build a mass power base he calls his army. He never names the end game but simply builds a power base to destroy the existing society and its economic system. He can organize a coalition of elements on the left to use any means to obtain the end. Policies are not important in themselves; they are instrumental – means to expanding the political base.


Not to be forgotten is Hillary who married Bill Clinton and later became first lady where she continued giving her support to Alinsky’s army. She lent her name to projects, endorsed Alinsky’s Industrial Areas foundation (IAF), raised money and organized events.


Obama at age 23 became an adept practitioner of Alinsky’s methods. In 1986 Obama was hired by the Alinsky team to organize residents on the South Side of Chicago, “while learning and applying Alinsky’s philosophy of street-level democracy.” The proposed solution to every problem in the South Side was a distribution of government funds. Obama went on to teach workshops on the Alinsky method until he went into politics in 1996. Remember Acorn – the voter registration drive? Obama later became Acorn’s attorney participating in a case to force Illinois to implement the federal Motor Voter Law.


Saul Alinsky had praised Lucifer as the first rebel who effectively rebelled against the establishment and won his own kingdom and compared America to heaven on earth – the kingdom of social justice and freedom. And compared to this heaven even America is hell. Alinsky was willing to destroy the values, structures and institutions that sustain the society in which we live.


Radicals camouflage their agendas by calling themselves at different times Communists, socialists, new leftists, liberals, social justice activists and most consistently progressives. The “Progressive Party” was created by the Communist Party and led by then Vice President Henry Wallace and was the chosen vehicle to lead followers out of the Democratic Party. Progressives rejoined the Democrats in 1972 with the formation of a hundred-plus member Progressive Caucus and the ascension of Barack Obama to the presidency became its most important political force.


Conservatives are conservative and radicals are dangerous because conservatives pay attention to the consequences of actions, including their own and radicals don’t.


This was a very interesting article that pretty much takes us through the 8 year presidency of Barack Obama and set up the attempted take down of the presidency of Donald Trump beginning in earnest in 2016 and continues today. Simply put the radicals we see in action today do not play by any rules but are determined to destroy society as we know it. They say what they want (true or untrue) in order to sway and weaponized followers to do their dirty work.


America did not see this coming but God did and is not surprised by the chaos happening on the streets of our nation. The pandemic is simply one more method to create fear and overcome resistance to the goal of the radical left – the overthrow of the United States government. Cries for defunding the police, abolishing the police and all other kinds of radical ideas do not matter. It is the ultimate and total collapse of our society as we know it. But rest assured it won’t end there, because enough is never enough. When Charlie Daniels recorded “The Devil Went Down to Georgia” he could have been talking about today in America.


People scoff when I write that Donald Trump is the instrument chosen by God for such a time as this to stop evil and become a sword to the spirit of political correctness facing America today. They think that we’ll just pick up our arms and go to war because that’s what Americans have always done. I say not so quick “little buckaroo”.


2020 is the last roundup, the OK corral if you will. It is time to call evil what it is evil. The upcoming presidential election is only 60 days away. One side wants you to think they are winning, the other side knows what’s really happening politically. Your life matters. Your vote matters. Your faith in God matters. When you have one side playing by their own rules and nothing matters except winning, it is time to use our most dangerous weapon imaginable – the Power of Prayer. We must humble ourselves and turn from our wicked ways and ask God to heal our land, lest we perish. Our hope is not on man, government or any earthly being. Our hope is on Jesus Christ alone. – I am the Real Truckmaster!


The Saga of Salongate

Salongate - Pelosi 2020

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The Saga of Salongate


Did you hear the one about the democrat who goes into a salon in San Francisco? Oh wait that was yesterday’s news wasn’t it? Well as Paul Harvey would say “here’s the rest of the story”. Actually here is more to the developing story as Speaker Pelosi attempts to divert the blame for her actions to the small business owner of a San Francisco beauty salon.


Yesterday we heard that madam speaker just had to get her hair washed and blow dried. Her assistant called a local stylist to make an appointment. At the appointed time Pelosi entered the salon and the stylist, who happens to be an independent contractor (licensed stylist renting booth space at the salon), performed the necessary services. Unbeknownst to Pelosi the salon had security camera footage of her walking about the salon without the required face covering.


The salon owner leaked the footage to the media and called Pelosi’s trip to the salon a slap in the face of salon owners and stylist in San Francisco who have been closed for several months due to restrictions and at best were allowed 1 customer at a time in salons with multiple stylists.


An indignant Pelosi became angry accusing the salon owner of setting her up, when in fact it would seem that the speaker was victim of a self-inflicted setup. Small business owners throughout the city have had to close businesses due to unreasonable COVID-19 restrictions. Many closures are for good as attested by the boarded up businesses near this particular San Francisco salon.


In something straight out of a “Payton Place” movie once Pelosi’s nephew (California Governor Newsome) found out about this incident he issued a modified order allowing salons to reopen at 25% capacity. Problem solved right – wrong.


I am not into the hair business (I’ve lost most of mine many years ago) however unless I’m sorely mistaken each state has a licensing board for salons and barbers. Each person must undergo massive amounts of training then take a series of exams to qualify for a license to practice hair stuff? Prior to COVID-19 some stylists could be licensed for mobile work, allowing them to go into homes to service home-bound customers. Brick and mortar Salons must also be licensed according to state board requirements. Many salons rent booth space to qualified stylists who are not employees but independent contractors that work on their own schedule and bring in their own clientele. These booth renters pay a set amount whether they work only one day or seven days per week.


Now it seems that the stylist who worked on Pelosi’s hair sought the advice of an attorney in order to issue a formal statement in his behalf that stated the salon owner made the stylists work to pay their booth rent even though the salon should not have been open due to COVID-19 restrictions. The statement made by his attorney was leaked to the press by a Pelosi family member in an attempt to shift the blame away from Speaker Pelosi.


The stylist’s statement indicated wrongdoing by the salon owner as he just wants to get back to his regular routine of doing hair stuff. He forgot one important thing in seeking that legal counsel, that as a booth renter he is now entitled to pack the tools of his trade and search for a new location to ply his trade, as he may no longer be welcome in the salon where he worked. This commotion shines a giant spotlight on salons in the San Francisco bay area and across the state of California and certainly there will be repercussions for small businesses that are forced to close leaving families to find other means to earn a living and survive.


American’s are hurting during this pandemic and Speaker Pelosi is one person who has chosen to stand in the way of opening up America and getting hard working Americans back to a normal life. Madam Speaker has one single goal and that of hurting President Trump’s chances of re-election. Her actions are in fact uniting Republicans and Democrats behind President Trump and will insure his bid in a landslide election. Thank you Madam Speaker – you are one of the reasons that Trump will win in 60 days. – I am the Real Truckmaster!


Pelosi Apology Owed




Pelosi Apology Owed


Have you heard the one about the democrat who walks into a San Francisco hair salon? This is the kind of story that could only happen in a Hollywood movie right? Wrong, it happened just this week as businesses have been closed down due to COVID-19.


An assistant for Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi contacted a hairdresser who booth rents at a hair salon in San Francisco and made an afternoon appointment for the classic shampoo and blow dry. It was odd as almost all the nearby businesses had been boarded up due to heavy COVID-19 restrictions.


It’s unclear how this particular independent contractor had been contacted, yet the Pelosi assistant said they complied with all the rules as laid out by the establishment. That being the case why was madam speaker prancing around without wearing the required mask? Why was she even there in the first place?


The salon owner said her coming to the salon that had been closed for several months was a slap in the face to stylists throughout the city and nationwide as they continue to be shut down BECAUSE Speaker Pelosi refuses to negotiate with House Republicans to allow the nation to open up the economy.


So now Speaker Pelosi is demanding an apology from the salon owner for leaking her pictures to the press. Now where did I hear about leaking before? Oh yes I remember, it was continually during the past 4 years as leaking Trump stuff was considered fair game by House and Senate Democrats.


I’m surprised that the stylist didn’t unload on the speaker for not exercising her power in the House to broker a compromise with House Republicans and get the second stimulus check bill over to the President for his signature and money into the hands of the people who truly need a hand to pay bills, buy food and just to survive?


Now that the shoe is truly on the other foot, it is my personal opinion that an apology is owed to Americans from Speaker Pelosi and every politician at national, state and city level for putting our citizens and legal residents through the COVID-19 nightmare of the past 3+ months. Their failure to recognize what they have done to the average American families will set themselves up for chasing their registered voters over to the Trump camp, and many House and Senate congressional members will pay dearly in 60+ short days.


I have a feeling this will not pass anytime soon so Madam Speaker it seems that “what is good for the goose is also good for the ganderess”, would you like Ketchup to go with that egg-mask massage? – I am the Real Truckmaster!


Getting Caught Up In the Politic of Politics




Getting Caught Up In the Politic of Politics


Many of you have been reading my Real Truckmaster blogs and know my political preferences. It is nothing new to voice my opinion and call it like I see it. I haven’t always been politically active, but have a deep sense of patriotism when it comes to honoring the flag and the constitution.


Politics as we see it today hasn’t always been that way. Democrats haven’t acted the way they do now. Republicans haven’t done things the way they do now either. In fact we have more diverse views of politics being expressed by factions inside congress that are a reflection of the divisiveness in our society.


There have been times in our nation’s history where America reluctantly took up arms to combat and defeat fascism, Marxism and Communism rising up to threaten various parts of the world abroad. We call them World Wars where one side is determined to take by force and rule over a tribe, ethnicity, country or an entire continent, with the goal of worldwide domination.


In our country very few remember Senator McCarthy of years gone by who read on the floor of Congress the names of suspected card carrying Communists members in Congress. It created a huge scandal and it was thought that under every rock was a Communist. Fast forward in today’s world people proudly proclaim themselves to be fascists, Marxists and Communists and tout those ideologies as something to be sought after in America. Our long term Cold War with the former soviets and today’s technological war with the Chinese seem so non-threatening until the emergence of the China Virus which affects us even now.


I’m from Idaho, also part of the Pacific Northwest where we have active groups rising up in the Pacific Northwest in places like Portland and Seattle spreading across the nation like wildfires left unchecked. I saw a FB mem recently that said “only you can prevent Communism”.


So what does our future hold, we’ll just have to wait and see? I know the hardheadedness of people who want to do their own thing and be left alone, it’s in their DNA much like our pioneer ancestry and we’re fiercely patriotic which my family calls bringing out the Wilson.


I may be just getting old but I have no tolerance for stupid. When I see disrespectful people I just want to lay hands on them and straighten them out. Some might call me old school or maybe it’s my military training but I really don’t have time for nonsense. We used to have our own board of education, which naturally grew on grandma’s willow tree out back. She’d even let you (make you) go pick your own switch.


America is at a political crossroad. The choice could be no clearer than a candidate who blames America for being America or the one who looks forward to the greatness of an American future. We can no longer blame others for what we allow ourselves to settle for in politics. We must look past ourselves to envision what we can achieve individually and as a nation. Do we shoot for the moon, the stars and beyond or settle for just shooting the bull? – I am the Real Truckmaster!


Everybody Wants a Civil War – Until




Everybody Wants a Civil War – Until


We see it on social media, in news reports and political press releases as aggressors are victimized and victims are demonized when violence is confronted. Remember when then President Obama brought the police officer and the “victim” to the White House for a beer together,  was it to make amends or to lord over LEOs that the president stands on the side of the offender?


When did politics and law enforcement come together – when we were told that someone mailed suspicious packages to various Democratic legislators and high profile movie stars, then within a relatively short period of time an arrest was made with a white van, remember? The story was leaked to the press and even though picture released were of two different white vans, case closed – bad guy arrested and the story forgotten in the annals’ of history.


Every arrest or apprehension of a bad guy by LEOs was turned into a racial thing. Should it result in the death of the bad guy (offender) it soon became a bad cop thing? What started out as raise your hands and turn around became hands up don’t shoot, remember?


What about the ambush and murder of LEOs called to a potential crime, only to be turned into a crime scene? Officers sitting in their vehicles, shot by unknown suspects and nobody was arrested. When officers responding to a radio call were met with violence ending up in their murder, where was the media outrage?


Sanctuary City Violence in places like Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington where LEOs were told to stand down and only observe, turned quiet streets into chaos and terror for business owners and residents alike. Elected officials sided with criminals and domestic terrorists and demanded federal law enforcement not enter their cities.


Governors activated National Guard military police units in the District of Columbia WITHOUT WEAPONS. What were they supposed to do – dance? Yes that’s what they did because standing around looking like defanged kitty cats made a mockery of our military. Local establishments contaminated food and drink being sold to these soldiers, intent on making them sick or even die from broken glass in pizzas or cleaning solution in drinks – was anybody arrested or charged? No – it was just a mistake!


The offender in Minneapolis was a convicted criminal attempting to commit a crime of using counterfeit currency. Upon being arrested he appeared to be murdered by a bad cop who placed his knee on the neck of the offender for an excessive amount of time. The reaction was one of anger and fear that this bad cop would get away with murder, so he was fired and then charged. Turns out the man died of a drug overdose, confirmed by autopsy. By then the damage had already been done.


BLM and Antifa groups began expanding their campaign of terror and chaos across the nation in the name of George Floyd who became an instant “hero”, idolized by politicians and the media as his funeral was live streamed and law enforcement was publicly demonized once again. Elected officials began holding hands with terrorists while citizens were hung out to dry. Crime flourished and criminals became emboldened to the point that widespread looting, burning of property, injury and even death of innocent bystanders, business owners and residents became common place in America.


Local elected officials gave LEOs orders to stand down when rioting mobs began roaming the streets and citizens in places like St. Louis, Missouri where an armed husband and wife faced down a BLM mob trespassing on private property in a gated community. The couple was charged and the mob remains free.


In Kenosha, Wisconsin an armed 17 year old boy was attacked by 3 felons (1 armed) while protecting a business that had been previously burned. Fearing for his life, he ended up shooting his 3 attackers, killing 2 and was arrested for murder. The BLM mob remains free to continue their reign of terror again because elected officials allowed it to happen. The attackers were treated as heroes while the victim acting in self-defense was arrested and charged with murder.


In cities across the nation citizens are standing up to the unprecedented mob violence when elected officials threaten to reduce funding for LEOs and/or give stand down orders not to enforce certain laws or protect life and property.


Recent violence in the District of Columbia landing at the White House have drawn fire from President Trump for the mayor to stop the violence before federal LEOs will be brought in.


Leftist radicals, domestic terrorists, fascists, Antifa and Black Lives Matter are fighting a civil war with street rules from the playbook of Saul Alinsky who says to use their own rules against them as they will be unable to violate their own rules (loosely paraphrased).


All the civil unrest is a coordinated and organized attack on the government of the United States aimed directly at President Trump in an effort to remove him from office or make his administration ineffective. That leads me once again to believe that one person has organized a community of anarchists intent on causing the government to fail. I say follow the money and it will lead straight back to the source, which may be closer to the White House than you might think. – I am the Real Truckmaster!



Time Waits for Nobody




Time Waits for Nobody


Here we are on the eve of the most important presidential election in the history of our nation. The candidates have stated their goals, plans and aspirations for the transformation of America. In essence battle lines have been drawn. There is no in between, you are either for or against them based on your assessment of their political track record or your perception of their character.


Forget all the smoke and mirrors tactics of past elections. Disregard all the hype coming out of the media, across the internet, television or radio. The ads are designed to draw you in by making you feel good or feel bad depending on which side of the political spectrum you support. What matters is whether either candidate supports your basic core values or religious beliefs.


Maybe I’m a realist, or just a plain old fantasist call me whatever fits your narrative but I believe the cup is half full so that we as patriotic Americans can fill it back up with what’s important to us. The sweat of hard work is sweet when providing for family, having a safe environment to raise our children, grandchildren and their children and being able to go to a place to worship God as I choose.


I believe in the rule of law as defined by the US Constitution. The right to peaceful assembly is not the right to bring anarchy and chaos to our doorstep, just know that you will be stopped.


I also believe that when you throw your hat into the political arena you shine a spotlight on yourself. Good, bad or indifferent the reflection is you. Don’t seek political power to gain financially at the expense of your constituents. Say what you mean. Do what you said you would. Treat everyone as you wish to be treated. Put others before yourself. Politics is more than just a game and it should be seen as a means to make life better for everyone.


I consider mandating a threatening act and I don’t like to be threatened. I consider lying as lying and I don’t like to be lied to. Giving your word is more important than signing your name to a written lie with no intent to honor it.


Professions I watch out for: Doctors, Lawyers and Politicians – each have their place and are needed at times, yet all are dispensable. Never mess with or in mom’s kitchen. Never tee off your barber, cook, dentist, or undertaker. Customer Service means exactly that – serve to satisfy your customer.


American’s have a choice on November 3rd – to vote or not. Inform yourself on the issues (taxes, welfare, public safety, abortion and every issue important to you) and how each candidate stands on those issues. Then when you vote you then have the right to complain or challenge your elected officials on their conduct in office. When you do not vote (no matter the reason) you forfeit that right and should just remain silent. Voting is a right of citizenship. Choosing to not vote is giving up that right.


When politicians promise to fix things, look at their political track record? Are their promises things they could or should have already done or are their promises things they have been doing to or for Americans? Keep in mind there are no PERFECT politicians. Politics is a game of compromises (give up to get). Are you better off now, than you were before? – I am the Real Truckmaster!



Choose Wisely Grasshopper

Kung Fu Fighter



Choose Wisely Grasshopper


The political divide in America has never been wider and the choices clearer that they are and you don’t need hindsight to see the fallacy of the left in 2020. Like many of you what I see happening in our cities is truly sickening. Emboldened by the  rioting in Portland and Seattle, domestic terrorists and fascists and Marxist groups are openly attacking law enforcement, federal facilities and innocent civilians while the Democratically elected officials like Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot are concerned with their personal safety. Her house is surrounded by a high steel fence with LEOs guarding entrances insuring that neither protestors nor the media get too close.


We do not hear condemnation of the violence from governors, mayors or city council members nor are there requests for federal assistance (except $$). Constitutionally (state and federal) these elected officials are charged with the public safety of everyone, not just their own immediate family or private property. To act selfishly while ignoring the rioting, assaults and murder is a violation of public trust and a gross abuse of power and misuse of their elected office.


I charge you to look at what’s happening in your neighborhood. Is it safe to walk the streets at night? I mean is it really safe to take an evening stroll through your part of town? Do you feel safe sitting on the porch at night talking with family and friends? In many neighborhoods it is not. Drive by shootings and home invasions plague many inner city neighborhoods and into the suburbs.


This is a critical election year. If you watched the DNC “Convention” you will have seen what they promise for America should you vote for their Democratic Party candidates. They (the Democratic Party candidates) have promised to raise your taxes; Defund local law enforcement and/or abolish the Police; Open our borders and tear down the wall between the US and Mexico; Mandate $15 per hour minimum wage; Free college education; Forgiveness of college loans; Medicare for All (socialized medicine); and even if ill advised by scientists to shut down the entire nation indefinitely; and Mandating mail-in voting for all.


Rioting, Demonstrating, Vandalizing and Assaulting or Murder is not a right protected or defined in the Constitution, they are criminal acts and violators must be held accountable.


The RNC “Convention” has not happened yet, but President Trump has promised to fight for American First, jobs, more wages, lower taxes and restore public safety to America. The future of America depends upon YOU. Your vote counts.


It doesn’t matter whether you love or hate Trump.


That is your choice.


However it is your responsibility to go to the polls and vote. Do it in person or by choosing to vote with an absentee ballot. Voting is a citizen’s right and cannot nor should not be mandated. Voting Democrat or Republican is also your choice. Choosing not to vote is a choice (by default) and robs you of the right to complain about government intervention or abuse of their elected office. Voting is a responsibility and I urge you to choose wisely grasshopper. – I am the Real Truckmaster!


Black Lives Matter from an Idea to a Movement



Black Lives Matter from an Idea to a Movement


I’d like to believe that someone conceived an idea to draw attention to black lives being taken by violent criminals. It did not turn out to be an overnight success as nobody was listening or paying attention. The election of Barack Obama in 2008 must have sparked the idea that a black president would lend credibility to this idea and it might become a mighty movement bringing sweeping changes across the nation. And after his inauguration in 2009 there were opportunities for the leader of the Black Lives Matter organization in Seattle, Washington to be invited to the Oval Office in Washington DC. It must have been frustrating after 8 years of an Obama presidency and the spark had not yet ignited. There was no BLM movement, there were no BLM protests. Nobody gave it a second thought.


What was happening was black lives were still being taken by violence particularly in the inner cities of America’s major cities. Many lives were lost to gang violence, drugs and occasionally by law enforcement. In fact there was no action being taken by the administration to stop the violence.


In the underworld of violent crime things were about to change when Donald Trump was elected in 2016 and was inaugurated in 2017. Not only was violent crime surging upward, but inner city crime was taking even more lives, black lives.


I don’t have all the answers, in fact I don’t have any of the answers. But what I do know is someone was orchestrating something big, something that would bring George H.W. Bush’s Shock and Awe to the heartland of America. It had to be spectacular with unlimited funding and precisely executed. What was lacking was the catalyst.


Minneapolis, Minnesota was the epicenter and the apparent murder of a black man at the hands of a police officer became the spark. Within hours the community was outraged and began protesting in the streets the death of George Floyd. The manner in which this incident was mishandled created a stain on police officers nationwide.


That is where opportunity came knocking. The Black Lives Matter organization in Seattle, Washington sprang into action to capitalize on the situation. Shirts were made, banners created and protesters were moved into position from across the nation on buses, planes and probably trains to reinforce public sentiment during this volatile time. Not to be outdone and most likely unbeknownst to BLM a Marxist group (Antifa) hijacked this new BLM movement by inserting themselves in the mix, donning the distinctive apparel of BLM and turning it into a nationwide movement of violence, intimidation, and burning, looting and utter chaos.


What could have been deescalated rather early on was given the green light, the tacit approval by Democratic officials at city and state level and across many state lines and even given the OK by members of Congress. The idea was to create uncontrollable chaos in the streets of America so that voters would relish the idea of removing President Trump from office and keep him from being re-elected.


As with any mob violence left unchecked it swells and many innocent people are caught up in the violence and many lives, black lives are lost needlessly. As violence increases, tensions rise and any attempt to utilize National Guard forces and/or federal taskforces are met with strong resistance by the elected officials who swore to protect and defend their constituents. It then goes a step further as local officials cave in to the crazy ideas like “defund the police” and “abolish the police” where anything and everything goes, except law and order. We’ve seen governors; mayors and city council officials clearly side with the lawlessness by instructing law enforcement to stand down; calling on attorney generals to not prosecute violent offenders; and demanding federal taskforces to leave clearly not in the best interests of those living in the affected cities.


There have been “BLM murals” painted on buildings, and on city streets declaring Black Lives Matter. Even a blind man could see they matter little to those in elected positions of responsibility and when a leader of a BLM “chapter” makes a public statement that NO LIVES MATTER UNTIL BLACK LIVES MATTER FIRST they have just invalidated their entire argument. When racists in Congress proudly display their disregard for American values defined by the US Constitution, it becomes time to remove them from office at the ballot box. And just for curiosity’s sake, how can so many elected officials afford to maintain two households (one in their home state, the other in Washington), pay their staff in both locations AND become millionaires on the salary of a public servant? Asking for a friend = America!


President John F. Kennedy did NOT say to ask what your country can do for you. It’s not about entitlements, reparations or getting free stuff at government expense. The expense is born by American taxpayers & Freedom isn’t Free! – I am the Real Truckmaster!


Hypocrisy Revealed

Lori Lightfoot Msyor Chicago2ER9t99aXUAM6sho



Hypocrisy Revealed


The double standard of the democratic left has been on full display for all to see. “The Hunt for Red Trump” reminds me of the movie with Sean Connery as the Russian submarine captain trying to defect. Only this is no movie and while President Trump is fighting for the soul of the nation democrats on the left are fighting for full control of the nation and its people. This is not an overnight sensation as it has been going on for well over 21 years. Every President has had to deal with it but seem to capitulate or embrace it rather than confront the menace it has become until now.


The recent events of 2020 leave little hindsight to look back on. The continuation of the failed Russian Collusion Delusion led to the impeachment of President Trump without a crime, the criminalization of members of the President’s campaign and administration.


Throw the radicalization of domestic terrorist groups like Antifa and Black Lives Matter spreading violence faster than a wildfire wreaking havoc upon America like never before. Innocent lives lost, immeasurable damage to public and private property and rather than condemning the violence politicians actually aided the violators. Many were simply catch and release in the revolving door justice system of New York politics, while the hunt for wrong doings continue with the recent arrest of Steve Bannon a former Trump campaign staffer. New York City is experiencing an increase in crime and many of the rich and famous have already left the city, moving to more hospitable cities and even moving their business enterprises with them because of the craziness of Mayor DE Blasio and Governor Cuomo’s handling of crime and the virus which have turned NYC into a disaster area.


Has the violence stopped in Portland, Oregon where Antifa and BLM openly attack police and citizens at random and at will?


Has the violence stopped in Seattle, Washington where Antifa and BLM assaulted the city center, claiming their separate nation of CHAD, later known as CHOP where police were not allowed to enter? What about vandalizing the Mayor’s residence? A mayor who basically said they were young people having fun or some such nonsense.


I haven’t even mentioned Minneapolis, Minnesota; Houston, Texas; Los Angeles and San Francisco, California; Denver, Colorado; Detroit, Michigan; Chicago, Illinois or …….wait a minute let’s take a quick at Chicago.


All the defund the police hyperbole coming from places like Chicago where Mayor Lori Lightfoot (it’s only fair to use her name as she recently showed her true colors) actively promoted reducing funding for Chicago Police without dismissing her personal security detail, just yesterday made some brazen statements that tell how she really feels underneath the political mask of the Democrat Party. During what must have been a heated interview she blurted out for protesters to go back to unimportant neighborhoods and stay out of her neighborhood as she claimed she had a right to protect her home? That coming from a public official such as Chicago where innocent lives are lost due to gun violence EVERY DAY and Mayor Lightfoot has a responsibility to provide public safety to everyone in Chicago. I’d say it’s time for the mayor to step down, immediately if not sooner. It’s not so much because of what she said, but it’s shirking her responsibility and making Chicago a more violent city by failing to provide a safe environment for the people who live there.


There are many other cities with Democrat Party leadership at city and state levels who fail to provide safe cities. Baltimore, Maryland’s mayor claimed people are not leaving in droves. Aren’t droves how the cowboys used to move cattle across the prairies?  I’d say people are tired of not mattering to the politicians who claim to have their backs, but buy into the BLM insanity. This insanity could have been prevented had it not been enable by former President Barack H. Obama who invited the BLM leader into the Oval Office on more than one occasion during his eight years in office.


That brings me to my next point. If you watched the DNC Convention (I did not) you might have seen it was the most unconventional convention ever. Prerecorded speakers, juggling acts and from the basement sleepy Joe Biden and the chameleon Kamala Harris accepted the Democratic Party nomination to run against President Trump and Vice President Pence. What you would also have seen and heard was a who’s who of orators blaming all the issues of the nation on the current administration, even placing blame for their misadministration of justice, honor and freedom over the previous eight years of Obama/Biden. It kind of reminded me of some recent funerals where speaker after speaker came to the podium to remember the deceased while bashing the sitting President, and against tradition – by the living former Presidents. Sure glad they didn’t call upon the dead presidents to speak.


And did I mention the WuFlu, Coronavirus? How did they come up with the term Corona? Was it a couple of guys sitting around drinking Corona and they were the experts? I hope not. Seriously this virus should have been called ElectionVirus-19 because it appeared just prior to the upcoming 2020 Presidential Election and has grown steadily worse in the fear driven media. All the so called medical experts have taken the unprecedented position of discrediting a well proven drug that has worked well for over 75 years. A drug that has proven effective for the COVID-19 in early stage prevention and treatment and chosen to sideline it and bench EVERY medical doctor who has come out in support of its successful use.  Even social media has taken to silence dissenting voices by removing, blocking or suspending the accounts of those who speak out in favor of its use.


The Democratic Party’s congressional leadership in the House and Senate are committed to one thing and one thing only – that President Trump not be re-elected. The DNC convention brought all the failed party former officials who are each in their own right responsible for the condition of the nation. America has been shut down because of a virus with a 99.9% survival rate, while Wuhan, China (the epicenter of the virus) is back to normal. Let that sink in!


I will close with these words, “The reason I am standing before you as President is because President Obama and Joe Biden did a terrible job!” President Donald J. Trump – I am the Real Truckmaster!


Stacking the Deck



Stacking the Deck


The term to “stack the deck” is an American idiom used in various contexts simply means to cheat or fix something to achieve ones desired outcome.


In the world of business stacking the deck is where one could take credit for the work of another to get that coveted promotion.


In gambling stacking the deck might be to add or arrange cards in order to win.


In politics stacking the deck could be called insider trading where knowledge or strategically placed contacts will give one the advantage in an election like evidence supporting opposing arguments is rejected, omitted or simply ignored.


Over the past 4 years of the Trump presidency we’ve seen “Stacking the deck” as a technique that’s commonly used in propaganda. A legitimate crisis is downplayed while opposition politics creates manufactured crisis which cannot be ignored. Arguments presenting counterevidence is slanting or one-sided assessments imply and use fear to drive voters.


Look back at the political implications that President Trump is a womanizer, sexual abuser, self-centered bigot, and racist, homophobic and hates he women. Every one of those accusations has been proven false by the very nature of his words and actions.


What has also been proven is that Trump is out of control, out of the leftist politicians control and is not one to back down when faced with threats or intimidation. When faced with massive waves of migrant convoy’s intent on crashing the US border, he closed the border. Then Trump went a step further and applied pressure on Central American governments to stop the flow of migrants headed north. This was a different tactic than the open border agenda of the Obama administration.


When faced with national disaster’s Trump went on the ground where he met and talked with American’s affected by the disaster. He instructed federal agencies to expedite relief supplies and funds directly to the areas and people in need.


When faced with civil unrest within the nation Trump unleashed federal DOJ taskforces to restore law and order to communities in which Democratic lead mayors and governors strongly resisted federal intervention, yet did nothing to stop the violence or protect the citizens in their areas.


The one strikingly clear picture Americans have seen repeated over and over has been the resistance of a democratically led congress. The failed impeachment of President Trump and the constant drone of oversight investigations that lead nowhere should be an obvious indicator that Congressional Democrats have intentionally “stacked the deck” in an effort of removing this president from office and have committed themselves to doing whatever is necessary to prevent his re-election at all costs.


There have been direct and repeated threats against the family and life of President Trump made by sitting members of congress, former officials of both the Obama and Trump administrations and most recently one by Speaker Nancy Pelosi that “he won’t be president in 2021, one way or another!”


It’s been said that doing the same thing over and over expecting different results is a sign of insanity and the Democrats have been using the same failed playbook for more than 4 years achieving the same failed results.


The 2020 Democratic debates and subsequent DNC Convention all show that common sense has not been in play in the Democratic Party for quite some time. They are clearly NOT the party of the common man, the working man or woman on the streets of America. Their interests are not the betterment of an America to be proud of, but forcing their power by the submission of voters to cast their ballots for democratic candidates or face the wrath of Antifa and Black Lives Matter thugs with the power to vandalize, maim and kill with impunity anyone who stands in opposition.


The promises of the Biden/Harris ticket are to tax, tax and more taxes; gun confiscation or imprisonment; defund law enforcement; eliminate oil production in America and continue the shutdown of America until there is no more resistance.


Don’t believe me? Listen and read for yourselves the political promises made by the Biden/Harris team. Look at their track record of political accomplishments. Is lying, cheating “stacking the deck”, sexual manipulation for purely political gain the qualities you approve of and accept?




President Trump 3 ½ years working for America, without pay and fighting a resistant Congress; while securing our border; stopping drugs and human traffickers; and addressing the international community’s failure to adequately pay for America’s protection; lowering taxes; bringing manufacturing jobs back on American soil and more.


Biden = 36 years in Congress, 8 years as Obama’s VP and 4 years of selling China’s unimportance.

Harris = 13 years in California politics in AG’s office and as AG putting many in prison for minor offenses and standing up for violators against children, the 3 ½ years in Senate – actively resisting Trump.


November 3rd is Election Day in America. Your choice, your vote can make a difference, and will surely make a statement about you. Voting Red, Blue or not at all is a statement you will forever live with. – I am the Real Truckmaster!