Qualified to be President



That’s a nice thought but how does one prepare to be president? Is there some secret test you have to take? Who would you submit it to? Who exactly is the one who “certifies” that you are now worthy to become president? So how can someone make a pre-determination, or rather a post-determination that Donald J. Trump is not “qualified” to be president?


Those are some of my questions when I hear or read about some self-proclaimed “experts” declaring with certainty that Trump is unfit to be president. Who made THEM subject matter experts on the fitness of a president?


Why don’t we go all the back to the beginning, who conducted the “Presidential Fitness Test” for good old George Washington? Did someone smuggle it in from France? (Oh wait France didn’t have a president!) Maybe the test came surfaced from some Russian contacts the very early Trump connection?


Let’s fast forward to “Honest Abe” Abraham Lincoln. Wasn’t he just some backwoods self taught lawyer? He didn’t even have twitter. How did he become qualified or fit to become president? Who certified him? Did they use an invisible scale of comparison to previous presidents?


Maybe if we come a little bit closer, what about Harry Truman? Wasn’t he just a shop keeper? Oh I almost forgot, he was a military officer during World War I? Maybe that was his qualifier? After all George Washington was a military man before him.


What about John Fitzgerald Kennedy? How did he meet the qualifications to become president? Was it money and power? Did someone give him the “PFT”? Wait he was a naval officer, PT 109 (I saw the movie) but who qualified him, his dad, who?


If we come even closer let’s look at George Hubert Walker Bush, who certified him to be president? Wasn’t he a presidential appointee, ambassador or CIA head or something? Wait he too was a military man, a pilot during World War II. Maybe he had a Russian connection?


Oh now I see, it was William Jefferson Clinton. He obviously was qualified, a lawyer, an attorney general, a governor and he was married to Hillary Rodham Clinton. Surely he had the touch. He was qualified.


What about “Barry Sotoro” aka Barack Hussein Obama? What was his qualification for president? Like many before him, wasn’t he a lawyer? Wait he was a community organizer in Chicago, and he was married to Michelle (forgot her maiden name) Obama so surely he was qualified? He wasn’t a military man (unless you count the Black Panthers)? He was a senator and most of all he was a democrat, just like Jack Kennedy before him, he had to be qualified?


Well that brings us to “The Donald” as he liked to be called, Donald J. Trump. Who administered the “PFT” to him? Who set the bar to become president? Actually who told Trump he had permission to go forward with his bid to be president? Who told him business dealings with Russia would be a disqualifier, rather than actually selling Uranium like Hillary did? Isn’t he just a rich businessman with money to burn and going after the job of president is just another feather in his cap? He doesn’t even like America (some have said), not as much as he likes himself?


What I see in President Donald J. Trump is a man who has answered a calling that few could or would.  You see it isn’t something that gains anything additional for a man who has virtually everything one could ask for, family, money and possessions. What I see is a man who saw the awful direction this country has spiraled into and decided that enough is enough.


Like many of us who see nothing but corruption in government every time we turn on the TV. We see congress men and women acting downright outrageous, making ludicrous statements and doing nothing, nothing without somehow being financial “enlightened” in their bank accounts for passing things like the “bridge to nowhere” and studying how sand fleas mate or some such idiotic thing?


Not only did Trump see the corruption, but he decided that he COULD do something about it. He is not a man who does anything to fail. Failure is not acceptable. Trump does everything I say again EVERYTHING to win. Why run a race if you’re not going to TRY and win? Trump doesn’t stop at trying, he plays to win.


So when politicians try to lay the political blame game on him, he doesn’t fall for it. He doesn’t act like a politician. Maybe he doesn’t act like a lawyer either? Trump is a successful businessman and applying successful business practices is something that has not been applied to government before. At least not by someone who knows how to be successful in business, Trump is a negotiator and intent on pulling the best deal out of any negotiation he is engaged in. That holds true on the international scale as well.


As President, Trump has faced his fiercest battles with congress and the media. Some have said he is trying to circumvent congress while trying to stifle the media? I say hogwash. Trump is trying to motivate/shame congress over their lack of ethics and refusal to do the job voters have sent them to congress to do. As for the media, Trump has put their unethical tactics and fake news stories front and center where even a blind man can see them for what they really are – fake news. Any reporter or news editor worth his or her salt would take that as a challenge to simply report the news, not create fake news. I just wonder when the White House Press Secretary will simply withdraw the credentials of reporters from CNN and others and replace them in the press room with reporters who are committed to integrity in their reporting?


If you decided to run for president would you be able to pass the same “Presidential Fitness Test” that the congress and the fake news folks have declared was flunked by President Trump? Who would let you know if you passed such a test? – I am the Real Truckmaster

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