Donald Trump versus Immigrants


Donald Trump versus Immigrants


That seems to be a hot topic, when in reality it’s a nothing burger don’t you think? People seem to think that because Trump wants to build a wall he’s against immigrants and that makes him a real bad guy. I say different and offer no apologies.


The United States has serious national security issues which for the most part have been ignored by Congress for quite some time. Twenty-three months ago President Trump after being inaugurated challenged Congressional leaders to fix immigration with Comprehensive Immigration Reform. Do you remember what happened? I do – NOTHING!


Oh before I forget what was “leaked” after that constructive meeting between the Executive and Legislative branches of government was not what Trump said about immigrants, but what he was alleged to have said – Big difference. Trump said some of these people are criminals and some come out of really bad countries. What he was said to have said was all immigrants are criminals and come out of really bad countries (I’ll spare the course banter used by the Congressional leaker and allegedly by Trump).


Long story short Trump doesn’t like immigrants, he likes separating families and now he likes tear-gassing women and children who are fleeing oppressive countries and coming to the US for a chance at a new start, called Asylum. How much of that is horse-pucky, virtually all of it.


Trump like most Americans are not against immigration, but against unlawful and unfettered immigration. The massive stunt of grouping immigrants into “caravans” and reporting daily on their progress was a big fiasco. It was a sham job presented to gullible Americans.


The truth of the matter is that our southern border has designated entry ports where those wanting entry into the US can present their travel documents and apply to be admitted into the US. What is broken are the means of documenting these individuals who attempt entry without any documentation. There is a computer system that works well at international airports and seaports, but hasn’t been fully implemented along our southern border.


As we’ve seen during recent attempts of mass immigrants at the border are individuals posing as families trying to gain entry and the “family members” have been found to be human trafficking. These are no different than the coyotes who take immigrants across the border, leaving them stranded in the desert and abandoning them to their own devices.


Anyone who wants to gain entry into the US can go into any US consulate or embassy and apply. Any who desire asylum should do so at the first country they enter after leaving their home country according to established international protocol.


There are many who get involved in helping immigrants gain unlawful entry into the US, and those who finance and organize these migrant caravans. They are breaking US immigration laws and should be held accountable.


Back to President Trump, his language and mannerisms all typical Trump his language is a bit coarse at times and he doesn’t talk like a politician trying to gloss over things. He speaks his mind, many would argue without thinking. I beg to differ. Trump has a plan and a purpose for everything he says and does. If he hurts your feelings, too bad, he was not elected because of his smooth talk and demeanor.


Sometimes Trump talks like a father, cajoling his children to do better. Other times he is truly annoyed. But in each instance he has an “end game” in mind. Like many of us, Trump has no patience with slackers or quitters. If you get in his way you get run over.


Trump doesn’t get easily distracted. He remains focused on his original goal and yes he may have to switch to plan B in order to be successful, but with him failure is not an option.


The members of Congress who’ve made it a lifelong “career” should simply do their job as they were elected to do, then go home. There are many who have amassed a fortune while working as a “public servant”. They have prostituted themselves for the sake of fame and fortune. They had no other job before politics and have no job skills to bring home with them.


It’s been said that “sometimes you need Mother Theresa” but Hillary couldn’t cut it. “Other times you need a Samurai” and in this case we have Trump. There is still a lot of work and the closer to getting it done the harder will be the pushback.


I don’t attempt to tell Trump how to be president, or how to do his job, but so far I’m not disappointed in how he has handled things. When others say “ease off Mr. President”, I say “bring it on Mr. President”.


It has been my experience that immigrants who come here legally want others to come the same way. Unlawful and illegal entry is not acceptable by any standard. Those who come here want to work so they can provide for their family, often back home. If they can obtain a work permit, and travel back home to see their families they may decide to migrate to the US and we welcome them with open arms. However if their intentions are less than honorable we do not need or want them in our society.


The members of Congress who do not see immigration as a serious issue should simply pack up their things and depart Washington DC, go back home and get reacquainted with their constituents. America can be as great as you make it, but it is as weak as its weakest link. – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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