Trump says Yeah Liberals say Nay




Trump says Yeah Liberals say Nay


Isn’t it extremely odd that “leakers” release fake news, yet real accomplishments are kept hidden?

It’s as if President Trump says “strive to reach your full potential” and those on the left simply say “Hands Up”! If Trump is for it, they are against it.


Until the mindset of the Swamp changes, the voice of the media falls in line with patriotism and reports the actual news as it happens, unaltered and the un-American liberal left is removed from government at all levels, there will continue to be “politics as usual” in America!


Trump says, “Yeah” = Leftists say, “Nay”

I Do It 4 You = Screw You

Build Wall = Resist and Stall

Denuclearize North Korea = No Way

Tariffs = Not Good

No to NAFTA = Not Good

No $$ UN = Not Good

Nominate = Obliterate

America First = Hate / Racist

No DACA = Hate / Racist

Close Border = Hate / Racist

National Security = Don’t Need Wall

No TPP = Not Good

No $$ NATO = Not Good

Defeated ISIS = It will spring back up

US out of Syria = Wrong Move

US out of Afghanistan = Wrong Move

Voter ID = Hate / Racist

Stand 4 Anthem = Kneel in Protest

Jobs = Welfare

Love 4 Country = Care for Illegals

Take care of our Veterans = Cost too Much

Build Wall = Wasteful and Expensive

Drain Swamp = Un-American

Worship God, not government = Power Rules


We’ve been “conditioned” to simply accept the constant personal attacks of all things Trump both online and over the media for the past 2 years. We are told that we are deplorable and mindless minions who blindly follow Trump in his quest to destroy America and the world.


Those who spew hatred and divisive misinformation are only showing their true colors as they peddle what they’ve been told so many times that they actually believe it. It is because they do not know history, nor have they been taught that many times others have come before them, trash talking our nation, or president and our military. They have attempted to trample on the Constitutional Rights of Americans and have failed. – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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