Political Shake n Bakes


Political Shake n Bakes

Give Johnny a new ball, turn him loose into the neighborhood and you’ve got a future democratic politician. It doesn’t matter what kind of ball, he has to strut it out so other kids see it. They’ll come running over to play with him and the new ball. It won’t be long, before everyone’s happily playing with Johnny and his new ball. Then a quarrel breaks out and Johnny grabs his new ball and leaves.

In the military we see that often when someone becomes an acting-sergeant. They are one of the guys in the squad and doing a fairly good job. There is a vacancy in the platoon or elsewhere in the company. The first sergeant calls him in and strokes his ego with an opportunity to step up and become a leader. After promoting him (although it is a temporary promotion) Sergeant Johnny goes back to his squad wearing his new rank. He then begins telling everyone what to do because he’s a sergeant and they’re not. It even happens after a normal promotion. In the military it’s called “pulling rank” and it can disrupt the unity and camaraderie in the unit. Often the new sergeant is transferred into a different squad or platoon upon being promoted.

It happens quite often in politics when someone runs for an elected office. They campaign on being one of the people and know their struggle. They make a promise to fix that struggle and life will be better because they keep their word. They beat their opponent with enough votes to win the elected office. After being sworn in they must demonstrate their resolve in addressing the struggles and issues they campaigned on. Sometimes it becomes a demonstration of their authority by doing something totally out of the norm that bonds them with the people.

It could be something as simple as stopping a business from ripping off customers or mistreating employees or failing to pay taxes. It could be abolishing unnecessary rules or regulations that restrict or inhibit growth in the community. It could even be publicly praising a first responder who rescued a child after becoming trapped in a hole. These are feel good moments bringing entire communities together. The taste of power affects people differently and in many ways. Because people are not isolated islands in the sea of humanity affecting one has a ripple effect on many others. Outside circumstances can cause normal people to react abnormally during and immediately after an election cycle.

We’ve experienced abnormal reactions to what should have been normal actions after the 2016 presidential election. Many campaign promises were made and everyone knows that all too often those promises are hardly ever kept.

After being sworn in as the 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump began following through on his campaign promises to build the wall along our Southern border with Mexico; Drain the swamp of unsavory characters and fight corruption in government agencies; reduce restrictive government regulations at an alarming rate; introduce tariffs as a means of regulating fair trade practices with the international community; begin building up our depleted military and lowering taxes to stimulate production on US soil and bring larger paychecks to American workers, these and more to make America great again. During this fight against the COVID-19 virus he mobilized private industries and government like never before, since World War II to produce personal protective equipment and find a viral solution.

Members of Congress began immediately to resist his actions because he wasn’t a politician, like them. After all these problems were not new to Washington politicians, many have spent their entire adult life in Washington politics supposedly dealing with these same problems, unsuccessfully I might add. It’s not because they were unable to solve many of those problems as these same politicians have campaigned on the VERY SAME ISSUES or maybe they just didn’t know how or where to begin? Their actions and reactions were to someone who had been promoted and they needed to show him who was really running the show and it was not him. Maybe they just wanted him to take his ball and go back home so as not to disrupt their power.

It has become evident that politicians don’t think alike when it comes to problem solving. Let’s look at what is dominating the news today – police brutality against blacks in America. The perception is many blacks die during arrests or in police custody.

The reality is many blacks are killed by other blacks for no reason at all. Quite often police are called and because nobody wants to be a snitch, little to no cooperation is given to the police. When few details are given a call goes out to BOLO (Be-on-the-lookout) for – a young black male. Then when someone matching that vague description is stopped for questioning or suspected of breaking a law, the innocent young black male who resists or fails to follow the lawful orders of the police is shot and killed while in the act of pulling a knife or gun on the police. Without waiting for an investigation, public outcry turns into mob violence resulting in more people being injured or killed.

Strong leaders will stand firm and denounce violent and unlawful acts for what they are and instruct law enforcement to enforce the law. We have seen weak leaders cower to the anarchist’s demands in hopes it will just go away but it won’t.  Unrestrained violence increases and the anarchists turn on elected officials and law enforcement irrupting into rioting, looting and the killing of innocent bystanders and more violence. Strong leaders will not let that happen.

Democratic mayors and governors have a responsibility to protect ALL the people in their jurisdiction. They are the elected leader of the community and it is their experience and judgement that affect everyone. Inexperience and bad-judgement negatively affect everyone.

At the local level Democratic politicians call for the immediate firing and arrest and the officer being charged with murder. Local community leaders often hold a town hall meeting to discuss ways to deal with this situation. Quite often better training of police is recommended. What is rarely suggested is better parenting where respect and accountability are taught in the home. Maybe town hall meetings would be more effective if citizens would be required to submit written questions and suggestions to improve life in the community, including proposed training techniques instead of calling for defunding and even abolishing the police?

When a police officer discharges his firearm or non-lethal weapon (Taser) there is an automatic investigation. When found to be justified and no violation of police protocol the officer is returned to duty. When there is no police presence to deter crime there becomes a vacuum that is filled with mob violence and anarchy. American’s deserve better policing, better representation and better discussions when it comes to safe, livable communities. I don’t have all the answers, but working together we can and should do much better for every family. – I am the Real Truckmaster!



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