A Talk About Racism in America


A Talk about Racism in America

Before even beginning we need to define what is racism?

At Wordnik from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition.

racism rā′sĭz″əm

n. The belief that race accounts for differences in human character or ability and that a particular race is superior to others

n. Discrimination or prejudice based on race

n. The belief that each race has distinct and intrinsic attributes

What we see going on in America is at best reverse racism where a group of people (red, white, black and brown) fuel the fires of racism against anyone and everyone they CHOOSE or who disagrees with them for political purposes.

Maybe we should just call that political racism?

You are politically opposed to my political views therefore you are racist!

So let’s discuss the definition of racism.

The belief that race accounts for differences in human character or ability

  • Is it racist to believe that human character or ability is determined by race when you see exceptional athletes of a particular race or ethnic group?
  • Is it a myth that white men can’t jump or blacks got rhythm? Or is that stereotyping people based on a preconceived notion or perception? Unless it is applied to a particular person based on observance it then becomes simply a lie. Lying about someone is nothing more than gossip.

The belief that a particular race is superior to others

  • We are created equal by one God, with the same abilities, gifts and talents. What we do with those abilities, gifts and talents determine our character and how we interact with others. There is no superior race, just as there is no inferior race. There are people who use race to control others for their own personal and/or financial gain. We are told to treat others as we wish others to treat us. We are also told to place the welfare of others before our own.
  • We have all sinned. We all will NOT go to heaven unless we recognize Jesus as the son of God, who died and rose again for our sin, then we must confess our sin, ask God for forgiveness, turn from our wicked ways and seek God with our whole heart, mind, and soul.

Discrimination or prejudice based on race

  • Declaring Black Lives Matter or White Privilege or any other race or ethnicity is by its very nature racist. Requiring special privileges because of race is racial prejudice.

The belief that each race has distinct and intrinsic attributes

  • Believing that only blacks have the ability to run fast or play ball better or have rhythm would be silly and stupidly ignorant.
  • Just as believing that whites have special privilege because they are white. Ignorance knows no racial barrier.

Racial stereotyping can occur when a family of another racial or ethnic background moves into the neighborhood, because they are different doesn’t mean they are better or worse than you or me.

People become fearful when they don’t understand a person who speaks a different language.

People become jealous when they see foreign born people owning a business, a new house, a new car or new clothes.

People become friends when they reach out to help each other.

Knowledge is power and all too often racism is talking and acting out of fear and/or ignorance so educate yourself about other people and listen to their struggles. You’ll be better for it.

Do something about racism, stop talking about it and actually do something, stand up to the racial bully and intervene when it’s within your power to do so. Don’t just talk about it!

Before you start casting wild and frivolous accusations, know that I grew up among migrant workers of various ethnic backgrounds. I married into another racial group. I’ve raised my children in the nomadic lifestyle of military families to be open minded to other racial groups without becoming racist. I’ve sought to teach my grandchildren about their racial heritages and cultures by taking them to the homes of their ancestors.

I’ve been threatened, assaulted and called many things by many people and during trip to bury a good friend in Georgia and while discussing my family with a black man he complemented me by saying “you’re one of them good white people.” Where I come from we would have simply said “you’re one of the good guys.” Yet I’ve been called worse. – I’m the Real Truckmaster!



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