We Are Living in Historical Times


We Are Living in Historical Times

Recently I’ve heard people say we are living in the worst possible time in the history of our nation. I must strongly disagree. We are living in the best time in the history of America and the world.

So in the United States we’ve gone from the Impeachment Trial of the President of the United States, the introduction of the China Virus (SARS-CoV-2) to American soil infecting thousands of Americans, the elimination of ISIS, two terrorist leaders by US forces and for those who are not familiar with world history what we witnessed today at the White House was the historic signing of the Abraham Accords signaling the beginning of Peace in the Middle East with principals of the US, Israel, UAE and Bahrain. We’ve also heard that possibly 9 other Middle Eastern countries may be ready to sign on substantial peace agreements with Israel in the very near future leading up to two, possibly three unprecedented nominations for the Nobel Peace Prize for President Trump.

Who said you couldn’t have your cake and eat it too? The icing on the cake will come in 49 days when Trump is reelected in a historic landslide election by the American people. From the time that Donald Trump entered the political scene there has been a continuous onslaught of attacks against him, his character, his family and his administration. Accusations have been abundant. His determination and ability to persevere has proven too much for his opponents to cope with and rather than give credit where credit is due they would rather continue down the wrong side of history. It is like beating on a metal door with a piece of wood, sooner than later they will stand with bloodied hands wondering why the metal door will not open, when all they had to do was turn the handle?

God is doing miraculous wonders in our midst, yet people only see what they have been conditioned by the deceiver to see. The bible tells us that we will hear of wars and rumors of wars; famine and pestilence in diverse places; men will be lovers of themselves; right will be wrong and wrong will be called right and all these must pass before the end comes. If that doesn’t describe what we are witnessing and going through in 2020 then I don’t know what is? People flock to worship the signs and wonders, yet refuse to acknowledge the Creator of the Universe.

I’ve been saying for 4 years that it’s not about the man Donald Trump and it’s not about the office of the presidency. It’s about one man’s obedience to Almighty God. It’s about God’s love for you and me. I say to you – If you have only hate in your heart there is no room for God’s love because God is love.  I ask you to pray for President Trump, his family and his administration for their safety and their resolve to continue in the way of the Lord. – I am the Real Truckmaster!



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