Going Out on Top


Going Out on Top

The only constant in life is change. Nothing stays the same and that goes for people too. As we climb the ladder of life we tend to think of ourselves as the cream of the crop, the best in our chosen field or as the cats meow, some might say we’re all that and a bag of chips. Young people today might call it the bomb but that’s still a dangerous term to use.

Take a recent story where a Walmart store was recently evacuated over a bomb scare when someone in the men’s restroom was overheard by another patron to say he was going to drop a bomb. Well when this guy came out of the restroom saying I wouldn’t go in there if I were you, the bomb squad didn’t think it was funny.

Now where was I going with this article? Oh yeah now I remember. There comes a time while working on the job that we consider calling it quits – retiring or just taking an extended vacation.

After I retired from 22 years in the military I couldn’t believe I’d waited so long. At first my wife said to relax and take it easy. That lasted a week or maybe two, and then it was go find another job. That phase lasted for almost another 20 years before I found myself really retired.

Actually 19 years of working part time, full time and overtime takes a toll on the old body and I found that work stressors had been wreaking havoc on the old heart. After a couple of weeks away from the job my body settled down to a new normal. Now although I’m not physically working in an office or on the job I had to adapt and create a new one for myself. Something to keep the brain functioning without wearing out the body’s internal moving and non-moving parts.

I have been doing military historical research, creating online webpages, Facebook military veteran groups and for the past 4 years I’ve been doing something called blogging (what I’m doing now).

Blogging keeps my mind alert and regulates my blood pressure within normal bounds. I have no lack of material as my current subject matter is President Donald J. Trump – need I say more? This brings me back to the current topic of getting out while you’re ahead or going out on top.

Politics used to be about public service and even a dog catcher was a public servant. Now it’s a career path with retirement as the ultimate goal. Some seem to think it’s a lifetime career and are very proud, not of what they’ve accomplished but how long they’ve been in office.

I recently listened to a comedian talk about when he was in law enforcement with the LAPD. He started listing all the scandals and things that have happened after he left LAPD. He ended his skit by saying who knew he was the glue that had held LAPD together?

We have 535 seats in congress. Not all of them are filled at this time, but we have an election just over 2 weeks away. Of the ones occupied there are many coming up for reelection? When I look at our current legislators I see several who are at the top of their game in politics.

Others are (should we say) past their prime, over their hill or well beyond going out to pasture? Of those lifetime politicians, many are now among the millionaire or billionaire crowd. How do they do that on a measly politician’s salary as a public servant? They love being in the spotlight but only if that light is pointed at their political opponent. They are true politicians right up to the end, as demonstrated by the recently departed political angels who’ve left their seat in congress only at the call of death. Even though the government has set an age limit for retirement of civil service employees it doesn’t seem to apply to politicians.

Unlike politicians, sports figures retire before they reach the age of 30 with gazillions of dollars in the bank and bling-bling coming out of their assets. They have all the fancy toys (cars, boats, airplanes and mansions) galore. They have girls on every arm, and for every day of the week (you know like Trump had when he was younger).

I look at the nature of men and women who often age gracefully and are in full command of their facilities even advanced in age, while others seem to have lost a step or two or three after reaching the age of 60 or so (give or take a few).

So I ask which is better (sound like the eye doctor) going out on top while you’re ahead and in complete control and still young enough to enjoy old age on your own porch and in your own rocking chair or staying too long and becoming the obvious fool to others?

Lifetime politicians like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi entered politics as a fighter for California yet over the years has relegated to throwing caution to the wind in order to fight her arch enemy President Trump.  There are so many others on both sides of the political spectrum who should be at home with family and friends enjoying the twilight of their years reminiscing of their time in congress.

Take Joe Biden who as a senator made his mark as a fighter often against his own party or himself and highlighted his political “career” as Vice President of the United States, yet as a presidential contender was a total failure and today does not demonstrate the mental fitness to be president, as evidenced by advanced stages of Alzheimer or Dementia that become more apparent daily yet nobody will stand up and say enough is enough!

Then we have President Donald Trump who as a successful businessman, entertainer and real estate mogul stepped into politics to become President of the United States and today is like America’s own energizer bunny going stronger than many his age with no signs of stopping. It’s apparent that his reelection is eminent and he will go out on his terms of making America great again.

Maybe it’s time to unplug, restart, reboot or give America one big “Do Over” with fresh faces in Congress and new political outlook for a stronger, freer and more vibrant America? – I am the Real Truckmaster!



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