On the Hunter Biden Story


On the Hunter Biden Story

So all of a sudden we find out that in 2019 several laptop computers were dropped off at a Delaware computer repair shop.  The owner cannot confirm positively who dropped them off, but he thinks it was Hunter Biden? Two of the laptops were determined to be unrepairable and the other was never picked up after 90 days so the computer repair guy began searching for contact information on owner, although it contained a Beau Biden Foundation label. What he found on the computer’s hard drive raised his suspicions and he contacted a friend who then contacted the FBI. It wasn’t long before the FBI obtained a search warrant and confiscated the laptop. After a period of time without any further contact from the FBI the repair shop owner reached out to a legislator, but contact was not returned. He then contacted an attorney for Rudy Giuliani’s office which resulted in the newly released article by the New York Times which was promptly stopped by Facebook and Twitter censurers citing a host of “reasons”. The unnamed and real reason was it might affect the outcome of the upcoming presidential election.

This is of special interest to me as I too am a computer repair guy. I’ve seen things on some that I’ve worked on that made me cringe. I was told that I was to ignore and forget what I saw and move on. So he fact that this particular computer repair guy saw some things, a lot of things that did more than make him cringe but revealed in depth a level of corruption within high levels of the US government and within the Obama administration make me ask myself – what did Obama know and when did HE know it? And more importantly why was Vice President Joe Biden in charge of anything to do with Ukraine in the first place? What was his purpose or mission at that time? Some things still don’t add up?

Now that is what is causing today’s stir on the internet and in the news. But really we’ve known about this for quite some time now because former Vice President Joe Biden bragged on camera in 2018 about going to the Ukraine, demanding the firing of a special prosecutor about to investigate Burisma, the company his son Hunter was a member of the board of directors.

This is exactly what House Democrats impeached President Trump and accused him of doing by speaking to the newly elected president of Ukraine and asking what happened with this special prosecutor and the Burisma investigation? The timing of that phone call was about the time when Biden suddenly threw his hat in the ring for the Democratic presidential race and it would look like Trump was going after his political rival (who had yet to receive the DNC nomination). Clear as mud right?

We’ve been hearing from President Trump, “Where is Hunter?” yet nobody bothered to answer. We’ve been hearing of Hunter’s $M’s and his outrageous monthly salary for months now. What is being revealed from the laptop includes retainers and/or deposits of monitory protection. There are images of drug abuse during sexual acts by Hunter and (who knows who)?  

What is also troubling is that when asked, Joe Biden has said he knew nothing of his son’s business dealings and learned of him being on the board after the fact. Yet is bragging on tape tell a different story. There is a traceable timeline where Vice President Biden flew on Air Force Two a number of times to different countries during two terms in office. How many of those trips did Hunter Biden accompany his father to Ukraine, China and possibly other countries for political favors or financial gain?

We are 19 days before the November 3rd election and what should have drawn attention more than a year ago is just now coming out and people, organizations and agencies we’ve never heard from before are now concerned?

I went to the official Biden biography on Wikipedia to see what highlights were important during his extended time in office first as a Senator and later as Vice President. What I saw were instances where Joe Biden seemed to be for lack of a better term “The Strong Arm of the Senate” going into Russian controlled countries to advise and enforce US policy when and where it was needed. As Obama’s Vice President, Joe Biden may have been sent to the nether ends of the world just to keep him out of Obama’s way and the Ukraine and China were places where he had vested interests in going.

There are lots of unanswered questions and as the FBI has had time to investigate and confirm whether state level secrets or treasonous activity may have occurred by Joe Biden the truth, not Biden’s “facts” need made known to Americans BEFORE they begin to believe the fake polls that say Biden is leading Trump by massive numbers. – I am the Real Truckmaster!



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