Without the Hype


Without the Hype

With so many stories floating across the internet, Facebook, Twitter cable news outlets and the main stream media it’s difficult to sift through the riffraff to find even tiny nuggets of truth.

Myths are abundant:

  • You must vote Democrat if you are black, brown or poor white folk.
  • If you don’t stay in your assigned lane – ie Democrat you are magically transformed into a drug user, racist and misogynic, ignorant and uneducated non-person without credibility and not worthy of friendship.  
  • You must under no circumstances vote for Trump.
  • Biden is the only hope to save America from Trump.
  • Biden is the only one with the ability to unite America.
  • Biden will shut down the COVID-19 virus.
  • Trump supporters will riot and vandalize property if Trump loses.
  • Trump will not accept the results of the election.
  • Trump will not leave office if he loses except by force.
  • Trump is selfish and greedy giving no thought to your wellbeing.
  • Trump is a racist.
  • Trump will leave the country if he loses and sulk at a country club on one of his many golf courses.
  • Trump has appointed 3 associate justices to the Supreme Court of the United States to insure the constitutionality of the cases presented to the Court.
  • Trump has begun pulling US forces out of endless wars
  • Trump has negotiated peace in the Middle East between Israel and several neighboring countries, with more signing on the peace process.
  • The Trump/Pence ticket is right for American.

The simple truth about the two presidential candidates is this:

  • Trump will lower taxes even more
  • Biden will remove Trump tax cuts and raise taxes on the super wealthy
  • Trump will continue to strengthen the economy once again
  • Biden will terminate fossil fuel production
  • Biden will implement The Biden Plan – the green new deal that will destroy the US economy
  • Trump is fast tracking government and industry in fighting the COVID-19 virus developing a safe vaccine
  • Biden will pack the Supreme Court of the United States by expanding justices until there is a solid liberal majority.
  • Biden is compromised by China and other countries where he and his family have received untold amounts of money ($M) to influence US policy toward foreign principals.
  • Biden supporters and leftist terrorist groups are now and have already rioted, looted and conducted extreme terrorist activities within the territory of the United States and promising more to come if Biden loses.
  • The Biden/Harris ticket is wrong for America.

The Democratic Party have continually failed voters by putting party ahead of people and by attempting to circumvent instead of legislating changes in accordance with the Constitution of the United States.

The Democratic Party is one of intimidation, harassment and political pandering in order to gain votes for their failed policies and failed political candidates.

The Democratic Party is one of compromise, its values, party officials and people have been forgotten after their vote has been cast.

The Republican Party is committed to upholding the Constitution, it’s values and the rights and privileges guaranteed by the first 10 amendments.

The Republican Party is all inclusive regardless of race, ethnicity, sexual or religious preference.

The Republican Party has extended an open invitation to come join us as we work to make America safe, prosperous and great once again.

It has been said that one man can make a difference. We have seen that difference made when one man stands his ground, insists on reaching for the moon and not giving up or staying down.

You can be that one man or one woman in your sphere of influence who chooses to make a difference by doing what is right, whether it is convenient or you are standing alone. America deserves your best and together we will make our children and grand-children proud to be American – “One nation under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all. So help us God.” – I am the real Truckmaster!



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