And If Lockdowns Really Worked


And If Lockdowns Really Worked

America and the world have been bullied over the “Pandemic” of COVID-19 the entire year of 2020 to the point that lockdowns are seen as the way to stop the spread. It’s ridiculous to think that a virus is smart enough to flutter through the air unobstructed yet have the intelligence to recognize the confines of an apartment or home as being off limits.

Even more ludicrous is that the virus has declared open season on churches while overlooking home improvement and liquor stores and the battle over restaurants where it’s unsafe to eat in the comfort of a dining room, but pitching a see-through plastic tent where your food must be carried outside, over the sidewalk and into the tent is safer? In many cases these are the same sidewalks where homeless pitch their tents and both liter, defecate or urinate while people are eating.

So if lockdowns worked as we are led to believe why are we seeing the virus in maximum security prisons where inmates are locked down 23 hours per day, with one hour for yard and showers?

The real reason for lockdowns is to control the population and mandating a face covering or face mask is to identify those who refuse to abide by the “rules” imposed by local and state government.

The cure cannot be worse than the virus, but lockdowns invite a host of other issues that can never be undone. Isolating hospital patients from family and friends does more harm than good, except when patients are infected with a communicable disease.

Let’s be realistic, the Sars2-Coronavirus, was a biological attack on the world by the Chinese Communist Party in 2019 and gauging from the international responses there is nothing to prevent a repeat with a much deadlier pathogen.

So tell me again why Democratic governors and mayors continue tightening the reins of power and control with threats of arrest and imprisonment for violators of their empirical decrees and mandates, yet Republican governors and mayors are for opening up the economy and getting back to normal?

The American people have been fed so much misinformation about so many things in order to confuse fantasy and reality. It has been called “The Gaslighting of America”. It is purposefully and systematically coordinated and interspersed with violence to incite fear in order to disrupt and takedown the government of the United States. Lockdowns are to people what gun control is to gun owners.

Lockdowns insure a path of least resistance when rioting and civil unrest are brought upon the unsuspecting public. The mindset that “businesses can afford it because they have insurance against loss” is unrealistic and simply justification to ignore and openly, willfully break the law.

As Americans we must prepare to be challenged as we submit ourselves to God and pray for his guidance and protection as we then prepare to stand on the promises of God’s word.

Covfefe! – I am the Real Truckmaster!


One thought on “And If Lockdowns Really Worked

  1. I think our world has lost the concept of tragic necessity. Our world is imperfect, and people die because of it. The only real way to stop COVID-19 is a vaccine. That’s an open ended way to do it that can’t be the basis of public policy.

    The only other options are to protect people on high risk categories by allowing them to isolate IF they want to. Many people in high risk categories are so lonely they don’t want to isolate anymore.

    For everyone else, masks are debatable, based on the research. Most people also won’t die. Tragically, some will, but there’s not much that can be done. Our fate isn’t often in our hands.


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