Friend or Foe Advanced and be Recognized


Friend or Foe Advance and Be Recognized

I grew up in the 50s and 60s when friends were forever, foes were vanquished and Santa Claus was coming to town. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Actually in the aftermath of World War II and the Korean War I was a post-Neanderthal Kaveman in Southwestern Idaho with childhood aspirations of becoming a soldier. As the Second Indochina War was gearing up in Vietnam I knew what was ahead and in 1967 I joined the Army and learned that not everybody who called you friend was actually telling the truth. I’ve served in many countries, crossed paths with many people and learned there was a difference between friend and foe.

Americans are both a trusting people and people who can’t always be trusted. In the 1960s The Temptations recorded “Smiling Faces” which keeps popping into my mind as I hear what we tell each other when we don’t want to hurt other people’s feelings.

We called that talking out of both sides of your mouth, like stories of the old west where the government’s Indian Affairs Agent repeatedly too advantage of the people he was charged with looking out for. I’m also reminded of this, “When told the reason for daylight saving time the old Indian said… ‘Only a white man would believe that you could cut a foot off the top of a blanket and sew it to the bottom of a blanket and have a longer blanket.’”

Today it’s our politicians and their media lackeys who are the modern day equivalent. They say and promise to deliver what voters want to hear but once in office they forget who they work for. In fact after they have been indoctrinated into how things are done in Congress they may feel that they work for a political party or congressional caucus or committee.

More recently during this 2020 presidential election campaign former VP Joe Biden told one of his Democratic supporters and potential voter to his face, “I DON’T WORK FOR YOU!” Which pretty well sums up his party’s interface with voters, yet either hardcore Democrats or uninformed voters literally and figuratively lined up to cast their vote for the candidate who does not have their best interests in mind? Yet when President Trump spoke to Democratic voters inviting them to the other side of the isle with his “What have you got to lose?” speech he was called racist and other hatful rhetoric.

“It’s a very imperfect world, and you can’t always choose your friends. That’s life. But you can never fail to recognize your enemies.” – President Donald J. Trump

After the votes had been cast on November 3rd we began seeing blatant and obvious signs to indicate election fraud had been and is still being committed by Democratic Party operatives in a number of states and was being glossed over by media outlets in order to perpetuate a massive fraud on American voters without waiting for the election process to run its course. In fact the popular vote was compromised in the early hours of November 4th and continues today.

Constitutionally legal court challenges are active and ongoing in a number of states where Democratic Party operatives have committed obvious acts of election fraud FOR PROFIT have been seen and reported, but as of yet no prosecution has occurred.

I glanced at media headlines over the weekend and saw the political hype is still being reported as truth. The media have bestowed upon the Biden campaign a false title of “the office of the president-elect” which doesn’t exist and at this point in the election process cannot legally be claimed by either party. It is ludicrous to hear Biden tell Democrats to reach out to Trump supporters with an olive branch of peace and for President Trump to just accept the results of the election as the will of the people have been cast. Fraudulent votes are not only illegal and should be identified as such, but it’s a federal crime with serious consequences for willingly and knowingly casting those votes or modifying and/or manipulating electronic voting devices and their results. In the real world we call this cheating.

Winning by cheating isn’t winning, its still cheating.

Download “The Electoral College: A 2020 Presidential Election Timeline” report here.

Just to recap there was the popular vote which in fact directs each state’s electors to vote based on the people’s popular vote in the upcoming Electoral College vote on December 12th. Based on that vote being certified at state level and transmitted to Congress where EC votes are counted and verified in the House of Representatives under direction of the President Pro Temp of the Senate who declares the winners as the President-Elect and Vice President-Elect prior to Inauguration Day on January 20th.

As during all elections there have been “projected” winners and losers, which CAN be done by anyone who wants to take a wild eyed guess. However “official” is often very different than “projected”. – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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