My Response to Ilhan Omar


My Response to Ilhan Omar

So Congresswoman Ilhan Omar says what she feels is important is that a single F-35 costs $100M and for that money we can feed 40M kids.

I’d like to weigh in on that if I may. If you take the funds used to build a single warfighter and use it to feed 40M kids who will benefit more? Will it be just the 40M kids or the overhead of administrators needed to hand out that money for food? Maybe it’s the cooks, administrative staff or anyone else who finds a way to insert them into the food chain? So for how many meals will be consumed by those 40M kids? Where exactly are those 40M kids? Unless they are in the same vicinity, under the same program using the same staffing and supervisors there must be programs duplicated every place those 40M kids live. How exactly would you make it happen? You see you will always have hungry mouths to feed, 40M kids after 40M kids standing in line for handouts and what exactly have you gained?

Take that one F-35 warfighter aircraft and you have factories filled with workers each with their own families they are feeding. You have repair parts which must be manufactured and those workers have their own families to feed. Then you have distribution centers, transportation hubs and a whole list of others involved to insure that that one F-35 is manufactured, maintained, repaired and kept flying to insure the safety and security of literally millions of people around the world. Now times that by the number of warfighters in the US arsenal and you will have a force for peace to see that more than 40M kids are able to feed themselves without waiting for any government handout.

Yes we can see what you believe is important, but it’s not about 40M kids, it’s about handing out food rather than teaching those 40M kids to use those hands to learn usable skills that will enable them to feed not only themselves but their families for generations to come. Is it better to give someone a fish so they may fill their belly one time or teach them to fish so they can feed themselves and others for a lifetime? Sorry Congresswoman I simply don’t believe you. – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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