Locking Down Is Not The Answer


Locking Down Is Not The Answer

Where is one place you think might be the safest place in America when it comes to COVID-19? No it’s not a trick question, but where are people routinely kept in isolation, solitary confinement or housed in individual cells? If you said jail or prison or confinement facility you’d be right. But would you be safe from the virus? The answer to that is a resounding NO! Recent reports tell of COVID-19 outbreaks in both County and State facilities here in El Paso County and in Colorado. So how does a virus get into a prison system where they are not allowed outside their cells, common areas or the prison walls? Is it carelessness or neglect that someone from local communities unknowingly carries the virus into the population? If it can happen within a prison system what makes politicians think that ordinary citizens should be locked down like prisoners?

I’ll get right to the point. Locking down a city, county or state and even a nation because of the virus is ludicrous. What about locking down for the flu? Maybe we should lock down because of the common cold? What do we do for anything that attacks our immune system or affects our sense of well-being? We take a pill or a tablet and when it’s time for a vaccine we go to our family doctor or local pharmacy to get our shot. If we have the sniffles we use a tissue. If we are going out in public we take precautions to stay away from others as much as humanly possible. In today’s environment we put on a mask to keep from sneezing or coughing on someone else if we are sick.

Wearing a mask 24/7 or a pair of plastic gloves all day does nothing to prevent the spread, in fact it might even hasten the spread of germs be not taking them off. That’s why doctors and nurses in a hospital setting change their gowns, gloves and booties when they enter or exit a patient’s room where a contamination exists. How many times do you go to the store or business and see throw away masks lying around on the sidewalk, parking lot or blowing in the wind. When they are contaminated they hasten the spread of whatever germs or virus they came in contact with.

Don’t you think that if God intended us to wear face coverings we’d have been born with them? Well what we were born with was a BRAIN and he intended for us to exercise those particles that make up the brain by the use of common sense. I learned a long time ago in the military that when you give someone power, it goes to their head and they will abuse it. Put someone into an elected political office and sooner than later they will begin to think that the world revolves around them. We see all too often politicians saying publicly “do as I say, not as I do” when they fly or travel on vacation as they tell everyone else to stay home and “we’re all in this together at home alone”.

Self-Isolation Sucks – Forced Isolation Sucks Even More!

There is a fine line between safety necessities and power over people as a means of control and no it doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure that out. Drop the masks, self-isolation and social distancing and get back to life as we knew it before COVID-19. (It’s a little known fact that Coronavirus’ have been around for centuries and veterinarians have been administering immunizations to animals for a very long time without the need for face coverings or social distancing – 6 feet between pets).

What I suggest is that we use common sense and take care of ourselves so that we can help take care of others. It does not good for a sick doctor to treat sick patients. Nor does it do any good for a mechanic with a broke down car to work on someone else’s car first. There is a safety rule when flying that in the event of an emergency and the oxygen masks drop down that you put your mask on first BEFORE you help your children or others. So when you see me not wearing a mask or face covering it’s because I’m either not in surgery, not sick or just not feeling like it. It’s my right under the Constitution and my personal convictions to live freely as God intended. – I am the Real Truckmaster!



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