The Man Democrats Love To Hate


The Man Democrats Love to Hate

No matter whether you’re a Republican, Democrat or consider yourself an unaffiliated voter, everyone has an opinion on President Donald J. Trump. Republicans love him because he’s not a politician, part of the swamp or an insider of the deep state and mostly because he loves our country. Democrats hate him for those exact same reasons and because he beat Hillary in 2016. Unaffiliated voters either love him or hate him not because they know Trump, but because they only know what they’ve been told or conditioned to do. Trump is well known as a shrewd businessman who goes after the best deal and doesn’t give up.

One of Trumps greatest accomplishments was to unify the Democratic Party – albeit against him as recently demonstrated by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s tearing up the State of the Union speech on the floor of the House and on live television while President Trump was giving his speech.

As president he has done the impossible: battling Russian collusion; impeachment; building the wall; moved the US Embassy to Jerusalem and brokered a totally new and improved Middle East peace deal; ramped up oil production making the US the premiere exporter of oil in the world; stimulated the economy while battling the effects of COVID-19 in the US most of which have gone underreported or not reported at all.

During the Independence Day celebration Ivanka Trump said it best, “Washington has not changed Donald Trump. Donald Trump changed Washington.”

Others have said that President Trump has energized the Republican Party and could very well break away into the Trump Party if he so choose to because he has proven that he is not a politician and he is not for sale.

He clearly was a threat to the political in-crowd and they were not happy as the preceding 4 years have shown. One thing is abundantly clear his fan base of loyal supporters have eclipsed that of any other President in history, outdistancing Barack Obama, Bill Clinton and I’d venture to say that of George Washington or Abe Lincoln.

So whether the election will be stolen outright remains to be seen as the battle in the swing state Courts continues and in just over a week the Electoral College will cast their votes and we will know the outcome and extent of the Democratic bag of dirty tricks and political shenanigans, as they continue in their attempt to pull off the ultimate coup of a sitting president.

I heard from an anonymous source (that’s how the news folks frame it, right) that President Trump set a political trap in 2018 and that the Democrats have willingly walked right into it. The trap may still be open and I’m waiting for the door to slam shut on the greatest election fraud in American history.

Trump recently said he is not backing down on his claim of widespread election fraud, but should he end up losing he’ll be back in 2024 and finish what he started. – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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