A Free and Fair Election Benefits Everybody


A Free and Fair Election Benefits Everybody

I want to address all the cry-baby liberals out there who call for unity while trashing President Trump and sweeping election “irregularities” under the proverbial rug – STOP!

What you seem to forget is that the right to vote under the US Constitution does not give anyone the right to fudge or steal an election by deceit, falsification or underhanded political shenanigans and anyone who unlawfully votes in an election or facilitates or alter election results can and should be held liable of violating federal election laws. The same is true if you aid and abet someone in the commission of a crime, federal crime – federal time. That holds true for the media giants who instruct, encourage or require employees hide, cover up or help facilitate election fraud in any way, shape or fashion.

Some of the most blatant examples of election fraud began during the 2000 presidential election, yet only one state became highlighted with “hanging chads” and that state was Florida. So egregious were the actions of those attempting to sway the election that the SCOTUS decision officially settled the matter.

What about the elections of 2004, 2008, 2012, 2016 and 2020, how have those elections been subsequently impacted by Congressional laws and mandates? Updated election security procedures have been implemented; stringent controls to prevent fraud waste or abuse; stricter standards and requirements for individual states to follow, yet the overall failure routinely occurred with the human factor, federal and state election commissions, officials and bias among election workers combined with unscrupulous software programmers who “game” the system for fun, profit or revenge. I’m tired of the baby-faced and candy-cane liberal whining when their side gets caught with their hands in the proverbial cookie jar. They whine, cry and call names while blaming everyone else.

So that I am perfectly clear – a free and fair election benefits everybody. Failing to stand up to defend the constitutional rights of each citizen regardless of political persuasion benefits nobody, especially those who haven’t the intestinal fortitude to stand on the side of truth, justice or the American way but thing they are being patriotic – they are not.

Regardless of political party of choice only a fool would see the direction of an election of this magnitude is going on election night, wake up the next morning for an egregious illegal and un-rational “flip” of ballots and not be suspicious or concerned.

I’m calling you out publicly – prepare to defend yourself! The greater good of the nation depends on you to lay aside your bias and prejudice to stand for what it right vs what is convenient! – I am the Real Truckmaster!

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