For Your Information – FYI


For Your Information – FYI

On election night the projected president-elect was President Donald Trump 410 – 128.

The morning of November 4 the media declared president-elect was Joe Biden ahead of candidate Donald Trump (No bias right?) In the span of 5 1/2 hours the vote tabulations were switched and America woke up being told the election was over and not only get over it, but unite with democrats (who have still not gotten over 2016).

Several swing states (where obvious vote tallies didn’t add up correctly) were contested by President Trump and in those swing states their unbiased state supreme courts rejected overturning their state election results. The Supreme Court rejected hearing the case against Pennsylvania, but there are other litigations making their way to SCOTUS, yet the media and political pundits will try to tell you there is no evidence and thus no case by the Trump legal team. Not true. In a separate action the state of Texas is suing those swing states before the Supreme Court and at that time the evidence of election fraud will be made clearly known for all to see.

Contesting an election is the constitutional means afforded a candidate when irregularities are suspected.

The next phase of the election process is the Electoral College casting their votes on December 14, 2020 and sending those certified votes to Congress to be verified, tabulated and announced who is the next president-elect. Will it be President Trump (another 4 years) or candidate Joe Biden? If you think this roller coaster ride has been rough, might I suggest buying some more popcorn and sodas and then cinching up your seat belts as it might get even rougher?

There are real world things to consider, remember how Congress treated the last 3 SCOTUS justices during their confirmation hearings? I do and I’ll bet they will never be able to forget the mistreatment they received by Senator Kamala Harris who is on the ballot. I seem to remember someone once said “don’t bite the hand that feeds you” or “don’t poke the bear”. I doubt that she thought out her actions or her words and it may come back to bite her where the sun don’t shine. – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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