Putting COVID in the Rearview Mirror


Putting COVID in the Rearview Mirror

Like you I’d like to put this Covid pandemic behind me and in fact to do that maybe we should put it into a different kind of perspective? I have a hard time with people telling me that COVID is the deadly disaster that it has become.

Most of what I’m saying is not new. There are hundreds of biological laboratories here in the United States and they have very specific functions in the world of virology. Some study toxins, others vaccines and some may even be searching for the cure of cancer and/or many other diseases.

Do you know why doctors and nurses are always changing their gloves, gowns and masks after attending patients in a hospital setting? Is it to make the patient feel better? Not hardly! It is to prevent or control the spread of germs from one patient to another.

Do you know why Level 4 Biochemical Laboratories have an isolation decontamination room with airlock doors and possibly separate purified oxygen generator systems? Or why someone coming in must strip outside clothing and change into clean gowns that resemble space suits worn by astronauts? Or why when they leave the lab, they must go through the process to include leaving the contaminated clothing, showering and changing into street clothes before exiting the decontamination room? Like something out of a movie right? Well it too is to prevent the spread of viruses.

Military personnel are familiar with the 5 levels of MOPP.  (Military Operational Personal Protective) gear that give differing levels of protection for Nuclear, Biological or Chemical (NBC) attacks.

IPE is issued to and inspected by the individual and prepared for use. Personnel carry their protective
masks with their LCE. The standard issue overgarment and other IPE are carried or are readily available. To be considered readily available, equipment must be carried by each individual, stored within arm’s
reach, or be available within 5 minutes; for example, within the work area, vehicle, or fighting position. Units in MOPP0 are highly vulnerable to persistent agent attacks and will automatically upgrade to MOPP1 when they determine or are notified that persistent NBC weapons have been used or that the
threat exists for NBC weapons use. The primary use for MOPP0 is during periods of increased alert when an enemy has a CB employment capability, but there is no indication of use in the immediate future. MOPP0 is not applicable to forces afloat.

When directed to MOPP1, personnel immediately don the overgarment. In hot weather, the overgarment jacket can be left open and the overgarment can be worn directly over underwear
and other IPE making up the individual MOPP gear (e.g., footwear covers, mask, and gloves are readily
available or carried). M8 or M9 paper is attached to the overgarment, (carry the NAAK and decontamination kit or keep them at hand). MOPP1 provides a great deal of protection against persistent agents. The primary use for MOPP1 is when a CB attack in theater is possible.
Personnel must remove contact lenses and wear protective mask optical inserts. Leaders also monitor
hydration levels. For forces afloat, MOPP1 means IPE is available

Personnel wear and/or put on their footwear covers, overgarment, and the protective helmet cover. As with MOPP1, the overgarment jacket may be left open, but trousers remain closed. The mask with mask carrier and gloves are carried. The primary use for MOPP2 is when a CB attack in theater is possible. Personnel carry M8 and M9 paper, nerve agent antidotes, and decontamination kits or keep them at hand. Personnel wear the protective mask optical inserts and maintain hydration levels. For forces afloat, MOPP2 means that personnel begin carrying masks.

Personnel wear the overgarment, footwear covers, protective mask, and protective helmet cover. Again,
flexibility is built into the system to allow for personnel relief at MOPP3, particularly in hot weather.
Personnel can open the overgarment jacket and roll the protective mask hood for ventilation, but the
trousers remain closed. The protective gloves are carried. The primary use of MOPP3 is for personnel operating inside areas where a chemical-agent contact hazard does not exist. MOPP3 is not appropriate if a contact hazard is present. At MOPP3, forces afloat don protective suits and boots and activate intermittent countermeasure washdown.

Personnel completely encapsulate themselves by closing their overgarments, adjusting all drawstrings to minimize the likelihood of any openings, and putting on their protective gloves. MOPP4 is used when the highest degree of protection is required, or if CB agents are present but the actual hazard is not determined. As with every other MOPP level, flexibility is built into the system to provide relief to the individual. Once the hazard is identified and risk assessment measures are employed, the overgarment may be left open.

Note: During coalition operations, US forces familiarize themselves with the protection levels used by
personnel from other nations.

*Taken directly from the Army Study Guide.

I wouldn’t expect everyone to understand the military terms or abbreviations used in the study guide, however I have a warm fuzzy reassurance to know that in the case of a NBC attack there are procedures in place, designated protective clothing and training that can insure maximum survival of myself and that of my soldiers.

So my military training wants to know how wearing a paper mask or rubber gloves will protect me while driving in a car by myself, or walking in the mountains by myself, or outdoor seating under canvas flaps while the restaurants indoor seating area is closed due to the virus – how is that preventing or controlling the spread?

Walk outside a hospital emergency room, a big box store, a mall or even a church and while walking to the parking area and you may have to step on or over discarded paper masks. Why are there not receptacles or bins marked “Biological Hazard – place discarded masks here?” If we are so caught up in wearing masks to protect us, why not do it right?

If the Covid virus is a real virus, causing real damage and deaths why is the entire world not at MOPP4 already? Why are we not encapsulating ourselves as if we were exiting a space craft to walk on the moon?

So think back one year ago to December 2019 when the virus was first discovered coming from Wuhan, China. Why did China cordon off Wuhan stopping all modes of transportation into their mainland? Why did they let Chinese nationals working at Chinese factories in northern Italy and elsewhere continue departing Wuhan for these foreign destinations? Think of the obvious? Was this a coordinated biological attack on the world by the Chinese Communist Party’s military biological scientists?

We have been conditioned over the past 12 months to think that the spreading of this virus is entirely our fault. We have also been sold on the idea that there is no antidote. Our only hope, we are told is to wait on a vaccine – wear a mask, social distance and self-isolate because our businesses, our livelihoods and our way of life have been declared non-essential. In fact Congress has recently conducted an open discussion on the affordability of abortion.

I have said, and still say the way to handle Covid is to use common sense. Stay away from sick people until they get well. Take appropriate measures when going out in public. If going into a store it may be required to wear a mask (but think of using that mask for a full day – the amount of differing germs, viruses or other toxins) and common sense tells me that I’m better off NOT wearing a mask. It has nothing to do with spreading the virus or not being considerate of others either.

We have had other viruses that required masking for a time, but not indefinitely.

We used to use soap and water with mops to decontaminate equipment and personnel after an atomic bomb explosion. How well did that work?

Every living being fights to survive (fight or flight). So do I trust medical “experts” who have thus far not been entirely truthful with the public? Do I think this was an orchestrated and deliberate attack on modern civilization? YES!

Could this be the “mark of the beast” described in the Book of Revelations? Quite possibly as overseas travel has already been affected and many countries refuse entry unless you can show proof that you don’t have the virus: Health Certificate, Vaccine Certificate, and/or Certification of Non-Infection? What’s next?

So when I was asked recently now that vaccines have become available will I go down and take one. My reply was that if there is concrete proof in any way shape or form that Bill Gates was involved in the process of creating the vaccine my answer is a resounding NO! – I am the Real Truckmaster!



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