Honoring Our Military – More Than Just a Phrase


Honor Our Military – More Than Just a Phrase

Without trying to sound partisan America and the world sees the distain certain members of Congress have for our military. In the days leading up to January 20th President Trump declared a state of emergency for the District of Columbia and authorized the activation of National Guard troops to protect the Capitol Building and members of Congress from threats of domestic terrorism. That is what the Commander in Chief is supposed to do. He then left the White House the day prior to make room for president-elect Biden to be properly received and inaugurated. In the meantime the military presence had reached an unheard of 65,000 troops who were prepared for a war that never happened.

Little had been shown or discussed as to where these troops were being billeted, feed or cared for until 2 days after the inauguration we were told that 5,000 had been billeted in the Senate cafeteria where it’s been reported members of Congress came through shaking hands and thanking them for their service. The next day it appears that the new Senate Majority Leader Schumer evicted those troops from the cafeteria sending them into the Senate portion of the parking garage.

Think about that for a moment. We’re not talking about a bivouac area in the woods where they could pitch tents, set up camp, dig latrines and establish a dining facility to feed 5,000 troops. We’re talking about sleeping bags, rucksacks, gear, weapons and ammunition for 5,000 people in a cold unheated and unsanitary parking garage where there was 1 confirmed restroom available.

Homeless people have better accommodations on the street.

This is what happens when you have congressional leadership and a commander in chief with no prior military service – nobody’s in charge. This didn’t go unnoticed for long as Donald Trump opened up the Trump International hotel in DC to house, feed and provide facilities for those 5,000 troops, but for members of law enforcement in DC as well. I don’t know the details, nor do I need to know whether it was provided without charge or billed under contract to a government account.

What I do know is that our men and women in uniform deserve better treatment especially on American soil and while protecting the very members of Congress who are and have a real distain for our military and want to defund and abolish law enforcement.  

I would be remiss if I didn’t at least mention that the Capitol Building has been surrounded by a fence and everyone entering the premises must pass through a security checkpoint manned by the very military being misused by Congress. The governor of Florida took action and ordered all of the Florida National Guard back home and I wonder if they will take their portion of the fence too?

What bothers me about this entire fiasco is this:

What was the mission?

When was the mission accomplished?

Who made that determination?

Where are all the troops now?

Who’s in charge?

Taking care of the troops is a responsibility of leadership, but thanking them for their service as you kick them out the door is irresponsible and a sign of ignorance and gross disrespect. Where was the military leadership in all of this? Did they stay in the parking garage too?

This warrants an investigation, yet Congress has reached another new low and is only interested in impeaching President Trump over a fake allegation that he incited the violence on January 6th.

I’m surprised that House Speaker Pelosi has yet to impeach Abraham Lincoln for starting the Civil War! – I am the Real Truckmaster & (Yes I’m upset)!



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