Enduring to Persevere

Joe Biden delivers a speech after being sworn in as the 46th president of the United States during the 59th Presidential Inauguration at the US Capitol in Washington DC on January 20, 2021. (Photo by Patrick Semansky / POOL / AFP) (Photo by PATRICK SEMANSKY/POOL/AFP via Getty Images)

Updated: 1-28-2021

Enduring to Persevere

How much longer must we watch as our nation is torn apart before our very eyes, just as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi tore up the State of the Union speech? It is obvious from his action and his words that President Biden is not the super politician he thinks he is. His 37 years in Congress gave him a false sense of self-importance and his 8 years playing number two to Obama put him center stage in world affairs where he had and still has no business being in.

Who do we blame? Is it the person of Joe Biden who for so long has sought the center stage spotlight? Or is it his enablers in the Democratic Party who hoisted him up as the very best candidate the party had to offer? Maybe the blame belongs to the American people who believed the lies and blindly voted for him anyway all these years?

Congress is about creating laws. That’s their job. They are also about taxing Americans to raise revenue in order to keep us safe from harm. For 37 years that had been Biden’s job too, but the old adage “absolute power corrupts absolutely” really came home to roost with him. He is famous for having a loud mouth, bad temper and making sure everyone knew who he was and how he could make their life miserable.

That description fits a great many others who sit on their high and mighty congressional committees and caucuses but Joe Biden became a pro at it and he had one minor flaw that did not go unnoticed. His flaw became really apparent after his senatorial crony ran for the office of the presidency in 2008 and picked the man with the big mouth as his running mate. Together they eclipsed Democratic Party favorite Hillary Clinton to cinch the nomination and ultimately the presidency in 2009.

Over the next 8 years as Vice President, Joe Biden was noted many times for opening that big mouth and shoving one or more of his feet directly into it! So much so that Obama put him in charge of the US international affairs with several countries. It served several purposes but more importantly he was away from Washington and where nobody would notice his blatant gaffs.

Biden was noticeably in the war room when Osama Bin Laden was killed in Pakistan, but along with other members of the National Security Council and President Obama was also noticeably absent when Ambassador Stevens and three other Americans requested help and assistance before they were killed in Benghazi.

Then America forgot.

It wasn’t until a video surfaced where former VP Joe Biden bragged during a recorded engagement about getting a special prosecutor fired in Ukraine because he was investigating a Ukrainian oil company of which his son Hunter Biden sat on the board, or Biden would personally withhold US funds of several $B in foreign aid.

America forgot that too.

It was President Trump who asked the newly elected President of Ukraine about it that generated his impeachment and ultimate acquittal. But what happened to Joe Biden? I hate to say it but America not only forgot, but the deep state covered it up and Joe Biden became the nominee and ultimately after a contested election obtained the presidency.

What we see in this presidency has never been before. Go to the official White House website and you will not see anything on the Biden Presidency. Don’t believe me go look. If you are adventurous you will ignore the huge picture of President Joe Biden (so you know he is President), but click on The Administration at the top and you will see it is The Biden-Harris Administration. Clearly it is a Biden administration and the VP is part of his administration. Surely two lawyers ought to be able to figure that out!

Did we elect a dual-presidency? I think not! Come to think of it combining them into one president still comes up sorely lacking. This is what happens when two legislators move into the Executive Branch without a concrete plan to move America forward. Their only recourse is to move America BACKWARDS!

So while you’re out there on the White House website find the link for Presidential Actions and you will see the 37+ Executive Orders already signed by President Biden are part of the Biden-Harris plan.

During my life time from Harry Truman to Joe Biden I have never, ever heard of such a thing. How long or Lord must we endure? Will our nation persevere? – I am the Real Truckmaster!



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