Believing the Big Lie


Believing the Big Lie

It’s officially over – the unconstitutional impeachment of former President Donald J. Trump. The verdict – Acquitted of the charge of inciting the insurrection on January 6th 2021. Whether you’re rejoicing, rejecting or indifferent depends on what you believe about “the big lie”.

Did President Trump incite his supporters into a rowdy mob of violent insurrectionists? Did his words at the DC rally cause his supporters to turn and run to the Capital building, bust past the Capital Police, tear into the interior of the nation’s Capital and cause mayhem and destruction?

That is exactly what House Democrats have charged in their totally unconstitutional impeachment of a former president. But what has the “evidence” shown?

It was reported several weeks ago that the first Trump supporters to arrive at the Capital after a 45 minute walk witnessed Antifa members being escorted inside the Capital. It was also reported that Capital Police had opened a downstairs doorway and began waving Trump Supporters inside where they were in awe of the Capital, taking pictures and righting overturned trash receptacles and picking up garbage that had been dumped or spilled out while paying careful attention to stay inside the roped area.

A surveillance video surfaced showing someone placing what appeared to be explosives around the Capital building during the night of January 5th or early morning hours of January 6th. How is it possible that law enforcement did not see or apprehend that person(s) at that time? How does someone get close enough to a prominent structure like the Capital building without being detected?

It has also been reported that the FBI, Capital Police and DHS had been pre-warned of threats of violence in or around the Capital building would be occurring on January 6th. President Trump had declared DC unsafe so that National Guard troops could be called up as a backup for Capitol Police to quell any civil unrest that might arise.

My questions are these –

Why was no reinforced fenced-off area established to cordon off the Capital grounds and security check points established BEFORE January 6th?

Why did it take so long for National Guard troops to be deployed AFTER the insurrection?

Why National Guard troops were being “vetted” for white supremists views and having their integrity and allegiance questioned at a time of national emergency? Is not their allegiance to protect and defend the Constitution?

Why are National Guard troops not billeted and fed in a hotel, conference facility or an established bivouac area instead of a parking garage and why are they still in DC?

Based on the evidence publicly available it is my contention that an insurrection did occur on January 6th and that the responsibility rests with the Mayor of DC who’s Capital Police facilitated entry into the Capital and members of Congress who it has been reported had begun writing the Articles of Impeachment even before January 6th as well as every news organization that gave wings to this outrageous and treasonous act against a sitting President of the United States, and later a private citizen so they could make history as being the most corrupt Congress in American history.

The Senate trial phase was a complete farce as the Democratic House circus atmosphere spun some of the most outrageous lies, altered statements to affect the outcome of this impeachment while American’s have seen through everything.

It is time to impeach members of Congress beginning with Speaker Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Schumer and EVERY OTHER MEMBER OF CONGRESS COMPLICIANT IN THIS WASTED PROCESS.

Failing that I believe a Convention of States is in order to formally abolish this corrupt government body and give America a DO OVER. – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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