The Remaking of a Political Party


The Remaking of a Political Party

Does anyone else find it interesting that the Democratic Party of yesteryear has remade its image into one of…..well should we say a bit un-different? The party that sprang up the likes of the Klu Klux Klan wearing white bedsheets, robes and face coverings after the Civil War has morphed itself into the political party of “wear a facial covering to stop the spread of the virus”.

It used to be that face coverings were to prevent the breathing in of dust particles or facial recognition when someone robbed a bank. Today refusing to wear a facial covering makes you a denier, someone who is trying to kill everyone around them because they don’t want to wear a mask.

During the Trump years in office the very liberal progressive democratic party of today decided to “resist” the annual State of the Union Addresses given by President Trump for their benefit.

How did they resist you ask? One year they all came to the joint session of congress wearing their favorite white bedding attire. That’s right it could have come right out of the pages of the KKK training manual, the section on how to properly wear a scary sheet.

Another time they dressed in African attire that was from the tribe of slave traders as they paraded themselves around the Capital. And who can forget the impression given by Speaker Pelosi as she tore up her copy of the State of the Union on live television and while President Trump was speaking to the nation.

I’m sorry to say that the Democratic Party of today is in totally worse shape than ever before in their party’s history. They remain unremorseful in the distain they hold for Americans who have differing political views or of even their own party who don’t toe the party line.

Barack Obama used the word Audacity in his book title, but he could or should have used Arrogance as how the Obama Democratic Party shamelessly lords themselves over others as if they are a class unto themselves.

I saw a picture of AOC wearing a shirt that said “Tax the Rich” as if that’s a real thing. I’m not rich but I say “Tax the Political Class” you know politicians who achieve political power and finances while in public service and at the expense of others.

It today’s political climate it’s fair to say that the Very Liberal Progressive Left Circle-Back Democratic Party of 2021 has hardly striven to reach this all-time political low. Maybe they should revisit the party mascot and switch to something more their speed like a Sloth or a sea turtle or just maybe a snail or a slug. Slugs are nice at the first touch of salt they simply melt into nothingness. – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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