Rocking the Waters of Racism


Rocking the Waters of Racism

It is hard to ignore what has been going on in our nation for the past 5+ years. We have reports of Cops killing blacks, people attacking Asian women and absolutely nothing reported of black on black violence.

The riots after the George Floyd death in Minneapolis captured the attention of a nation as violent extremists rocked the city in “protest”. As the wrongful death suit against the police officer directly involved in his death appears to be headed for a verdict cities across the nation are being rocked in violence.

Schools in Minneapolis are being closed in anticipation of a not-guilty verdict so that students are not placed in danger. Where are the students expected to be? At home studying feverishly or on the streets rioting with their family and friends?

We are still seeing reports of Antifa and BLM violence in Portland Oregon and other cities across the nation and the latest reports show California Democratic Representative Maxine Waters inciting BLM activists to riot on the streets of Brooklyn New York is unconscionable!

What should be happening is activating the National Guard to strengthen local law enforcement to stop these riots in their tracks by arresting the agitators and their leadership.

Does Congress still maintain a National Guard presence around Pelosi’s “Temple of Democracy”?

Why not protect the people of our nation?

I fail to hear voices of reason coming out of Congress or from the President. All the saber rattling is about gun control (taking away the right to self-defense) while egging on these domestic terrorists as they openly assault society.

Must I remind everyone that the primary responsibility of government is the safety and security of the very people who elected them? Thus far our government has failed. I call it a breach of contract and I want my money back!

I don’t care about political parties or caucus affiliation. I see members of Congress strutting and posturing themselves as they declare what they do is “for the people”, well I have news for every one of those legislators – when you look and act like a congress I wonder from what zoo did you escape?

A congress of baboons is more dignified than you! The biggest threat to our constitutional-republic is Congress in its present form. – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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