Is the Current Immigration System Broken?


Is the Current Immigration System Broken?

We’ve been told that immigration is a human right and fences on borders are wrong. These hordes of migrants to and through our southern border are simply refugees seeking a better life and the masses of unaccompanied minors are the real tragedy. The Biden administration has virtually torn down the border wall by waving the red, white and blue democratic flag inviting migrants into our country. Investigative reporting have uncovered discarded identification and passport documents on the Mexican side of the Rio Grande where migrants are told that it is harder for US authorities to track or identify them without those documents.

Well let me tell you this is unconstitutional, inaccurate and totally the wrong approach. Democratic legislators like AOC have gone so far as to coach illegal migrants on how to take advantage of child care tax credits of which they are not entitled. The Biden DOJ has thrown in the towel in stopping, checking or refusing entry of migrants, unless they are political and religious refugees fleeing the oppressive regime in Communist Cuba.

The result of this broken immigration system is that migrants infected with COVID-19 are not only being allowed into the country, but are bussed to the far corners of the nation where they are inserted by authorities knowing full well the health, safety and welfare of American citizens are not at great risk.

There is no plan to track or follow or monitor the thousands of illegal and undocumented aliens already in the country, or the ones continuing to cross our southern border.

I’m not the smartest cookie in the box, but I’m old enough to remember when very early in 2017 President Trump sat down with congressional leaders of both parties and urged them to conduct a comprehensive reform of immigration and to fix DACA as only they were constitutionally charged to do. So what happened?

Absolutely nothing!

I also remember when President Obama began flooding illegal migrants across our southern border during the 8 years of his administration, and what we are seeing now would have occurred had Hillary succeeded him in becoming president in 2017. The funny thing (not really) is that Obama, Biden and Hillary were all senatorial running buddies and could have easily fixed immigration a long time ago, but they didn’t.

It is still a violation of federal immigration laws to aid and abet migrants coming into the country without proper documentation. So from President Biden, his administration, the DOJ and members of Congress to aggressively ignore their constitutional responsibility to provide for the safety and welfare of American citizens I’m at a loss as to why there are not active law suits against specific individuals charging them with willfully subverting the Constitution, or even the treasonous acts of aiding an invading force the sovereignty of the United States. At the very least each individual in elected or appointed office should face charges of impeachment.

President Biden must close the border by executive order or decree until such time as the COVID-19 pandemic is fully under control, all illegal aliens have been expelled and deported back to their homelands and every US legislator, politician or government worker, private legal worker and/or attorney has been held accountable, charged and prosecuted for their role in this deception. – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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