On Biden Response to Afghanistan Crisis


On Biden Response to Afghanistan Crisis

I try not to become emotionally involved in what’s happening in global events. I watch in pure disbelief at the travesty that has been hoist upon the people of Afghanistan by President Biden who literally threw the entire region under the bus. Why did he feel the urgent need to go to pull out of Afghanistan at the expense of the Afghanistan people and the safety and security of Americans working to stop the Taliban and the rise of ISIS in that region? More importantly where were his key military advisors? Where was the military leadership? Are there not contingencies for actions such as this? Do we not know how to pull out of an area militarily? How is it that the Biden administration feels the need to evacuate Afghans while leaving Americans in the region hanging out to dry? If we don’t get them out, who will – the French, the British or maybe the Pakistan military will intervene?

Like many of my fellow veterans to say I am miffed is an understatement. We NEVER leave our own behind. If they can’t walk on their own, or they are dead we WILL bring them home.

What part of that do these Radical Left-Leaning Liberal Democrats not understand?

Were my ears deceiving me when Joe Biden begged the Taliban to give Americans access to the airport so they could leave? What about when he begged for an extension of time for evacuations? And when he handed over highly sensitive military equipment and weapons was it to entice the Taliban to take better care of the Afghan people?

Why are we evacuating Afghans but not Americans?

How is it that the Biden administration can order airlines to fly large numbers of Afghan refugees to American cities, yet nobody is there to direct them into refugee camps or facilities?

It pains me that this crisis in Afghanistan could have been avoided had there been competent military leadership advising the President on how to properly and safely draw down our forces in Afghanistan.

What is the difference between the Joe Biden administration and the Boy Scouts? Anyone care to take a guess?

……… I’ll wait (but not long)?

The difference between the Joe Biden administration and the Boy Scouts is ADULT SUPERVISION!

The United States Military is the best trained in the world. Our equipment is the most advanced technologically superior of any other nation. Why are we not reclaiming our footing in Afghanistan, recovering our weapons from the hands of enemy forces and making a difference?

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link!

Our weakest links are Radical Left-Leaning Liberal Democratic politicians and those who allow themselves to be coerced or bullied into compliance thereby making them complicit.

Where during this entire crisis is the president’s National Security Council? Who is in the Situation Room monitoring events as they are happening? Who is communicating with commanders on the ground, advising and directing the evacuation?

We have a president who routinely leaves the White House for his home in Delaware or Camp David (seems to be interchangeable) while Americans are being beaten, harassed and detained by the Taliban as they try to get to the airport.

We have the Secretary of Defense and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs saying we don’t have the capability of recovering large number of Americans in Afghanistan. These are the people responsible for advising the President on military affairs?

Are they providing competent military advice?

Is the president even listening?

We have State department officials saying it’s not sensible to try rescuing Americans, while instructing American citizens to download a loan contract, gather their documents and basically get out on their own or pay a $2,500 evacuation fee if they go to the airport that is too dangerous for them to get to.

We have a Vice President on her Asian tour seemingly oblivious to the plight of Americans in harm’s way.

We have a congress in recess or so it seems. House Speaker Pelosi at an upscale fundraiser in Napa Valley, California and Senate Majority Leader Schumer dancing in the streets with television personalities all while American’s are attempting to self-evacuate from Afghanistan. It really does seem that with Congress and the Administration the light is on, but nobody is home.

I read about veterans using various tools to direct evacuees around Taliban checkpoints and about Americans being rescued by military forces other than the United States and I know there is hope. – I am the Real Truckmaster!



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