America is in a Tight Spot


America is in a Tight Spot

We have finally come to the point in time where the Democratic leadership of our nation has placed America in a precarious position on the world stage and in history. The hunger for power and more power have sent our nation into crisis mode.

As noted by prominent politicians during the campaigns and after the 2016 presidential election “Elections have Consequences”. Many of those consequences were a spree of hateful and disrespectful actions, words and events that forever changed the climate of American politics. We saw allegation after allegation leading to impeachment after impeachment all because of the threatened loss of power.

The culmination of those events came during the 2020 presidential election where rules were ignored, laws were broken and the system of choosing a president was seriously disrupted. Once again we see that “Elections have Consequences” as a democratically controlled Legislative Branch and Executive Branch have taken America in a direction ignoring existing laws of the land which are written in the US Constitution they have sworn to uphold.

We are experiencing economic downturn as a direct result of bad domestic and foreign policy by the sitting president. So bad are the effects of his policies that the entire nation is held in limbo.

Democratically controlled cities and blue states are allowing lawlessness and anarchy to flourish as governors, mayors and city managers instruct law enforcement to stand down and not interfere.

Oil production has been seriously hampered, placing our dependency on foreign oil production.

Expanded budget deficit is placing our national debt into a deep dark hole that will seriously harm our nation for years to come.

Democratically sanctioned illegal immigration has placing our nation at serious risk of disease and national security concerns of human trafficking, drug smuggling and terrorist infiltration.

Hastily pulling US troops out of Afghanistan places thousands of American and Afghan and the lives of others in danger while expanding the opportunity for terroristic activity in the countries where refugees are sent.

The US pull out has placed $B of military weapons, equipment and $$ into the hands of terrorists who have been emboldened by the rantings of a weak president who at this point is nothing more than a figurehead in the White House as someone obviously is pulling his strings.

POTUS Line of succession

Joe Biden (D) POTUS

(1) Kamala Harris (D) Vice President

(2) Nancy Pelosi (D) Speaker of the House

(3) Patrick Leahy (D) President Pro Tempore

(4) Anthony Blinken (D) Secretary of State

(5) Janet Yellen (D) Secretary of the Treasury

(6) Lloyd Austin (D) Secretary of Defense

(7) Merrick Garland (D) Attorney General

It’s been said that Joe Biden is the worst American president in the history of our nation and nobody could be worse, but as I look at the current line of succession it could get worse in a New York minute. – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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