Clear as Mud


Clear as Mud

Here’s my take on recent discussions about the pandemic and how it is affecting everyone. We are told the virus is bad, really bad and we must take every precaution to keep from spreading the virus to others. Initially we were told to stay home, wear a mask and self-isolate for 15 days to stop the spread.

It’s now been more than 18 months and we’re told the virus is mutating into different variants and becoming more deadly every day. Competent sources say that this is a manmade virus and it doesn’t respond as a virus normally would, because when a virus mutates it becomes less deadly and weaker.

Over time more questions than answers keep coming up and the really smart, educated people are clueless or when asked pointed questions we are told to follow the science.

However there is no science when it comes to a virus such as this.

What I know from military experience and training is that before going into or through a biologically hazardous area or environment everyone must suit up, masks on and stay that way until clearing the area or hearing the command “all clear”. Next the decontamination process where all contaminants are removed and disposed of, before moving to personal decontamination showers, pitting on clean clothes and going about your daily business or assigned tasks.

I see none of that happening.

We are told being outside, direct sunlight and fresh air are best for breaking down the virus, so why are Eskimos on the Arctic Circle fishing with masks or face coverings unless it is to ward off the frigid cold? We are also told that heat from the sun kills the virus, but everyone in every nation on earth are being told to mask up. Don’t go walking outside without wearing your mask, social distance, and don’t talk to anyone except your own family members. No swimming, bicycling or running unless you’re wearing a mask – Ridiculous!

Firemen preparing to go into a smoke filled building put on their protective gear and carry oxygen to insure their survival during a structure fire. Doctors and nurses going into surgery don gowns and N95 or surgical masks, gloves, booties and gowns which are disposed of after surgery. Doctors and nurses in hospital wards wear masks and gloves when tending patients, and then discard them before entering another patient’s room. Dentists wear masks and gloves when working in a patient’s mouth. They take every precaution to prevent spreading germs and disease between patients.

Painters use boots, gloves, suits and reportorial masks when painting.

Deep sea divers use wet suits, masks, fins and air when preparing to enter the ocean.

Fighter pilots or astronauts use pressure suits, masks, gloves and helmets with access to oxygen when preparing to head into the sky.

So if the virus is as deadly as they say it is, why are we being told that paper, disposable masks are okay? Why are we treating it haphazardly?

Where are the hazmat disposal containers, decontamination stations and serious safety equipment?

Then there are exceptions: Dances, dinners, parties for the liberal elite, but gatherings are super-spreader events for conservatives. Ball games are okay because it’s only for a few hours. Migrants coming across the southern border are exempt from COVID mandates, but international travelers must mask up, show proof of being vaccinated and then social distance in order to fly into or out of US cities.

Who has the power to make these exemptions? Whether it’s on a local, national or international level, who has the ultimate power to grant these exemptions? Politicians spend their entire “careers” fighting for power and rarely give it up willingly. Remember the cure should never be worse than the disease.

Who is the top dog, making decisions for me but not for thee? – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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