All Hat No Cowboy

CBP Mounted Officer apprehending illegal migrant near Del Rio, Texas


All Hat No Cowboy

Never leave a crisis untouched seems to be the Democratic Party motto.

Don’t worry that thousands of foreign invaders coming into from the Caribbean and elsewhere, through Mexico where they’ve been crossing the border at Del Rio, Texas and other places illegally. Or that they are bringing in a host of documented plagues and illnesses that have been previously wiped out in the US for quite a number of years.

A photographer taking pictures of CBP mounted officers intercepting illegal Haitian migrants was seized upon by President Biden, Vice President Harris, several democratic members of congress, the press and on social media falsely alleging that officers were whipping Haitian migrants.

Unless those making these accusations had just a little bit of horse sense they would have known that what they were seeing were officers maneuvering horses around the migrants using split reigns that control the horses movements.

That makes Joe Biden and the entire democratic kabakole qualify as all hat but no cowboy. Even Florida Representative “cowgirl” Frederica Wilson should have known that or she disqualifies herself from even wearing her purple cowboy hat.

Don’t be fooled by the obvious illegal entry into the US is a federal crime. Those who aid and abet aliens from illegally entering the country are criminals and should be punished.

From my perspective Joe Biden is like a trapped animal lashing out at those attempting to protect him. He’s insulted virtually every American citizen by his words, his actions, his political agenda, his foreign policy and to make matters worse with a “pandemic” like COVID seemingly getting worse (more cases) and failing to attribute the increase to the more than 200,000 undocumented, unvaccinated and unhealthy foreign invaders at HIS invitation, our nation is less safer than it was just 9 months ago.

Will somebody please help senile Joe off the horsey ride over at the Wallymart? – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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