God Created the Box

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God Created the Box

Why is it so hard for man to live as God intended? We look at life through the skewed perspective of one of God’s creation, but we think everything revolved around us. Does that come from our upbringing, our environment, (who our parents are, where we live, go to school) or where we work?

We see things in black and white where everything is either right or wrong. The trouble with that is with our interpretation of what is right and what is wrong, what is the baseline?

Religion tells us to be good to others because what you do will come back to you – Karma. You are a human in this life, but in the next you may be something lessor, like a frog.

What we see from Hollywood says we must be thinner, or muscular, or lighter, darker or something that we are not meant to be. Surely if there is a god in heaven he must have made a mistake and we spend our life living a lie. We don’t love who we are and we think God made a mistake when he created us.

We are so caught up living inside the box we have created for ourselves, like actors on a stage. We must look a certain way, live a certain way and act a certain way to stay within the norm of our “box” life.

Biblical teaching says to love one another as God loves us. We are to love others as we love ourselves. We are to love God and when within our power to live peaceably with others.

Man has this unique way, maybe it’s more of an insecure way of looking at God. We think that God surely should have done things differently. If he is real, he wouldn’t let people do what they do to other people. But then whether through ignorance or arrogance we collectively stand up for the right to choose death to others and that’s okay.

God told us not to kill, covet, worship other gods, and disobey our parents, steal or gossip. He wrote them in stone and we have passed it down from generation to generation, and we choose to ignore his commandments. Even though he said it would prolong our life.

We think we are indestructible. We search for the secret to the fountain of youth. We use plastic surgery, skin creams and lotions to slow the aging process. We blame everything on climate change, when we as humans may be the biggest part of that change.

There are many who put God in a box, like a genie in a bottle or an insurance policy – just in case of emergency. We forget one teeny weeny little thing – God is not man that he should lie, and God created the box in which we live. God is always accessible on “Faithtime” – try him!

We could never create a box large enough or strong enough to contain God, Creator of Life! – I am the Real Truckmaster!


MeWe.Com/The_Real_Truckmaster_Series – 2021

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