California – Nightmare for Truckers


California – Nightmare for Truckers

The news declares that ships stacking up at the international shipping ports are the culprit behind the ever deepening logistical and supply line shortage affecting goods and services at stores nationwide, like the toilet paper shortage of 2020.

President Biden says his administration is “on it” to get those ships offloaded in short order. This is the same administration that is pressing forward with mandating the jab for truckers who traditionally travel alone or in driving pairs and pose no threat of spreading the C19 virus.

Florida Governor DeSantis said bring those backlogged ships to Florida and they will easily get offloaded and distributed. What’s not being talked about is that for each container ship docked at the ports in California they would have to get to Florida which is no easy task.

In fact each container ship would have several options:

  • Transit around South America and back up to the Florida coast,
  • Transit the Panama Canal no longer under US control, resulting in a tremendous backlog of ships waiting to transit the canal and incurs a huge price tag to pass through the canal.
  • Continue waiting in the queue for a turn at getting unloaded.
  • Turn around and return to the overseas port of origin and wait to be unloaded.  

Meanwhile back in California this insight from an over the road trucker provides an entirely new take on what’s happening under Governor Newsome.

The news says the California port situation is caused by a driver shortage. It’s easy to blame it on these logistical truckers who travel millions of miles annually bringing the goods. Before we believe the news that has a track record of misinformation let us take a look at California laws affecting truckers,

California Truck Ban called AB 5:

  • Bans ALL trucks 2011 and older.
  • Prohibits Owner Operators (self-employed non-union drivers).
  • Trucks must become electric by 2035 or become illegal.
  • Trucks manufactured before 2010 that have not met the new Truck and Bus Regulation as of 2020 are automatically blocked from being registered at statewide DMVs.
  • New “health-based requirements” must be met before drivers are allowed to register his or her truck through the DMV.

California is the state that blocked plastic straws, not homeless campers on city streets statewide.

California is the state that recently banned small lawnmower engines.

California is no longer a business friendly state.

As a retired military truck driver I would not recommend having my professional career cut short by idiotic PC rules, regulations, laws or mandates. I recommend relocation from California to a state where freedom, personal rights and professional opportunity abound.

It began with a manmade biological agent (virus) unleashed upon the world, leading to self-isolation, masks and social distancing, dividing the populace as essential vs non-essential, getting the jab to stop the spread to where we are currently vaxx vs unvaxx. We will never reach a point where this C19 ceases to be a threat or an item of controlling the global population with vaxx passports. There is one immediate option – JUST SAY NO! – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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