We Were Not Created to Live in Fear


We Were Not Created to Live in Fear

After several conversations with family and friends I feel compelled to tell everyone that God created man in his image and said to go forth and multiply and have dominion over the earth. I find nowhere in scripture where God said to live in a perpetual state of fear.

When God sent angels to deliver messages to men and women in the bible, the first thing they said was “fear not” and Jesus told his disciples to fear not for I am with you always. I’m not a bible scholar so I don’t know how many times in the bible we are told not to be afraid, but it must be a lot.

We are told that we are fearfully and wonderfully made in the image of our creator and contrary to popular belief God has never made a mistake when he created you or me. Whether it is humans or animals God created them male and female, not the 57 + genders that is being forced down our throats.

We must not be dissuaded or allow ourselves to accept the constant fear of dying from a virus that has swept across the globe primarily because of the internet. The SARS virus has been around for a very long time and it always plays out in the end. What is different about the C19 China virus is that man decided to manipulate this virus for nefarious purposes.

What began as experiments in high level labs here in the US a few short years ago was turned loose on the world stage in a place called Wuhan, China. Whether an accident or an act of biological warfare does not matter, but the media enhanced scare around the globe have many fearful of dying from exposure to the virus.

We should never allow ourselves to be cornered into an “isolation box” or separated from family and friends over what might happen. We should use common sense in everything we do and remain committed to living our life the way God intended – giving all honor, glory and power to him.

I have it from a good source that NOBODY is getting out of life alive. Death has a 100% mortality rate and there are no survivors.

Live as if there is no tomorrow.

If you had only one thing to do in this lifetime it would be to humble yourself before God and ask for forgiveness of your sin and ask Jesus to come into your heart.

Then when death comes knocking, eternity is just one last breath away. Heaven or Hell, the choice is yours to make? Don’t let them ask – did he live, but let them shout – HE LIVED FOR JESUS! – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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