My Take on Systematic Racism in Congress


My Take on Systematic Racism in Congress

After hearing it thrown about online and in the news I asked myself what is systematic racism? It seems that the answers vary because everyone has their own definition, depending on both the one asking and the one being asked.

Systematic Racism is to unfairly elevate one ethnic or racial group over another in education, employment or life in general by a “rigged” corporate system or governmental program.

The embodiment of systematic racism currently active in the halls of Congress is a single group of legislators who single out and solicit membership solely on the basis of race. Membership in the Congressional Black Caucus is limited to African-American or dark skinned legislators regardless of political party affiliation. Their alumni include former president Obama and Vice President Harris.

To be fair, not all black legislators belong to the CBC. Those who choose not to join are listed on the CBC official government website as a means of shaming them for not joining. Also when a white legislator tried to join he was refused because of the color of his skin.

The CBC has self-appointed themselves as the race police in government, seeking out racism where it can be found, so long as it’s not an inward search. Since the snubbing by President Nixon, the CBC has opposed EVERY GOP president and even other legislators who don’t buy into their agenda.

During the Trump administration the many faces and voices of the CBC made public displays of “resistance” anything Trump. They spoke out on camera calling for violence against the president, his family and his administration officials and White House staff and their families as well as other legislators who chose not to stand with them.

Today we hear little from Representatives Maxine Waters, Frederica Wilson, and others who jumped at the chance to belittle, hassle and conduct character assassination of Trump, his administration officials and his MAGA supporters. Other prominent CBC voices are permanently silent. Still others are seeking the limelight more and more.

I have a suggestion that any corporation or government agency that tolerates and/or encourages institutional or systematic racism should be defunded, shuttered and closed for good. Officials who intentionally facilitate or violate racist behavior in word, deed or action should be held fully accountable.

There is no room for racism in its many forms in our society, after all we are all of one-race = the Human Race! – I am the Real Truckmaster!

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One thought on “My Take on Systematic Racism in Congress

  1. After living to be 72, and witnessing racism firsthand in the 50s in Texas, I can say that there are as many black racists as white. Nowadays, maybe more thanks to Obama and BLM-type groups. Just when we thought the country had moved on a bit, then bam, we are back to the 1950s south. I will not apologize for being a white dude, and neither should a black American do the same. Nothing is systemic, that’s a trigger word, an earworm, or a talking point from our dear leftist. Good read truckmaster.


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