Going About Things the Wrong Way


Going About Things the Wrong Way

It is not only Democrats that do things the wrong way, not because they are unable to do things right or correctly, but because they choose to and often blame global warming or climate change.

Well let’s put climate change into perspective, from the instant that God created the world and had it rotating on its axis AND rotating around the sun both have gone counter-clockwise (turning left).

Man created Democrats so that when common sense goes right, they go left.

Ever since Al Gore created the internet we have been brow-beaten into believing the unbelievable, following “science” that is nothing more than conjecture or someone’s theory, like when almost everyone believed the world was flat…….

Today the theory is that refusing to get the jab forcibly is a danger to society, when it is simply a matter of choosing what seems right and safe for yourself and your family.

Making masks mandatory was the first step – compliance!

Now that the entire planet has turned hard left, it’s time to bring back common sense.

Masks don’t work and getting the jab doesn’t keep you from getting the virus either.

Forcing the will of the people by spreading fear is simply a control tactic of the Democratic left using the media to keep America divided.

Remove the mandates, stop threatening job security, loss of income, freedom of travel and let those who choose to do, and those who don’t, – don’t!

America is called the land of the free for a reason & it is worth fighting for! – I am the Real Truckmaster!


MeWe.Com/The_Real_Truckmaster_Series – 2021

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