On Postal Service Banking Services


On Postal Service Banking Services

I’ll make it short and sweet (well not so much if you’re a postal administrator or supervisor). It is a well-known fact (or should be) that a combination of things contribute to the USPS continuing to run at a loss. Whether it be stretching outdated equipment or vehicles to the breaking point; overworking employees to their breaking point; the inability to terminate or fire incompetent or non-productive employees; or the inherently massive rules and regulations that govern the operation of the monstrous postal behemoth, maybe the answer is quite simple, don’t branch out into banking services – Privatize.

Take away USPS employees Federal Employee status, terminate it, and just stop it cold! Employees who decide not to transition over to Postal Service, Inc. employees can seek federal employment elsewhere in the federal government, retire or be terminated. Those who are retired will continue to draw their retiree pay, only it will be moved over to another Federal Pay Status Account – FORMER USPS RETIREES.

Rather than retain USPS through contractor services a newly formed Postal Service, Inc. will be created to assume operation over a 5-year transitioning period at which time this fledgling corporation will become fully online with new mail handling and sorting equipment, vehicles and modern up-to-date regulations for handling mail (letters to packages). The price of the traditional “forever” stamps will remain constant “forever” without the need to continually raise prices, as of the time for abolishing the tired old US Postal System.

Take the queue from Amazon, FedEx, Google or UPS and turn it into a profitable enterprise. – I am the Real Truckmaster!


MeWe.Com/The_Real_Truckmaster_Series – 2021

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