Reflections of Phase Two J6 plus 365

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Reflections of Phase Two J6 plus 365

It’s hard to believe that one year ago a plan that I call “Phase Two” was precisely and deliberately executed at our nation’s capital. It required advance planning, logistics and inside knowledge by members of congress and the departments of defense and justice and 365 days later we are still in the dark about this complex and massive hoax perpetuated on America.  

There have been more than 750 arrests resulting in detention without charges thereby denying the constitutional rights of Americans at the hands of the very organizers of the hoax that disrupted the very election process being held on that day.

When will these “innocent until proven guilty”, alleged-offenders have their day in court to face their accusers? When will they be afforded bail so they can consult with their attorney’s to work on their defense?

When will the actual participants working under secrecy and the opus of federal agencies be outed for their part in executing this hoax? When will they be held accountable for their unlawful actions on that fateful day? When will the killer of Ashlie Babbitt be held accountable for shooting and killing this unarmed and clearly no threat to life or safety of any capital police officers that day?

We have clearly seen the events leading up to the November 3rd Presidential Election were in fact “Phase One” meant to take down the sitting President of the United States #45 by any means necessary, culminating in the J6 attack by members of the Democratically led Congress, both House and Senate.

The circus atmosphere of House Committees conducting “Impeachments I & II of Donald Trump” reflect the same aurora in this J6 Committee which is more concerned in attacking a confused American public than seeking the truth of 365 days ago.

On November 3rd 2020 American voters spoke with a clear voice that was then drowned out by corrupt and deceitful politicians at local, state and federal election level offices as revealed by a number of state voting records that show without question election fraud, with arrests forthcoming.

Until every corrupt elected or appointed official is held accountable and faced the consequences of their actions over the past 5+ years by voters and in the courts what we see happening will only be a drop in the bucket of political corruption. This should never be viewed as a political party versus political party issue, but an American issue that brings together all Americans. – I am the Real Truckmaster!

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