All Roads

from The Chosen


All Roads

This will be short and sweet. I was read FB posts from fans of The Chosen a crowd funded television show about the life of Jesus and one comment has stayed with me, a girl said something like after watching The Chosen she was struck by Jesus always being there, where we’re at even before we get there (paraphrased by me).

It was then that I realized all roads lead to Jesus. Heartache, heartbreak, sadness, sorrow, pity, self-pity, gloominess – they all take us to a place in our lives where we become ready to meet the real need in our lives and that need is Jesus. And we are told by Jesus that nobody comes to the Father except through him.

Life is but a journey, be it wonderful or dreadful it’s not about us. It’s never been about us. It’s about the Holy Spirit orchestrating events in our life that sets us up to meet Jesus at the foot of the cross, so we can continue on our journey to the Father in heaven.

If you haven’t watched this new and exciting television program, it’s available on The Chosen app (android or iPhone) for free. You can then cast it to your television through Roku by adding the VidAngel channel (input the code to your phone) and I suggest viewing “The Messenger” pilot. Then work your way through season 1 (8 episodes) and season 2 (8 episodes), then watch Christmas with the Chosen, all at your own pace.

Open your bible and begin to read God’s Word with a new understanding.

When you #BelieveHim, you can #BeWithHim! – I am the Real Truckmaster!

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