Eggs in a Basket


Eggs in a Basket

There’s a reason for not putting all of your eggs in one basket and it may be lost on anyone who hasn’t been on or around a farm. We’ve been told by politicians in recent memory that do as I say or you’re public enemy number one.

Social distance = keeps us safe

Inoculations = keeps us safe

Masks = keeps us safe

Stay home = keeps us safe

Give up your guns = keeps us safe

Vote democrat = keeps us safe

Don’t spread misinformation = keeps us safe

All gas powered vehicles must become eVehicles = to keep us safe

Opening the nation’s border = keeps us safe

Parents don’t challenge school curriculum = public enemy, domestic terrorists

Support MAGA = public enemy, domestic terrorists, white supremacy, hate group

NRA = sponsors domestic terrorism

GOP = un-American, bad for our nation

Patriotism = fosters white supremacy

The list could go on indefinitely and all it does is foster hatred, division and disunity.

Hillary called it “a basket of deplorables” while JB used “lying pony soldiers” and worse to show their superiority over average Americans.

Trump called it “Making America Great Again” and was continually roasted over the coals for his insightful hate speeches.

Americans have hoisted 546 eggs into one huge swamp basket to represent the federal government, add to that presidential appointments, other elected officials at federal, state and local governments and what he have now is a colossal failure to communicate.  As heat is applied those eggs scream their superiority at the top of their lungs and emit a stench unlike any the world has every smelt!

It’s time to get real!

We have all been created equal. Nobody is above the law or exempt from the consequences of their action. We must hold ourselves and each other accountable. If not, who will?

There is a saying “if you can see it, you can be it”, so apply that to the stench of unethical, un-American and un-civilized treatment which we freely apply to our fellow man and nobody comes out smelling like a rose. Advertisers want us to get “all we deserve” and without the grace of Almighty God we will very well get exactly what we deserve. We have but one life to live. Nobody and I mean nobody is getting out alive! – I am the Real Truckmaster!

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