Abstract Thought


Abstract Thought

Here is my list:

  1. Asylum Seekers = fleeing persecution should go to the first or closest nation and apply for asylum; fleeing through other countries without claiming asylum is a sign of deceit.
  2. Climate Change and Pollution = by design the climate has and will always be in a state of flux (change), we have an obligation to live responsibly and not squander or waste our natural resources.
  3. Defund Police = impeding law enforcement enables lawless individuals and threatens the safety and security of society.
  4. Domestic Terrorists = inflict lawlessness, mayhem, chaos and fear into society; enemies of the state.
  5. Dreamers = simply a term used to categorize and justify illegal migrants.
  6. Equity = there can never be equity in life so long as one man simply seeks what another man has.
  7. Human Race = mankind is created equal by God; run your race fairly so as to claim your prize.
  8. Inoculate to protect against the “Corona” virus = getting the jab must remain a personal choice as the resulting consequences are personal; does not protect against being infected.
  9. One God = live to serve God above all else. Obey the Commandments of God. Love God, each other and whenever possible live peacefully with all men.
  10. Open Border = weakens national security while orderly crossings promote tourism.
  11. Patriotism = pride for country, not excusing past or perceived atrocities but working to make the nation better.
  12. Racism = treating people differently according to the color of their skin or ethnic background; affirmative action is simply a form of racism.
  13. Reparations = casting guilt on another for the color of their skin and requiring monetary payments is racist and is called extortion.
  14. Resist government = resisting an unjust government is the right and responsibility of every citizen; attempting to overthrow an elected official may be called treasonous.
  15. Slow or stop the aging process = the circle of life cannot be stopped or slowed by surgery or “health” food supplements; man is appointed to be born and once to die. You only take out what you bring in to this life.
  16. Undocumented migrants = unvetted migration threatens the safety and national security of a nation.
  17. Welfare = receiving assistance in lieu of working is nothing more than indentured servitude binding the receiver to the government. A hand up, not a hand out!
  18. Wokeness = political or religious prosecution is unlawful under the Constitution.
  19. Women’s right to choose = cannot infringe upon the rights of another to life. Sexual promiscuity or convenience outside of marriage is called sin.

This list could continue infinitely and is used to confuse and create division. We have but one life to live, so live wisely and let the mark you make be a lasting tribute to God. – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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