Actions Speak Louder Than Words


Actions Speak Louder Than Words

The political climate in America is not affected by the social postings of armchair politicians who frequently tell us to “do as I say, just not as I do.” And it wouldn’t surprise me if Saul Alinsky had been a senior professor specializing in disruptive tactics at a covert and hidden CIA training facility or even a Society for Creative Radical and Extreme War University (SCREW U) for political reporters and correspondents (satire).

I base my premise on the fact that Alinsky believed and wrote books on how to disrupt government and the CIA is infamous in clandestine operations around the world doing the exact same thing and to the point that foreign leaders and governments have routinely failed. So why let the US Constitution block such efforts here at home? At this point both Alinsky tactics and CIA operational methods have become imbedded inside our own government as well as the news networks nationwide.  

When the leader of the free world rescues US Citizens (teenagers) breaking the law during a foreign goodwill tour in China and correspondents take it upon themselves to demonize the rescuer, yet hardly raise an eyebrow when his predecessor abandons US Citizens (civilians) and their allies, military equipment, weapons of war and pallets of cash, handing the “keys to the kingdom” to the enemy bent on taking over the duly elected government in Afghanistan, I wonder where their individual and corporate loyalties lie?

When Trump as the leader of this nation promoted patriotism and national identity the backlash was overwhelming, but when his predecessor literally and figuratively destroys American lives and livelihood; businesses struggling to stay open; personal freedoms and liberties are curtailed by presidential mandates and we are told to suck it up or you are the problem, I wonder where did common sense go?

Every time an event involving foreign state actors happens we are told not to mention the location or nationality as it fuels racial hatred; yet we are being conditioned to hate and apologize for being white. And in American cities criminal conduct is being de-criminalized or not prosecuted because of what – racial identity – A recent announcement in a democrat community that criminals attempting to car-jack a police vehicle will not be prosecuted?

Our society has been brain-washed to the point that even in light of the obviously demented state of our nation’s president, even now there are those who believe he’s doing a wonderful job of keeping our nation – safe and prosperous, when the opposite is clear.

To them I say – look at their records from inauguration day until end of term or present. Gage the economy, the job market, national debt and overreaching government agencies.

Can you honestly say your life is better then or now? – I am the Real Truckmaster!

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