Open Borders Open Minds


Open Borders Open Minds

There still seems to be confusion when it comes to migration versus refugees and often it is fueled by political misinformation. It is now possible to travel within Europe without worrying about borders and there are those who feel it should be possible to travel freely anywhere around the globe the same way.

The United States is a nation of immigrants, a melting pot of people from many races and ethnicities who come here for a better life. There are many who flee political, religious or racial oppression and travel many miles to escape. Others come here to work and send money to support their families back home. And yes there are many who make a profit off the misfortunes of others and will do whatever they can to take advantage of the less fortunate. The purpose of immigration laws is to insure that criminal and undesirable migration does not happen.

The idealists want to tear down the walls and open the borders while religionists want to create sanctuaries where refugees can be protected and politicians create laws that are ineffective or inhibit the flow of immigrants while making it impossible to affordably, easily or speedily migrate into our nation. In some cases rather than change laws to streamline or ease rules of entry other politicians simply ignore the laws and are complicit in breaking immigration laws for political or monitory gain while creating misinformation campaigns to distract the public from their lawless actions and cause racial division.

Constitutionally it is the President who can restrict or restore immigration from various regions. It is the Congress who creates immigration bills for the president to sign into law. It is the responsibility of Homeland Security to insure migration into the country is in accordance to current immigration laws.

Therefore the present practice of the Biden administration to allow unfettered entry through the US-Mexico border endangers American citizens and residents and threatens national security, while transporting migrants in the dead of night by air or by land to the interior of the nation is unlawful. How do we justify the continued screening of travelers through our international airports and water entry points, while suspending the rules along our southern border?

Don’t be confused.

Asylum seekers should seek refuge in the nearest nation. Those desiring to come to America can do so at the nearest US Embassy or US Consulate and wait for their paperwork to be processed.

Laborers can apply for work permits to enter this country and must abide by the terms of the work permit.

Immigrants seeking residency can also apply.

Orderly migration is always the way to enter into the United States. To do otherwise is unlawful can result in being banned from entry. Those who assist in unlawful entry are law breakers and should be punished in accordance with the law. When immigration laws are flawed, they should be changed by the legislative process, not ignored. – I am the Real Truckmaster!

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