They Say He is a Liar


They Say He is a Liar

If you’ve followed my RTM blogs on social media you know that I’m a huge support of Donald J. Trump and I make no apologies for being a MAGA fan who loves God, my family and the country of my birth. So recently a when a new FB friend thought it was unbelievable that I (being a man of faith) could support Trump because he is a liar, my response to him was “Aren’t we all”?

Ever since that short exchange I’ve thought about how could anyone believe the political attacks, and outright dirty dealings levied against Trump during the campaign and throughout his term in office and continue to this day, unless you know firsthand?

To me what is even more troubling is that men and women of faith, those who call themselves Christians would get caught up in nothing more than the spreading of gossip about a man who had it all and yet chose to stand up and follow the leading of the Holy Spirit in what was revealed to him through prophesy as a God ordained run for the presidency in 2015. Think about it!

As I have written previously, when Trump came down the staircase at Trump Tower and made his announcement, like everyone else I thought it was a joke. During the first RNC debate he wasn’t taken seriously. During the second RNC debate I felt he went too far as began attacking his political opponents in the RNC and the DNC’s favorite daughter – Hillary Clinton. Trump went for the political jugular! When Trump got the RNC nomination I took it as a sign of hope for America. Here was a man fighting to build a better country and return our nation to it justly deserved greatness, as God had intended. I knew that if Hillary won it would have been a continuation of the Obama administration and America would have been in serious trouble. The campaign had unleashed a firestorm of allegations and accusations of sexual impropriety by Trump which did not deter or disrupt Trump winning the election and I knew that God had other plans, but I still didn’t know the backstory behind the Trump victory.

I watched the inauguration on January 20, 2016 and observed congressional hostility as the Democrats openly boycotted as a sign of “resistance”. It was much more than that. In my opinion it was the beginning of the treasonous insurrection to unseat the duly elected President of the United States.

Almost immediately President Trump reached out to congressional leaders. He urged them to do something legislatively to fix Obama’s unconstitutional Executive Order on DACA so he could sign it officially into law. He urged them to conduct a comprehensive reform of immigration. He urged them to restore a House rule that would restore the smooth flow of legislation. Did they listen? Did they grasp the olive branch extended by the President? Did anything change? No, Democrats came out with a televised charge of Trump being a racist toward Haitians.

The arrogance of Congress was appalling. During a meeting in the Oval Office former Speaker Pelosi said to President Trump, “You don’t know the importance I bring to this meeting!” I saw that as a threat.

Then the 2016 incident of the California high school basketball players caught stealing sunglasses during an overseas “goodwill” tour in China. They were placed under house arrest in their hotel by Chinese authorities and released only after President Trump intervened and arranged to have them flown home to their families. Did any of them publicly or privately say thank you? No, and one of the adults on tour with the basketball players was a father who said it was no big deal. A student who did apologize said he was made to do it to avoid discipline from the school.

So why am I so committed to supporting President Trump you might ask?

I began to wonder about whether Donald J. Trump had any faith and if so in what or whom? Being a self-made-man with all the bells and whistles that we call success I wondered did he know God? I mean I wanted to know was Trump a Christian? I heard of men claiming to believe in many religions so that when they die they’re “covered” and I didn’t know if Trump was one of them too?

I decided to find out for myself and basically Googled “Donald Trump and Faith” and one of the top hits was a book title “The Faith of Donald J. Trump” which was available in Kindle format. I bought it so I could begin reading immediately.

I later purchased the hardcover book that I loan it out to those with the same questions and it has become an invaluable reference which I use continually. In Chapter 14 Trump talks about his faith, but it was when I got to Chapter 17 that I became convinced that God had anointed Trump to be his Isaiah 45 president.

I’m not going to rehash all the incidents and/or attacks that have been levied against President Trump, except to say they are from the satanically inspired playbook of Saul Alinsky. In Rules for Radicals the objective is to take down the face of an institution or organization by taking down the persona of that organization. Identify, Isolate & Attack using personal, professional or any other means and facts are irrelevant.

Christians have a hard time believing Trump a spiritual President because he isn’t a “Billy Graham” type of Christian. If you read Isaiah 45 you will see that God chose King Cyrus who knew of, but did not know God. The bible tells us that God made a donkey talk and said if people didn’t praise him he would make the rocks cry out. So who’s to say God couldn’t or didn’t take a fallen sinful man and place him into the office of the presidency for a specific purpose? The bible tells us that it is God who rises up kings and it is God who brings them down, all according to HIS purpose and for HIS glory!

I took it upon myself to read several books (The Making of a President in 2016 by Roger Stone; The Briefing by Sean Spicer; In My Own Words by Sarah Huckabee Sanders; and For Such a Time as This by Kayleigh McEnany) those closest to President Trump and each tell of a kind, caring and compassionate man they have come to know and love and call him their friend. From The Faith of Donald J. Trump, Chapter 17, Lance Wallnau “told Trump that the reason God’s hand was on him was because of the grace of God—to restrain evil.”

We have seen and continue to see now that evil rise up against Donald J. Trump and it’s with the intensity of the father of lies. Yet we know from Romans 8: 28 “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.”

Instead of carrying water for the devil, shouldn’t we be carrying the peace that passes all understanding? For the devil is a liar! – I am the Real Truckmaster! 

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