I grew up watching Superman on television and the death of George Reeves showed that even Superman dies in the end.

Then came the seemingly endless parade of Spiderman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Super Girl, the Avengers, the Hulk, Transformers and even more superheroes bent on saving the world from the evil villains who wanted world domination at any cost.

When God created the world he saw that it was good. Sin had not yet entered the world.

I don’t know the timeline when Lucifer and his fallen angels were cast down to the earth and given dominion over it, but I suspect it was after God had created Adam and Eve in the garden.

When sin made its appearance in the garden God proclaimed that the wages of sin is death. God knew that man was flawed and could not pay the price.

So it would seem that the creators of these superheroes have really been trying to find a man made way of salvation to prove that God is not needed at all by fantasizing and obsessed with superheroes to do the impossible. What futile and wasteful ideas that do nothing but provide a false sense of hope and control where none exists.

Before creation God made a way, the only way to save man from his sins was to send his only begotten son Jesus to pay the price that God had set for sin – death.

Physical death comes in many forms but spiritual death separates man from his creator for eternity.

Think of all that is happening all around us killing without reason or mercy, lying and backbiting, evil on steroids without restraint and an eternal existence without good.

The choice is ours to make while we have breath in our lungs and a beating heart in our chests.

Superheroes are but figments of our imagination but are powerless to change the eternal outcome of one sinful life.

Forget Ghostbusters.

Call on the name of Jesus and ye shall be saved. – I am the Real Truckmaster!

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