Why Congress is the Problem


It is my opinion that over time Congress has become the problem of its own making. It is not the fault of any one individual but the resulting byproduct of power hungry individuals elected to public office.

Congress as a whole is run by a combination of antiquated procedures and rules that would stifle nature.

Congressional political action committees called caucuses solicit members who are then held procedurally to the decision of the caucus chair.

Legislators who join multiple caucuses incur multiple political loyalties, preventing them from doing the will of the people who sent them to congress in the first place.

Currently there are over 260 Caucuses and each one is taxpayer funded. Caucuses are established by and for religious and racial causes, and have been known to exclude potential membership requests due to race.

Caucuses have been known to instigate political and racial disruptions to our American way of life. They have organized political attacks on political opponents, institutions and corporate America when it serves their purposes.

Caucuses have attacked every Republican president since Nixon with the most egregious attacks in the history of our nation against Trump.

How do we change the congressional narrative and bring congress back to the will of the people?

1. Voting for elected officials who have not been tainted by the quest for power.

2. Defunding all caucuses.

3. Disbanding every caucus.

4. Prohibiting establishing new caucuses.

5. Establishing new rules and procedures with require legislators to work together for the common good of American citizens.

6. Treating immigrants with respect while modifying immigration laws to establish a clear path to residency and citizenship.

7. De-establishing the tainted Democratic Party and it’s variations.

8. De-establishing the tainted Republican Party and it’s variations.

9. Outlawing political doctrine that goes contrary to the Constitution or Judo-Christian biblical teachings.

Many are either confused or content of spreading misinformation on the founding of our nation as a place to worship God without government interference.

Some contend that our nation’s rise to prominence on the world stage was man’s doing instead of by divine providence.

Professional legislators act as if they alone are able to act in our interests while browbeating and bullying our citizens into submission. It’s time to let the old guard go. – I am the Realtruckmaster!


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